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Harts - All Rise (Play It Cool)     Rock 10/11/2015
Darren Hart, known as Harts, is a musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from Melbourne
The brand new single, titled “All Rise (Play It Cool)” is a dance-floor, rock ‘n roll and gospel funk infused blend of dirty guitars, funky bass, pounding drums, classic horns – all with an fun and energetic “Don’t worry about a thing, get up and dance!” attitude.

Skinny & Awkward - 5 Years     Rock, Folk 16/11/2015
Hailing from Newcastle, Australia Skinny & Awkward can be best described as an alternate folk piece comprised of singer/songwriter Kristian Dooley
A bit of slacker folk-rock with some fashionable 80s influence. If you enjoy Elliott Smith, The Cure, Bright Eyes, The Church you love this.

Paws Off - Perfect Place ft. Mia Milan     Electronic, Pop 18/11/2015
Paws Off has been generating underground global interest and traction across a few genres including the EDM scene.
Paws Off has collaborated with established singer/songwriter Mia Milan, bringing together compelling electronic synthesis and a massive warm, wide vocal range.

Prickle - Tell Me Why     Rock 18/11/2015
Prickle is 17 y/o independent pop rock artist Emily Wilson from Melbourne, Victoria.
The honest vocals engage a story telling voice speaking to the listener in conversational style.
Initially sketched out with a laid back acoustic feel, the song has now adopted a garage rock 60’s mood with a strong rhythm section and drive.

The Goldhearts - Here's the Thing     Rock 18/11/2015
The Goldhearts sound salutes 90's girls in rock and they seem to be doing a good job in keeping up the tradition. 
Evoking the sounds of The Breeders and guitar-driven indie rock of the 90s, The Goldhearts bring a new twist to the sound with 'Here's the Thing'... People love saying 'Here's the thing.. Maybe its because it makes them feel like they are about to say something very profound...

The Post - Easy Way Out     Rock 18/11/2015
Formed in the winter of 2014, The Post play alternative rock music reminiscent of 90s guitar bands while drawing influence from The Menzingers, The Smith Street Band and Violent Soho.
Easy Way Out, is a song that was written about a common issue many people face today—drinking to escape your problems. Inspiration was drawn from other bands such as The Menzingers, The Smith Street Band, and Social Distortion.

Timber Bones - Travelling Song     Rock 18/11/2015
Timber Bones are an indie rock 5-peice that have spread the love from Brisbane, Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and now all the way down to Melbourne.
The bouncy, folk-rock tune takes inspiration from the likes of Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes and The Mama's and the Papa's. "Originally the guitar lines were written for banjo ... people heard it and started dancing so naturally it became our festival song and my banjo became a paper-weight."

Slow Turismo - Falter     Rock, Pop, Funk 19/11/2015
Luring in listeners with infectious melodies and rolling grooves, Slow Turismo is a dynamic indie band from the Nations Capital already making waves on home soil and abroad.
‘Falter’ is introspective and upbeat, analyzing the beginning of a relationship where both sides have their guard up. The song starts with high-energy stabs featuring a sweeping funky guitar line, the chorus opens up with pulsing synth and guitars featuring contrasting vocal melodies pulling you in different directions.

The Monikers - Friends Like These     Rock 19/11/2015
The Monikers are a four piece indie rock band based in Adelaide, SA. They have created their own unique style of melodic, guitar-driven indie rock.
‘Friends Like These’ was recorded and produced in SAE studios, Adelaide. It’s an upbeat-party song with some dark undercurrents. Punchy and guitar-driven, it’s friendly demeanour somewhat conceals the more serious subject matter of the song.

People who liked the early work of The Strokes and The Kooks will love this.

Vallee - Jungle     Rock 23/11/2015
Vallee are high energy, infectious Indie rock from Melbourne.
Jungle is a polished jam layering synthesized bass tones, frantic guitar loops and pounding drumbeats. The heart on sleeve lyrics revolving around love and the overlapping, harmonised vocals of front men Michael and Brendan are a staple of the bands signature sound. Featuring guest vocals by Amanda Norman from SANS.

