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Tenth Court

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Orlando furious - Parmesan     Electronic, Punk, Pop 06/06/2018
Named is an album as strangely funny and existentially dreadful as the age we live in and Orlando furious is the preacher on the street corner, howling in the techno-apocalypse.
Just one of the odd-ball pop hits from the new Orlando furious album. Who is the parmesan of your life?

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Other tracks by Orlando furious:  Murdoch  -  Rage
The Ancients - I Need You     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 02/03/2018
Twisted guitar pop quintet The Ancients return with their 4th album titled 'Frozen Aisle'. Featuring members of Mum Smokes, Small World Experience, Minimum Chips & more.
A pop banger from who other than The Ancients?!?!?

Other tracks by The Ancients:  What's It Going To Be?  -  Frozen Aisle
Wireheads - Wonderful Wizard     Pop, Garage, Rock 16/09/2017
The gestalt rock and roll mutation that is Wireheads returns with their continued evolution of sonic mystery on LP number four, 'Lightning Ears', out October 20 via Tenth Court.
The second offering from Wireheads upcoming album 'Lightning Ears'. Wonderful Wizard offers a playful pop tunes disguised as the kind of fuzzy punk they teach at Rock n Roll High School. Another unconventional pop masterpiece from Adelaide's finest.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Orlando Furious - Rage     Pop, Experimental 02/09/2017
New single from the upcoming Orlando furious album 'Named feelings' out in 2018 through Tenth Court.
New single from the upcoming Orlando furious album 'Named feelings' out in 2018 through Tenth Court.

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Wireheads - Indian Pacific Express     Pop, Pop, Pop 19/08/2017
Adelaide's country-space-junk collective Wireheads are back. 'Lightning Ears' was recorded in Anacortes, Washington by Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening) & Nick Wilbur. Out October 20 through Tenth Court.
Pop perfection

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Small World Experience - Daily Grind     Pop, Rock 19/07/2017
Forged in the late 80s, Small World Experience deliver indie pop infused Jim Webb/Burt Bacharach-styled uber-melodies & major-seventh heaven, featuring members of Minimum Chips, Bird Blobs & The Ancients.
Taken from Small World Experience 'Soft Knocks' LP out June 23 through Tenth Court


Other tracks by Small World Experience:  Crash Crush
Thigh Master - BBC     Pop, Garage, Rock 29/05/2017
Brisbane's Thigh Master play rough & angular guitar music with a pop aesthetic.
The A-side to Thigh Master's new 7" out now through 12XU.

Other tracks by Thigh Master:  Park Road Clinical
Workhorse - Alone     Pop, Garage, Country 24/04/2017
Workhorse interpret alt-country through a direct rock&roll manner. Led by Harriet Fraser-Barbour of Wireheads, the band includes members from Old Mate, Rule Of Thirds, Fair Maiden, Hydromedusa, Swimming & more.
Taken from Workhorse 'No Sun', out now through Tenth Court.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

Other tracks by Workhorse:  Defeat  -  Empty
Wolf Shield - Alone Tonight     Electronic 24/04/2017
Wolf Shield is Randy Reimann; former vocalist for Sydney hardcore punk band Massappeal and founding member of the electronic post disabilities band, Tralala Blip.
Taken from Wolf Shield's debut album 'Residuum'.

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Other tracks by Wolf Shield:  Vapour  -  Supercell
Small World Experience - Party Pooper     Pop, Rock 09/11/2016
Small World Experience, an enduring on-again-off-again 3-piece, formed in the late 80s melding Jim Webb/Burt Bacharach-styled uber-melodies & major-seventh heaven with what would become known as indie pop/rock.
The initial offering from Small World Experience's new LP 'Soft Knocks'- their first release since 1998's 'Side Projects' LP. "The [single] sees the group fuse Australian guitar pop with songwriter Pat Ridgewell's effortlessly affecting lyrics to arrive at a neat little dose of DIY pop..." -Noisy

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Chook Race - At Your Door     Pop, Garage 17/08/2016
Chook Race are Matthew, Carolyn and Rob. They are from Melbourne, Australia. They play guitar music of the pop variety. They like a good time.
1 of 10 guitar-pop bangers from Chook Race 'Around The House' LP. Out September 2nd through Tenth Court (Aus/NZ) and Trouble in Mind (Rest of World)

Other tracks by Chook Race:  Sometimes  -  Pictures Of You
Wireheads - Dedication     Pop, Garage, Punk 10/08/2016
An ever-changing & prolific odd-ball rock & roll ensemble from Adelaide, South Australia.
A country junk anthem.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Other tracks by Wireheads:  So Softly Spoken  -  Organ Failure
Chook Race - Hard To Clean     Pop, Garage 28/07/2016
Chook Race are Matthew, Carolyn and Rob. They are from Melbourne, Australia. They play guitar music of the pop variety. They like a good time.
"The track is a crisp pop number that belies its hooky charms with a bittersweet bleat running under those jangled harmonies...A solid sender and laying a pretty good dose of anticipation for the rest of the album comin’ up down the way."- Raven Sings The Blues

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

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Tralala Blip - Oceans Of Love     Electronic, Atmospheric, Soundscapes, Pop 13/05/2016
Tralala Blip is a collective of differently abled artists who meet on a regular basis to create, produce and perform original electronic music.
A free-flowing electronic pop piece.

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Other tracks by Tralala Blip:  To The Moon  -  Wax Figurine
Mope City - Letterbomb     Pop, Garage 23/02/2016
Mope City is a three-piece downer-rock group comprising songwriter and guitarist Matt Neville, bass player and vocalist Amaya Lang and drummer Sam Wilkinson.
A short and sweet downer-pop track.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

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Other tracks by Mope City:  Wave of Youth  -  A Curious Upbringing