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Assassins - Time Away     Rock, Punk, Retro 18/02/2019
From 1981 - 1989 Assassins honed their skills around the pumping Melbourne pub scene, developing their distinct Rock edge. It was only in 2015 that the trio re-awakened the Assassins.
This is a banger with the essence punk roots that drives straight and hard. The lyrics tell the story of relationships and the struggle to remain together in the hard times!

Other tracks by Assassins:  Over My Head
hunter - fall for ya     Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance 18/02/2019
hunter is an Australian new school hip-hop artist known for his catchy melodies sustaining dark themes, reminiscent of XXXTentacion, Post Malone and Juice WRLD.
‘fall for ya’ takes the uncomfortable feeling of rejecting someone and turns it into an empowering anthem. While hunter is rather tongue-in-cheek throughout the track, he remains direct in his message: ‘I know you want it but, I ain’t gon fall for ya’.

Short Shadows - That's No Moon     Rock, Comedy 18/02/2019
Short Shadows is the latest project from Melbournian Andy Coates. After heading party-swing band Frankie Wants Out for over 10 years, Short Shadows is a refreshing take on Suburban life.
That’s No Moon tells the story of a big night out, fuelled by punk music, alcohol, burgers and ending in less than ideal circumstances. With catchy riffs both on the piano and the horn section it's a snap shot of a drunk night talking about cabs that won’t stop and even featuring the line “Should we stop by Danny’s Burgers?”.

Other tracks by Short Shadows:  Customer Service
Mantell - Can I Set It Right     Rock, Pop 15/02/2019
An alluring mash up of diverging guitars, harmonious bass lines, and a modern take on the sound of classic seventies drumming make up the self-described ‘racket’ that is Mantell.
Can I Set It Right was born as a simple, catchy riff featuring a bouncing bass line and chord sequence. The song captures inspiration from classic garage-rock bands like The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, while also drawing influence from Andy Shauf’s The Party LP, in capturing a modern romantic narrative.

Cog - Drawn Together     Rock, Experimental, Punk 11/02/2019
Prog-rock trio, Cog, rose in prominence after the success of album The New Normal in 2005. The trio are again redefining their practice of modern music
With ascendant harmonies and perception shattering changes, Drawn Together draws on the intrinsic value in social connection to break through modern misdirection and offer solidarity via determined riffs and compassionate declarations.

Philip La Rosa - Fable     Pop, Gay Alligned, Dance 11/02/2019
Philip La Rosa is a performer and community advocate from Preth, WA. La Rosa’s synth-pop power is elevated by his new-romantic characteristics.
Fable is rich in self reflection and signals La Rosa’s power as a new-romantic, exuberant and earnest. This exploratory piece of synth-pop bounces the mysterious off of reality and turns life into folklore.

SMLXL - Kristy G     Pop, Folk, Rock 08/02/2019
SMLXL are a guitar driven pop band with stylings of Split Enz and Blur. Dive into the various layers of each track while enjoying the catchy melodies and stomping rhythms.
Kristy G is lyrically a love poem to Jarrod’s wife Kristy. It’s a love that he never wants to stop. Musically this is a frantic punk power pop song with a melody that Elvis Costello would have been proud to pen.

Other tracks by SMLXL:  Breathe  -  Big Cheese
Assassins - Shout About It     Rock, Punk 04/02/2019
Assassins’ music has been described as an honest, exuberant, ‘wall of guitar sound’ with a tight driving rhythm section.
A driving earthy riff that is not afraid to be heard. The lyrics were derived from a visit to the Berlin Wall that truly left Eddie feeling angered and dismayed out that time in history. The lyrics call out the need to expose the fraudulence of dictatorships and oppression that are still in our world today.

Kevin Tiah - Set This Place On Fire     Rock, Pop 04/02/2019
Kevin is a solo multi-genre artist who has demonstrated his ability to branch out into many different genres spanning Pop Ballads, R&B, Nu Metal, Post-hardcore, Pop Punk, Rock, Country, Metalcore
New single Set This Place On Fire is a step away from his previous Metalcore release, which offers an insight on his ability to adapt his song-writing and performances to different genres. This unflinching single, along with its music video, serve up a fun and highly energetic vibe.

Short Shadows - Nothing Good Comes Out Of Preston     Rock, Pop, Swing 04/02/2019
Short Shadows is a bit of an odd mix taking influence from piano-based artists such as Ben Folds and The Whitlams, mixing it with garage beats, samples and original horns.
Nothing Good Comes Out of Preston is the debut single from Short Shadows. It tells the story of a falling out and this phrase being used as a low blow to kick a Prestonite while he is down. The song is illustrative of Short Shadow’s love of Preston, making references to the Preston Market, the 86 tram and even Cramers.

