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The Vitriots - I Wanna Be Somebody     Indie, Alternative, Pop, Garage 29/11/2019
80s Narcotic Drone Pop with a Modern Swag. Blur meets Primal Scream with a Fat Boy Slim / Beck style sample production.
80s Narcotic Drone Pop with a Modern Swag. Blur meets Primal Scream with a Fat Boy Slim / Beck style sample production. The guitar riff melting perfectly over the newfound drum samples. A take off from Sydney to London via Manchester.

The Moving Stills - Stick Around     Alternative, Rock, Pop 15/11/2019
4-piece alternative-pop/rock band from New South Wales’ Central Coast, wading through surf flavours and 80s New York garage sounds with pop melodies that soothe and stick.
“It’s a whole new sound for us” Nick says. ‘Stick Around’ draws in more synths & programmed instruments. Inspired by the production style of Beck & Peace, but also incorporating the garage pop element The Stills are known for. A song idea inspired by their personal experiences with nurturing relationships and balancing all the different kinds of connections.

Laura Hyde - Secrets     Alternative, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/09/2019
Melting subdued electronic textures, sparse beats and infectious vocals then works it in a dark pop realm. Reimagining singer-songwriter style tracks through an electronic prism with quirky alt-pop sensibilities.
"Secrets" navigates the internal struggle of temptation and being drawn to something you know isn't good for you. The tracks theme is reflected in the production with dark pop strokes Hyde is used to, thrown against a fun danceable beat.

Brandon Jack & The Artifacts - Modern Day Distractions     Garage, Pop, Alternative 12/09/2019
Brandon Jack (of The Vitriots) has started a new side project, ‘Brandon Jack & The Artifacts’, inspired by the thought of Blur listening to Pavement.
‘Modern Day Distractions’ brings the sound of garage pop with their unique lo-fi sounds that will leave you craving more. This track is as if Holden Caulfield watched Breaking Bad. This is what he'd have to say. Influenced by the sound and sample production style of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’ and inspired by the thought of Blur listening to Pavement.

Gold Member - Worth It     Electronic, RnB 12/07/2019
Sydney's Alt-RnB cosmonauts, Gold Member, is the lovechild of 2 producers and a singer- songwriter. Self-produced, the 3 piece swings between the palms and the party, shooting sultry and soulful.
‘Worth It’, inhales the sultry 70’s soul sounds and pumps them through a party recovery filter. The 70’s soul, Sunday 5am burn, if you will. It’s a kick start and a recovery in one track.
Swinging in the space between the palms and the wild, blue galaxy, launching sultry and soulful, sample soaked songs into the solar system.

BOO Seeka - Millennium Drive     Electronic, Dance 10/05/2019
A combination of pulsating sounds and layered textures of electronic bass, BOO Seeka’s smooth synths and rolling beats keeps the energy sizzling like a neon sign on the Miami strip.
'Millennium Drive' packs a punch from start to finish and marks the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album. BOO wrote the track as if they put on a pair of boxing gloves and let loose on the heavy bag. Combining BOO's signature vocal over a myriad of drum-and-bass-synth sounds, it's a fiery three minute journey on a sonic highway.

Laura Hyde - Falling Into You     Electronic, Pop 03/05/2019
Creating an ethereal experience, Laura Hyde meshes her inspirations, taking the classical and acoustic styles and reimagining them through an electronic prism with quirky alt-pop sensibilities.
Falling Into You delves into a wantedness of being grounded. Hyde quotes: "I always believed if you write about yourself, then you’re most likely writing about someone else. Falling Into You was the result of feeling like I had to go out of my way to find support, realising it was closer than I knew”.

Gold Member - Blue Coma     Electronic, Hip Hop 16/04/2019
Gold Member is the lovechild of Azza G, Gus G, and Jesse (Shewy). They are an Electro-skank-hop 3-piece from Sydney they plate up a delicious mix of genres.
This new track brings together the usual Goldie high energised electro/alt hip-hop sound combined with a fresh brassy lick. Azza's sweet, sultry vocals are smoothly complimenting all the soulful sounds made by Gus and Shewy on this track. Gold Member are serving a delicious plate of flavours and sounds with 'Blue Coma'.

Sticky Fingers - Cool & Calm     Pop, Chill 12/02/2019
The love child of a fling between Manchester Rock and Kingston Dub and raised on Rock and Roll, luring listeners with a salivating caress of the soul.
'Cool & Calm' is from their 4th studio album, recorded in early 2018 at Rocking Horse Studios in Byron Bay. Engineered by Nicholas Wilson and Produced by their long time collaborator Dann Hume. An album reflecting on the last few years and dedicated to their fans, friends and family. It’s a soundtrack to a sunbathed kick-on.

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Sticky Fingers - Not Done Yet     Rock, Pop 31/01/2019
The love child of a fling between Manchester Rock and Kingston Dub and raised on Rock and Roll, luring listeners with a salivating caress of the soul.
Sticky's latest single reflects on their last few months and is dedicated to friend and colleague, Emanuel "Manu" Tiberi, who tragically passed away mid last year. 'Not Done Yet' is the fourth single from Sticky Fingers upcoming record, "Yours To Keep", available Feb 08, 2019. Recorded at Rocking Horse Studios, the record is their most personal and emotional one yet.

