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Lost Worlds - What You Say     Rock, Garage, Electronic, Grunge 22/06/2018
Lost Worlds are an Australian Rock and Roll band from Queensland, formed in 2016. Their sound is a musical hybrid of early 2000s Garage Rock and Video Game Electronica.
Garage Rock with punk energy that got thrown into a video game. Driven by dynamic synthesisers and guitar effects. It's about the overload of information, propaganda, and trying to find yourself when so much is pressured on you.

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Other tracks by Lost Worlds:  I Wonder What  -  It Goes On
Blue River Saga - For Now     Rock, Pop 15/06/2018
Undeniably emotive, with a distinctly nostalgic edge, Blue River Saga sit comfortably in-between Alternative and Pop - confidently combining evocative and powerful vocals with affective, electric/acoustic guitar synergy.
A melancholic and retrospective viewpoint on a past relationship that may have deserved a second chance. "Usually there are two sides to this type of story and I've always found it interesting to write from the perspective of both parties involved, so there is definitely no villain in this one."

Inertia - Air     Rock, Pop 15/06/2018
Inertia are a dreamy indie rock trio from Newcastle composed of Liam Gray, Chris Barnett and Callum Schuck.
Air is about the frustrations that come with feeling trapped in a dreary daily routine and as a result, not having time for all the important things in life. It’s about wanting to change the way you live your life but not knowing how to break out of your routine.

Joanna Alina - Breath by Breath     Pop, Folk 15/06/2018
Joanna Alina is a singer songwriter who crafts personal narratives with pop sensibilities grown from folk roots.
Breath by Breath charts through the turmoil and anxiety of surviving inner hardship, but ultimately navigates to safe shores through the dual compass of hope and faith.

Tiny Fighter - Hollow Talk     Rock, Pop 15/06/2018
Australian/Swedish indie-pop 2-piece with a shared love of Mendelssohn and Mogwai.
Fans of scandi-noir classic The Bridge may recognise this reinterpretation of the show’s opening theme. Full of dramatic piano, cellos and berserker drums, Hollow Talk represents a departure from the poppier sounds of their previous single New Century.

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Frankie Crea - Ketamine Queen     Rock, Pop 06/06/2018
Frankie Crea is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and musician. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Frankie dedicates his life to making music specialising in genres of alternative rock.
"Ketamine Queen" is a quite catchy yet fresh upbeat modern song with delayed psychedelic guitar work, epic basslines, hard hitting drums and vocals that gives the listener an unheard taste of alternative rock. The lyrics touch subjects of frustrations in everyday life, making the song relatable to every listener.

Nick Summerfield - Shelter     Electronic, Pop 06/06/2018
Nick Summerfield is an Electropop artist hailing from Sydney, Australia. With an evolving sound and years of honing his craft, he feels finally ready to start sharing his stories.
‘Shelter’ is a song about change and personal growth. It explores the transition of innocence and safety into reflection and truth. Sometimes change is necessary, and sometimes our biggest hurdle is our self – you just need to ask the question.. am I worth it?

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All for Darcy - Ordinary Life     Rock, Pop 29/05/2018
All For Darcy aim for to be uplifting to listen to, bring hope to those who need it and also to highlight the importance of children’s welfare in broken families.
Ordinary Life tells a true story about life’s changes. “It’s real, one day you’re in a happy simple routine, the next all hell can break loose. The song is written to be uplifting to the listener who may be pushing through a tough time just as I have been through.”

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Other tracks by All for Darcy:  Darcy's Song  -  Highest Mountain
Bares - Montage     Electronic, Pop, Acoustic, Rock 26/05/2018
Front run by singer-songwriter Ella Sterland, Bares are a Sydney based electronic/pop group that explore sonic diversity to help communicate an array of emotions that accompany the human experience.
‘Montage’ is a broken-hearted dance track that communicates within the tender last moments of being with someone you love, or had loved. Lyrics that would usually be accompanied by ballad-like instrumentation, are instead blended with a traditional house beat, driving electric guitar, and a hollow, warm synthetic organ.

Franny and Zooey - My Love     Pop, Easy Listening, Acappella 26/05/2018
Franny and Zooey are a sister duo, fresh to the Melbourne music scene. They incorporate the use of piano and vocal harmonies to enhance powerful lyrics and captivating melodies.
My Love tells the story of a relationship that has over time fragmented and broken, now resembling something that’s unknown to the couple. It is the dialogue of two people trying to communicate, but finding each has taken the other for granted, and what they once had is now lost.

