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The A&R Department

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Readable Graffiti - Out to the Races     Electronic, Pop 10/11/2014
Readable graffiti play energetic and melodic electro-pop music, fusing live instruments and synthesizers to create an exciting unique sound.
“Out to the Races” is a moody synth-pop number with a catchy chorus. Dramatic, wide-screen synths meet with driving beats and bass, underpinning RG’s strongest lyrical work to date.

Harts - When a man's a fool     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Pop 12/11/2014
Hot after the release of his debut full length album “Daydreamer”, the prolific one man music making machine from Melbourne is back with a brand new single.
“When A Man's A Fool” is a bluesy-funk rocker of a track blending flavours of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Prince and James Brown, all with an exploding chorus capable of knocking you off your feet.

Halcyon Drive - Crusoe     Folk, Electronic 17/11/2014
Two dudes, one guitar, one (and a half) drum kits, live loop experiments and “catchy-as-balls” pop hooks.
Coinciding with Halcyon Drive’s debut EP release, Crusoe is the duo’s brand new single which builds upon their unique alt-pop sound. Recorded and produced by Steven Schram (San Cisco, Eagle and the Worm), Crusoe embodies all that is Halcyon Drive; full of trademark falcetto pop melodies and elevating dynamic twists.

The Ruminaters - Long hair is cooler than short hair     Rock 19/11/2014
The Ruminaters are from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They like surfing, playing basketball, fishing and playing music.
Long hair is cooler than short hair makes fun of people and their stupid hair.

The Occupants - Hindsight     Rock 22/11/2014
Well after another long, difficult pregnancy, complications and a near-caesarean, that rare and special time has finally arrived again as The Occupants give birth to their fourth track, Hindsight.
Hindsight was yet another challenging concoction of varying musical components that was eventually somehow wove into a song. They'd say more except they feel it was best that the song speak for itself and leave it up to the listener to decide.

Innamech - The Line     Electronic, Psychedelic, Rock 24/11/2014
Innamech is a new 2-piece band from the Blue Mountains in NSW. Their music blends pop, electronica and psychedelic rock. Their songs are accessible and catchy while retaining an edge.
The Line distills Everything that Innamech is about. It has a big catchy hook laid on a bed of Funky electronica with a psychedelic edge.

Laura Skye - My Love     Pop, Retro 24/11/2014
Laura Skye is a little but loud singer, songwriter and highly energetic free spirit. She loves to play guitars, save animals and start revolutions.
Retro infused bop that will take you back in time to a place you may never want to leave. My love is a cautionary tale with dark lyrical undertones driven by an upbeat, ultra catchy melody and bold chorus laced with attitude as cheeky as the creator herself.

Peter Calvert - Red Shoes     Rock 24/11/2014
No stranger to the Australian music scene, Peter has performed in various bands over the past 3 years. Mid 2013 Peter launched his solo career with an electrifying acoustic tour.
Red Shoes is a modern indie pop song. Red Shoes is a ‘back to basics’ piece about the blind misconception of modern media and the portrayal of celebrities. However is it primarily about being yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.

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RVLR - Paper Folding Man     Rock, Grunge 24/11/2014
RVLR are a hard-hitting 4-piece grunge rock act from Brisbane. RVLR are becoming well known for their powerful vocals and harmonies, smashing guitar riffs and explosive live shows.
Paper Folding Man lyrically describes the feeling of not having control and overcoming anxiety. It’s about giving yourself a pep talk. The fast paced track is punchy, explodes early in the song and doesn’t back off. The guitars drive the energy while the thumping drums keep a distinct catchy groove.

Thee Gold Blooms - Katie-Sue     Rock, Garage, Country 24/11/2014
Thee Gold Blooms are a garage & surf rock from Perth that specialise in tampering with the classic sounds of the sixties like an alcoholic version of The Beach Boys.
Katie-Sue is a lovely little slice of garage rock with a bit of country swagger. It’s a classic tale of unrequited love and Thee Gold Blooms have once again proven they know how to write a good hook.

