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CJ Hooper - When We Rise     Pop, Folk, Christian, Easy Listening 10/08/2018
Strong, emotive, catchy melodies that connect to everyday life is what draws you into CJ Hooper’s music. The Sydney based singer-songwriter plays multiple instruments and delivers distinctive vocal harmonies.
Seductive harmonic guitars, smooth vocals and lush harmonies feature in CJ Hooper’s new single ‘When We Rise’. With catchy uplifting grooves, driving beats and atmospheric weaving guitar lines, this visionary tale of reaching out, inspiring hope and rising from adversity is beautifully written and produced. ‘When We Rise’ is the single from CJ Hooper’s debut EP ‘Urban Road’.

Other tracks by CJ Hooper:  Burning Me Up  -  Highway 14
Relative Ways - This World     Rock, Punk 10/08/2018
Relative Ways is a guitar driven rock act from rural NSW. Featuring dynamic guitars and introspective lyrics, Relative Ways marries emotive sonics with raw, honest and compelling subject matter.
This World is a song about how social narratives influence our ambitions and personality at the cost of who we actually are. We work towards unattainable and unstable goals because we’re led to believe they are more desirable than the type of person we truly are.

Other tracks by Relative Ways:  Pride  -  Frames
Foemen - Magnetic Form     Rock, Electronic, Pop 03/08/2018
Brendy Cann, known as Foemen, is a new wave/indie/synth pop artist from the Steel City of Newcastle.
Magnetic Form evokes the indescribable feelings & attraction people have for each other. People become powerless to their feelings & forget how they end up where they are.

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Other tracks by Foemen:  All Night  -  Freedom Rules
Changelings - Moondance Venus     Rock, Pop 02/08/2018
Changelings is the musical creation of 25 year old Melbourne musician Jay Penaflor. The project’s brand of music can be described as Trip Pop, Indie Rock or Dream Pop.
When you fall in love with someone but the feeling isn’t reciprocated, and you find yourself stuck in this limbo state of deciding whether to move on or keep trying

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Other tracks by Changelings:  Love Like Diamonds  -  Baby We’re Falling Upwards
Constanza Herrero - Packing Up     Pop 01/08/2018
Australian/Chilean singer-songwriter, passionate about using her music to impact positively this world, through a multicultural and influenced sound bringing a unique and fresh brand of music to the music scene.
The song is about finding hope and moving forward from adverse circumstances. Through this song, Constanza wants to encourage others in whatever challenge they are facing now. The music video portrays different situations, from deciding to leave an abusive relationship to deal with the loss of someone you love.

Other tracks by Constanza Herrero:  Caged  -  Young Tree
Half Human - A1 Club     Pop, Electronic 01/08/2018
Half Human is an electro-pop group, channelling vibes from the 1980’s and modern electro-rock music to create an entirely unique sound.
A1 Club is an upbeat, electro funk song that takes you for a ride with its quick synth arpeggio and groovy bass line. In a tongue in cheek manner, it hints at the monotony and stereotypes we all see and cringe at on a night out on the town.

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PEY PEY & JËVA - Falling     Pop, Acappella 01/08/2018
'PEY PEY' is an alternative pop artist known for atmospheric and theatrical performances. JËVA would best describe his own sound as “K-Pop girl group meets Jason Mraz”.
'Falling' was written by PEY PEY & her long time friend/collaborator JËVA. The pairs mutual contempt for life as struggling artists was a theme close to them. Enter Falling: whether it be falling from your own dreams, falling in and out of love or falling from the top, this is a song has a universal message everyone can relate to.

Half Human - A1 Club     Pop, Electronic 31/07/2018
Half Human is an electro-pop group, channelling vibes from the 1980’s and modern electro-rock music to create an entirely unique sound.
A1 Club is an upbeat, electro funk song that takes you for a ride with its quick synth arpeggio and groovy bass line. In a tongue in cheek manner, it hints at the monotony and stereotypes we all see and cringe at on a night out on the town.

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Brad Sabat - Bounce     Hip Hop 03/07/2018
Brad Sabat is a musician, producer and hip-hop artist. His unique combination of piano & drums, supreme writing abilities and production make him a fresh threat to the hip-hop industry.
Bounce brings back the vibe of 2005, with no singer featured, thumping orchestral hits and the inspiration of New York flavour. The lyrical genius of this song is featured throughout with constant wordplay from top to bottom, it is built for live performance, a song for a night out with the crew.

