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Billy Jasper - MIA     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rap 10/04/2018
Billy Jasper is a 22 year old rap/hip hop artist out of country town Whyalla, South Australia.
MIA is about Billy Jaspers battle with his personal demons. It’s about not fully understanding where he wants to be in life and dealing with his cluelessness with ways that would only lead him to accomplish nothing.

Chloe Styler - Storm Chaser     Pop, Folk 10/04/2018
Born and bred on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Chloe Styler has drawn inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Kacey Musgraves to become the Country artist she is today.
Co-written with six-time Golden Guitar winner, Lyn Bowtell, ‘Storm Chaser’ was inspired by a toxic friendship that Styler endured for 10 years too long. It describes how individuals must take control of their life and their friendships within it in order to feel like themselves again.

Chris Arnott - Fighting With the Devil     Folk, Electronic 10/04/2018
Chris Arnott is a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia
About a friend who lost his battle. A simple approach to this song, the overall tone is quite bleak, flat, the rhodes detuned to the hilt, the timpani ostinato unrelenting, not unlike the depression that consumes many. Most of all it is pretty because, for the most part, life is.

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Christopher Giffard - Talk To Me     Electronic, Rock, Jazz 10/04/2018
Sydney artist Christopher Giffard blends jazz, electronic, and an avant-garde compositional approach to create a truly new flavour of complex, involving, yet listenable fusion rock.
An unlikely blend of percussive jazz piano, dreamy vocals, lush analogue synths and washy drums, Talk To Me is an acoustically complex, lyrically simple exploration of powerlessness felt when watching a loved one struggle, yet refuse help.

Featuring Birds of Tokyo keyboardist Glenn Sarangapany and Kim Churchill collaborator Michael Hardy.

Esmé - I Wonder     Pop, Soul 10/04/2018
Recognisable by her distinct tone and her soul imbued songwriting, Esmé is one of those rare artists that captures her listeners with an understated sound, leaving you wanting more.
The song touches on the invisible reality of human beings, things that can’t physically be seen. ‘I wonder’ explores the question with jazz/neo-soul touches, subtle synths and magnetic vocal harmonies, to what extent are we transcendent?

Harts - 21&19     Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues 10/04/2018
Harts is the nom de plume of Indian-born, Australian-based musician, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer Darren Hart, whose singular blend of funk, jazz, blues, psychedelic rock, and indie electronic.
21&19 is a song written about regret and self awareness. A bad memory or time period in your life that you want to let go. It’s a cool mix of old school Harts and the new direction.

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Hurt Parade - Tuesday     Pop, Electronic, Rock 10/04/2018
Hurt Parade is an electronic, indie pop trio who bring together a unique and captivating blend of electronic pop with catchy vocal hooks, synths and hard-hitting bass.
Tuesday is a cool blend of brooding synthesizers, analogue drums, topped off with dreamy vocals.

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Interism - World on Fire     Rock 10/04/2018
Watching the throws of life and the complexities of the 21st century, Interism was inspired to create provocative tunes that would resonate with their audience.
Born from witnessing the unrelenting greed and self-indulgence of the modern human race and our complete disregard for the resultant slow extermination of the natural world. From the perspective of nature, we have been given the world and we destroy it in the name of progress, greed, and self-absorption.

Purkinje - In The Sun     Rock, Pop, Folk, Electronic 10/04/2018
Mat Sheldon aka ‘Purkinje’ is a Melbourne guitarist, turned solo artist / producer who creates genre spanning tunes from his bedroom studio.  
‘In the Sun’ is a reflection of how one can feel completely lost in life, but still find comfort and solitude through being happy in love. The way the dreamy soundscape swells and quietens meets somewhere between Washed Out and Phoenix.

Other tracks by Purkinje:  Voyager  -  Doing Fine
Rachel Caddy - Reach For You     Pop, Folk 10/04/2018
Victorian Songstress with a distinctive voice and stunning indie/folk flavour. Known by her fans for honest songwriting and vivid imagery.
A powerful track written from the remnants of a break up and pieced together in a defiant, sensitive way.

