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Jovi Skyler - Gia     Punk, Alternative, Rock 30/03/2020
Jovi Skyler, an emerging Sydney singer/songwriter. Energetic, explosive and melodic alternative/punk rock permeated with an early 90’s spirit of escapism.
The track explores the intensity and temptations of Gia Carangi’s lifestyle at the height of her fame, the absence of love, and obsession about her beauty by her followers.

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Alex Carpi - I Think I'm In The Wrong Room     Pop, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 23/03/2020
Pop-rock powerhouse Alex Carpi has been musically inclined her entire life. Kick-starting her career in 2019, Alex has arrived, and is planning the release of her debut EP, Superfamous.
I Think I’m In The Wrong Room is the second single from Alex’s debut EP Superfamous. A pop-rock anthem about feeling out of place, and wanting to get somewhere but not knowing how, this one will make you want to rebel. This song was inspired by feeling frustrated, and wanting change, but feeling powerless toward that change.

Henry Alexander - Trouble Maker     Pop, Indie, Rock 23/03/2020
Trouble Maker describes something everyone goes through. Ambition, two steps forward one step back, envy, feeling controlled. When really, just do whatever you want, live however you choose. Just don't hurt anybody. It’s how I feel, it’s what I believe.

Josh Oreo - Reward for a Kill     Rock, Indie 16/03/2020
Josh Oreo, Adelaide singer/lyricist arrives bearing all and wholly incomparable to others. A lone wolf of 90’s rock and miserablist poetry; enlisted to stir the world’s undying vapidity and listlessness.
Reward for a kill is a song that lashes out with uncontrollable rage at the hypocritical people victimizing the singer. Tongue in cheek, the singer then bemoans why not take pride in your agony and the bounty on your head? It’s a flippant, reckless acceptance that self-destruction is your destiny.

Other tracks by Josh Oreo:  You’re My Pilot, Love
Joshua Hennessy - This Storm     Alternative, Rock, Pop 06/03/2020
Joshua Hennessy is a solo alternative-rock artist from Melbourne, Victoria. Influenced by artists such as Switchfoot and Mutemath. Josh’s goal is to inspire people to think bigger than themselves.
This Storm is a song about chasing down the fear of failure, realizing that love can be who you are and not just how you feel. It’s a high energy song, written to motivate people to never accept falling down as a reason to not get back up again.

Alyrah - The Empress     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Dance 02/03/2020
Alyrah is a Sydney-based indie-electronic artist-producer. A multi-instrumentalist and singer, she combines strong dance beats with lush vocal harmonies to create mythic, melodic soundscapes that fuse Eastern and Western influences.
The Empress is the final song of the transcendent love-story that is The Twin Flame Portal, a story about those we travel with across worlds and lifetimes. Capturing the sublime ecstasy of release and gratitude, The Empress is the archetypal expression of a heart that has grown wings through humility and forgiveness, and is set free in total surrender.

Other tracks by Alyrah:  Twin Flame  -  Ishtar
Black River Bell - The New World     Folk, Alternative, Indie, Experimental 02/03/2020
Black River Bell is Sydney singer-songwriter Timothy Bray whose inventive juxtaposition of traditional and experimental approaches to folk is both adventurous and accessible, strangely familiar but beautifully alien.
The New World achingly illuminates Bray’s ability to conjure the atmosphere of a world slowly breaking apart and the subsequent despair. A descent into dystopia, haunted by the echoes of a once beautiful Earth.

Josh Oreo - Starcrawling     Rock, Indie 02/03/2020
Josh Oreo, Adelaide singer/lyricist arrives bearing all and wholly incomparable to others. A lone wolf of 90’s rock and miserablist poetry; enlisted to stir the world’s undying vapidity and listlessness.
Starcrawling is a song directed at the incongruent people epitomizing the whitewashed, banal society we live in. It is an accusation against those set to inherit the Earth and simultaneously a lecture, a depleted cry that everything is hopeless but also a love song to renegades.

Philip La Rosa - Paradise     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 02/03/2020
Philip La Rosa is a Fremantle based singer-songwriter whose music comes packed with an uplifting narrative of difference, acceptance and pride. Philip’s music melds infectious beats with brave, powerful vocals.
The song was recorded in LA with rising producer Nick Kandler. Together they cooked up a variety of vibes until 3am bonding over the soft-focus sentiments of Lauv and the agile production of Martin Garrix. The resulting Paradise is a heady mix of hazy synths, noughties R’n’B clicks and a stirring testament to an honest and healthy love.

