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iridea - Centaurus     Metal/Punk, Metal, Experimental, Atmospheric 14/12/2018
Iridea is an emerging Adelaide-based duo: the Headland brothers, with Matthew playing several guitars, and Daniel as drummer and singer.
Focus single, Centaurus, builds energy gradually from a quiet beginning, and then rips into heavier sections that are like some hellish march. It is a brutal slog through a scorching desert; a wretched individual on a journey with no end in sight.

Other tracks by iridea:  Flint Slope
Kentrails - Beatrice     Rock, Atmospheric, Folk 14/12/2018
Kentrails is a solo artist/producer from the Illawarra Coast in NSW.
“Beatrice” is a three minute genre shifting jaunt of reflection. With an acoustic guitar driving the track toward a drum and brass crescendo, it returns with the vocals in a more sombre capacity as the track winds down. “Beatrice” is intended for the listener to engage their own contemplation.

Nat Smithson & Nights on Mayfair - What Life Wants For Me     Funk/Soul, Soul, RnB 07/12/2018
Nat Smithson & Nights on Mayfair is the blend of smooth deep soul vocals of Adelaide singer Nat Smithson and the Motown-inspired sound of Australian soul band ‘Nights on Mayfair’.
What Life Wants For Me is a modern pop-soul gem. It takes the classicism of Motown in all of it's upbeat charm and casts rays of optimism from the depths of it's soul.

Arm In Arm - Nightfly     Electronic, Dance, House, Techno 30/11/2018
Arm in Arm are artists Eliza Jacobs and Luke Moore-Martin. The Melbourne duo is all about creating solidarity through underground house music rooted in deep melodic sounds with soul.
Nightfly is rooted in deep melodic sounds with modulated top lines, a plucky bass line and hypnotic, yet hooky vocals. Nightfly evokes unexpected emotional responses. This is thanks to the alchemy of their influences, which range from techno to Balearic beat, classical, trip-hop and electronica.

Klara Zubonja - The Winds Of Life     Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic 30/11/2018
Klara Zubonja, a progressive alternative pop singer-songwriter who forms a unique sound of her own, with underlying hints of experimental soul, jazz, psych, and other.
It’s about meeting oneself, facing all facets that lie within, and learning how to go with the flow. The song expresses various tempo and time signature changes, as Klara reminds you of those ups and downs in life, but nudges you to let those winds of life carry you far.

Cap Carter - Thrill     Pop, RnB 29/11/2018
Cap Carter is an Australian singer-songwriter known for soulful vocals and emotive lyrics. Born in Manila and raised in Western Sydney, Carter's style is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and George Michael
Thrill comes to you with its assertive emotional peaks and rock solid sense of purpose. Cap Carter has taken control, cleansed his soul and given us a pop gem.

Max C Bud - I Guess It Has To Be That Way     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 23/11/2018
Max C Bud is a singer/song writer living in Sydney. Max produces feel-good, catchy indie-pop tunes that speak from the heart and get feet tapping.
IGIHTBTW is an Indie-Pop beauty. An upbeat and infectious tempo using programmed synth and bass lines are complimented by bold vocals that stand at the forefront of this track.

The Skelton Collective - She     Pop, Easy Listening 23/11/2018
The Skelton Collective is a fun and funky four piece original band from WA. Up-vibe piano driven alt-indie pop/rock. Sweet vocals, great lyrics and wicked groove.
‘She’ is an up-vibey indie-pop track that explores self-discovery, self-affirmation, and the quiet strength of choosing happy.

Calavèra - Ain't Got You     Electronic, Hip Hop, Breaks 17/11/2018
Calavèra (meaning skull in Spanish) is a character that has lived forever travelling through the ages and changing styles. Which are used in his music through grooves which encourage dance.
This song is a story about how throughout life you face a constant struggle with staying on path and fighting the darkness, which is trying to get you under its spell.

Daiju - Experience (Album Mini Mix)     Electronic, Dance, Techno, House 05/11/2018
Explore the possibilities inherent with: Smooth, Dreamy Minimal, Edgy, Driven Techno, Lush, Organic Electronica & Eccentric, Indulgent Progressive House. Welcome to the House of Daiju.
Experience (Album Mini Mix) was performed and recorded live in Daijus’ home studio, Melbourne, Australia. Using Ableton Live, various hardware controllers and custom developed fx racks, Experience (Album Mini Mix) contains 8 tracks from his official 2018 release, the Experience Album.

