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Holliday Howe - Rather Forget     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 19/08/2019
Holliday Howe twists pop bangers with melancholia, bringing the underground sound into the impressionist light she paints her world with.
Rather Forget is her most wistful offering yet. Lifting a sample from Max Richter’s “Spring 01” and adding crystal arpeggios and a sub-kick driven beat, Holliday dances between the symphonic and electronic. Weaving a story of reckless drinking, the toll it takes on her relationship but also the impending Saturday night cycle that never gets broken.

Pixel - Upside Down     Rock, Experimental, Atmospheric 19/08/2019
Pixel aka Pixel Music Production is an informative, collaborative, contribution audio and media project orchestrated by local Toowoomba musician and producer Sam McConochie.
Upside Down is dedicated to those suffering mental or physical distress. The song’s aesthetic is purposed to reflect the murky undertones of those painful emotions and the longing for joy.

Composed: Sam McConochie
Lyrics: Sing Say(donated)
Recorded/mixed: Sam McConochie
Mastered: Steve Smart.

Michael Blakeman - Brazier to the Lake     Electronic, Retro, Rock 08/08/2019
Michael Blakeman's music can be described as the soundtrack to haunting, ethereal dream. Combining a taste for nostalgia with a need to experiment, he mixes synthesiser soundscapes with modern rock.
Brazier to the Lake takes a pounding, pulsating drum beat and adds spacious, waving layers of synthesizer hooks with soaring vocal melodies.

Tawny K - Listen Up     Pop, Electronic, Dance 08/08/2019
Tawny K is an aspiring young artist from Adelaide, South Australia, successfully releasing the title track ‘Listen Up’ in 2018 as the lead single from her first studio album.
‘Listen Up’ is a fun and infectious pop hit that features an upbeat dance rhythm, building towards a powerful EDM/electronic breakdown. In the lyrics, the artist talks about topics that are real and relatable, by singing about the need to be understood and listened to by friends and loved ones.

Jason Winston - Yarra     Pop, Gay Alligned, Dance, Electronic 05/08/2019
Originally from Melbourne, singer-songwriter, Jason Winston fuses dance, pop and rnb with a taste for lyrical authenticity.
Yarra unpacks the complicated beginnings of a relationship. This song reflects one magic night in Melbourne. I wrote it a couple of months into the relationship when I found myself overwhelmed with the dynamics. I wanted to capture the limitless nature of my connection with this man.

Shannon and Susannah Davey - We’ve All Got Our Story     Blues/Roots, Blues, Folk 05/08/2019
Shannon and Susannah Davey uses the fuzzy slide of the ‘dirty south’, blues harp and aching vocals to push a message of social justice, gritty power and life-lived conviction.
We’ve All Got Our Story’ is an anthem for our times, an ear to the engine room of the West, a ride on the horns of the crossroads dilemma, a cry for mercy in the wilderness of populism, a summary of the law and prophets, … a justice boogie!

Adrian Wilson - Farewell     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 29/07/2019
Adrian Wilson is a singer-songwriter and performer from Perth, Western Australia. Adrian continues to impress audiences across Australia and the world with his acoustic pop songs and youtube covers.
With a brave heart that thumps over a big acoustic beat, Farewell sees Adrain at this strongest. Working with producer Adam Coltman (Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, James Bay) at Secky Studios in Surrey, London over the course of 2017, Farewell marks Adrian’s assertion of self in the face of mundane motions.

Cooperr. - Like I Do     Pop, Electronic, Dance 29/07/2019
Cooperr. is an emerging singer/songwriter from Queensland. With her unique vocal tones and writing style she is unforgettably vibrant, electric and captivating.
‘Like I Do,’ tells a fictional story of a girl who decides to run away with the love of her life, due to disapproval from her family. The song is written in the style of an open letter, which hopes to explain why she has left everything behind to start a new life.

Kevin Tiah - Into Our Peace (feat. Jamie Mac)     Rock, Metal 26/07/2019
Kevin Tiah is a Sydney based multi-genre songwriter. Working towards his debut album, Keivn has worked with folk, jazz and pop artist, Jamie Mac for on this latest single.
Into Our Peace revives a rare sound in the world of duets by combining elements from Hard Rock, Metalcore and Djent Riffs, while contrasting the upbeat instrumentals with a more gentle vocalisation. Kevin Tiah and Jamie Mac to express their share of trouble as binary stars shining through the void allowing us greater understanding of ourselves and our common paths.

Kevin Tiah - Into Our Peace     Rock, Metal 22/07/2019
Kevin Tiah’s creative drive manifests in a myriad of forms. The Sydney based multi-genre music artist composes within multiple styles as he works towards the release of his ambitious album.
Into Our Peace revives a rare sound in the world of duets by combining elements from Hard Rock, Metalcore and Djent Riffs. Into Our Peace allows Kevin Tiah and Jamie Mac to express their share of trouble as binary stars shining through the void allowing us greater understanding of ourselves and our common paths.

