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Anseo - Deadbeat     Indie, Rock, Soul 14/10/2019
anseo is an indie-rock project out of Sydney fronted by lead singer/guitarist Luke James Smith. Though the only ‘official’ member, Luke records and performs with a live band.
Combining moody synths and airy harmonies with a driving live-band rhythm, Deadbeat is about our desire to truly know the people we love. We can give them warmth and compassion, but not always empathy. It’s about the appeal of a fleeting trip through the inner workings of someone’s mind.

Eric Prod - From Me To You, Pt. 2     Alternative, Folk, Rock, Roots 07/10/2019
Based in Brisbane with origins in Gerringong, Eric Prod is developing a style which blends the laid back vibes of the south coast with the cutting textures of city life.
Heavily inspired by Springsteen, it is the second of a three part series chronicling the birth, bloom, stall, and ultimate demise of a relationship.

A departure in sound from his first release, ‘From Me To You (Part 2)’ retains the guitar/piano interplay and shifting meters of his earlier work.

Josh Kroehn - Don't Fight     Alternative, Rock, Folk, Indie 07/10/2019
Josh’s music delves into a world where his guitar playing creates textures that carry, conflict and challenge his vocal tones and colours in biographical confessionals.
About losing a close friend because I couldn’t be who they wanted me to be.

Other tracks by Josh Kroehn:  Back In Time
Oscill8te - Doorway Back     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 07/10/2019
Oscill8te is a diverse pop sensation, that expands across genres, in order to enhance your awareness and make visible the unknown.
Refracting fantasy elements through a lo-fi lens, Oscill8te’s songs are a dance of lyrical play between personal, cultural and broader social themes; Doorway Back being their third single to interlace such alternate perceptions amongst sweet and soothing pop.

Charlie-Moon Meader - I Wanna Go Home     R&B, Alternative, Hip Hop, Soul 30/09/2019
Charlie-Moon’s musical sound and voice incorporates soul and jazz. His voice creates a wonderfully warm inviting tone and richness.
With a contemporary edge, I Wanna Go Home slides and snaps its way through the relatable story of trying to find your way to a place of genuine connection when you are not sure where that dynamic exists. Over a spacious R’n’B groove, Charlie-Moon’s voice is wonderfully warm, inviting you into his quest to find his way.

Chops and Mash - Castle High     Alternative, Roots, Folk 30/09/2019
Formed in the farmlands of Mullumbimby, within their cabin studio, Chops & Mash create sounds of progressive ambience with socio-political and romantic undertones.
Minimalist and ghostly, Castle High is a commentary on how, as a fractured community, we take freedom of information for granted and how willingly we hand it over in lieu of personal convenience.

Art-P - Siren     Pop, Hip Hop 23/09/2019
Zimbabwean-born, Newcastle-based Art-P brings a joyful exploration to pop. His exuberant delivery is unbridled in this celebration of song and self. Beyoutiful is a bold introduction to this young artist.
This song is about feeling good. When it’s summertime by the beach just throw it on. In high school when class ended a siren went off and that is happiness for me and everyone should find their siren.

Other tracks by Art-P:  Beyoutiful
Josh Kroehn - Here I Burn     Alternative, Rock 23/09/2019
Josh’s music delves into a world where his guitar playing creates textures that carry, conflict and challenge his vocal tones and colours in biographical confessionals.
Here I Burn is the next single from Josh Kroehn’s striking EP, Something I’ve Found. A song that captures Josh in a reflective self-critiquing moment, and offers a comprehensive insight into the mastery and expansive vulnerability of the EP.

Pecky - Ride With Me     Hip Hop, Pop 23/09/2019
Pecky is a rapper and songwriter from Westbury, Tasmania. He uses music as an escape and a remedy, his goal is to make people feel good, lift up and educate.
"Ride With Me" was written after mental health took away one of Pecky's good friends in 2017. The song contains a powerful message about holding on to life even when things are looking down and that there will always be people there to pick you up when you're feeling low.

Millington - I am that     Alternative, Pop, Folk, Roots 16/09/2019
A soulful songwriter, a majestic lyrisict an and all round fun lovin' and insightful artist. 'Millington' - "Play for the people, serve the song"
'I am that' is like closing your eyes and travelling inward, an uplifting escape with a soul tingling soundscape, driving pulse and conscious lyrics.