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Galba - Chuck Berry     Rock 03/07/2018
Galba is a contemporary rock and roll duo, who have a die-hard love of classic rock and roll. Galba’s passion is conserving rock and roll for generations to come.
Chuck Berry is a mixture of Oasis and AC/DC. It’s a song about wanting to meet our childhood hero Angus Young from AC/DC. Without ripping off our favourite band this is how we pay homage. The subtle but deeper message of this song is our love for Australia.

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Nicky Rogalsky - Obsession     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 03/07/2018
19-year-old, upcoming indie artist adds a new view on the depth of lyrics. Her new single – Obsession, has people’s heads turning due to her unique voice and distinctive song-writing.
Written in 2017, produced by Daniel booth and Tony Haven, Obsession is an acoustic pop song based on an outsider’s perspective of a toxic relationship. The song is about being so obsessed with the possibility of loving someone, you disregard what you deserve.

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Sentia - Bruisin'     Rock, Electronic 03/07/2018
Hypnotic grooves and lush melodies - with a good dose of loud. This is the sound of Melbourne five-piece band Sentia.
Written about a particularly despicable character, Bruisin incorporates an organic blend of instruments with electro sounds to paint a picture of imperfection that feels like it could live just as comfortably in the early nineties as now.

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Sketti Tangles - The Long Way Down     Rock 03/07/2018
Sketti Tangles is a breezy Aussie style maverick producer. Sketti mixes an eclectic range of genres and sonics into his songs, infusing them with his unique, hypnotic, looping style.
A soulful ballad that captures the sadness of the loss of love and the painful ending of a relationship. This spacious and reverb-drenched track echoes the lonesome sound of folk music mixed with orchestral strings and Twin Peaks guitar tones, creating a noir cinematic feeling

The Viable - Safety Man     Rock, Garage 03/07/2018
The Viable are an originals garage rock band from Brisbane and Ipswich. After being well received at gigs they are now fresh out of the studio with their album Seed.
The Viable’s single Safety Man is for all those hard-working people who have dealt with workplace bureaucracy gone mad and want to shout about it! The lyrics express an addictive truth along with strong rock sounds and attitude that will get in the head of any lover of rock.

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Lost Worlds - What You Say     Rock, Garage, Electronic, Grunge 22/06/2018
Lost Worlds are an Australian Rock and Roll band from Queensland, formed in 2016. Their sound is a musical hybrid of early 2000s Garage Rock and Video Game Electronica.
Garage Rock with punk energy that got thrown into a video game. Driven by dynamic synthesisers and guitar effects. It's about the overload of information, propaganda, and trying to find yourself when so much is pressured on you.

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Other tracks by Lost Worlds:  I Wonder What  -  It Goes On
Blue River Saga - For Now     Rock, Pop 15/06/2018
Undeniably emotive, with a distinctly nostalgic edge, Blue River Saga sit comfortably in-between Alternative and Pop - confidently combining evocative and powerful vocals with affective, electric/acoustic guitar synergy.
A melancholic and retrospective viewpoint on a past relationship that may have deserved a second chance. "Usually there are two sides to this type of story and I've always found it interesting to write from the perspective of both parties involved, so there is definitely no villain in this one."

Inertia - Air     Rock, Pop 15/06/2018
Inertia are a dreamy indie rock trio from Newcastle composed of Liam Gray, Chris Barnett and Callum Schuck.
Air is about the frustrations that come with feeling trapped in a dreary daily routine and as a result, not having time for all the important things in life. It’s about wanting to change the way you live your life but not knowing how to break out of your routine.

Joanna Alina - Breath by Breath     Pop, Folk 15/06/2018
Joanna Alina is a singer songwriter who crafts personal narratives with pop sensibilities grown from folk roots.
Breath by Breath charts through the turmoil and anxiety of surviving inner hardship, but ultimately navigates to safe shores through the dual compass of hope and faith.

Tiny Fighter - Hollow Talk     Rock, Pop 15/06/2018
Australian/Swedish indie-pop 2-piece with a shared love of Mendelssohn and Mogwai.
Fans of scandi-noir classic The Bridge may recognise this reinterpretation of the show’s opening theme. Full of dramatic piano, cellos and berserker drums, Hollow Talk represents a departure from the poppier sounds of their previous single New Century.

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Frankie Crea - Ketamine Queen     Rock, Pop 06/06/2018
Frankie Crea is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and musician. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Frankie dedicates his life to making music specialising in genres of alternative rock.
"Ketamine Queen" is a quite catchy yet fresh upbeat modern song with delayed psychedelic guitar work, epic basslines, hard hitting drums and vocals that gives the listener an unheard taste of alternative rock. The lyrics touch subjects of frustrations in everyday life, making the song relatable to every listener.