The Vitriots - Late Night Loser (Window Cruiser)     Rock, Garage 11/12/2018
The Vitriots’ sound is reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Nirvana and Courtney Barnett. Spitfire tracks backed by sweet melodies and punchy drum beats and thumping bass lines.
'Lobster Brain' reflects bands collective inspirations taken from Britpop and 90s Grunge with a modern Alternative Indie bent. Punchy bass riffs, high octane drums beats and summer soaked guitar sounds. "Reminiscent of all the best 90’s grunge but with a discordant UK 70’s punk lyrical edge" -Charlotte Graham (Indie Music Review)

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The Vitriots - I Don't Wanna Watch The News     Rock, Grunge, Britpop 30/11/2018
Your answer for a spitfire mix of Arctic Monkeys, reminiscent Nirvana and a twist of modern Courtney Barnett can be found in the heart of Sydney with The Vitriots.
I Don't Wanna Watch The News mixes collective inspirations from Britpop, 90s Grunge and modern Alternative Indie sounds, presenting a crowd favourite. The punchy bass riffs, high octane drums and summer soaked guitars match band vocalist, Brandon Jack's, description of the track as "young people searching for answers but not knowing where to look."

The Moving Stills - Almost There     Rock 17/11/2018
The Moving Stills are a Pop/Alt Rock band from Macmasters Beach, NSW. Wading through Surf flavours and Sweet Garage/80's New York sounds, with acoustic driven numbers and pop melodies.
The fuzzed up guitars and sun soaked vibes of The Moving Stills inspire visions of epic coastal road trips and summer VBs by a beach bonfire. ‘Almost There’ brings forward an alternative style of surf-rock, with a punchy drum line setting the tone, Tommy's sweet raspy vocals, solid bass riffs and grunge guitars leaves you wanting to press replay.

The Vitriots - Pinball Wizard     Rock, Garage 24/08/2018
The Vitriots are a refreshingly addictive garage rock band from Inner-Sydney, inspired by acts such as The White Stripes, Nirvana and Oasis,
Dusting soil off their garage guitars, ‘Pinball Wizard’, has tinny electric guitars taking centre stage right before the sucker punch of thunderous drums. The track has a charm reminiscent of all the best 90’s grunge with a millennial twist. Taking notes from Nirvana, Pixies and Courtney Barnett, its a throwback in the right direction.

The Vitriots - Regret     Rock 14/06/2018
The Vitriots’ sound comes from mashing together tongue in cheek lyrics, bass driven riffs and brash guitars. Like an ice-cream to the face on a summers day, unexpectedly refreshing volt.
Regret is a tongue-in-cheek track detailing love loss between mates leading to strained relations and arguments. Filled with Brandon Jack's raw, crisp vocals that blend with the distorted guitars, growling bass lines and powerful, punchy drum beats. Sitting at the pop-end of the bands supply with an infectious melody.

The Moving Stills - Photo Upload     Rock 01/06/2018
The Moving Stills are a Pop/Alt Rock band from Macmasters Beach, NSW. Wading through Surf flavours and Sweet Garage/80's NY sounds, with acoustic driven numbers and melodies that soothe/stick.
Photo Upload is a track that has been around in the band for a few years. It’s basically about trying to understand someone else’s headspace. The song follows a somewhat pop structure with a rocky edge. It has kind of evolved over time with the layering of part over part.

The Vitriots - Long Way Down     Rock, Garage 05/04/2018
Inspired by the short, sharp tunes of The White Stripes and Bikini Kill, The Vitriots’ sound comes from mashing together tongue in cheek lyrics, bass driven riffs and brash guitars.
Long Way Down, was recorded live in under an hour and a half and mixed by Dylan Adams (DMA’s, Sticky Fingers, Skegss). Brandon Jack’s vocals rides along the top of skuzz-pop guitars, punchy bass lines and high octane drums. Leaves you wanting more after you’ve had a lick of this.

Gold Member - Poppin'     Pop, Electronic, RnB 21/03/2018
Electro-skank-hop 3-piece from Sydney. melodies by Az and beats by Gus Goldy. Gold Member have been steadily making their way into our ears supporting Sticky Fingers, and Lime Cordiale.
Poppin’ comes just ahead of Goldie’s upcoming album and typifies their indie soul / alt hip-hop. Shades of 90’s to Naughties R’n’B jams with a sprinkle of Gorillaz. With Jesse’s soft piano kicks things off, as Gussy’s low bass-heavy beats sets the tone making the bed for Azza’s vocal sorcery.

Bootleg Rascal - Tracks (Back To You)     Pop, Hip Hop, Dub, Rock 20/03/2018
Burrito-slinging ghetto-dub monsters, Bootleg Rascal, are a 3 piece dub suit. Specialising in dub beats dipped in cajun spices and melodies that sizzle like a quesadilla on a hot plate.
Tracks (Back To You) is a spicy ghetto-dub track, rubbed in cajun spice and sizzles like a quesadilla on a hot plate. Taking dub queues from Fat Freddy's Drop and Gorillaz, whilst still keeping the identifiably Bootleg melodies. Acoustic guitars float over wobbly bass synths, reminiscent of a tequila sunrise.

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The Moving Stills - Last Friday - Acoustic     Rock, Pop 20/03/2018
'Last Friday'- acoustic, is the second single from pop/alt rock band The Moving Stills.
Starting stripped right back to an acoustic guitar, and exploding into a light of its own. With a much more raw and earnest sound, carved from the memories of days gone by, holding onto a sense of nostalgic youth. The vocal accompaniment is heartfelt and genuine, sitting at the forefront.