Dambro - Change     Electronic, Pop 02/11/2018
With Influences from pop, metal, rock, indie, punk, trap, electronica, dance and cinematic music, be taken on an extraordinary journey with Dambro’s highly anticipated début album TIME.
No matter what changes we face in life, we come out of it as better people. Change helps us learn through adapting to new experiences. It shows us our lives from a different perspective and teaches us the value and appreciation of what we have today

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Other tracks by Dambro:  Sleepless Nights  -  What Life Could Be
The Ians - Gold Teeth     Rock, Grunge, Pop 26/10/2018
The Ians are a 3-piece modern grunge/rock band from Melbourne. In 2017/18 they released EP ‘Elephant Fresh’, toured across Eastern Australia and played St Kilda Fest 2018.
Sounds like The Strokes and Bob Dylan got thrown through Nirvana’s blender. This eclectic and experimental mix of rock genres is The Ians sound, captured in ‘Gold Teeth’

"This one kinda came out like Dylan/Strokes/Cobain. Sometimes like Gizz/Pixies, Soho/Stones etc. It is what it is." - Ian

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Brumfield - Backseat     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic 19/10/2018
South-Australian artist Brumfield arrives with his first release, Backseat. With soft pop rnb/rap vibe, he is driven to explore the possibilities of creative collaboration and to connect through youthful experiences.
Brumfield merges genres with his newest single, Backseat. With grit and plenty of heart, it’s the modern pop-rap vibe that drives Backseat’s desire to connect, as Brumfield explains “Backseat is about the different feelings and memories of a teenage relationship, wishing they could go back to when it was new.”

RUSHMUSIC - You     Hip Hop, Electronic, RnB, Pop 19/10/2018
Rush Music is a Hip Hop and RnB artist from Sydney. He has released four Singles and one EP and is on the verge of releasing his latest single ‘You’.
You is a contemporary hip hop song, with a repetitive and catchy hook. It incorporates modern flows but has a melodic bridge. With complex production and multiple layers to compliment the vocals, it is designed to make you feel upbeat, happy and in the mood for a good time.

Ashley Iona - Leaving     Pop, Rock, Folk 12/10/2018
“Generally uplifting. In a radiohead meets David Bowie kind of way.” Ashley Iona is an American Aussie Britt Songwriter, making soulful gritty pop from Sydney’s beaches.
Leaving is the latest anthemic alt pop single from Ashley Iona. Written during Ashley’s time in LA, the track is about finding the strength the end what you know is bad for you and having the courage to keep walking away when it follows you around.

Leonie Kingdom - So Much More     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 12/10/2018
Leonie Kingdom is an emerging Indie-folk artist from Queensland. She specialises in acoustic guitar, singing, songwriting and live performance. Leonie’s style could be described as emotional, dark, and even haunting.
So Much More is exactly how it sounds. It’s a song written to remind people that although times may feel unbearable and dark, you will get through it and there is so much more to keep going for. So Much More is about learning from mistakes and life experiences, learning and growing along the way.

Coloured Clocks - Hey Now     Pop, Funk, Experimental 11/10/2018
Psychedelic music recorded at home
Their latest track Hey Now, might about things going on around you, while not really feeling included. However, the meaning is up to you, the listener. Imagine a catchy vocal hook, chorused guitars, snappy snares and handclaps, a funky bridge, flanged backing vocals and a groovy outro.

Kodey Brims - Bundaberg Rum & Coke     Folk, Pop 11/10/2018
Kodey Brims is an Australian born, Nashville based folk rock singer-songwriter drawing inspiration from Missy Higgins, Stevie Nicks and Australian 80s rock n roll.
Kodey Brims shares her experience of missing and commemorating Australia with her upcoming single, Bundaberg Rum & Coke. Her second independent release is a blend of pop vocal melodies, folk guitar rhythms and descriptive lyrics that paint a picture of family, longing and celebration.

Frank James - Killah     Folk, Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Frank James fuses elements of folk, rock and R&B to create his own potent brand of soulful indie-folk.
Shackled to an unusual hip-hop inspired beat and driven by James's raw vocals and steel string guitar, it's indie-folk as you haven’t heard it before: effortlessly edgy, stripped down and sultry.

Frankie Crea - Dream     Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Frankie Crea is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and musician. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Frankie dedicates his life to making music, specialising in genre of alternative rock.
Dream explores the ups and downs of past relationships. The track serves up a unique post psychedelic/energetic vibe with a soulful piano section, funky bass lines, melancholic guitar, vocals and hard hitting drums. The track finishes with a harmonized guitar solo, giving a silky lucid dream feel and sound.

Other tracks by Frankie Crea:  So Long...  -  Mary