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The A&R Department

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Lydia Schubert - Jesse     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 26/01/2015
Lydia Schubert was born in Perth during the eighties or nineties; depending on what mood she’s in and credits her musical prowess with a desire to tell stories.
Her desire to transcend the limits of her own experience is apparent in the song ‘Jesse’, her treatment of Jesse James. Despite sometimes tackling dark subjects, the music is not bleak. Its divinity protects it from darkness and harshness, though it delves the depths. She is a true poet

Dan Peters & the Volatyles - Love Me Now I'm Dead     Rock, Punk 09/02/2015
Dan Peters & the Volatyles is a project hellbent on creating thrashy, pop-sweaty, mind-banging, twerk-sessioning songs for the love of it.
A thrashy, grimy, garage punk song written and recorded during a studio session after a night on cheese and crackers listening to LA punk Fidlar on repeat.

Elstow - Evil Dreams     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 09/02/2015
Elstow is a five-piece band from Sydney’s Inner West, blending the psychedelic folk & pop of the sixties & seventies with the alternative neo-psychedelia of the nineties.
Combining Elstow’s dreamlike psychedelic overtones with a breezy sunshine-laden chorus, ‘Evil Dreams’ swings between verses of doubtful self-reflection and a chorus of daydream surrender. Carefully woven vocal harmonies float amidst an abundance of tremolo guitars, delay, and crisp tambourines; ‘Evil Dreams’ is as ambitious as it is timeless.

Lost Woods - Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant     Rock, Grunge 09/02/2015
Indie rock five piece from Adelaide. Melodic guitar lines, warm punchy bass and unmistakable vocals highlight Lost Woods signature sound.
Our 90’s grunge jam!!! Soaring vocals, a myriad of melodic guitar lines and a huge chorus

TORK - Overthrown Again     Rock, Grunge 09/02/2015
TORK is a fresh new Grunge Alternative Rock trio hailing from Adelaide and Melbourne. Loosely inspired by the 90’s with a modern edge, pleasure your senses to TORK.
“Overthrown Again” features catchy riffs and harmonious vocal melodies, embracing a subtle darkness amongst the energy filled track. If you enjoy the likes of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Nine Inch Nails, and Tool, then put on your listening gloves and insert TORK into your eardrums.

Bell Weather Department - World on Fire     Rock, Pop, Electronic, Blues 16/02/2015
Kaleidoscopic pop/rock from Sydney, Australia
Catchy as f***, old-school blues riffs confidently ride the 4 the floor beat all the while the lyrics tell a tale of warning that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon

Harts - Breakthrough     Blues/Roots, Funk, Rock 18/02/2015
Following the success of recent radio hits "Red & Blue" and "When A Man's A Fool", Harts will release his next track “Breakthrough”.
"Breakthrough" is an up tempo, lyrically charged, edgy rock track that contains everything we've come to expect from the one man music making machine. The Hendrix-esque guitar work and Prince-esque funk, coupled with lyrical themes of change, creates a powerful statement. As always, he wrote, recorded and produced this track.

Run Rabbit Run - Wasted in the Sun     Folk, Rock 23/02/2015
Run Rabbit Run are a brew of country’s revelry, folk’s raw honesty, and the intensity of rock. Expressive vocals, and diverse instrumentation are amongst the features of the folk-rock quintet.
Wasted in the sun is a rolling, upbeat tune with an American alt-country flavour. Brimming with catchy hooks and easy-to-digest melodies, the song is a favourite at live shows. It’s energetic and fun, with rich three-part harmonies, bright and airy mandolin, and thumping double bass.

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Space Monk - Analysis Paralysis     Rock, Psychedelic 23/02/2015
Space Monk is an alternative rock band from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, blending grunge, rock, indie and electronica in an attempt to warp your reality...
“Analysis Paralysis” conjures up images of endless summer roadtrips with its silky-smooth vocals, but at its heart revealing a nostalgic yearning for youth and a time when one lived in the moment, carefree with no responsibilities or concerns.

Opia - Signs     Rock, Electronic, Dance 24/02/2015
Expanding an established sound, Opia's rich tones and multi-dimensional songs seem far larger than the sum of their parts.
Signs occupies the beautiful middle ground between a sing-along and a song you want to dance to.

