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Jesse Taylor - In My Bones     Folk 03/07/2014
Born in Queensland Australia, Jesse Taylor is a singer/songwriter with a lot to offer.
In My Bones illustrates the idea of two different types of people in the world; one type, who get everything handed to them and haven’t learnt anything in life - and then the people who try their best and who are amazing at what they do, but are often underappreciated.

Lyke Giants - Let Up     Rock 03/07/2014
Lyke Giants are based in northern Tasmania, Australia. They are a 3 piece band consisting of 2 brothers and their close mate.
“Let Up” manages to be punchy and gritty but still maintain a sense of space and smooth movement into a polished package with seamless transitions. “Let Up” serves to portray someone in a hopeless situation that is encouraged to stop what is happening and change the outcome for the better.

The Desert Sea - Reflection     Rock 03/07/2014
Combine dirty rock and blues riffs, tight drum grooves and a blazing bass line, Mix In some soulful vocals and you’ve got Sydney three piece -The Desert Sea.
‘Reflection’ kicks off with a chunky blues-rock riff. The drums and bass explode onto the track, pounding heavily as they lock in with the guitar to lay the foundation for the vocals. Provocative lyrics lay bare the shortcomings of the self-absorbed in an attempt to widen their gaze.

The Ruminaters - I Lost My Grandpa's Teeth     Rock, Punk 03/07/2014
The Ruminaters are from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They like burritos, playing basketball, fishing and playing music.
This song is about a battle between a boy and a girl, who try to eat each other with a pair of dentures.
Who will win? Sorry grandpa.

The Occupants - Streets     Rock 09/07/2014
Following the success of “I’ve Been Thinking” and “Wonderland”, the ex “Cog” Gower brothers are back with their third installment, a new track entitled “Streets”.
“Yeah it’s different. We hope it’s different. We want it to be different. But what’s still the most important consideration is that it makes people feel good.”

Green Stone Garden - Steam     Pop, Rock, Electronic 15/07/2014
There’s something about Green Stone Garden’s music that remains as elusive and genuine as their home city of Darwin. A remote sensibility, mixed with urban longing.
Produced by Steven Schram (San Cisco, Paul Kelly, Calling All Cars) in Melbourne, with mastering by Grammy nominated Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Chet Faker, Arctic Monkeys) in the US, 'Steam' is set to be released 18 August 2014 - showcasing a new sound for the band.

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Halcyon Drive - Apart     Rock, Atmospheric, Chill 15/07/2014
Two dudes, one guitar, one (and a half) drum kits, live loop experiments and emotive, contagious pop hooks.
Apart builds on the duo’s unique sound, building anticipation for the band’s debut EP release late 2014. Produced by Steven Schram and mastered by Brian Lucey, Apart strays slightly from the past “upbeat, urgent nature that the guys have made their signature sound”, but maintains the sentiment of previous releases.

Harts - Angels Walk Below     Pop, Funk, Soul 16/07/2014
Harts is readying his debut album for release after returning from Minneapolis where he spent time jamming with Prince at Paisley Park Studios, receiving an invitation from Prince himself.
“Angels Walk Below” features everything we've come to expect from the young funkateer in funky rhythms, catchy falsetto melodies and that signature Harts guitar work. Like all the tracks on the album, Harts wrote, performed, recorded, produced & mixed the track himself in his bedroom studio.

Foxsmith - Pentimento     Rock, Pop 31/07/2014
Foxsmith is a four-piece band hailing from Brisbane. With dreamy pop grooves, their second single ‘Pentimento’ follows the bands’ new direction into darker, shimmering soundscapes.
Recorded and mixed by Yanto Browing (The Medics, Tara Simmons, The Jungle Giants), ‘Pentimento’ is the second offering from Brisbane four-piece FOXSMITH. Laden with lush melodies and catchy guitar hooks, the track explores existentialism and follows the bands’ new direction into darker, shimmering soundscapes and grooves.

Run Rabbit Run - Down The Line     Folk, Rock 31/07/2014
Run Rabbit Run are a brew of country’s revelry, folk’s raw honesty, and the intensity of rock. Alluring vocals, and diverse instrumentation are amongst the features of the folk-rock quintet.
With a country-esque backbeat, hooky lead-guitar, and vocals that bring a sense of calm to the chaos, ‘Down the Line’ aims to integrate everything Run Rabbit Run are as a band. The folk-rock tune is energetic and emotive with brief moments of relief to exhibit the melancholy in the lyrics.

