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The A&R Department

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Dr Goddard - Without Love     Rock 10/08/2015
Dr Goddard is a Rock Band from the Blue Mountains, NSW who fuse old school Jim Morrison-esque indie rock with distinctly contemporary sounds and production.
“Without Love” was recorded at REC Studios, Sydney, with Producer Jack Moffitt (guitarist/producer of The Preatures). Lyrically about love and music a modern edge bleeds into Without Love whilst also saluting the ghosts of the west coast blues/rock scene in 1970's America.

Klee Shade - Beg For Rain     Rock 10/08/2015
Band music from a guy with stuff. The stringed, skinned and cymbal'd type. Also a laptop. Focus on compositional crafting, laughing and rocking the roof off.
This slow jammer of a song sits upon primitive, pounding drums and bass, and is headed by rich, articulate guitar harmonies and melodies. This culminates into a showstopper of a finale, which must be heard to grasp its full uniqueness and scale. 'Take it slow, settle in for the ride.'

Luna Sands - Wake Me From Sleep     Rock 10/08/2015
Luna sands began as a studio project in late 2012, after reworking and refining their sound for two years, they completed recording their debut album "Tales of Night' in 2014.
The song takes on the concept of dreaming, and being truly alive in our dreams. Frontman of Luna Sands, Allen Ellis explained his inspiration for the song as ‘In a place some call the dreaming, between the borderlines of the awake and slumber you may find your lucid self.

The High Learys - Letters To Alice     Rock, Psychedelic 10/08/2015
The High Learys are a four piece psychedelic rock band from Perth Western Australia. Forming in 2011 they have released multiple records and have two European Tours under their belt.
The song takes the listener on a psychedelic love affair with the mystery that is “Alice” An emotional roller coaster of confusion and wonder, as she takes you for the ride of your life, what or who she is.. you decide.

Young Poets - Wanna Be Right     Rock 10/08/2015
Young Poets is an Australian indie rock band from Melbourne, formed in 2013. “An Indie rock vibe with some 90's grunge overtones” said Matt O’Connor, head of The A&R Department.
A rock track with attitude that shows this group is not afraid of being loud. A driving pace that you can’t help but tap your foot. The songs message is to always trust your gut. If something feels different than it looks, trust your instincts until it feels right.

Kayah Duen - Stay Alright     Rock, Pop 24/08/2015
Sydney based band, Kayah Duen combines rich acoustic tones, catchy hooks and funky bass lines to make you groove to their take on indie pop/rock.
Fun and full of energy, “Stay Alright” draws you in from the very start. Its catchy hooks and punchy pulse is bound to get you up and about.

Moana - Elephant Bones     Rock 24/08/2015
Art-rock four piece Moana are masterfully testing boundaries where art forms collide. With their hypnotic, seductive, mystic tales of passion and darkness, known for their “mesmerising live presence” (The Music).
Perth band Moana has created a psychedelic acid-art, jungle rock single Elephant Bones. Moana Lutton describes the single as “a song of fear and ecstasy collided; the exhilaration of chaos and transformation in a wild and dark world; celebrating the madness and absurdity of it all."

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Oak Tree Suite - Lo Ammi     Rock 24/08/2015
From Australia’s west comes folk rockers, Oak Tree Suite. Their dreamy vocals, unconventional drum patterns and atmospheric guitar lines show hints of Death Cab for Cutie, Foals and Alt J.
Lo Ammi shimmers with ambience and elegance whilst boasting a sense of intensity and hugeness. It moves between smooth Rhodes and acoustic guitars to driven guitar lines and intense beats throughout the duration of the track. For fans of Temper Trap, Kings of Leon, Death Cab for Cutie and Alt-J.

Youngsmith - Wither     Folk, Acoustic 24/08/2015
Youngsmith’s music paints a picture of a man faced with his demons and refusing to back down. His music echoes the style of narrative songwriters of the past.
With beautiful interwoven guitars, toe-tapping rhythm and Smith’s smooth baritone voice, Brisbane soloist Youngsmith tells the story of man at the end of his rope in new single ‘Wither’.