Re-Arna - You & Me     Pop, Easy Listening, Funk, Soul 10/04/2018
Winner of "Best EDM/Dance song" 2017 and "Best Alternative Song" 2016 for the Indie Music Channel, U.S, Australian born International Singer Songwriter Re-Arna is releasing in Aus!
'You & Me' captures the innocence of the very moment you fall for someone, and excitement of that physical tension that builds between two people as they connect. “When I think back to this night, I still feel every breathe of excitement and nervousness again and again”.

Ruby Vidor - 10 Days     Pop, Folk 10/04/2018
Ruby is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter. Her style ranges from Pop, to Indie and a little bit of country, with a passion to tell a story that connects with her audience.
‘10 Days’ is a song about the pain and heartache when time conspires against a relationship. It’s melancholy and gentle vocal underlies the heartbreak that weaves through the melody.

Steph Fischer-Ivancsy - Warning Signs     Blues/Roots, Rock, Pop 10/04/2018
Steph Fischer-Ivancsy’s unique brand of blues is to listen to hard times and heartache engage with the raw energy of a young woman full of fire.
Warning Signs is packed with gritty guitars, chillingly dominant vocals and booming drums add a modern blues-rock element topped off with an explosive finish from Steph’s powerful pipes. The messages in Warning Signs are being cautious of getting to know people and don’t dwell on the hard times.

Stevie Burr - Got A Story     Rock, Blues, Roots 10/04/2018
Stevie has the life experience of a man twice his age, putting his heart and soul into his music, he creates poignant music that delves deep into realities of life.
Got A Story was written by Stevie when he was living on the floor of his uncles one-bedroom public housing flat. Deeply depressed and thinking about his life, he grabbed his guitar and started playing chords with the idea of writing a track about a troubled man.

Taana Rose - Unexpected Love     Folk, Electronic, Pop 10/04/2018
Taana Rose is a multi instrumentalist singer/songwriter who plays guitar and synthesiser, while performing with a Launchpad using electronic vocal looping.
Unexpected Love explores how one sometimes gives up on life and love; then out of the blue an unexpected love comes along and changes your life for the better. It’s about surrendering to life’s bigger plan, realising that there is a higher power that one must learn to surrender to.

Elisa Kate - Promise Me     Pop, Rock, Electronic 07/03/2018
The dreamy pop piano invitations of Elisa Kate captivate you with that skin deep smoky vocal tone. The warmhearted farm girl strips away the clutter, summoning your soul to awaken.
'Promise Me' delivers an honest reflection on how life easily accumulates. Elisa Kate draws you deeper with her lyrical intimacy, woven into the spacious layers of strings, vocal delay and breathy harmonies. 'Promise Me' explores a freedom in releasing unnecessary things from our lives, returning to whats most important.

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Joanna Alina - Back To You     Pop, Electronic 07/03/2018
Joanna Alina is a singer songwriter who crafts personal narratives through strong melodies, combining pop, country and electronic styles. She writes thoughtful lyrics on catchy hooks on guitar and piano.
The song is about the loss of her father and grandmother – two of her closest loved ones. She penned the song whilst playing guitar, on a day when she was missing them and looking through old photographs. The lyrics reflect on profound grief accompanied by eternal love.

Reichelt - Seduced by the Light Side     Rock, Pop 07/03/2018
Reichelt is an Australian solo artist, producer & multi-instrumentalist. He’s been writing, recording and performing fiercely original songs \u2028for over 15 years.
A pop rock song telling a tale of reluctance to do the right thing… big
rock choruses, chilled out verses.

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The Lifelike Project - February     Rock 07/03/2018
The Lifelike Project is made up of Michael Kofoed and a variety of musicians who collaborate with him to perform and create music that will stick in your core.
February, is a hard hitting, passion fuelled, melodic rock fix, with catchy melodies and a big chorus hook that everyone can sing along to.

Valkyries - Serf     Rock 07/03/2018
The lovechild of four south-eastern Tasmanians; Valkyries combine poetic lyrics alongside simple yet beautiful melodies weaved through with salacious 70’s-esque lead.
Written for the soundtrack of a surf film by filmmaker Howard Groves, ‘Serf’ is about the highs and lows of being a slave to a lifestyle. It has the sound of impending summer, and all that the season drags with it.

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