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Suburban Haze - Extreme Right     Rock 19/09/2014
Downbeat music by downbeat dudes.
From gritty rock to swamp-style groove, the song is a grim take on classic sounds.

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Andrew Cousins - Excuse Me Mister     Folk, Acoustic 25/09/2014
Andy is a born entertainer with an energy that is infectious. His abilty to express real life experiences through his music leaves listeners captivated. His sound is earthy and honest.
Excuse Me Mister is an acoustic folk track with hints of influences from Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

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Harts - Red & Blue     Pop, Funk, Soul 25/09/2014
Melbourne based multi instrumentalist / songwriter / producer, Harts has just released his debut album "Daydreamer".
“Red & Blue” is a track driven almost entirely by Harts' guitar, and is a unique combination of Indie Rock meets Electronic. The song was hand picked by Prince as his favourite off the upcoming album.

Transience - Endless Change     Rock 25/09/2014
Based in Melbourne, 6-piece Transience combines soaring melodies, warped time signatures, crushing grooves and expansive atmospheres to create their own take on progressive rock and metal.
Showcasing the sweet melodies, infectious grooves and multi-layered instrumentation that Transience has become known for, Endless Change is sure to please both musicians and casual listeners alike. Interchanging between bitter and sweet, the band keeps it catchy, while still adding a healthy dose of progressive chaos.

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Jagged Jayne - Avalanche     Pop 27/09/2014
Jagged Jayne is an energetic and oh so quirky Indie six piece that explore sounds from a haze of musical influences and develop an infectious vibe on stage.
Jagged Jayne’s single ‘Avalanche’ was recorded at The Sonic Factory Studios by recording engineer and producer Nathaniel Sherwood. ‘Avalanche’ is an Indie track that explores unique grooves and melodic lines that showcases the Jagged Jayne sound.

Boson Higgs - Blacktop     Rock 13/10/2014
Boson Higgs are rockers inspired by Dan Auerbach, Jack White and Black rebel Motorcycle Club, with their own take on the genre combining grimy riffs, chunky rhythms and hypnotising beats.
Blacktop is a rough and ready song about fast cars and loose women, about rebels trying to find their cause and about young men fuelling the fire of gasoline dreams. The guitars are driven hard, the drums drive even harder, and it pushes the line to the laid back bridge.

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Custom Royal - Supernaut     Rock 13/10/2014
Custom Royal are rock and roll progeny, they play tight, punchy rock and roll, delivering huge anthemic tunes, hallmark killer guitar riffs and steadfast vocal harmonies.
Supernaut is a short, fast and loud rock song. Loosely inspired by Joseph Kittinger’s jump from the edge of the atmosphere in 1960, The Music Magazine described Supernaut as “A stunning nostalgic ‘90s dope rock song”

Hedge Fund - Object of my Affection     Rock 13/10/2014
Hedge Fund are a four-piece indie rock battering ram lead by songwriter and vocalist William Colvin Mckenzie – brother of Deep Sea Arcade frontman Nic Mckenzie.
An explosive stalker-romance that pins you to the wall with it’s huge alt-rock intro and takes you on a chilling journey of romantic obsession.
Sounds like Radiohead and Faith No More meets Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ with an eightiest twist in the spirit of Blondie and Devo.

Magic Bones - Anytime Anywhere     Rock, Grunge 15/10/2014
Melbourne four-piece Magic Bones play scuzzy, garage, punk rock. Drawing influences from 70’s punk to 80’s new wave garage rock!
‘Anytime Anywhere’ is an Aussie garage, punk rock song. Drawing influences from 70’s punk to 80’s new wave garage rock. Mixed and Recorded by Richard Bowers with additional mixing by Ryan Miller (The Delta Riggs, Los Tones) at Harry Vanda’s Hercules St Studios and co-produced by Matt O’Connor.

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James Edgar Francis - Unearth Me Baby     Folk, Pop 23/10/2014
Charming, witty and explosive songwriter with a voice equal parts Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison. Dabbles in wordplay, rock’n’roll and being a soulful underdog.
James Edgar Francis wants you to fall in love with him. At least that is what you would think when you hear this song, an inspired confusion of love, sex, fame and wordplay. With the ironic swagger of Augie March and Nick Cave, an aching, unforgettable melody and unexpected depth.