Tetsuians - Blue or Blackballed     Rock, Psychedelic, Retro, Britpop 22/07/2019
Tetsuians are extra-terrestrials masquerading as humans. Not duplicates, but distant kin making slightly left of centre music existing somewhere between Superchunk and 13th Floor Elevators… When the lift is stuck!
Power pop set to the backdrop of political subterfuge, highlighting the fact that you never get what you vote for.

Other tracks by Tetsuians:  Who Won the Cold War
CLEAR - Somnium     Pop, Atmospheric, Experimental 15/07/2019
A brave new world for the dreamers. Fraser Coast based artist CLEAR emerges breathing an ethereal anthem into the atmosphere for the ones who understand the gravity of their dreams.
Latin for ‘Dream’; Somnium is an anthem for dreamers. CLEAR sings of the freedom in pursuing passion for passion’s sake— the strength in staying soft, open, in recognising our human disposition for idealism.

She calls to our inner child, to remember our creative nature... to believe in ourselves again.

Voodoo In Blue - Dysthymia     Rock, Psychedelic, Britpop 15/07/2019
Voodoo in Blue are a five-piece outfit mastering the balance of old and new - an Australian-US collaboration with their own studio and close to 100 penned songs
This first single release, Dysthymia, was written by Kyle McMenemy in 2016 and recorded by the band in their studio in 2018. This song is about overcoming long term depression. In this way, the song has a paradoxical music theme; in being somewhat dark musically in one sense but with a bright beat and positive lyrics in the other.

Mwansa - Wildest Dreams     Funk/Soul, Soul, Atmospheric, Pop 08/07/2019
Mwansa is a Perth-based songwriter, producer and entrepreneur who has teamed up with South African SInger and Designer Lauren Joy for this uplifting single Wildest Dreams.
Wildest Dreams has delicate touches of gospel ambience and acoustic flourishes that are a stirring testament to being true to oneself and listening intently to that which moves in you. Lauren-Joy’s evocative depiction of a grand love a life-affirming lift to Mwansa’s masterly production, meticulous in providing a cohesive arrangement. Wildest Dreams is devoted to the spirit of song.

Tetsuians - Chump Change     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Retro 08/07/2019
Tetsuians are extra-terrestrials masquerading as humans. Not duplicates, but distant kin making slightly left of centre music existing somewhere between Superchunk and 13th Floor Elevators… When the lift is stuck!
A brief commentary on the waning leverage of Australian mainstream media, with a really nice hook!

Ben Evolent - Shiver     Blues/Roots, Rock, Alternative Country 01/07/2019
Ben Evolent is an Australian musician and community advocate from Darwin. He is known for his lucid expression and dynamic energy that taps into the heart of all who listen.
Shiver was written in tandem with Ben Evolent’s 2018 single Dagger and signals the steady embellishment of his broadly Australian style, born of the far north in all of its vibrancy and splendour, through tales of compassion for the people and the land. Shiver’s string arrangements sweep across gentle strums allowing Ben Evolent the space to capture hearts and imaginations.

Michael Thompson - Mary Jane and Lucy     Folk, Psychedelic, Acoustic, Rock 01/07/2019
Committed to doing the traditional hard yards, Michael Thompson is a busker, troubadour and general roustabout of song. A singer and songwriter occupied by his acoustic guitar and life.
A respite from the hustle, Mary Jane and Lucy is a light moment of reflection and appreciation. The songs underlying sense of freedom moving Michael Thompson to adopt the troubadour’s lot.

Zsuzsika - Gonna Be Alright ft. Jacob Smooth     Pop, RnB 28/06/2019
Zsuzsika is known for her strong voice and love for music. Her mission is to reach out and help those with mental illness, helping people through the power of music.
Holding a big-city-life vibe that is imbued with an uplifting sense of love, Gonna Be Alright carries themes of empowerment and strength, encouraging people to take ownership of their lives and pick themselves up, especially after trauma.

Dana Crowe - Not Broken     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 12/06/2019
Dana Crowe releases her latest track Not Broken. A distinctive developed sound and feeling with a balanced mix of roots, twang and rock n roll.
A striking song of confidence and durability Not Broken has a distinctive swagger and incorporates a balanced mix of roots, country twang and rock ’n’ roll while still keeping a pop sensibility. We’re strong but also vulnerable. We aren’t broken but you can see some cracks.

Lights Out West - Cactus     Rock 12/06/2019
Lights Out West is a three-piece rock band from Victoria, Australia. Producing energetic guitar and drum driven tracks, the band pay homage to the formative years of Rock and Roll.
‘Cactus’ is the first single release from Lights Out West. ‘Cactus’ was created in the living room with the drums being played on a guitar case and an acoustic bass guitar. The lyrics were inspired on a surf trip to iconic Cactus Beach, south Australia.