Turtle & Fox - I'm a Sardine     Folk, Pop 31/07/2014
Turtle & Fox are an indie folk inspired brother and sister duo and graphic design collective nestled snuggly in inner Melbourne set to release their debut full length album.
“I’m a Sardine” casts a series of quirky animal based metaphors to explore and convey feelings of futility and depression. Born directly from Dan’s experience with chronic hip issues, darker themes are purposely contrasted by a light and cheerful musical accompaniment. Mixed and Mastered by Andy Stewart (Paul Kelly, Gotye).

Zuzu Angel - Don't Forget My Name     Rock 31/07/2014
A passion project originating in the backstreets of East-Melbourne, the hard-hitting, riff-driven sounds of this five-piece prove that the next generation of Australian music is something to be proud of.
"Don't Forget My Name" issues a challenge to the wowsers of the world and reclaims some of the territory lost in the tug-of-war between big business and artistic endeavour. It is one part The Rolling Stones, one part INXS and unmistakably Zuzu Angel.

Jacobide - More Than Kings     Rock 12/08/2014
"There's space in their heaviness; and melody in their angst; and four guys who know how to play off each other." -Richard Kingsmill (Triple J) said of “Emanon” (4/5 stars)
"More Than Kings” delivers a unique sound created by the four members of Jacobide. The three-­‐minute track is an honest composition showcasing the musical depth and maturity of an ever-­‐evolving band. “More than Kings” balances raw emotive vocals with clean, engaging guitar tones, clever bass lines and melodic beats.

Angus Dawson - A Curse in Disguise     Electronic 15/08/2014
Angus Dawson is an Indie/Electronic Producer and songwriter from Perth, Australia. Creating a unique blend of ambient serenity with powerful, emotive songwriting. Close your eyes.
A Curse In Disguise is all about juxtaposition. The big drum sounds against the delicate guitar and vocals, the powerful second half against the ambient and reflective first and the confronting lyrics against the tone of the song.

Homes - Did You Find What You're Looking For?     Rock 15/08/2014
With irresistible groove and impeccable execution, Homes weave a bold and colourful musical patchwork that is sure not only to turn heads, but to break necks.
“Did You Find What You’re Looking For?’ pits the hard hitting, fast paced sound and live attitude of 70’s surf punk. Vocals dripping in Hendrix-esque swagger are teamed with axe-slaying riffs; blistering horns soar over the soulful grit of Rhodes keys, creating a track oozing with live energy.

James Abberley - Secret Keeper     Blues/Roots, Folk 15/08/2014
James Abberley is a humble Australian musician with a sole ambition to create music that other people around the world will love.
Secret Keeper is about someone who I have known for a very long time, for some strange reason people always seem to volunteer their deepest, darkest secrets with this person, who is then made to promise that they will never speak of it again, and so Secret Keeper was born.

Sheena - Reality     Pop, Electronic 15/08/2014
Since going solo and stepping away from her previous duo, Sheena has grown into an independent artist of her own.
The song is about breaking free from the expectations of the world. It is about living as we want to, not as we are told to. “Reality” is for every free spirit who has been imprisoned by the thoughts and judgements of others.

Fenian - Evergreen     Rock 01/09/2014
Fenian are a female-fronted progressive alternative rock band from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
Evergreen is a great snippet of what we do, a fun sounding song with a semi-serious theme. A definite rock rock groove with riff after riff of pure energy and soaring vocals and catchy hooks.

Shag Rock - Cold Hands     Rock, Pop 13/09/2014
Shag Rock are a 5 Piece Indie band based out of Brisbane. Love writing original music that fits in with the laid back lifestyle in Queensland.
“Cold Hands” is a song about lost love but finding redemption knowing that although today may seem bleak , tomorrow there is a new day and anything is possible.

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Shadowqueen - Burning     Rock 19/09/2014
Female-fronted rock trio, Shadowqueen “Our music is the product of our varied experiences and influences. At times it’s brash and others it’s vulnerable and even beautiful, but it’s always intense"
“It’s a high-energy intense rollercoaster of a song. It’s about the effects of depression and how you can be overcome by it, but really it can be interpreted in many different ways by the listener and I prefer they connect with it in their own way …” - Robbi Zana