Xirita - Don't Go     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 02/03/2020
Xirita is the new project for Louskylar's Jessica Frizziero. Xirita’s vocals have earned praise from Triple J and notable Australian music blogs, being likened to Vera Blue and Billie Eilish.
Xirita teams up with Melbourne producer, Cropley, to release her debut single “Don’t Go” an honest and brooding tribute to creativity. More than just a catchy beat, the song explores the process of creating and wanting to hold onto that moment of inspiration for as long as you can.

Are We Dreaming - Distant Scattered Skies     Alternative, Rock 21/02/2020
Are We Dreaming are an alternative rock trio from Wollongong. Their songs evoke questions in oneself, of one’s life through the versatility that alternative rock maintains.
New single Distant Scattered Skies is anchored in humanity with hammering drums, the guitars are phosphorescent in the wake of exploratory vocals.

Blue Lucas - Train Station     Indie, Rock, Roots, Country 21/02/2020
Blue Lucas are an Indi-rock/alt-country outfit that create a myriad of soul-crushed country, wandering alternative guitar and 60's influenced drumming that longs for lost love.
Train Station’s sound strays from the archetypal heartbreak / lovestruck continuum that presides in popular song, instead greeting the listener with a bass groove built on the foundation of a rolling calypso.

Claire Atkins - Eternal Return     Indie, Alternative, Soul, Jazz 10/02/2020
Claire Atkins is an emerging Byron-based singer-songwriter, with a voice fans describe as melted chocolate. Her story-driven songs are intimate conversations that pulsate with hypnotic beats and fantastical imagery.
Claire Atkins’s jazz infused title track ‘Eternal Return’ was inspired by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s thought experiment about eternal recurrence. Featuring a swelling Hammond B3, smoking sax solos and seductive vocals, the track has an almost Tarantino-esque cinematic feel that whispers to us as Nietzsche’s demon whispered, ‘Would you be my friend?’

The Watershed - Dark Desire     Alternative, Indie, Pop 10/02/2020
The Watershed is an amalgamation of confusion, contemplation, heartache and musical outlet. Formed by Nick Freestone and Kim O’Connor, the meanderings and sometimes ruthless searching has culminated this a collaboration.
Considering Dark Desire’s synthetic space and air, it’s surprising that most parts were created on acoustic guitar. The production atmosphere complements the lyrics perfectly, which are of a desperate inner voice seeking after what is always out of reach.

Hariel - Torment     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 03/02/2020
Hariel is a pop songwriter from Melbourne, Victoria. She takes a rockin’ confidence and builds pop anthems filled with the largesse of attraction and self-worth.
Torment is a gutsy electro-pop song that defies misplaced expectations and illuminates the strength and sexuality of the feminine.

Philipe Schizas - Redneck Dream     Country, Rock 03/02/2020
Philipe Schizas is a songwriter from Melbourne, Victoria, known for his gruff take on country-rock writing with his vices out in front.
Inspired by Philipe’s travels through the south of the USA, Redneck Dream is country-rock to the core, a swaggering tale of denim and desire. The gravel in his vocal delivery a testament to earthy connection Philipe Schizas has to that region’s ability to inspire song.

Polymer - Start Again     Rock, Alternative 27/01/2020
Polymer are a rock trio band from Sydney, known for polished and impactful collection of riffs and their delivery of melodies that soar upon ragged and relatable energy.
Polymer drop the clutch on their high-revolution rock with pumping riffs and a frank ownership of being stubborn, being driven, being shut down, but most of all being ambitious. Start Again has the size, the weight and the bare-bones integrity of the warehouse it was recorded in.

West Wind - Perfume     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Soul 27/01/2020
West Wind are a four-piece band who blend elements of funk, indie and downtempo genres and to create a unique style of soulful dance music.
A more dance inspired production, with lyrics focusing on the up and down nature of being single in the second half of your twenties.

Other tracks by West Wind:  Stay Calm
Revoid - Tooth Avenue     Metal, Alternative 23/01/2020
Brisbane metalcore outfit Revoid offer a unique insight into growth derived from personal perspective and lived experience, expressed through their gritty tones, hard-hitting beats and evocative, passionate lyrics.
A continuation in the tale of development, Tooth Avenue illustrates the point after realisation, the conviction to move forward, despite the hardships and challenges. In conjunction to the grungy, ragged tones, the vocals and lyrics are a great deal more aggressive, pertaining to bitter and almost remorseful battle toward a better place.

Other tracks by Revoid:  Honesty's Policies
Calavèra - Crazy4u ft. Evergreen     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 13/12/2019
Calavèra is emerging porucer and DJ from Sydney. As an eclectic artist with many facets, Calavèra is an expression of everybody and their tastes in House, Tech, Jungle and more.
Crazy4u gets right down to it with Evergreen’s powerful and melodic lyrics gel ever so perfectly as Calavèra has created an upbeat jungle tech number that leaves you wanting more with each bar.