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King Colour - Blue Horizon     Rock, Psychedelic, Hip Hop, Pop 23/03/2015
Sydney’s King Colour play a unique style of kaleidoscopic, beat-driven psych-pop, blending memorable melodies, 60’s guitar lines and hip-hop overtones.
The new hypnotic single ‘Blue Horizon’ blends mystic guitar hooks, fluttering melodies and beat-heavy jungle grooves, coloured throughout with manipulated environmental sounds that place the listener in a dream-like setting. Following its triumphant, guitar-driven breakdown the song morphs into a 90’s-inspired hip-hop tribute, supporting a trippy spoken-word vignette from Ellis.

Running Young - Did You See     Rock 23/03/2015
Running Young are an Alternative/Indie Rock band combining Beach Boys, U2, The Cure and Bon-Iver, mixing four part harmonies with big beats and indie rock that'd fill a stadium
It's about feeling like you're drifting through life on autopilot, hiding your true self from people because you feel like they won't understand you. It’s about yearning... hunger... frustration. Wanting your true self, your heart, to wake up and take the reigns and leave fear behind.

The Goldhearts - On The Run     Pop, Rock, Country, Grunge 23/03/2015
The Goldhearts from the Gold Coast are indiepop/grunge/twang. Their sweet vocals and dark melodic hooks, leave an alt country finish and a sneaky grunge hangover.
Hooky alt pop alt country alt grunge single "On the Run" offers sage advice for daily living in Australia in 2015 “when you’re on the run, don’t stop for no-one” "if you're smoking crack.. watch out for the Jacks”, You’ll be singing, sniggering and chewing straw by the end.

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Dayneo - Love Gun     Pop, Rock 25/03/2015
Electronic/Alternative music maker Dayneo has been making music for almost 8 years. Sounding like Lily Allen, Peaches, and everything about Kesha, Dayneo is ready to release his music across Australia!
“Love Gun” is about a toxic yet passionate relationship. Loving each other so much even though it can never work out. “Love Gun” is a story written about my own love life and fantasy. See if you can pick it?

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Bronte - Until It's Said     Folk, Pop 06/04/2015
Bronte is a singer songwriter from Sydney playing folk pop tunes with a strong emphasis on story telling.
‘Until It’s Said’ is about all the moments, objects and memories that remind you of someone important from the past. The song has a country & western feel but the folk elements of the song cut through. The song is anchored by a strong, driving bass line and beating drums.

Deskryptik - Kick Snare     Hip Hop, Rap 06/04/2015
Focused on lyrical wordplay and catchy beats, Deskryptik gels with mainstream hip-hop while embracing unique elements to stand out from the crowd.
Recorded entirely in his home studio, adding to the track’s personalised feel, “Kick Snare” mixes together both real-instrumental samples and synths with his unique vocal delivery to create the type of rap track that is comfortably familiar, yet altogether original.

King's Justice - Full Steam Ahead     Pop, Rock 06/04/2015
King’s Justice’s is a Fremantle based group that has their own brand of indie pop music. Evolving as a band with an emphasis on an eclectic instrumental and vocal blend.
‘Full Steam Ahead’ is the lead single, a jangly guitar and synth driven number immediately evoking a sense of summer, surf, love and good vibes. The track takes all the best elements of their first EP and perfects it into one sharp, toe tapping number.

Polarheart - Hypnotise     Pop, Techno, Soundscapes 06/04/2015
Hailing from Sydney, Mary and Chris are Polarheart. With rave reviews internationally and in Australia their combination of catchy melodies with dreamy abstract soundscapes make for a captivating listening experience.
This song is about loving someone who is forever drifting away, and being at that point where you are desperate to find a way to make them stay and to make them love you back. It’s a situation we’re sure most people can relate to.

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Beautiful Beasts - Libertine     Pop, Rock 20/04/2015
Beautiful Beasts are a five-piece indie pop band hailing from the suburbs of Melbourne with a knack for creating unapologetically heavy, danceable pop tunes.
‘Libertine’, produced and mixed by Robert Amoruso (Jakubi) and mastered by Dave Kutch (The Strokes, Justin Timberlake) is an amalgamation of all the music that Beautiful Beasts have written in their short career so far; a dancefloor anthem fusing soulful vocals and gospel chants with church organs and jangly guitars.

Other tracks by Beautiful Beasts:  Take What You Can
Black River Bell - The Blackbirds     Folk, Acoustic 20/04/2015
Black River Bell pairs dark, folk songwriting with lyrics ranging from the deeply confessional to vivid storytelling. Frontman Timothy Bray believes completely in the healing power and beauty of music.
'The Blackbirds' is a haunting ballad, which blurs the lines between folk and dream pop. Bray details the experience of unrequited love and depression over delicate guitar, piano and synth.

