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Lunar Inverse - And Now You're Mine     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Garage 18/05/2015
Lunar Inverse is a dynamic five-piece psych/pop band from Perth, Western Australia that will buckle your knees with sweet riffs and a whole lot of lo-fi groove.
Pretty sweet lo-fi garage psych that will have you walking around barefoot in a tie-dye t-shirt faster than you can say Woodstock.

Ray Finkle - Human Garbage     Rock, Punk 18/05/2015
Ray Finkle are a 4 piece Punk Rock band from Fremantle, WA. They energize the crowd with their sleazy attempt at punk rock.
Human Garbage is a solid introduction to the Ray Finkle sound.
"it's an f-you to the assholes who think their views can change the way we live" The song's raw, energetic and effortless undertones showcase their unorthodox song writing approaches and freedom to express whatever they want.


The Smile Hooks - Sinking Ship     Pop, Rock 18/05/2015
The Smile Hooks are a unique fusion of Synth, Indie and Pop influences. The energy bring to their live shows demonstrates their passion; lifting audiences onto the dance floor.
Bright high end chords, rounded bouncing bass and defined drumming create the core tone that floats Sinking Ship. Jarrod’s styled vocal harmonies blend seamlessly to craft what is a truly memorable melody that will have you humming long after the track finishes.

Harts - Streets     Rock, Funk 20/05/2015
Australian "one-man music making machine" Harts is set to release a brand new EP with a National Australian Tour in June/July.
New single Streets was debuted by Richard Kingsmill 2015, Triple J on May 17th.

Callum Chynoweth Band - Hope You Know     Rock, Grunge 29/05/2015
Similar to bands like silverchair, incubus and the Cure Callums sound is a blend of modern indie rock and classic 90’s alternative.
Hope You Know is a indie/rock track with a 90’s grunge flair was Recorded at Hercules studios in Surry Hills late 2014
Produced by Matt O’Conner, Ryan Miller and Callum Chynoweth band
Written by Callum Chynoweth

KIT - Goodbye     Funk/Soul, Pop 01/06/2015
Adele and Aretha Franklin in a soul infused fire of honest pop
The record has been produced by fellow-Pavement label artist Harts and by established producer Matt O’Connor. Featuring soft piano with a mixture of electronic layers, the track is bringing back deep purposeful soul into the music scene. Goodbye is wrenchingly personal and KIT’s strong vocal tones will leave listeners speechless.

Meg Sampson - Slayer With Class     Folk, Pop 01/06/2015
Meg Sampson brings an honest Aussie accent, conversational, quirky lyrics enveloped in catchy melodies to her folk/pop style. Meg is recognisable and not a bore to listen to.
Slayer With Class was written in a tongue in cheek, humorous style with driving acoustic guitar, an upbeat tempo and a catchy melody. Having had enough of the culture and temporary, non-committal nature of romance of the times, Meg wrote a fun song, shedding some light on the situation.

Mia Milan - I Won't Cry     Pop 01/06/2015
Australian artist Mia Milan: if you haven’t heard of her- you will soon! She’s been singing, recording & writing throughout Europe the last few years defining her unique pop style!
“I won’t cry” is quirky pop at it’s best. It’s got crazy catchy melodies with a hook that’ll keep you bouncing. Produced by Australian songwriter/Producer Boyd Wilson and penned by Mia and Boyd “I won’t cry” is a all about love n’ loss and having fun with a sad lyric.

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Paws Off - Infactuated     Electronic, Pop 01/06/2015
Paws Off has been generating underground global interest and traction across the EDM scene. Most recently, Paws Off has collaborated with Sheena Wilbow, an established vocalist from X-Factor Australia.
Infactuated. In fact, you read that right.
It is the state of being carried away by an unreasoned passion or love.
Be that love or blind desire of another or the love of what you do.
It’s all about the passion to get, Infactuated…`

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Sam West - Rise Up     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 01/06/2015
Sam West is an acoustic Roots Artist from SE QLD. Writing his own songs and touring full time, sam is forging a sustainable lifestyle and future in the music industry.
Stripped-down, raw, and effortlessly cool, ‘Rise Up’ pushes Sam’s blues-funk sound into even more upbeat, rousing territory.