Signs & Symbols - Coffee For Friends     Rock, Hardcore, Grunge 04/02/2019
Signs & Symbols are a hard rock quartet from the national capital of Australia. Their rough and ready sound is born from a mutual love of riffs and noise.
Signs & Symbols indicate how potent their passion and how deep their commitment to reverberating refrains as Coffee For Friends is a single that grinds on the darkest of motivations and stimulates the cathartic release of neuroses. To be consumed by only those who can handle the rush.

The Max Headroom - Working     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 28/01/2019
The Max Headroom are an alternative rock band from Adelaide. Their style has been described as driving, gritty & in-your-face. The dextrous dynamic makes for an unmissable live show.
A melodic mysterious intro which starts with a cannon of drums before lyrics introduce the listener to a ‘small place’. The music lifts as song goes into a light brit-rock bridge, where the lyrics ask why they have to leave this ‘small place’. The chorus delivers driving power chords as the lyrics desperately announce the need for this ‘Small Place’.

Beyond the Picture - Fox and the Hound     Rock, Folk, Pop 18/01/2019
Beyond the Picture, are an alternative rock quartet encompassing a wide range of influences into one original sound, most notably on their newly released single ’Fox and the Hound’.
Best characterised by its danceable beat and bass lines, Fox and the Hound is neatly juxtaposed by an array of catchy melodies that carry the longing found in the lyrics. Like the title, it profiles two opposing characters and their differing thoughts on their relationship as they realise their identities.

Felish - Lost Momentum     Electronic, Downbeat, Dance 18/01/2019
Afro-Swedish artist Felish has returned to collaborate with Australian producer Bussauto. The success of their debut single Come Back, inspired a second collaborative track, Lost Momentum.
This song has both been a heartfelt, inspiring and revealing process musically for me. I have unconsciously challenged myself to write in a different way; to be more bold lyrically, melodically and structure wise. I love the turnout on LM cause it has this darkness and at the same time a clarity and light, and that suits me. - Felish

iridea - Centaurus     Metal/Punk, Metal, Experimental, Atmospheric 14/12/2018
Iridea is an emerging Adelaide-based duo: the Headland brothers, with Matthew playing several guitars, and Daniel as drummer and singer.
Focus single, Centaurus, builds energy gradually from a quiet beginning, and then rips into heavier sections that are like some hellish march. It is a brutal slog through a scorching desert; a wretched individual on a journey with no end in sight.

Other tracks by iridea:  Flint Slope
Kentrails - Beatrice     Rock, Atmospheric, Folk 14/12/2018
Kentrails is a solo artist/producer from the Illawarra Coast in NSW.
“Beatrice” is a three minute genre shifting jaunt of reflection. With an acoustic guitar driving the track toward a drum and brass crescendo, it returns with the vocals in a more sombre capacity as the track winds down. “Beatrice” is intended for the listener to engage their own contemplation.

Nat Smithson & Nights on Mayfair - What Life Wants For Me     Funk/Soul, Soul, RnB 07/12/2018
Nat Smithson & Nights on Mayfair is the blend of smooth deep soul vocals of Adelaide singer Nat Smithson and the Motown-inspired sound of Australian soul band ‘Nights on Mayfair’.
What Life Wants For Me is a modern pop-soul gem. It takes the classicism of Motown in all of it's upbeat charm and casts rays of optimism from the depths of it's soul.

Arm In Arm - Nightfly     Electronic, Dance, House, Techno 30/11/2018
Arm in Arm are artists Eliza Jacobs and Luke Moore-Martin. The Melbourne duo is all about creating solidarity through underground house music rooted in deep melodic sounds with soul.
Nightfly is rooted in deep melodic sounds with modulated top lines, a plucky bass line and hypnotic, yet hooky vocals. Nightfly evokes unexpected emotional responses. This is thanks to the alchemy of their influences, which range from techno to Balearic beat, classical, trip-hop and electronica.

Klara Zubonja - The Winds Of Life     Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic 30/11/2018
Klara Zubonja, a progressive alternative pop singer-songwriter who forms a unique sound of her own, with underlying hints of experimental soul, jazz, psych, and other.
It’s about meeting oneself, facing all facets that lie within, and learning how to go with the flow. The song expresses various tempo and time signature changes, as Klara reminds you of those ups and downs in life, but nudges you to let those winds of life carry you far.

Cap Carter - Thrill     Pop, RnB 29/11/2018
Cap Carter is an Australian singer-songwriter known for soulful vocals and emotive lyrics. Born in Manila and raised in Western Sydney, Carter's style is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and George Michael
Thrill comes to you with its assertive emotional peaks and rock solid sense of purpose. Cap Carter has taken control, cleansed his soul and given us a pop gem.