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The Marlenes - Cakewalk     Rock 21/09/2015
The Marlenes are a 3 piece garage beach pop band formed from high school friends in 2014 on the Mornington Peninsula.
Cakewalk was recorded by Neil Thomason at Headgap studios in Preston, and showcases The Marlenes jumping live sound at its best.

It tells the story of those who have gone too hard in their young years and have payed the price.

Vander - Back to the Sun     Rock 21/09/2015
William Vandermade is a solo musician from Sydney who works under the name, Vander. He merges catchy melodies, retro guitars and modern dance elements to create unique contemporary sound.
Vander took the song last year to Los Angeles five years after its first recording in 2009, where it was eventually re-recorded and produced by Jeff Blue, former Senior-Vice President of A&R and Warner Music, who helped implement more modern influences whilst still keeping all of the track’s retro elements.

Eleven Eleven - The Original     Rock 26/09/2015
Eleven Eleven is a riff-rock band from Newcastle. Using heavy riffs and catchy melodies they create a huge wall of sound that is guaranteed to light up your ears.
‘This song came about as we were sick and tired of the monotony of modern music. We wanted to make something different, riffy, and heavy, as well as having catchy melodies and some unique harmonies.”

Mesmeriser - Sink Or Swim     Rock 26/09/2015
Hailing from the Eastern Suburbs, Mesmeriser is two guys bouncing around in Blues/Rock/Psychedelic territory, finding a sound that'll compliment your playlist of Tame Impala, Sticky Fingers and Arctic Monkeys.
Sink or Swim is an attempt to transcend one's self from a preconceived future. A tune that pulses along on its strong bass and drum interplay, only to be flung into confusion by its effects laden build up and release.

King Colour - You Just Don't Know It Yet     Rock 29/09/2015
Sydney's psych-groovers King Colour play a unique style of kaleidoscopic, beat-driven psych-pop, blending memorable melodies, 60's guitar lines and hip-hop overtones.
The new single, self-produced by King Colour and engineered by The Preatures' Jack Moffit at Rec Studios, explores the twisted persona of a modern romantic, backed with a psychedelic r'n'b flavour and an explosive classic rock chorus, "I think you're one of my kind".

Elia Fell - Control     Rock 05/10/2015
Elia fell is a modern rock band hailing from the South Coast of NSW. Their music is solid melodic rock with hints of progressive influences.
“Control” explores the feelings that result from a lack of direction and sense of achievement in life and the anxiety this evokes.

Mañana - Cruise On, Fade Out     Funk/Soul 05/10/2015
Mañana incorporates Roots, Reggae, Folk, Soul and Funk in their infectious songs with signature lead vocals backed by a tight groove machine. Their biggest strength is their originality and songwriting.
‘Cruise On, Fade Out’ is a modern take on 70’s party funk with epic group vocals and fat vintage overtones. The song’s meaning is written in the feeling it gives out. It’s about not taking life too seriously.

Rissy - Sunset Raining     Pop, Electronic 05/10/2015
Sydney based electronic singer-songwriter Rissy is currently writing and experimenting with some of the most talented producers in the industry including Carmada, Hotsauce and Jbox.
Produced by Carmada (L D R U & Yahtzel), the song is a unique take on tropical, down-tempo electronica.
The tune is full of unstoppable optimism and is about crazy, blissful love. “Get high, up on you platform baby” meaning, shine like you should.

SONIK - Predator (ft. Emmanuel Derecho)     Pop, Electronic 05/10/2015
Entrenched in Electronic sounds that meld beautifully with organic elements, the sound of Sonik moves through Electronic, Deep House, Downtempo and Trap.
The songs lyrics explore a woman who is depicted as a symbolic “Predator”, and referred to as a Siren derived from Greek Mythology - a dangerous yet beautiful seductresses, which lured nearby sailors with their enchanting voices & beautiful features to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

Angus C-Crowley - October     Folk 08/10/2015
Angus C-Crowley is an alt-folk poet with a head of soul and sweet harmony.
‘October’ is a soulful acoustic drift that will slowly soak its way into your ear. The smooth layered vocals and stripped back instrumentation explores the fickle nature of sleep and dreams and the general malaise born from the inevitable stocktaking of life as the year comes to an end.

