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Stefan Rossi - Long Road     Hip Hop, Rap 16/04/2019
Stefan Rossi’s passion for music is matched only by his dedication to his community. The rapper and songwriter brings heart and style to Adelaide’s diversifying scene.
Long Road traces a generational immigrant struggle through to Stefan's own battles, carving out identity and philosophical fortitude. The silver-toned sounds lift you up, Elsy Wameyo’s compassionate take on the hook the perfect accompaniment to Stefan’s clear view and personal resolve.

Catalyst Ct. - It's Like Fire     Metal/Punk, Pop, Rock 16/04/2019
Catalyst Ct. is a rock/punk rock/pop band which believes that music is an outburst of soul and without music, life would not be fair.
It's like fire is about the destruction of a relationship. It goes through the fighting, the anger, the sorrow and the aftermath of living apart.

Leeroy - Screwed Me Over     Pop, Rock, Reggae, Chill 16/04/2019
Leeroy is an a solo act from Perth, WA. His passion for exciting guitar lines and irresistible melodies keeps his roots, rock, reggae vibes alive and well!
Screwed Me Over is a song of great redemption, sharing in the experience of hurt and knowing you’re not alone, raising everyone up via the power of music.

Mousewater - When The Sun Is Gone     Rock, Britpop 16/04/2019
MOUSEWATER calls Melbourne, Australia home. Mousewater’s musical style is guitar based indie rock with occasional Britpop tones.
WHEN THE SUN IS GONE lyrically is about seizing the day, before the light is gone, don’t wait because “when it’s gone it’s really gone”. The subject of what you might take action on is open to personal interpretation but could be anything that leaves an element of regret.

Lucy Gallant - Not Normal     Pop, Folk, World 16/04/2019
Cleverly fusing acoustic, electronic, soul and reggae in her productions, Gallant’s voice soars with rhapsodic range, conveying a full spectrum of emotion in her inspiring and uplifting songs. 
'Not Normal' is a tasty cocktail of upbeat, acoustic instruments and electronic sounds and beats. With Gallant’s vocals sharing similarities to the great Amy Winehouse and the music somewhat comparable to Manu Chao, this song is a celebration of being different, and the listeners instantly feel liberated to stand proud and be who they truly are.  

Paul J. Rodgers - Early Leaver     Folk, Acoustic, Rock 16/04/2019
Brisbane-based, singer/songwriter Paul J Rogers, brings you a new lease to folk-rock combining tender poetic lyrics, haunting vocals delivered with heart wrenching honesty and a soundscape that will immerse you.
Early Leaver is essentially a break-up song. There are themes about the unbreakable spiritual connection of a soul mate, to projections of anger, and how it can impact both parties in a relationship breakdown. It’s a very deliberate; stripped back production, recorded with guitar and vocals together as one track.

Teagan - Feeling Good     Pop, RnB, Downbeat 16/04/2019
TEAGAN's back with new lo-fi pop single, Feeling Good. Having completed a run of shows across her hometown, TEAGAN is ready to release her new music to the world.
Feeling Good is the third single by TEAGAN. An upbeat, passionate commentary on the post-break-up period, Feeling Good will have you dancing before you realise just how broken you might still be.

Lucy Gallant - Wild And Free     Pop, RnB, Electronic 15/04/2019
Cleverly fusing acoustic, electronic, soul and reggae in her productions, Gallant’s voice soars with rhapsodic range, conveying a full spectrum of emotion in her inspiring and uplifting songs. 
With electronic, R&B and soul elements, this powerful ballad is sure to strike a chord with many. Not only showing off Gallant’s dynamic vocal range but telling a common story of losing oneself in a relationship, being unforgiving, finding one's power again and spreading one's wings to become truly wild and free.

Other tracks by Lucy Gallant:  Love
Annelise. - Lonely Lover     Pop, RnB 12/04/2019
Hailing from Western Sydney, Annelise. employs her influence of late 90’s/early 2000’s R&B and Hip-Hop to create her nostalgic but fresh and modern sound.
With Hip-Hop/R&B flavours from the new and old school, Annelise.’s Lonely Lover is unapologetic and bad-ass with oozing harmonies and punchy melodies. A big “f you” to any no-good man, Annelise. utilises the sweet sound of fresh new beats and smooth old school vocals.

