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Dana Crowe - Not Broken     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 12/06/2019
Dana Crowe releases her latest track Not Broken. A distinctive developed sound and feeling with a balanced mix of roots, twang and rock n roll.
A striking song of confidence and durability Not Broken has a distinctive swagger and incorporates a balanced mix of roots, country twang and rock ’n’ roll while still keeping a pop sensibility. We’re strong but also vulnerable. We aren’t broken but you can see some cracks.

Lights Out West - Cactus     Rock 12/06/2019
Lights Out West is a three-piece rock band from Victoria, Australia. Producing energetic guitar and drum driven tracks, the band pay homage to the formative years of Rock and Roll.
‘Cactus’ is the first single release from Lights Out West. ‘Cactus’ was created in the living room with the drums being played on a guitar case and an acoustic bass guitar. The lyrics were inspired on a surf trip to iconic Cactus Beach, south Australia.

Red Clover - That Was Love     Pop, Electronic 12/06/2019
80’s soundtrack-inspired synth-pop combined with elements of alternative rock and dream pop.
That Was Love was written with the elevated spirit of 90’s pop, its emotional resonance a freeing declaration to live in the moment and let go of the past.

The Skelton Collective - All I Wanna Be     Pop, Rock 12/06/2019
The Skelton Collective is a fun and funky four piece original band from WA. Up-vibe piano driven alt-indie pop/rock. Sweet vocals, great lyrics and wicked groove.
‘All I Wanna Be’ is an up-beat pop track that celebrates self-reflection and the joy of accepting and appreciating what you have. From a young age we are often asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. This is our answer.

Wizard Rose - Wizard Rose     Rock, Blues, Metal 03/06/2019
Wizard Rose are a force unto themselves, that belies their youth, producing a sound that harks back to - without emulating - the era of Led Zeppelin and Rush.
Spoken as the most aggressive, hard hitting & dominating track upon the album. Wizard Rose writes a story of an unfaithful lady, She’s the lady with the Wizard Rose. Expressing an energy & essence of one of the best tracks on the album, Wizard Rose is a big hitter & an in your face piece of music.

Other tracks by Wizard Rose:  Black Knight
Skilton Avenue - Tomorrow     Rock, Acoustic, Roots 31/05/2019
Hailing from Newcastle on Australia's east coast, Skilton Avenue are a passionate band who channel their innermost thoughts and feelings into music that people can relate to.
When you realise that you're ready to drop everything and focus on your dreams, with the knowledge that the people you love will be there to support you, but also finding the inner strength and drive to be able to chase them on your own, Tomorrow takes you on a journey of self-discovery from start to finish.

Phil and Tilley - Will you be waiting?     Folk, Acoustic, Experimental, Ambience 27/05/2019
Phil & Tilley play a unique style of alternative folk, using traditional instruments and modern effects to create a sound that is often mistaken for a full band.
The struggles of being away from loved ones for long periods of time and staying strong through the tough times

Other tracks by Phil and Tilley:  Man on my shoulder
Robert Jeffery - Don't Give Them Any Reaction     Rock, Retro, Pop, Garage 27/05/2019
Robert Jeffery writes pop rock tunes in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Influenced by Brian Wilson and modern heavyweights Arctic Monkeys, old and new coming together are a staple of his work.
Don’t Give Them Any Reaction is an expression of frustration at the forces in society constantly urging people to take a side. It questions the intentions of those forces and encourages listeners to step out of the echo-chamber and reflect on their own beliefs.

Seekay - Candlelight     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 27/05/2019
Seekay is the performance vehicle and persona of an Australian songwriter and poet.
Candlelight is a mid-tempo twisting love song with nods to Nicholas Jaar and The Weeknd with a breakdown as original and unexpected as Barbara Lewis’ Hello Stranger from the Academy Award winning Moonlight. The production re-enforces the song’s theme of a reluctant but wise relationship break up, a slow and close dance upon the echoes of desire.

Georgia James - Start A War     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 24/05/2019
Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Georgia James is a singer/songwriter uninfluenced by genre. Georgia specialises in melancholic melodies and her voice has a powerful, rich-tone that packs a punch.
Start A War explores the emotions you feel when you’ve hurt someone you love, hoping it hasn’t done irreversible damage to the relationship. It is about anxiously waiting as the dust settles, to see what is left.

