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Outside The Academy - Rebels (Revels)     Electronic, Experimental 15/06/2015
Meddling with the production of glitchy beats, loops and layered guitar effects Outside The Academy creates a ubiquitous presence, whilst interlacing experimental elements to create an independent sound.
Utilising big glitchy beats, a throbbing cyclical bassline, effect-laden synth-infused guitar and haunting vocal melodies and lyrics ‘Rebel (Revels)’ combines electronic, shoegaze and ambient psychedelic elements to form a grungy 120 BPM dance track that shudders you to a halt just before it sends you off the rails again.

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Sky Jones - Linger     Pop, Electronic, Rock 23/06/2015
Sky Jones is a young up-and-coming NZ singer/songwriter with catchy beat driven and emotive music. Sky released her debut EP and single ‘Linger’, and is soon releasing her full album.
‘Linger’ is described by Sky as “an anthem of heartbreak”; it’s real, raw, passionate and heavy, and has a melody that is hard to let go of.

Christian Patey - Sweet Lady     Electronic, Rock 29/06/2015
Patey has strayed from his folk roots to create a new, effortlessly cool sound. Electric guitar, synths and big drums takes the listener on an uplifting and chilled-out ride.
With this backdrop of synthy production, ‘Sweet Lady’ builds quietly into a captivating adrenaline rush. The vocals, recorded within the confines of a shipping container, are bursting with soul and are testament to Patey’s ability to lyrically seduce fans of old and new.

Joni In The Moon - War and Porn     Electronic, Pop, Folk 29/06/2015
Their otherworldy folk/poptronica have turned heads skywards, evidenced by WAM Song Of The Year nominations, triple j airplay, loud critical applause for debut album Sorrow Trees, and becoming festival faves.
War & Porn’s evolution in sound is also matched by more politically and socially charged directions than previous work. As Joni explains, “War & Porn is my reaction to how awful it feels watching the news and feeling powerless to help."

Slow Turismo - I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up     Rock, Chill 29/06/2015
Slow Turismo is a four-piece indie rock band from Canberra featuring three brothers and a friend. New single ‘I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up’ out now!
‘I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up’ is upbeat and introspective, exploring the dreaded mid twenties transition from carefree fun times to adult life. The song starts with jangly guitar and a quirky electronic beat that quickly opens into a full arrangement featuring guitar, synth, and even trumpets.

The Ruminaters - Ghost Porn     Folk, Psychedelic, Garage, Rock 29/06/2015
The band is made up of four best friends - Pencil, Jake, Teddy and Jarleth. Genre: Hillbilly/Folk/Psychedelic/Garage/Yiddish/rock
‘Ghost Porn’ is the second single off The Ruminaters yet to be released sophomore album. The song was recorded by Rohin Brown and shows a continued change in the development of their sound. The track takes a bold step towards a more psychedelic sound, whilst maintaining their signature ‘Rumie’ style.

Timber Bones - Walking Through the Fire     Rock 29/06/2015
Timber Bones are an indie rock 5-peice that have spread the love from Brisbane, Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and now all the way down to Melbourne.
Walking Through The Fire is the debut single from indie-rock five piece Timber Bones. The Bone's Boys write music with a saying in mind; "Feel what you play, play what you feel." Focusing on a certain emotion or scene, they write with the intention to capture that moment.

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Akroyd Smart - I Can Do Anything     Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz, Pop 02/07/2015
Akroyd Smart is a singer, rapper and producer coming from the outer-east end of Melbourne. Akroyd combines elements of jazz and experimental music with catchy and infectious pop hooks.
I Can Do Anything is an upbeat and catchy track from Akroyd Smart that captures the positivity in life that one should strive for. Taking influence from jazz, R&B, pop and hip-hop, Akroyd shares with us his disregard for any negativity in his past or present.

My Old Dutch - Queen of the Dogs (feat. Cat Deller)     Rock, Garage 08/07/2015
My Old Dutch are an explosive, Lo-Fi, 50’s inspired rock’n’roll two-piece, with a crunching wall of guitars, soaring melodies and thumping beats.
Queen of the Dogs is "dirty edged blues" at its best. From the first crack of the snare to the last spluttering decay of the guitars. You'll be hooked! Featuring the devilishly talented Cat Deller on vocals, this track screams chaos and disorder!

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A Process Of - Black Rose     Rock, Punk 13/07/2015
A Process Of has electrified audiences with their powerfully intense, anthemic rock offering, successfully melding genres whilst retaining solid song writing continuity.
‘Black Rose’ is the blistering single from A Process Of’s latest LP. Written by vocalist Pete, ‘Black Rose’ resulted from some late nights and a punk rock obsession. Pete explains, “Black Rose is an analogy about wanting something and doing anything and everything in your power to get that something.”

