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Chris Gorsuch - Conditioned     Alternative, Rock, Metal 02/12/2019
Chris Gorsuch is a Solo Musician from Melbourne, Australia looking to breakout into the music scene with his unique brand of emotional and hard hitting rock style music.
“Conditioned” tells a story of a child raised by a sadistic and murderous father figure.

The child who was once a scared and submissive boy is robbed of his innocence at a young age. The boy grows into a confident, malevolent man who follows in the father figures footsteps.

Ky. - Gravitate     Pop, R&B, Indie 02/12/2019
‘Ky.’, the young, emerging pop artist from Brisbane, shares his experiences and feelings with soul-felt vocals, bouncy beats and catchy chorus’.
Raining from pop and RnB influences, Gravitate, the debut track from ‘Ky.’, voices the struggle of moving on from a broken relationship. This bouncy, synth-driven track explores the rawness and attraction of a previous romance. “So, tell me when you’re drunk why do you gravitate to me?”

Lannigan - Where Do We Go From Here     Indie, Pop, Rock 02/12/2019
Delicious guitar tones and soaring vocals. For the last four years, Lannigan has been writing songs in the solitude of his bedroom.
‘Where Do We Go From Here’ is a song about when you have been dating someone for a little while but the relationship doesn’t seem to be progressing anywhere. The song captures the feeling of uncertainty experienced in a relationship when you’re not sure whether staying or going is the right thing to do.

Stalking Like Candy - Fat Man Smokes Cigarettes     Experimental, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 02/12/2019
Stalking Like Candy is lead by multi-instrumentalist Dr J and his ensemble. They impart their projects with a joyous uncertainty, twisting amongst multiple perspectives and matching together sonic impressions.
Frenetic, racing and set to a Drum 'n' Bass tempo, Fat Man Smoking Cigarettes explores the folly of humanity.

Other tracks by Stalking Like Candy:  Black Samba
CLEAR - Always     Pop, Indie, Alternative 25/11/2019
Singer songwriter CLEAR is a talent emerging, with Somnium released as her dream-pop debut and now her newest single Always, a ballad of swirling synths and an anthem of love.
Always is CLEAR’s latest, an expansive and soaring romantic ballad with an emotional depth portraying a sudden yet certain steadfastness in love. The track celebrates the journey of coming to terms with finding and forming a deep romantic connection strong enough to become endgame for two people in love.

Neo Relic - Bright Eyes     Alternative, Rock, Experimental 25/11/2019
Neo Relic, the Melbourne-based, progressive band who have succeeded in their endeavours to blend the heaviness of the current metal scene with the catchy and singable hooks of popular music.
Bright Eyes captures a sound so in tune with Neo Relic’s focus, there isn’t a better way to describe its potential. The melodically intertwining vocal melody proves catchy yet diverse in its separation. The seamless flow of guitar melody influences the distinct NR sound that many have come to know.

The Skelton Collective - Coffee & Hope     Pop, Alternative, Indie 25/11/2019
The Skelton Collective is a sophisticated Alt-Pop outfit hailing from WA. Up-vibe piano driven alt-indie pop/rock. Sweet vocals, great lyrics and wicked groove.
‘Coffee & Hope’ is the new single from Perth based quartet The Skelton Collective. Raw, honest lyrics balanced with a quirky, up-beat sound bring you an alt-pop bop that’s not afraid to ask “Are you ok?”.

Unbroken Expanse - Go     Rock, Alternative 25/11/2019
Unbroken Expanse is rock n’ roll without the handbook, learned by instinct. Not trying to impress anyone other than the ghosts that flicker on the empty outback plains.
Go begins with a gentle, sparse chord progression underneath an honest, raw voice singing of belief in our future. Suddenly it transforms into a loud, pulsing, pub-rockin’ kind of Chorus that lights a fire under your arse and parks itself in your head for the weekend! Go! Go! Go!

An Pham - This Is Me     Pop, R&B 18/11/2019
An Pham, the emerging pop artist from Sydney.
Debut single ‘This Is Me’ is about being true to one’s self, that even after constantly hiding the way one feels, it’s never too late to make a change. This powerful pop anthem with its unique vocal tones advocates for being unapologetic for sticking to your true self.

Stalking Like Candy - Friedrich Nietzsche     Alternative, Rock, Experimental 18/11/2019
Stalking Like Candy is an art-rock assemblage lead by Dr J. The group impart their projects with a joyous uncertainty, twisting amongst multiple perspectives and patching together sonic impressions.
Friedrich Nietzsche equally delicate as it is harrowing as it illuminates Dr J’s PhD in political philosophy with nimble flute lines and maniacal incantations in a spacious mosh-pit, the backing vocals were recorded in the bunkers on Malabar Headland.