The Fiennes - Doubt     Rock 23/10/2014
The Fiennes are an alternative rock band from Sydney, Australia. Hailing from heavy British influences, the duo have hopes to bring a new twist on old vagrancies.
Finding influences from millennium brit-rock,“Doubt” draws heavily on chiming guitar riffs and grandiose drum fills to elevate the listener to another place completely. Anchored by a swirling lead acoustic line and an emotional vocal, “Doubt” is a commanding track with high aspirations and a capacity for great things.

Digital Order - La Finale     Rock, Electronic 25/10/2014
Driving synths. Loud drums. Violent guitar riffs. DIGITAL ORDER is more than a band. It’s an experience.
Recorded at Norman Solander Studios and mixed at Hercules Studios, “La Finalé” is a pumping track, with melodic vocals and a chorus that will have you on your feet dancing. Inspired by the European electronic scene and classic rock, this track is a perfect blend of the two genres.

Bronte - Us vs Them     Folk 27/10/2014
Bronte is a singer songwriter from Sydney. Drawing on various influences such as folk, rock, and pop. Bronte delivers honest and raw songs that engage the audience.
‘Us Vs Them’ is a song about war. It paints a picture of two groups of people fighting for a cause they believe is right, a situation that is all too common in society. This song revolves around the people’s motives for fighting, and the passion behind their convictions.

My Old Dutch - Howlin' Marilyn     Rock, Garage 27/10/2014
My Old Dutch are an explosive, Lo-Fi, 50’s inspired rock’n’roll two-piece, with a crunching wall of guitars, soaring melodies and thumping beats.
A crankin’ two and a half minutes of fuzz central. Rockin riffs soaked in feedback, old school 50’s jukebox vocals on a bed of pounding drums. It tells a horror story of lust and love between a guy and his werewolf girlfriend. It will get your heart racing!

Russo - Something Else     Pop, Electronic 27/10/2014
While she may be petite in size, RUSSO is fierce in presence and sound. Her sound is eclectic and unique - pop as it’s never been heard before.
RUSSO’s single ‘Something Else’ combines sexy sounds with seductive, alluring vocals.

The Cherry Dolls - Crystal Pistol     Rock, Garage 27/10/2014
The Cherry Dolls comprises of five enigmatic young men who exuberant the timeless charm of authentic musicians; Joshua Aubry, Lachie Gilmour, Sonny Falsone Mick Byers and Jimmy Leahy.
An inhale of fresh air on the rock n roll scene that will stand the test of time. So for those of you who still appreciated what wholesome music is all about - do yourselves a favour and consume the very latest musical delicacy from The Cherry Dolls.

The High Learys - Clear My Mind     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 27/10/2014
The High Learys bring you a fresh take on the sounds of 1960's London. Their unique sound and style leaves an impression of a modern day yet retro sounding outfit.
Clear My Mind embodies a retro sound that recalls the pop-rock greats" of the British Invasion, complete with raw vocals and a jangly pop-rock instrumentation you can’t
help but like this organ driven classic."

Thom Lion & The Tamers - Fruition     Blues/Roots, Folk 27/10/2014
A voice to melt mountains and a song to stir souls. Thom Lion is a treasure emerging from the rustic reality of Australian suburbia.
A sweet pop melody on a bed of rollicking banjos and beats. Fruition will work its way under your skin as the mesmerising Thom Lion weaves his way through a story of loss and hope. The uplifting and irresistibly catchy song will ignite imaginations of listeners across the nation.

Other tracks by Thom Lion & The Tamers:  Emily
Drifta & The Bleeding Stones - Chew     Rock, Blues 10/11/2014
Drifta describes The Bleeding Stones as 'the support network for giving his art life'. The musicians, the producers, the promoters, the fans are all part of The Bleeding Stones!
Drifta & The Bleeding Stones are currently recording their debut E.P - 'Let The Stones Bleed'. 'Chew' is full of complex yet relative lyrics, with BIG bluesy riffs and inspiring energy that is leaving the listener wanting more. Chew was written and arranged by Drifta and produced by Sean Carey.

Lyke Giants - Spite     Rock 10/11/2014
Lyke Giants are based in Tasmania. They are a 3 piece consisting of 2 brothers and their best mate.“Spite” was recorded in Tasmania, and mixed and mastered in the US.
“Spite” has a very simple overall feel to it but keeps the listener engaged through its subtle building changes. The song speaks of needing to overcome an emotion of “Spite” that you have let overthrow you and be your emotional shield.