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Teddy Cream - Home     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 27/03/2020
Teddy Cream are Brandon Mangion and Vincent Calderone, two lifelong friends who began producing together at 13, touring at 18 and dominating dance music not long after.
Currently trending in France with ‘Summer Jam’, Teddy Cream are surfing the wave of success with the release of new single ‘Home’. Home is a vibrant continuation to the project, proving them a force to be reckoned with in the dance music landscape. "The track is about the joys of being at home with family and friends" - Teddy Cream.

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Wongo - D.A.D. (Dance All Day)     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 27/03/2020
With 7 million streams over his catalogue, triple j mixes, and a #1 on the ARIA Club Chart, Wongo is leaping into 2020 with ‘D.A.D. (Dance All Day)’.
This party-starting track is a proper heater with The Aston Shuffle already naming it their ‘Tune of the Week’ on their triple j show Friday Night Shuffle.

“I’m so pumped to finally get this bad boy out,” said Wongo, “It took a lot of versions to come to the final product so I’m happy it’s time to finally come out.”

Blanke - Fragile Violence feat. Nevve     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 14/03/2020
Blanke is one of the fastest rising talents within the bass and electronic circuit thanks to his epic discography of remixes alongside a steady stream of original productions.
Rising star on the global electronic music scene, Blanke unveils his new anthem “Fragile Violence”. Featuring the heartfelt vocals of Nevve, the powerful track drops as Blanke undertakes a 45-date US tour.

Blanke explains, "I’m proud to present my new single with Nevve. It’s emotive and anthemic and I hope you love it as much as we do.”

Commandeur - Nothing Else     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Indie 14/02/2020
A member of Operator Please as a teenager, Tim Commandeur has stepped out from behind the drum kit with his inspired electronic productions. Expect heartfelt dancefloor workouts and atmospheric soundscapes.
A heartfelt summer love song that acts as a personal time capsule bookmarking a particularly momentous chapter in Commandeur’s life. The track was written between Australia, Indonesia and the US, with the vocals laid down by Jesse Boykins III in Los Angeles. A Valentine’s Day love song that was born from a trip to propose to his fiancé.

Bajillionaire - I Feel So Alone In This Club RN     Indie 31/01/2020
Hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches, Bajillionaire is 21-year-old Charlie Hole. His first release of 2020 unveils a change in direction and a new raw honesty in his music.
In ‘I Feel So Alone In This Club RN’ Bajillionaire lays bare his own social anxiety in a frank, truthful and humorous way.

“This song is just me being very honest about my anxieties. I don't like clubs, I don't really like the idea of clubbing, and going out just makes me wish I had a vice of some sort."

Other tracks by Bajillionaire:  I Feel So Alone In This Club RN (Clean Edit)
Un-Ti - Love Me Like Yesterday     Dance, Pop 20/12/2019
A shared passion for music brought together high school friends Ben, Lachie and Reid in the beautiful beachside community of the NSW Central Coast.
Following on from their 10 million+ streaming debut single ‘Caught Up’, Un-Ti return with ‘Love Me Like Yesterday’. Already picking up support from Spotify's New Music Friday in Australia & New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, India and more, ‘Love Me Like Yesterday’ sees the trio again team up with Melbourne producer ALIUS to deliver their signature summer-tinged, electronic pop sound.

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Hooligan Hefs - No Effect (Zac Samuel Remix)     Dance 13/12/2019
Western Sydney MC Hooligan Hefs has had a whirlwind of a year. Rising through the domestic hip hop ranks, he’s developed a loyal and dedicated fanbase around Australia.
Something of a remix king, Brighton UK-based Zac Samuel has taken on the honour of reworking ‘No Effect’. This remix follows on his flips of internationally recognised artists, including Hercules & Love Affair, Lily Allen, Rita Ora, Years & Years and Kiesza. The rework is perfect for peak time dancefloors and takes the Hefs hype to a brand new audience

Other tracks by Hooligan Hefs:  No Effect (Sunset Bros Remix)
Teddy Cream - Summer Jam     Dance 13/12/2019
Teddy Cream is Brandon Mangion and Vincent Calderone, two lifelong friends from Melbourne who began producing together at 13, touring at 18, and dominating dance music not long after.
Teddy Cream had long been fans of The Underdog Project’s hit ‘Summer Jam’. “It was time for a fresh remake so we put our touch on it.” Their reimagining of the classic European summer hit – which is all about good weather, good times and good people – is big, bold and perfectly Teddy Cream.

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Blanke - Flatline feat. Calivania     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 06/12/2019
Surfacing in 2016 and amassing 20 + million streams since, Canberra-born Blanke (the e is silent) is a rising name in the bass music scene.
"Flatline" is an emotional, atmospheric anthem that flexes Blanke’s versatile production skills alongside powerful vocal contributions from a brand new project named Calivania.

“I’ve been working towards this sonically for a very long time, and I’m so proud of where it has ended up. It’s the first of a string of more melodic influenced records I’ll be releasing." - Blanke

Taka Perry - 21 Orbits feat. Yaw. & yergurl     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, R&B 06/12/2019
Wunderkind music producer and multi-instrumentalist Taka Perry really is in a league of his own, at the age of 20 already working with the likes of Thomston and Ruel.
Taka Perry rounds off his breakthrough year with another step forward in his diverse productions with ‘21 Orbits’ featuring Ghanaian-born rapper Yaw. and Victorian teen queen and Unearthed High finalist yergurl. With the trio all only leaving behind high school in the past few years, ‘21 Orbits’ is about being young and developing your own identity.