Lux - I Need Love     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Electronic 17/05/2019
With a unique flow and sound, Lux has created his own lane of Australian R&B & Hip-Hop. Lux’s ambition is to put Australia on the map for Hip-Hop music.
I Need Love is the debut song from the highly anticipated Australian R&B artist Lux, exploring the emotions around a relationship break-up. The track ventures into the struggles of trust within a relationship, the delicate balance between allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to real love versus risking being hurt and the pain of what could have been.

Phil & Tilley - New Day     Folk, Acoustic, Experimental, Atmospheric 13/05/2019
Phil & Tilley play a unique style of alternative folk, using traditional instruments and modern effects to create a sound that is often mistaken for a full band.
New Day is an ambient ode to not waiting around for someone to dictate your life, moving forward with a new day. It's filled haunting double bass bow and Folk guitar rhythms.

Wizard Rose - Forbidden Thing     Rock, Metal, Hardcore 06/05/2019
Wizard Rose are an Australian Hard Rock Band formed in 2018 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Their style of music drew from Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Folk & Acoustic Music.
Opening with an aggressive riff conjured from the ether. Wizard Rose leave it all on this track that in tales high energy, up beat progressions & a dominant driving force unseen to the human eye all through out the song. Forbidden Thing has become a fan favourite & is their most popular song.

Fraser Rathmell - Hard out Here     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Hip Hop 03/05/2019
Fraser Rathmell is a producer and songwriter from Tasmania, Australia who produces R&B influenced tracks with hints of hip hop, electronic and rap.
Hard Out Here is lofi hip hop track layered with vocals on top of a feel-good bouncy beat. It's about trying your best to make a future for yourself but at the same time facing the reality that it’s hard to always keep pushing. There’s a lot of pressure on young people and it’s often hard to express that.

Catalyst Ct. - Set You Free     Rock, Pop, Punk 29/04/2019
Catalyst Ct. is a punk band that gets inspiration from punk/pop bands without intention to duplicate, creating an Australian twist on American punk
Set You Free is the first sound of the EP that really kicks it off with a story of a young boy who has fallen for a girl of much higher standards. The song describes how out of his league she is and how memories in his head keep replaying moments they have shared proving too good to be true.

Other tracks by Catalyst Ct.:  Devil's Inside
Dalli - Taken By The Sky     Rock, Electronic, Pop 29/04/2019
Alt rock. Dark electronic elements and emotionally textured vocals will hit you right in the feels. Colours of Radiohead and alt-J.
I sometimes look back on all the bad decisions I’ve made and all the moments I want to forget and feel like the only person in the world. There’s a strange sense of belonging in embracing these very human moments, knowing most of us share them at one point.

Bertie Anderson - Toxic     Pop, RnB 26/04/2019
Bertie Anderson is Singer-Songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. His production and vocal style is derived from the genres of R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Trap Soul and Rap.
Toxic is an upbeat pop track that presents the perspective of an individual wanting to leave a tumultuous relationship. It conveys an emotional statement but at the same time delivers harmonic vocals accompanied by live and electronic sounds.\u2028

Louis Libran - Take Me Back     Pop, Electronic, Experimental 22/04/2019
Louis Libran is a singer songwriter whom is producing electronic pop music with melodic verses and punchy choruses.
Take Me Back is a dark, eerie and experimental song that explores the idea of a broken heart dwelling on the past\u2028

Stefan Rossi - Long Road     Hip Hop, Rap 16/04/2019
Stefan Rossi’s passion for music is matched only by his dedication to his community. The rapper and songwriter brings heart and style to Adelaide’s diversifying scene.
Long Road traces a generational immigrant struggle through to Stefan's own battles, carving out identity and philosophical fortitude. The silver-toned sounds lift you up, Elsy Wameyo’s compassionate take on the hook the perfect accompaniment to Stefan’s clear view and personal resolve.

Catalyst Ct. - It's Like Fire     Metal/Punk, Pop, Rock 16/04/2019
Catalyst Ct. is a rock/punk rock/pop band which believes that music is an outburst of soul and without music, life would not be fair.
It's like fire is about the destruction of a relationship. It goes through the fighting, the anger, the sorrow and the aftermath of living apart.