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TMRW Music

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Otosan - Lose It All     Electronic, House 13/06/2019
Only two years into their meeting of minds, Ryan Dickinson and Ultan Burke’s sound as Otosan is already unmistakeable – deep, melodic house that’s purpose-built for dancing.
"This song started its life out as a remix. We were digging the instrumental so much that we decided to find a vocalist and put it out as an original. We love the mix of melancholic vocals and upfront house, and the old school rave sample instantly put a smile on our faces as soon it was added." - Otosan

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Various Artists - Ninajirachi, KLP, Kota Banks, Nina Las Vegas - Everything We Ever Dreamed Of     Pop, Dance 13/06/2019
Aussie artists Ninajirachi, KLP, Kota Banks and Nina Las Vegas have come together to release an anthem dedicated to the national women's football team, the Matildas.
“Everything We Ever Dreamed Of” is about the Matildas’ journey to the top, where the athletes have the prospect to win and turn their dreams into reality. This is the first time the team has had a song written and produced for them. The lyrics are a powerful nod to the perseverance and strength of the athletes in the team.

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Charlz - Amaze Me     Pop, Downbeat 17/04/2019
Melbourne singer-songwriter Charlz has been capturing pop's zeitgeist in recent years. Last year's ‘Colors’ was produced by Grammy award-winning producer M-Phazes and landed in the Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50.
The smart beats and glowing synth of 'Amaze Me' are lit up with Charlz's wonderous vocals that capture precious moments in time, the swelling eight-part harmonies balancing on the precipice of hopeful and revelatory: "I really sang my heart out on this track and found new reaches." reveals Charlz. ‘Amaze Me’ is about her continuing quest for her ideal relationship.

Bajillionaire - Sleepwalking feat. Brewer     Pop, Downbeat 16/04/2019
Somewhere on the salty fringes of Sydney’s northern beaches, Bajillionaire (21-year-old Charlie Hole) is brewing certified ear candy with a zesty kick.
Reflecting his penchant for DIY-production and minimalism, ‘Sleepwalking’ sees Bajillionaire create a bright, pulsating bop, all simmering over a future bass undercurrent.

“On this song I really wanted to say something much more subtle and less in your face than the other things I have done. As a result, this is probably the most honest song I’ve ever written."

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Sister Peach - Possibilities     Electronic, Rock 14/03/2019
Think 80’s synth pop brawling with 90s Brit Rock while flirting with 70s Glam; Percy Peach and Joey London joined forced in 2018 to bring you Sister Peach.
With shades of a classic Regurgitator track, Possibilities is about flying to the moon with all our friends and exploring the universe beyond the realms of possibilities.

We are the numbers past infinity
There’s no more you and me,
Just possibilities baby

Major Minor - Dreams feat. The Walkerz     Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap 22/02/2019
Major Minor are a duo hailing from the white sandy beaches of North Queensland. Producing since the age of 14, they describe their sound as "tropical trap".
Whitsundays duo Major Minor make their highly anticipated return with their latest single ‘Dreams’ featuring Ethiopian-born rapper The Walkerz. ‘Dreams’ is the follow up to Major Minor’s 2018 single ‘Visor’ which hit the top 20 of the triple j Unearthed chart and their 2017 release ‘Riptide’ which peaked at #11 on the Spotify Viral chart, cracking over 150,000 streams.

Otosan - Jump Up     Electronic 19/02/2019
Just two years into their meeting of minds, Ryan Dickinson and Ultan Burke’s sound as Otosan is already unmistakeable – deep, melodic and purpose-built for big rooms.
After turning heads with their debut ‘Do You Feel It’ follow up ‘Lights’, 'Jump Up' sees Otosan coming out of the gate hot for 2019, with their first outing for ASTRX, bringing together rolling house basslines with punchy MC vocals to deliver a fresh summer banger sure to make bodies move.

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Kult Kyss - EKKO     Electronic, Pop 13/12/2018
Melding Haxx’s glistening production and pulsing beats with Rromarin’s unique vocal sound, Kult Kyss merge future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners in to a rich and dynamic sonic realm.
“We wanted to capture the magic of human connectivity and shared freedom, and the result is our most upbeat and vivid work to date. EKKO is designed to convey the spirit of a human collective, which we explored through the use of chanting group vocals, euphoric synth lines and a driving breakbeat to act as the heart of the track.”

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Rando - Running From The Lion feat. Kate Hindle     Electronic 29/11/2018
20-year-old Perth producer Rando has been busy carving out a name for himself over the past couple of years, hitting the Spotify Viral charts with his chilled out melodic tracks.
“This track struck me at the peak of my inspiration; as I was transitioning to new places and new adventures. I'd known Kate for a long time now as we went to high school together and I'd been watching her grow and take on the country music scene." - Rando

Other tracks by Rando:  Arcadia  -  Exhale feat. Erin Finlay
Bajillionaire - Empty feat. AJ King     Electronic, Pop, Dance 09/11/2018
Somewhere on the salty fringes of Sydney’s northern beaches, Bajillionaire is brewing certified ear candy with a zesty kick.
Bajillioniaire's latest single ‘Empty’ is a testament to his signature sound; a forlorn bop comprised of light, tropical melodies and chunky drops, all pulsing over a futurebass undercurrent - and it’s this sound that’s had ears perking across the globe since his debut in 2016.

Sister Peach - Love Is Automatic     Electronic, Funk 09/10/2018
Joey London and Percy Peach. The message is love. Follow the funk.
If you get rid of all the static, then love is automatic. - Sister Peach

Charlz - The Sun     Electronic 22/09/2018
Light, silvery, yet it fills—and stills—a room, Charlz’ dusky voice comes from a place of deep honesty.
From under the vulnerable covers Charlz emerges with her most powerfully devastating single yet, ‘The Sun’, produced by M-Phazes.

Underpinned by complementing production, ‘The Sun’ fills the room with longing. Charlz’ intoxicating voice sings about the struggles of a relationship. The single exhibits her ability to captivate with nothing more than a sparse piano colliding with her gentle vocals.

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Bajillionaire - Take It & Run feat. etcetera     Electronic, Dance 25/08/2018
Somewhere on the salty fringes of Sydney’s northern beaches, Charlie Hole is brewing certified ear candy with a zesty kick under the moniker of Bajillionaire.
Light, tropical melodies dance across a pulsing future bass undercurrent, on a laid back sonic trip where the intricate moments pack as much punch as the chunky drops. You’re hearing the raw and vibrant electro-pop of Bajillionaire, who today unveils his latest single ‘Take It & Run’, featuring Sydney vocalist etcetera.