Moana - Vader     Rock 13/10/2015
Art-rock four piece Moana are masterfully testing boundaries where artforms collide. With their hypnotic, seductive, mystic tales of passion and darkness, known for their “mesmerising live presence” (The Music).
Vader is a genre-defying art-rock track that somehow magically mixes heavy, stoner-space-rock with the fierce spitting and darkly hip hop-esque lyrics of Moana Lutton. The carnal, seductive vocal delivery and the sparse drum and bass that build the song's atmosphere make for one beast of a track.

Other tracks by Moana:  Magenta Dust  -  Cloud Mother
Lydia Schubert - This Golden Hour     Folk 19/10/2015
Lydia is a mythologist, emerging from the dusty plains of Australia’s West, where she cut her teeth as a contemporary poet/singer.
This Golden Hour is a “magic hour”. “The nighttime is an inspiring time” says Lydia, and this song feels like an adventure in a dream. Written from a young woman’s point of view, but repositioning the narrative voice, so the listener may be spoken to, held and swept away.

CuzN - Ordinary People     Folk, Rock 21/10/2015
CUZN is a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist originally from South England but now based in Sydney, Australia.
"I wrote this song in about 20 minutes! It's a piece of self-deprecating satire originally intended to be a bit of fun, which by the end of the song turns into an epic battle cry! My writing was becoming a bit serious so this was a release from all that."

Orinoco - Redland     Rock 21/10/2015
Orinoco is a rock outfit driven by the heart of the past with the mind on the future.
Unlike the other 11 songs that draw on strong, emotionally topics as suicide, cancer, stalking and abuse. Redland were inspired by a humours childhood incident when Shaun and Beau grew up in a small country town of Mullewa in Western Australia.

Former Angels - Far Away Star     Rock, Goth 22/10/2015
Former Angels are a Brisbane-based band that delivers raw-energy rock which demands your attention.
Brisbane rock’n’roll four-piece Former Angels are poised to release their debut single, the overdriven, lick-filled Far Away Star. The track will see a vinyl release on November 6, and is out digitally via The A&R Department on November 13.

Godfrey-Turner Overdrive - Awake     Rock 22/10/2015
G.T.O is an alternative rock band bent on exploring sound and energy. Drawing from creative industry backgrounds, G.T.O are a DIY multimedia project focused on consistency and quality.
Awake, the latest single from G.T.O delivers their most focused and powerful release yet. Building upon their signature sound, Awake is a heady mix of grinding guitars, anthemic vocals and relentless drums, combined with G.T.O’s distinctive layers of dark ambiance.

Death and a Cure - Leo Carrillo     Pop, Folk 05/11/2015
Indie-folk/ rock/ pop music blending smooth, soft and memorable melodies over an audible kaleidoscope of energetic and heartfelt compositions.
Carlsbad, California is home to Leo Carrillo Ranch which was set to be the location where Ben would marry his then fiancé. Living on opposite sides of the world from one another at the time, Leo Carrillo became a symbol for being reunited together forever at last.

Indigo - Moving On     Rock, Folk 05/11/2015
The four boys from Indigo produce a sound that reflects the good summer vibes that we all know and love. This soft rock/indie/alternative outfit will have you dancing all night.
Moving On is a feel good song written about moving on from the hard times and finding balance.

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Sirena - Primal     Pop, Electronic 05/11/2015
Sirena is a pop singer and songwriter from Sydney, Australia; performing her own original material and covers in local music venues, bars and clubs.
"’Primal’ outlines my search for 'my king.' Portraying myself in my last song ‘Your Kingdom’ as a Queen on her throne, I felt it left a door open to the continuation of that story.... I felt a subconscious search begin for someone to share in my Kingdom.”

The Gonzo Show - Roxy's Rage     Rock 05/11/2015
The Gonzo Show have evolved into a sphincter-tight, 90’s revival, indie-rock 5 piece, hailing from Bris Vegas.
‘Clowns to the left of me, jokers to right, and I guess that’s why they say, every rose, has its thorn’. Roxy’s Rage has the swagger of a Steelers Wheel song with the excitable guitar cockery of a Poison classic. Enough said!

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