Cinema 6 - Cough Syrup     Rock, Grunge, Pop, Psychedelic 20/04/2015
Cinema 6 are the refreshingly under-produced pioneers of Melbourne’s raw-wave scene. They interpret film to create music and sound a bit like a Quidditch final between Buzzcocks and The Strokes.
Cough Syrup is Cinema 6’s first single – with buzz-saw guitar jangle, train-ride rhythms and Stones-like swagger; it’s about a self-medicated journey into sedation. Recorded in a single take at a hay-bale and clay walled studio in Brunswick and mixed by Jonathon Campbell at A Likely Story in Vancouver, Canada.

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Drifta and The Bleeding Stones - The Stone That Bled     Rock 20/04/2015
With influences such as Hendrix, Marley & Zeppelin, Drifta & The Bleeding Stones explode like a bleeding blue rock on the cold concrete!
Drifta describes the track as a song that represents the impossible, going against the grain. With its vintage rock sound and in-your-face melodies, the second release from DAT-BS brings you back to the good old days of rock from a modern view. Written by Drifta and produced by Sean Carey.

Franki - Lost     Electronic, Chill, Pop 20/04/2015
Franki is an electronic indie-pop producer, performing all vocals and instruments featured on all his works.
Best described as the place where it all started, ‘Lost’ is both dark and hopeful. Each layer and melody carefully placed, Franki’s debut single showcases his ability to capture feeling and communicate emotion.

The Desert Sea - Settle The Score     Rock, Grunge, Blues 20/04/2015
Combine dirty rock and blues riffs, tight drum grooves and a blazing bass line, Mix In some soulful vocals and you’ve got Sydney four piece -The Desert Sea.
Hard hitting drums, grungy guitar riffs and a deep driving bass line combine perfectly in this brooding tale of retribution. Each verse builds on the last, bringing a new dimension that carries the listener right up to final notes of the riff driven finale.

The Lammas Tide - Bethnal Green     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk 20/04/2015
The Lammas Tide’s unique brand of psych-folk-rock draws influence from bands such as Jethro Tull, Traffic, and Cream, combining bluesy inflections and folk sensibilities with classic 60’s psychedelia.
Bethnal Green incorporates The Lammas Tide’s trademark combination of dancing fiddle, Rhodes piano and grooving rhythm section. With the addition of mellotron flute it captures the dreamlike essence of a stroll across a village green.

The Ruminaters - Gremlin In Black     Rock, Folk, Psychedelic, Garage 20/04/2015
The Ruminaters are four best friends. Jake, Teddy, Jake and Jarleth.
Gremlin in Black is a song about nothing written for know one.

One Proud Monkey - Rainy Day     Rock, Pop 21/04/2015
OneProudMonkey is an indie rock band from Dubbo, NSW. The group has been cranking out melodic tunes with a social conscience and subtly personal lyrical observations since October 2012.
Clint’s lyrics first came during a January heat wave where rain was more a wish and thoughts were turning to winter’s respite.

Hooky guitar riffs and smooth bass sit atop a punchy beat while backing vocals from local performers Peter Riley and Isaac Compton put sunshine in this summer sing-a-long.

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King of The Travellers - Trenches     Folk, Punk 04/05/2015
King of the Travellers are a unique blend of folk, punk, gypsy music and sea shanties. Best enjoyed with a glass of ale and an old pair of stomping boots.
Trenches tells the story of a group of men who have been sent to war and chose booze over bullets. It’s a daring blend of acoustic punk and Eastern European sounds, with a hint of spaghetti western thrown in for good measure. It’s short, sharp and brimming with attitude.

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The Shaykes - Catch Me If You Can     Rock 04/05/2015
The Shaykes are a formidable, five piece indie-rock outfit from the Central Coast, who play an explosive blend of high energy garage rock, and vintage rock and roll.
The Shaykes have taken the vintage rhythms of surf rock and Motown, and twisted them with dirty bass lines and ballsy vocals to deliver 'Catch Me If You Can'- a shamelessly honest song about a man escaping the clutches of a desperate woman.

Agnes J Walker & Damian K - Come Home     Pop, Soul, Acoustic, Blues 18/05/2015
Recorded on the humble Sunshine Coast comes the debut single of songwriting duo, Agnes J Walker & Damian K teaming up to show the world a slice of blues/soul/gospel heaven.
A little slice of blues/soul/gospel heaven. ‘Come Home’ presents as the result of an unsuspecting collaboration, and a very spontaneous release from the two musicians.

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