Jackson James Smith - Midnight Romance     Rock, Pop 26/05/2018
Jackson James Smith is the honesty of an intimate conversation, stripped of assumption and musically personified.
Midnight Romance is the culmination of experimentation with songwriting and Jackson’s own personal growth. It is about and for no one and everyone, written not for one person, but for a feeling, for the listener and for the intimacy of connection between artist and them.

The Dreggs - Feel Alive     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Roots 26/05/2018
The Dreggs are an indie-folk duo, mixing traditional folk with a modern acoustic-surf vibe to create a foot-tapping rhythm and catchy melody in their tracks.
‘Feel Alive’ is about learning to appreciate life and finding a way out of being stuck in one place with no way out. The track has a catchy and fun melody, building up into punchy choruses with the intention to make people want to dance.

Other tracks by The Dreggs:  Give Myself To You  -  Simple Question
Tonsu - A Broken World ft. Briana Sorgiovanni     Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop 26/05/2018
Tonsu is the solo project of David Jonker, an up and coming music producer from Perth, Western Australia. A Broken World is Tonsu’s latest solo single; a collaboration with Perth based singer Briana Sorgiovanni.
A Broken World has been a project in the works for the past two years, morphing a variety of genres and sounds to create a track that's unique to anything either artist has produced or written before. This single explores current worldly issues and social stigmas. 

Young Pablo - 20     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 26/05/2018
Young Pablo carves his way into a new generation of rap by using playful melodies and lyricism to lay substance on social issues and personal struggles.
Young Pablo describes 20 "The age of 20, tryna figure life out. Changing degrees, being at uni, no job, no girlfriend and struggling with this idea of faith. Accepting that this is where you are, at this point in life, trying to sit with it and make it fresh AF.”

Clare Hennessy - April     Folk, Blues, Rock 16/05/2018
Clare Hennessy is a singer-songwriter with a love for witchy folk. If a spaghetti western was made in Twin Peaks, this is how it’d sound.
A bright anthem to echo the triumph of new beginnings, ‘April’ muses on transformation. With warm clarity, Clare Hennessy reminds us that when the month is right, taking flight is inevitable. Perfect for high-way driving.

Other tracks by Clare Hennessy:  Bittersweetest  -  Cherry Red
Glencoe - Is This Home ft. Rory McKenna     Electronic 02/05/2018
Brogan Kerrison A.K.A Glencoe, is a music producer based out of Melbourne.
The song is about how, where we come from, there is a very small minded mentality. We were told that being a full-time musician was a fantasy, we need to get our heads out of the clouds and find a real, secure job. But here we are, living the dream.

South Village - Say It Now     Rock, Pop 02/05/2018
South Village is a four-piece Melbourne outfit formed in 2014. The band has a distinctive original contemporary Indie Rock sound, with a strong English 90's undertone.
Instrumentally, the band has evolved from strong acoustic sounds to heavier guitar. The song lyrics have a strong purpose and story telling, with unique messages of love, loss, hope, opportunity and despair.

Fifth Dawn - Defying Symmetry     Rock, Metal 01/05/2018
Fifth Dawn is an Alternative Rock Band from Western Sydney made. The band formed in 2014 with students from Nepean and Newtown Creative and Performing Arts High Students.
Defying Symmetry is heavy hitting dynamic track about being trapped inside a lucid dream. Although you are in a state of REM and not consciously awake, you believe the dream is 100% real. It’s a parallel reality and that is portrayed visually in the music video.

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Other tracks by Fifth Dawn:  It’s Cold Outside  -  Pressure
South Village - Say It Now     Rock 01/05/2018
South Village are a four piece indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The band has a distinctive original contemporary indie rock sound, with a strong English 90's undertone.
South Village have plenty to give musically, they bring huge energy and passion to their live shows and look to translate that onto their records. Their independently recorded first single Say It Now sums up the bands soul and their sound.

Cog - Altered States     Rock 01/05/2018
Cog are a progressive rock trio from Sydney.
Recently Cog stumbled upon this track that they’d written and recorded during the Sharing Space period. And it sounded pretty cool. After hearing it again they thought it was a song worth releasing. So now that it’s been remixed and given the Forrester Seville treatment they present, Altered States.