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Sunset Pig Records

Sunset Pig Records: a semi-bankrupt quasi-serious cult from Mars. It's also a record label and
management label based out of Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. 2017 saw the first releases under
the Sunset Pig record label; 'department. - If'; 'A. Swayze & the Ghosts - Smooth Sailing' +
'A. Swayze & the Ghosts Debut EP'.

Website // Bandcamp // Youtube

Sunset Pig Records

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Lorelei - Skylight     Pop, Indie, Alternative, Psych 15/11/2019
Lorelei is the project of Claudia Schmidt and Arlen McCarthy. Influenced by bands like Beach House and Blondie, Lorelei exists somewhere in the middle, a swirling current of dark dream-pop.
“Skylight was Recorded with Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels) at Parliament Studios. It’s a song about looking back, and looking forward, whilst simultaneously feeling as though you are stuck forever in a single moment.”

Hobsons Bay Coast Guard - Get In Line     Alternative, Pop, Psych 17/09/2019
Melbournes Hobson’s Bay Coast Guard burst out of nowhere into a fun-fuelled experiment in genre-hopping and bizarro surf-pop. Catchy sun-drenched hooks smashed together on a coastal themed paint-your-own-adventure colouring book.
'Get in line’ bursts out of the gates like a mad sea-stallion. Press play and an immediate vocal mantra cries out the absurdity of hitting the club only to queue outside: ‘Come on baby lets go party, come on baby let’s go wait in line’. After this Aqua-esque hook, ‘Get In Line’ hits like a falling brick wall.

Other tracks by Hobsons Bay Coast Guard:  Big Tuna
Full Flower Moon Band - Roadie     Rock, Garage, Pop 17/07/2019
If you ask the oracle about Full Flower Moon Band, it's the story of 28 year old rock prodigy/ outcast/ loner/ Babyshakes Dillon, the underground producer and multi-instrumentalist.
Babyshakes is driving down the highway and sees an apparition of a woman on a horse. She gets out of her car and prepares to do a seance (another day, another demon). She opens the back of her boot and pulls out her weaponry to release the spirit. She succeeds, but further down the highway, the apparition appears again.

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Hobsons Bay Coast Guard - Wannabe     Pop, Garage, Psychedelic 19/10/2018
Hobsons Bay Coast Guard are Catchy sun-drenched hooks, warped chords and trashy, manic drums are all smashed together into a coastal themed paint-your-own-adventure colouring book.
Recorded in their parents living room, the single itself is another mad experiment in genre from studio Hobsons. ‘Wannabe’ is short like a punk track, heavy like a garage track and even contains elements of pop behind its driving mad-cap rhythm guitar and incessant drums. ‘Wannabe’ slots neatly beside their previous releases while simultaneously standing out like a throbbing thumb.

Easy Street - Sexy Draconian     Pop, Garage, Alternative Country 05/10/2018
Easy Street are a warped, classic pop/garage folk five-piece from Sydney, Australia with a reputation for their raw and energetic live shows.
I think this song exposes a bit of a darker and chaotic element of our music, which you don’t really get in anything we’ve released previously. We tried to produce it nice and real sounding, and I tried to sing it as honestly as I could. We hope all the beautiful people out there dig it!

Joe Sewer - (You Don't Need To Be) Afraid     Pop, Acoustic, Garage, Rock 05/10/2018
Joe Sewer is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, carving out rugged guitar-driven lo-fi pop – born in the garage but aiming for the skies.
(You Don't Need To Be) Afraid is an unadorned ballad that seeks to reaffirm our individuality and remind us how it can be threatened by fear. It reflects the temperament of the present age and attempts to serve as a reminder of the contentment to be found in our natural selves.

Lake Myer - War     Rock, Punk 05/10/2018
Lake Myer are the subterranean lurkers coursing through the city; seeking to reclaim rock'n'roll from the clean and lucrative department store shelves and return it to the swamp.
"War is fighting for the person you love without sacrificing your dignity. It’s not picking up the shit that other people put down in front of you. It’s about playing a straight bat in a twisted game, because whatever happens, you’ve got your own back, and if you’re lucky, maybe the one who’s on your team will have it too."

The Pretty Littles - Hills Hoist     Rock, Garage 27/09/2018
The Pretty Littles are a four-piece garage rock band from Melbourne with a knack for creating yell-alongs that have seen them sell out venues across the country several times over.
"Hills Hoist is about an old man who wonders around his house doing really mundane things. I pictured my Nanna and Grandpas house in Ocean Grove. They were classic Grand Parents with a well stocked lolly jar, custard and diet lemonade in the fridge. Empty houses are always kind of dark when they used to have more people in it."

The Pretty Littles - Runnin Outta Steam     Rock, Garage 27/09/2018
The Pretty Littles are a four-piece garage rock band from Melbourne with a knack for creating yell-alongs that have seen them sell out venues across the country several times over.
This song is Emo as fark, lots of yelling, fun to play live.

Other tracks by The Pretty Littles:  Flags and Stones
Backyard - Royal Park     Pop, Folk, Country 18/10/2017
Backyard have a penchant for creating understated tunes about life in Melbourne’s western suburbs and country Victoria.
A couple in a local motel and a person struggling to communicate in a foreign hospital; 'Royal Park' draws a parallel between these two stories by exploring the location in which they took place. The pairing of the two will reveal that a place can tie together events decades apart.

department. - If     Rock, Pop, Garage, Punk 06/10/2017
department. are a Melbourne Punk/Garage outfit that released their debut Album in early 2017 titled DPT PTY LTD.
’If’ serves as a reminder of the singularity of the present moment, how right now is all we ever really have and how it is, itself, intangible, and how that our collective realities equate to chaos. Or perhaps to just try to have a good time while you can.

A. Swayze & the Ghosts - Smooth Sailing     Rock, Garage, Pop, Punk 04/10/2017
A. Swayze & the Ghosts are a punk/garage outfit from Hobart Tasmania with a live show that is at all times raw, energetic and enigmatic.
"Smooth Sailing was the title suggested for this track by a friend. Being the thinker that he was, he obviously thought the irony of the title to be comedic, as the subject matter of the song is derived from a time when things were turbulent." - Andrew Swayze


2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (TAS Awards)

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Durnsford, PBS FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Backyard - Reality Television     Pop, Country, Rock 18/08/2017
Backyard have a penchant for creating understated songs about life in Melbourne’s western suburbs and country Victoria with a country/DIY feel.
Often it seems like every week is the same, and then all of a sudden a lot has changed. 'Reality Television’ is an ode to wasted time and mirrors falling asleep on the couch after you’ve just spent an entire Sunday afternoon in front of the TV.

A. Swayze & the Ghosts - ICU     Rock, Garage, Punk 23/06/2017
A. Swayze & the Ghosts are a punk/garage outfit from Hobart Tasmania with an impressive live show that is raw, energetic and enigmatic.
ICU dictates the mundanity of working life and the reliance of substances for distraction or concentration. Perhaps only deviants will relate purely. Either way, listen to this track from the perspective of a fiend, you may realise it's easier than you imagined.