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Enschway - Illusions     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 14/11/2019
Sydney producer Enschway has built up a huge following with high-energy songs that pack a big dose of bass, a punch of synth and a hit of melody.
Having just announced a national tour for November and December, Sydney producer Enschway today drops his brand new single ‘Illusions’ on TMRW Music’s Downright imprint. Featuring soaring vocals with a touch of drum and bass, ‘Illusions’ displays another leap forward in the production prowess of Enschway, which has seen him be dubbed “the new bass hero Australia deserves.”

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Blanke & Godlands - Hellraiser     Dance 07/11/2019
Canberra producer and burgeoning bass artist on the global scene Blanke (JP Orchison) teams up with Adelaide producer Godlands (Annabel Hartlett) for their expansive new collab 'Hellraiser'.
Fusing expansive buildups, melodic interludes and frenetic drops, Australian producers Blanke and Godlands bring new school mid-tempo energy via their new single "Hellraiser” out October 11 via Downright. The burgeoning Australian bass artists have been tapped to support Illenium & Joyryde (Respectively) on select US dates.

Kult Kyss - Be Cool     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 06/11/2019
Melding Haxx’s glistening production and pulsing beats with Rromarin’s unique vocal sound, Kult Kyss merge future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners into a rich and dynamic sonic realm.
'Be Cool' explores the spaces that form between people in love, and the desire to reconnect, repair and rectify things with one another. The song is about the need to be close with someone and provide a source of comfort, freedom and relief; an oasis.

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The Potbelleez - Energy     Dance 27/08/2019
The Potbelleez – vocalist Ilan Kidron and DJs/producers Jonny Sonic and Dave Goode – are one of Australia’s highest selling dance acts with multiple platinum and gold selling records.
The Potbelleez return to form with ‘Energy’, an anthemic new single set to motivate and inspire!

“It came about really organically with us sitting at the piano and jamming some melodies. It just came out really really fast and I think we literally wrote the song and recorded it in 45 minutes!” - Jonny Sonic

Jordan Burns - I Want U feat. FLUIR     Dance 23/08/2019
Whether it be in the studio or in a dark sweaty corner on the dance floor, Brisbane DJ and producer Jordan Burns is encapsulating everything house music.
Brisbane DJ and producer Jordan Burns today unveils his latest single ‘I Want U’ featuring Sydney electro pop artist FLUIR. FLUIR’s delicate vocals complement the brooding production on the song which shows Burns’ diversity as a producer. Energetically ricocheting between light and dark he hits a sweet spot, satisfying the ears with smooth melodies enveloped in his signature house sound.

Bajillionaire - Yes & No feat. RRY & MAILEY     Pop, Electronic, Downbeat 16/08/2019
Bajillionaire is 21-year-old Charlie Hole from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. A multi-talented producer, songwriter and vocalist who has hit the Spotify Viral charts and gained rave reviews from tastemakers.
Bajillionaire today unveils his latest single ‘Yes & No’, a soaring and emotive pop song featuring the vocals of Australian singers RRY (Rory) and MAILEY. Yet another step up for the young Sydney producer, ‘Yes & No’ comes from a turbulent time in Bajillionaire's life and displays his production prowess and marks him as a one-to-watch on an international level.

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Taka Perry - Kuruna feat. JP THE WAVY     Electronic, Ethnic, World 09/08/2019
Self-releasing his unofficial debut EP ‘Reverse Theory’ in 2018, 20-year-old wunderkind producer Taka Perry has already made a name for himself with his behind-the-scenes production work for artists like Ruel.
20-year-old Australian producer Taka Perry unveils the next taste of his eclectic body of work with his new single ‘Kuruna’. Translated to “don’t come around here”, ‘Kuruna’ is a nod to Taka’s Japanese roots and features the incredible vocal stylings of rising Japanese rapper JP THE WAVY, who raps in both English and Japanese on the track.

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Taka Perry - Introspect     Electronic, Downbeat 23/07/2019
20-year-old Sydney wunderkind producer Taka Perry has already worked with Dean Lewis, Ruel and more. After self releasing an unofficial EP in 2018, Taka now releases his first official single.
A dark and brooding, genre-pushing instrumental track, ‘Introspect’ is shows a clear maturity in Taka Perry's production that belies his young age.

“Born out of an error in production, Introspect came together one night in the space of about two hours,” explains Perry. “It was one of those days where everything sounded right and felt good.”

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Kult Kyss - Rituals     Electronic, Techno, Dance 02/07/2019
With a string of singles under their belt, Melbourne duo Kult Kyss continue to carve out a unique space for themselves with their distinctive sound in the electronic pop world.
Co-produced alongside Kim Moyes (The Presets, DMAs) and mixed by Anthony Garvin (Jagwar Ma, Last Dinosaurs), ‘Rituals’ radiates Kult Kyss’ signature sound that has made them ones-to-watch in the Australian music scene. Melding Haxx’s glistening production and pulsing beats with Rromarin’s unique vocal sound; Kult Kyss merge future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners in to a rich sonic realm.

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Otosan - Lose It All     Electronic, House 13/06/2019
Only two years into their meeting of minds, Ryan Dickinson and Ultan Burke’s sound as Otosan is already unmistakeable – deep, melodic house that’s purpose-built for dancing.
"This song started its life out as a remix. We were digging the instrumental so much that we decided to find a vocalist and put it out as an original. We love the mix of melancholic vocals and upfront house, and the old school rave sample instantly put a smile on our faces as soon it was added." - Otosan

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