Polarheart - Livealie     Electronic, RnB, Garage 01/12/2014
Hailing from Sydney, Mary and Chris are Polarheart. With rave reviews internationally and in Australia their newfound combination of electronica, RnB and garage make for a captivating listening experience.
Combining elements of garage, trap and RnB, Livealie is a song about being trapped in the wrong relationship, having the strength to stop being who everyone else wants you to be, and starting to live with the freedom of being who you really are.

Some Can't - Purple Maize     Rock, Psychedelic 08/12/2014
SOME CAN’T get insane with that 60’s Psychedelic jazz rock sound that makes you rock out so hard that you question your own existence.
Purple Maize is a party song about the good ol’ stuff you know you love that will send you through time and space, scramble your brains and leave you in the gutter begging for more.

Agnes Blue - All Around     Rock, Blues, Roots 06/01/2015
Agnes Blue are a high energy 2 piece Rock/Roots band from the small beach side town of Agnes Water, QLD, made up of Jack Blandford his Sister Frea.
‘All Around’ is Rock/Blues song and was recorded at Heliport Studios on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, in July 2014 and was later re-mixed in October/November 2014, for a Radio Release with The A&R Department from Sydney.

Lucy B - I Still     Pop, Easy Listening 07/01/2015
New Zealand born, Sydney raised Singer-songwriter. Lucy B writes heartfelt and sentimental songs, fitting for a film soundtrack. Latest album ‘Chasing Sparks’ recorded with Sean Carey at Trackdown Studios, Camperdown.
The song ‘I Still’ was written after a pledger through a Pozible Crowd Funding campaign asked Lucy to write a song for his wife. It is a song about loving someone despite them no longer being around, and is a bitter sweet song that cherishes the special ones in life.

Mahalia - Angels Song     Pop, Soul 07/01/2015
Mahalia has an all-consuming passion for singing and performing. She entices us powerfully with catchy pop hooks delivered with deep soul that make you listen. An absolute musical delight.
Angel’s Song was inspired by the story of a young child who was abandoned by her mother at birth. The song speaks of her journey through life questioning her identity and place in the world. Angel’s Song is written as a tribute to all children who have faced adversity.

Sirena - Your Kingdom     Pop, Dance 07/01/2015
Singing from the age of 12 and dancing from the age of 3, pop singer/songwriter Sirena performs her own material and covers in local Sydney music venues, bars and clubs.
'Your Kingdom' is a catchy pop song with a strong hook and a positive message with influences from Lady Gaga and Anastacia.

46 Clicks - Home     Rock 12/01/2015
46 Clicks have been bringing street rock to the people of Sydney for years. The band will release single "Home" in early 2015.
Home, was originally a 3 chord punk song with electronic distorted drums, piano and a big church organ. Over the years, the band knew it was a dark horse of a song and changed it into what it is now – a stadium song.

Peyton - New York Era     Electronic, Pop 12/01/2015
Peyton is a singer songwriter from Perth, Western Australia whose smooth and dynamic vocal tone can be likened to Lana Del Ray and Lykke Li.
"New York Era" is the first single from Peyton’s forthcoming debut EP which features electronic synths/beats, mixed with Peyton’ s earnest lyrics and infectious vocal performance.

Co-produced by Matt O'Connor, Lance Robinson.
Recorded at Pavement Studios by Lance Robinson.
Mixed by Matt O'Connor at Hercules Studio.
Mastered by Don Bartley.

Em George - Paper Hearts     Folk, Acoustic 20/01/2015
Em George is a Sydney based alternative folk, singer-songwriter with an introspective, thought-provoking style, influenced by Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Leonard Cohen.
“Paper Hearts” features stripped back production and frank, enigmatic lyrics. It aims to reveal everything and give nothing away. It is about the impermanence of life and the impact our choices have on those around us.

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Dubarray - Depth of Perception     Electronic, House 26/01/2015
Dubarray are the essence of groove based live electronica, which intertwine live instrumentation, tribal percussion, layered on a bed of electronic ambience and euphoric vocals.
‘Depth of Perception’, a deep tribal house track which is a signature flavor of Dubarray’s ambient euphoric vocal hooks, Spearheaded with a massive tribal undertone which breaks all the boundaries of live electronic music.