Magic Bones - Danger I Am     Rock, Garage 11/06/2015
Melbourne four-piece Magic Bones play driving, garage, punk rock. Drawing influences from bands like The Clash, The Saints and The B-52s.
‘Danger I Am’ is a driving, garage punk duet, drowning in desire and urges to be drawn in by the unknown. Mixed and recorded by Richard Bowers at Soundpark Studios with additional mixing by Ryan Miller (The Delta Riggs, The Jezabels) at Hercules St Studios and co-produced by Matt O’Connor.

Bow and Arrow - Midnight     Electronic, Soul 15/06/2015
Bow and Arrow are a husband and wife duo from Sydney. They explore with soul, grooves, electro stylings and tribal beats wrapped in their passion for music and each other.
2015 MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nichol ‘Making Tracks’, Koori Radio, Sydney (NSW)

A song to your spirit “I am going to be brave. I am going to know the sense of freedom. True Freedom. I live in the moment. I will not be catagorised. I do not fit in a little box and excuse me while I own this moment!”

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Crystal Cities - Cut Me Loose     Rock, Pop 15/06/2015
Crystal Cities is a three-piece band from Sydney that delivers melodic phrases of ethereal allure that float and land softly onto a driving backbone of drums and bass.
Cut me loose opens with an engaging guitar line that leads us into an impressive ethereal vocal performance that gently floats above a driving drum and bass groove. The band delivers a quality performance that showcases an edgy, distinctive original sound.

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empire park. - We're OK     Rock 15/06/2015
A four-piece rock band hailing from Hobart, Tasmania, empire park. have already built themselves a reputation for energetic, soaring live shows and memorable, honest music.
The story of this song boils down to a couple of main themes. It chronicles personal difficulties and experiences that have strengthened empire park. as well as reflecting on the challenges of growing up.

Polarheart - Dystopia     Electronic, Pop 15/06/2015
Hailing from Sydney, Mary and Chris are Polarheart. Their combination of dreamy vocals and abstract soundscapes, now combining elements of garage, trap, and RnB makes for a captivating listening experience.
Dystopia is a song about being trapped in a situation, which you know is wrong, but being unable to escape. It is about someone, or something, making you feel like you are stuck in a perpetual nightmare, stuck in your own personal dystopia.

Sevenhurtz - New Morning     Rock 15/06/2015
After touring the late 90s in different rock and metal bands by chance sevenhurtz came to form one of the best bands to carry pure rock into the future.
New Morning is a song about redemption, and the battles we fight. Letting go of the past and the things you cannot change to embrace new possibilities. And remembering no matter how far you travel down the path of darkness, every moment is another chance to walk towards the light.

Tenderhooks - I Weakened at the Weekend     Rock, Pop 15/06/2015
Tenderhooks were formed in 2013. Their newly released debut album is a sprawling collection of tunes that incorporate power pop and rock ‘n’ roll with hints of folk and psychedelia.
I Weakened At The Weekend mixes pop sensibilities with driving rock ‘n’ roll. It evokes lost weekends, sordid summers and the pleasures, real and imagined, of the past.

The Harlots - On My Way     Rock, Pop, Soul 15/06/2015
Six members, two singers, jagged guitars, haunting organs, lyrics that cut to the core and a rhythm section that fills the dance floor. Sting. Sweat. Shout.
On My Way is an anthem. It’s for the hipster generation of twentysomethings that drift with no sense of urgency, who grew up being told they can be whatever they want. It’s not about worrying over what you decide to do, as long as you do something and don’t stagnate.

The Settlement - Stomp     Rock, Folk 15/06/2015
Five piece folk/rock band that delivers rousing songs through strumming acoustic guitars and a swinging fiddle. Always a group to inspire a stomping sing-a-long!
A rocking folksy single that listeners won't be able to resist "Stomp"-ing along too. The raspy voiced singer, backed by a driving rhythm section and a killer fiddle, makes for a rousing single.

Citizen Of The World - How Far We've Come     Folk, Rock 15/06/2015
Citizen of the World is an Epic Folk band from Sydney, successfully combining the unique sound of the saxophone, acoustic folk, and traditional rock.
How Far We’ve Come is an ode to those moments of self-reflection that occur when one visits an old place, reminding us of the inevitable passing of time. Instead of bitter feelings, this song focuses on the sense of pride in achievements that only appear visible once pointed out.

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