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Zac Slater - Moon Mission     Rock, Reggae 24/08/2015
Freshly squeezed, something you’ve never heard before.
Moon Mission is based on Zac’s desire to one day leave planet earth in a rocket ship, the song was completed once Zac met a lovely lady named Bec.

Babes Are Wolves - Wait     Rock 07/09/2015
Babes Are Wolves hail from Adelaide, SA, and blend rock, grunge and dark pop styles into tunes that could sweep Sean Connery off his feet.
The single ‘Wait’ comes from the debut EP, recorded at Capital Sound Studios and mixed, mastered and co-produced by Jimmy Balderston (Grenadiers, High Tension). The song is an atmospheric hook-driven track, with layers of guitar and rhythmic drum beats.


Limbo Sanctuary - Lost     Rock, Pop 07/09/2015
Limbo Sanctuary are an Indie Pop band from Sydney, Australia.
Lost was written listening to vocal melody based music like Crowded House, You Am I and The Cure. The song was written as a nod to what it is like to deal depression and anxiety, and that feeling that you can never get back to something that you enjoy.

Michael Fuhrman - London Town     Rock, Folk 07/09/2015
Michael Fuhrman is a talented young singer songwriter from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
The song is about man’s love for his girl when she travels overseas. He realises he was in pain at times during their relationship and those nights that were happy, were also extremely sad. The song draws from the emotional ride a relationship can be, but maintains a lightness throughout.

Mike Wilde - Another Place     Rock, Folk 07/09/2015
Mike Wilde is a Singer, Songwriter and multi instrumentalist. He spent time in Australia and Europe as a Touring Musician before embarking on a career as a Solo Artist.
Another Place has a Spooky ‘70’s Storyteller vibe to it. A classic, folk ‘love gone wrong’ narrative with crystal clear vocals offset by simple percussion and choral backing vocals that rise to an orchestral crescendo, aided by some blistering guitar work before ending hauntingly, just as it began.

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Walking With Thieves - Take the Dark Way     Rock, Metal 07/09/2015
Walking With Thieves are an alternative heavy rock band from South Australia. Clean soaring vocals, dark energetic riffs, and furious, pounding grooves are the basis of this modern rock explosion.
With a monolithic main riff and a volatile entrance, Take the Dark Way ignites into life. Cam Johnson’s vocals build throughout, pushing and pulling through the song’s driving verses and life-sized chorus. The moody bridge serves as a final reprieve, before the triumphant final statement hits with passion and strength.

The Plaidians - The Follower     Rock 15/09/2015
The Plaidians, being from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars, are Nordic aliens that want to help Earth and let humanity ascend to higher dimensions.
The song reflects on the feeling of isolation, of desire being just out of reach. Beginning with acoustic guitar and melancholy vocals, the song lifts with the string section and sets up a journey that finally builds to a full arrangement, all the while with a strong and compelling melody.

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Foreign Architects - Fall     Rock 21/09/2015
Foreign Architects are a two piece indie-rock/alternative band from Perth comprising of singer/songwriter Matt Burke and his drummer cousin, Andrew Barnett
Fall is a powerful indie/alternative rock song with a driving beat, catchy, radio friendly chorus, which is reminiscent of fellow Aussie bands Violent Soho and Grinspoon.

Indiago - Been So Long     Rock 21/09/2015
Residing from the picturesque Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Indiago have one of the biggest and most unique Alternative Rock sounds in the country.
One of Indiago's most up-beat songs to date, 'Been So Long', perfectly blends the positive, uplifting energy of a funky rhythm section and ambient guitars, with the heaviness and huge Rock sound the band is known for.

Nathan Flint - I Will Succeed     Folk, Acoustic 21/09/2015
Folk rock, Indie, singer songwriter from Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.
'I Will Succeed' is an uplifting acoustic folk ballad. Nathan's voice eases the listener through sweet verses and catchy choruses. Produced in its entirety by Nathan Flint, this single from his full-length album 'Stay Here' is bound to have you whistling along.

Sloom - Magic Cup     Rock 21/09/2015
Sloom is a four piece rock ‘n’ roll band based in Sydney’s Inner West who have been writing, recoding and playing shows since 2014.
Garage Rock with a psychedelic twinge...

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