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Readable Graffiti - URA NRG     Electronic, Experimental, Rockabilly 02/03/2015
Readable Graffiti continue to develop their bold fusion of electronica’s unconventional sounds and song structures with the kind of confident songwriting, melodies and harmonies not usually found near the dancefloor.
‘URA NRG’ (i.e. ‘you are an energy’) begins by showing off a softer, more delicate side of readable graffiti. But the gentle vocals and smooth electric keys of the verse eventually give way to a melodic chorus that packs a punch, combining synth stabs, a huge bassline and dramatic vocals.

Craig Freeman - Karma     Folk, Rock 09/03/2015
Australian based but UK forged singer songwriter Craig Freeman currently stands alone as one of the industries most engaging male solo artists.
After 3 years of carving his own sound, developing it with the help of his audiences reaction, writing in the studio and an ample amount of surfing… of course, Craig Freeman has returned with what he personally hails as he’s most absorbing track yet, ‘Karma’

Foreign Architects - Clover     Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic 09/03/2015
2 piece pop outfit featuring singer/songwriter Matt Burke & drummer Andrew Barnett, producing catchy pop tunes with groovy indie vibes, sure to get stuck in heads!
Clover is a catchy, up tempo and meaningful song, for the ‘down and out’ that know there is a way to get up again. The song features a sparkling array of instruments that paint the picture of the song beautifully.

John Hosking - False Arms     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 09/03/2015
John Hosking is a singer/song writer from Adelaide, Australia. John moved to Gold Coast Australia in 2014 and found that he had more time to further pursue his song writing.
John wrote “False arms” over a 48-hour period but made changes to the sound to capture the emotion of the song. Ultimately, John wants his listeners to make their own view or interpretation, and believes followers should listen to the song a few times to make sense of its statement.

Oh White Mare - All Right     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 09/03/2015
Oh White Mare is a four piece band from Perth Western Australia who play deep garage rock with a psych edge.
Oh White Mare’s new single “All Right” is a psych-infused song with multi-layered vocals over a sparse rhythm section. An organ lifts the swelling chorus, ultimately swirling into a blues inspired riff, with the song’s crescendo peaking as the deep garage sounds of the guitar hits you down the middle.

PennyStocks - Bleed Out     Rock, Grunge, Garage 09/03/2015
Penny Stocks' release ‘Bleed Out’ reflects their love of 90’s post grunge with honest emotion, it feels like something you've heard before and something you will hear again and again
Recorded by Adam Surace at Coloursound Studio, and Craig Sayer at his home studio, ‘Bleed Out’ comes from a place of real need. It is an exploration of that darkness from which we never return completely whole.

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Roviana Lagoon - Graves     Folk, Pop, Rock 09/03/2015
Roviana Lagoon is a four piece folk pop band from Melbourne. Roviana Lagoon aim to deliver simplicity, stripping back songs to their bare bones to reveal subtlety and melody.
With muddy guitar tones and restrained, introspective vocal delivery, Graves is almost haunting in its presence. Combined with the atmospheric Wurlitzer electric piano and the vocal harmonies it delivers a sombre, yet important message. How important it is to identify and deal with the individual problems we all face.

The Artfuls - All Over Town     Rock 09/03/2015
Australian band that started in Europe! The band that took off half way around the world. The Artfuls are returning to home soil in style!
“All Over Town” The fresh new track from The Artfuls!! from their Debut EP “Long Trip Home” with a hard to miss beat and smooth vocals, its hard not to move to this song!
"Twisting Rock and style never felt so good" !

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Valkyries - Inward Voyager     Rock, Blues, Roots 09/03/2015
Since their inception in early 2013, Valkyries (formally Rachel Cearns & The Valkyries) have been very busy working the Adelaide music scene.
The lyrics are about that place an artist retreats to in their mind, that introspective, reflective place where you go to create, to make art or songs. If I spend too long there, I feel like I’m going crazy, hence the lyrics- “Inward Voyager, my destroyer, you found me out”.

Battleships - In Time     Folk, Rock, Acoustic 17/03/2015
The UK sounding, Melbourne loving, Sydney based, musical outlet of Sunshine Coast singer and songwriter Jordan Sturdee returns to begin 2015 with a new single.
In Time follows on from successful and critically acclaimed past releases; In Retrospect (2012), Your Words (2012), Com-ing Back to You (2012), To You (ep –2012), As You’d Begun (2013), Take Your Rest (2013), and You Can’t Change It (2014).

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