Binary Circus - Storm     Rock, Grunge, Blues 13/07/2015
Taking an unapologetic influence from 90’s grunge and grafting on a hint of blues rock, Binary Circus write songs for the soundtrack to that trip of self discovery.
From under the shadow of a waltz, ‘Storm’ moves along with undeniable swagger. A grungy passive aggression is cleverly diffused and softened by a subtle blues influence. From start to finish ‘Storm’ builds in energy and purpose, ending in a climactic wall of sound.

Jo Tay - Say Goodbye     Pop 13/07/2015
A Malaysian singer/songwriter that loves to create music that is both emotional and meaningful.
A song that is the process of when you recently broke up with someone and you’re trying to move on but you have mixed feelings. Mixed feelings that you know you deserve better but also at the same time you miss the feeling that you have become so familiar with.

Tin Lion - Whatever Works     Rock, Dance, Funk 13/07/2015
Influenced by Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem and Prince amongst anything with a good beat, Tin Lion is a swirling mix of big drums, spacey synths, heavy bass and percussive guitar.
A stomping live, dance rock jam reminiscent of Prince or even EMF(!) 'Whatever Works' is anchored around a huge bass groove and nimble percussion, plenty of juicy synth bleeps and bloops and, a big singalong chorus.
Lyrically, It’s about a girl, it’s about ALL girls.

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True Science - Pedestal     Electronic, Chill 13/07/2015
Indie-electronic outfit True Science is a collection of scientific minds putting music under the microscope.
Pedestal follows True Science’s last single Soldier further into the world of electronic music, taking inspiration from the experimental chillwave and trip hop of Odesza, Flume and FKA Twigs.

Berlin Blue - Used to Know     Rock 27/07/2015
Up and coming Sydney-based indie rock band with exceptionally catchy songs that are set to make guitar bands worth listening to all over again.
"Used to Know" is a guitar-oriented must-listen track from Berlin Blue. The song revels in its ear-burningly catchy guitar riff, sing-a-long hooks and pulsating rhythms while simultaneously capturing the sense of sarcasm and refined irreverence that the band exudes.

Fifth Dawn - Turbulence     Rock, Metal 27/07/2015
Fifth Dawn is a young 5 piece female fronted hard rock/Alternative Metal Band from Western Sydney
“Turbulence” was produced by Richie Newman and mixed by Rick Will at Oxygen Studios Sydney in April 2015. The overall sound encompasses a blend of light and shade with mostly heavy instrumentation and the soaring high vocal of SLS trained vocalist Samantha Faul.

Jereco - Too Slow     Electronic, Pop 27/07/2015
Jereco is a 19 year old Australian Pop/Electronic instrumentalist, vocalist and producer. Coming from drumming in a punk band, 2015 has showcased Jereco’s development and diversity as an electronic artist.
Jereco’s debut single ‘Too Slow’ features clean and simplistic instrumentation that perfectly complements his tonally rich and emotive vocals. The escalating dynamics throughout the first verse paves a path of gradual tension before leading into the breathtaking chorus jam-packed with powerful vocals, driving bass and pulsating kick.

The Zanders - Until My Body Breaks     Pop, Chill 27/07/2015
The Zanders is not so much a solo project as it is a think tank full of colourful bouncy balls and people in morph suits.
Until My Body Breaks; It is the mixture of insanity and clarity that drive a person to greatness. The muter of emotions in your mind that drives you to run until you crawl. It is an intense, calculated dance through an exploding minefield.

CJ Hooper - By My Side     Folk, Acoustic 28/07/2015
CJ Hooper is a singer-songwriter who connects with audiences via his rich and motive acoustic melodies, matched with smooth vocal tones. Inspired by life’s everyday struggles, triumphs and personal relationships.
By My Side is a smokey, atmospheric journey of two soul mates. The acoustic guitars are hypnotic, the vocals are smooth, and the songwriting is top notch. It is the debut release for independent singer-songwriter CJ Hooper.

Carley Austin - Through Her Eyes     Electronic, Ambience 10/08/2015
Carley Austin is a Sydney - based female vocalist and songwriter. A blend of delicate vocal tones, harmonies and electronic production, Carley’s style reflects an ambient feel, capturing listeners instantly.
Through Her Eyes’ is a song about loss of identity, and direction; and how sometimes the outer world can be ignorant to the emotional struggle one is going through. It showcases Carley’s delicate vocal tones, with smooth, ambient electronic production and chilled beats – making it an easy listening track.