Art-P - Why?!     Pop, Alternative, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 09/09/2019
Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Art-P moved to Newcastle, Australia at the age of 18 to pursue his music career and further his studies.
A groovy RnB song that is about a girl who stopped talking to me after a date. The thing that hurt was not that I deeply cared or anything. What bothered me was I didn’t know why, curiosity does kill the cat.

BALU - FLASH FURY     Rock, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 09/09/2019
BALU – love, passion and human imperfection, combined with retro-rocking electro guitars. Not one for the generic, renegade in nature is the sonic sound of BALU.
FLASH FURY is a song about the mixed feelings experienced from emotional abuse. These include sadness, confusion and submission. Followed by anger and lashing rage. An unfortunate or fortunate existence, depending on how you perceive the situation to be? Fight or flight? Succumb or grow stronger?

Hated Names - Anthem for the Atheist     Punk, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 09/09/2019
Based in Melbourne, Hated Names is a modern take on Pop Punk, with influences such as Bring me the Horizon, Silverchair, Flume, and including others in the Post-Hardcore genre.
Anthem for the Atheist is a pop-punk single mixing violins, harsh vocals and vocoders, with lyrics that were written with a deep love for humanity.

Sketchy Fancy - Endless Summer     Rock, Alternative, Psych, Soul 09/09/2019
Sydney-based five piece, Sketchy Fancy, carve sprays of raucous delight. Their brand of psych-rock is filled soulful thrills and hard-driven riffs.
Mysteriously hazy, Endless Summer asks big questions amongst a jive of wavey guitars and growling horns. Its high energy the perfect introduction to Sketchy Fancy's album Good.Bad.Happy.Sad.

Other tracks by Sketchy Fancy:  Welcome Home
Van Rullen - Going Away     Pop, Punk, Alternative, Rock 09/09/2019
Van Rullen is a mulit talented producer and songwriter who manages to tug at your nostalgia bone, all while making you bop your head. Soppy and boppy, his father said.
Going Away is an upbeat rock tune that makes you feel fifteen years old again. It fits in your phone, your car and in a stadium (hopefully one day).

Going Away is about leaving behind what you know to go and find adventure in the world and then trying to reconcile that with the heartache of being away from home

Ets Trio - Lovers to Strangers     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 02/09/2019
Ets Trio deliver earthy folk based acoustic rock, with added textures of blues, soulful groove and reggae. Catchy melodies carry thought-provoking lyrics over classical fingerpicking styles.
Lovers to Strangers is an achingly beautiful narrative about unexpectedly losing the person you love with when they no longer want to be with you. Delicate and melancholic it drags you into the depths of heartbreak before releasing you back into the present with renewed hope for finding love again.

Riebourne - Venom     Pop, Electronic 02/09/2019
Riebourne is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She started writing music from the age of 12 and her first single was released in 2019.
The chorus and arrangement changed multiple times before Venom was distilled into the minimal pop it is today. Augmenting Riebourne’s experience had an evanescent effect, Venom is transformed and resilient.

Sketchy Fancy - Pub Rock     Rock, Psychedelic, Retro 02/09/2019
Created in Sydney’s southern beaches Sketchy Fancy have crafted a sound that blends psych-rock with heavy funk and hold close ties to the Aussie pub-rock style they live and love
Lead single Pub Rock draws from the storytelling of 1980’s pub culture and dusts it off with a high-energy arrangement and the poignant undertones of Australian bar scenes. The choral chant of “take me home” evokes both supportive community and the toll youthful hedonism.

Jovi Skyler - Rocket     Rock, Punk, Grunge 26/08/2019
Jovi Skyler, an emerging Sydney singer/songwriter. Energetic, explosive and melodic alternative/punk rock permeated with an early 90’s spirit of escapism.
“Rocket” is about a girl who develops a drug habit during difficult times and struggles with addiction and the mental anguish it brings her.

Michael Blakeman - Down the Sinkhole     Electronic, Retro, Atmospheric 26/08/2019
Michael Blakeman's music can be described as the soundtrack to haunting, ethereal dream. Combining a taste for nostalgia with a need to experiment, he mixes synthesiser soundscapes with modern rock.
Down the Sinkhole is what would happen if you replaced the guitars in a metal song with a synthesiser. The song is about the damaging effects of addiction on families.

Other tracks by Michael Blakeman:  Warsong