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Citizen of the World - Setting Out     Rock, Folk 04/12/2015
Citizen of the World is an Epic Folk band from Sydney, successfully combining the unique sound of the saxophone, acoustic folk, and traditional rock.
Setting Out tackles the strong feelings associated with new beginnings, new projects, and new perspectives. The kick carries the song through soft verses and strong choruses, and tries to harness a multitude of emotions into one piece.

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Crossroad Y - Summer Days     Pop, Rock 04/12/2015
Crossroad Y are Sydney based band. Their sound is middle-of-the-road pop, folk and soft rock. They captivate audiences with catchy melodies and lyrics that spark emotion and promote reflection.
Summer Days is a hopeful anthem about breaking away from things that have been holding you back, acknowledging that your past is in the past and finding the strength to pull through the tough times to see the better day.

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Flightress - The Room     Folk, Pop 04/12/2015
Perth duo Flightress play acoustic folk grooves from the west coast.
“The Room” explores the idea of homelessness, and one version of how it could feel to be put in that place personally. The song takes us through loneliness and desperation, but also, gives us hope in people, to find the humanity in all of us.

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Joey Maker - Vanilla Skies     Hip Hop 04/12/2015
Joey Maker: forever in search of inspiration, connection, and making memories through music. Hip-hop artist and knowledge seeker. I do it because I need it.
Vanilla Skies features introspective lyrics over producer Mailer Daemon’s seamless mix of a classic New York vibe and his unique, genre-bending sound. Featuring guest appearances from Sydney artists Sage and Julian Ramundi, Vanilla Skies blends its American and Australian influences to showcase hip-hop at its finest.

Taylor Payne - Outsider     Rock, Pop 04/12/2015
Taylor Payne, currently based on the Sunshine Coast, writes and performs with magnetic energy, with various styles ranging from lively upbeat melodies, to captivating and mesmerising soul music.
Outsider takes an alluring and enigmatic persona through persuasive lyrics. Whilst it maintains its upbeat playfulness, it reveals dark undertones which depicts an image of mischief, madness and fun.

The Missendens - Rolling Start     Rock 04/12/2015
Music made by people who have it in their DNA, who live and breath it, and who are empowered by it's magic and intoxicating effect over the human spirit.
Rolling Start is an adrenaline fueled ode to the bedroom geniuses we all know, who due to self doubt become twisted souls failing to deliver on their promise.

It's a call to arms that says pull your head out of your arse and unleash your talents on the world NOW!

Slow Culture - Hoax     Rock 14/12/2015
'Slow Culture' is the meeting place of psychedelic and alternative music, reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Smashing Pumpkins.
Tight and well thought out melodies are the bare bones of 'Hoax', with guitar effects, synths and an assortment of strange sounds the skin on top. Each section presents an urgency and an energy, with quiet withdrawn verses, heavy choruses and a ghostly bridge which erupts into a raucous finale.

Third Ear - The Ghost Road     Rock, Blues 14/12/2015
Third Ear is an original blues-rock act with singer songwriters Maaxi Max and Gypsy J.
‘The Ghost Road’ was written from the perspective of a person attempting to conquer psychological torment, depression, guilt and anxiety, as it treks through wastelands of fear and turmoil.

Deep rich vocals, a “killer riff”, and a hauntingly effective undertone graphically illustrate the subject matter with drive, purpose and gusto.

Three Tree Town - Two Birds     Folk, Pop 14/12/2015
Three Tree Town is an Indie Folk band from Latrobe Valley.
With a “pull and go” style guitar technique, mix of female and male vocals and bouncing drum rhythms, “Two Birds” is an upward journey, speeding towards eternity, gaining momentum with each bar.

Devil's Crossroads - Sleeping With Venus     Rock 04/01/2016
Devil’s Crossroad, are 4 boys who in their short time in the Australian music scene have made quite a reputation for themselves.
‘Sleeping with Venus’ incorporates hip hop/ rap style vocals over an authentic rock sound. The song also has the catchiest hook in some time… beware you will hum it the rest of the day.