Zsuzsika - Storm     Pop, Soul 10/04/2019
Zsuzsika’s style is a combination of pop and soul music. She writes about life experiences and what she went through growing up with anxiety and a difficult life.
Storm represents standing up for yourself, self-belief and speaking up about mental illness and any personal problems you may be suffering. Mental illness has such a negative stigma attached to it and with this Zsuzsika wants to help take the stigma away and turn it into a positive outlook for people who may be struggling.

Tobi Tobi - Ice & Rum     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 09/04/2019
Tobi Tobi is Renee Anderson on guitar and vocals and Jamie Barlow on double bass. The Melbourne-based duo imbue their indie-pop with a simple elegance and a romantic resolve.
Ice & Rum is as delicate as it is intoxicating, a graceful portrayal of love’s ability to transfix and transport you. Upon a flickering piano and Renee Anderson’s light and melodious vocal, the duo’s indie-pop offers a deep sense of how truly sensuous and in-tune their songwriting has become.

Scott Riley - Hard Luck     Country, Acoustic, Rock 05/04/2019
Scott Riley is a West Australian based artist and has been writing songs for the past 17 years. He's a former member of The Shearwater Duo.
The song is about looking back on the trials and tribulations of growing up on a farm while at the same time wishing it was possible and devising ways to save up enough money to be able to buy the property one day.

Chelsea Jyles - Jeans     Pop 05/04/2019
Singer-songwriter Chelsea Jyles has performed at venues around the world including The Hotel Café in LA, and has self-produced, written and released two EPs.
Jeans is the new single from Chelsea Jyles, who was inspired to write the song while touring Europe, when her jeans got a little too tight. The lyrics of Jeans focus on accepting who you are and being accepted no matter what, as well as feeling totally comfortable in a relationship.

Joanna Alina - Love Again     Pop, Country 01/04/2019
Joanna Alina, an independent country pop singer songwriter set to release her fourth single “Love Again.” Her previously released tracks have been played on indie radio locally and internationally.
Love Again explores the journey of someone falling in love after deciding to close themselves off to the idea of love. “It’s the feeling of being completely terrified of being let down by love but embracing the happy and euphoric feeling of falling in love and being understood in the moment by another human being.”

Josh Alexander - Closing     Folk, Rock, Atmospheric 01/04/2019
Josh Alexander is a musician from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. His talent for multi-instrumentalism blends multiple styles to result in a beautifully honest look into his world.
‘Closing’ is a heart breaking exposition into the beauty and pain of long distance love. The struggles with time zones, distance, intimacy and simple connection are expressed, but then countered with the butterfly-inducing moments of reunion, and the memories that are a made in such a circumstance.

Suzan Mutesi - The Feeling Is Mutual     Reggae/Dub, Pop, Dance 01/04/2019
Suzan Mutesi is a young African woman committed to creating unique and authentic music that inspires healing, restoration and hope in people.
The Feeling is Mutual gives hope to lovers, the secret crusher, the shy and charismatic personalities to express their feelings through dance and the confessional lyric. Its light-footed dancehall vibe enticing you to be confident and carefree.

Elisa Kate - Now or Never     Pop 29/03/2019
The delightful pop piano invitations of Elisa Kate captivate with her skin deep smoky vocal tone. The warmhearted farm girl strips away the clutter, summoning the light in your soul.
A call to anyone with a dream, Now or Never's wistful breathy vocals, and earthy Indie Pop vibes, carry you endearingly through this contemplative story of personal conviction. Elisa's accessible heartfelt lyrics stir you to find the courage to follow your own path.

Mantis Empire - Summertime     Blues/Roots, Pop, Reggae, Rock 25/03/2019
A pop rock band hailing from the Sunshine Coast. Experimenting with Reggae, Surf Rock, and Pop.
A classic style ode capturing good vibes and holiday cheer. With buttery smooth guitar, a purring bass-line, topped with a catchy lyric.
This song was made for summer festivities.

Max C Bud - Relevance     Pop, Folk 25/03/2019
Max C Bud is a Sydney based singer-songwriter whose powerful, emotion driven lyrics are combined with an indie pop edge.
At times in life we are faced with difficult choices which ultimately define who we are. This uplifting pop-folk tune is a self-reflective tale based around a conversation Max had with a loved one, where they suggested taking a moment away, clearing his head before making his choice. In the end, he’s happy that he’s in a better place

The Colby's - Telephone     Rock, Pop 25/03/2019
The Colby’s aim to combine the magic of the 70’s and by the new breed of music today to create something new and special.
A funky, melodic and boppy tune while still being emotional