Ben Witkowski - Mountain Man     Indie, Rock, Folk 11/11/2019
Ben Witkowski is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist that creates epic, powerful music focusing on self-discovery and adventure. Ben combines bold, relatable lyrics with rich, mellifluous sounds to create a distinct, beautiful sound.
‘Mountain Man’ is about overcoming one’s doubts and fears to become the best version of themselves. From moments of beautiful acoustic guitars and violin harmonies, to raw, powerful vocals, ‘Mountain Man’ takes you on a powerful, emotional, and energetic journey of self-discovery.

Sachiel - Roulette Wheel     Alternative, Rock, Indie 11/11/2019
Alternative rock duo Sachiel, made up of songwriting brothers Gio and Nikki Sachi, who reinvent themselves with each release and con(nue to constantly develop their sound and explore new territory.
Roulette Wheel is a sonic whirlwind that sings swirling praises to the bliss of losing oneself in the risk and opportunity of freedom and finding a sense of self within that free flow. The breakneck tempo, soaring vocals and blistering riffs all evoke the excitement of being lost in the proverbial cyclone of life.

Andy Sharrock - Guide Me     Folk, Alternative 04/11/2019
This husband, father and storyteller once again finds himself sharing his music, experiences and wisdom with audiences far and wide.
In rustic isolation, Guide Me is a compelling folk song for its vulnerability and unshakeable resolve. At its core, Andy’s priorities are clear, dedicate yourself to the ones who love and need you most. An acknowledgement of the fragility of being the protector, Andy’s tenor carries a captivating sincerity, dues have been paid, storms weathered and wisdom ensues.

Glen Osmond - Dream Future     Indie, Rock, Psych, Pop 04/11/2019
Glen Osmond (Alex Olle) is a 20 year old multi-instrumentalist who seeks to maintain the explorative nature and uninhibited expression of the unconventional through his expansive indie-rock.
Through retrospect and a broken heart, Dream Future takes you on a dynamic journey of renewed hope. A tale of lost love from a growing young man, Glen Osmond’s commitment to maximalist song production imbues Dream Future with an incandescent charm.

Robert Jeffery - This Time     Rock, Pop, Alternative, Pop 04/11/2019
Robert Jeffery writes pop rock tunes from his home in Coffs Harbour, NSW. His influences span across the decades filling his unique sound with classic and contemporary pop elements.
This Time is a song about being preoccupied with something or someone so much that your mind gets foggy. Whether it’s because you love them or you hate them, you’ve got other things to think about and they’re really getting in the way.

The Dockers - Fake It     Indie, Rock, Reggae / Dub 04/11/2019
Indie rock/ dance/ reggae group from Western Sydney.
Cheeky and cheerful, Fake It implores you to let go and just dance, the loose flow and jaunty rhythms are a wink and a nod to the gleeful abandon of troubles.

Anseo - Afterglow     Indie, Rock, Soul 28/10/2019
anseo is an indie-rock project out of Sydney fronted by lead singer/guitarist Luke James Smith. Though the only ‘official’ member, Luke records and performs with a live band.
Afterglow is a soulful croon fit for the romantic escapist. Dreamy spaces and delicate guitars will take you far away.

Other tracks by Anseo:  Stay
Bruno - Time     Pop, Indie 28/10/2019
Bruno’s a singer/Songwriter from southwest Sydney, Australia. He’s cheeky, charismatic and genuine persona connects with the hearts of fans worldwide. He’s a character like none other.
The song ‘Time’ is about the introspective realisation that time is running out and the only way to endure it is through making and having memories. This is portrayed through an indy pop song with a simple yet reminiscent cord procession, warm vocals and extremely catchy chorus, you're bound to be singing along.

LouSkylar - Stop, Go ft. KAVI     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 28/10/2019
LouSkylar, the emerging electro-pop duo from Melbourne, fuses vulnerable indie-folk vocals with a heavy-hitting electronic synth soundscape.
With thick waves of warm bass and agile percussion, Stop, Go is heady and hypnotising as singer and co-writer Jessica Frizziero navigates the to and fro of complex relationships stating “I remember likening it to driving manual in tedious peak hour traffic – you’re constantly stopping and starting and just when you think you’re going somewhere, you’re stopping again.”

Aussie Scots - Phenomena     Rock, Folk 23/10/2019
Will and Ian are pair of ex-pat Scots who made their way down to Australia. Along with them came their lifelong love of making music.
Aussie Scots write from all various points of view, about a myriad of topics and “Phenomena” is all about a hidden fourth dimension they believe in that exists between life and death. Whether or not there’s any reality to that is debatable but what’s not is that “Phenomena” packs a punch!