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SugarRush Records

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You Can't Take Me - Melissa J Evans - Not Alone     Alternative, Blues 30/10/2019
In 2019, You Can’t Take Me saw a small group of songwriters who have experienced sexual violence embark on a songwriting journey to put their personal stories into song.
Melissa J Evans story of her experience. How many of us are not alone in suffering sexual assault.

Other tracks by You Can't Take Me:  Kendall Llayt - Medicate
You Can't Take Me - Illona Harker - The Lost Forgotten Ones     Country, Roots 24/10/2019
You Can’t Take Me saw a small group of songwriters who have experienced sexual violence embark on a songwriting journey to put their personal stories into song.
This track explores the story of Ilona Harker's experience. A heart wrenching but uplifting story of survival and hope.

Other tracks by You Can't Take Me:  Deb Suckling - You Can't Take Me  -  Kali Blunt - Cracks Let in the Sun
Various Artists - Tylah Winyard - Fix     Pop, Acoustic 11/07/2019
Growing the music careers of young regional women is the focus of creative mentoring program BIG SKY GIRLS, which is making its return in 2019.
Raw acoustic track featuring the huge vocals of this up and coming gold coast artist.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Ella Hartwig - Further Away  -  Maddie Thomas - They Said
Various Artists - Hannah Rosa - River City     Electronic, Downbeat, Experimental 11/07/2019
Growing the music careers of young regional women is the focus of creative mentoring program BIG SKY GIRLS, which is making its return in 2019.
This stunning track talks about moving to the city - the river - the lights and the dream of being there.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  K-La - Guilty Pleasure  -  Meg Beth - All We Want
Various Artists - The Dennis Sisters - SugarCoat It     Pop, Folk, Roots 11/07/2019
Growing the music careers of young regional women is the focus of creative mentoring program BIG SKY GIRLS, which is making its return in 2019.
Upbeat track from the Dennis Sisters featuring stunning harmonies from these sisters.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Amber Farnan - Rusty Caravan  -  Zoey Mills - You'll Never Know
Leanne Tennant - Cherry Cola     Pop, Electronic 05/04/2019
Leanne is the recent Carol Lloyd Award Winner, and 2 x time Qld Music Awardee for best Blues & Roots.
The brand new track from Leanne Tennant from her forthcoming third album coming out late 2019. Cherry Cola was produced by Konstantin Kersting.

Calan Mai - Friend of a Friend     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 28/02/2019
Hailing from the Gold Coast, Calan Mai is making waves across the world with his incredible songcraft and musicianship.
Stunning piano track in the vein of Death Cab for Cutie and Band of Horses.. featuring the brilliant songwriting talent of Calan Mai.

Dave Orr Band - As Soon As I Know     Blues/Roots, Rock, Folk 13/02/2019
Dave has always been a blues man and he has relished years of late nights rocking up to small bars with his beat up Gibson and losing himself in music.
The title track taken from the debut album from Brisbane artist Dave Orr Band.

Other tracks by Dave Orr Band:  Crossfire  -  Black Sunday
1000 CUTS - No Reservations     Electronic, Atmospheric, Rock, Pop 10/01/2019
Brisbane music stalwarts Deb Suckling and Craig Spann are releasing their first new music in 9 years under the moniker 1000 CUTS. Pop meets noise meets a powerful message.
This track deals with how severe mental health issues come about. How people get get trapped inside the box of their minds and is a farewell song of sorts- wishing peace upon those who fall victim to mental health. We hope it to bring some understanding to those who have lost friends and family to suicide and who feel guilt.

Sky Eater - Heavy     Reggae/Dub, Dubstep, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 09/01/2019
Lyrics founded in benevolence, empathy, realness and encouragement… nestled neatly within a musical backdrop of fat trip-hop loops, beats, horns, bass, guitar and of plenty of dub = Sky Eater
Upbeat reggae dub track.

Other tracks by Sky Eater:  The Rain  -  Human
Jackie Marshall - Darling Etc     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country 08/12/2018
Jackie Marshall is one of this countries most distinctive powerful voices. Her most recent offering Lilith Shrugs is out now.
Darling Et Cetera is a song inspired by a thing people do sometimes when they're looking for love, they look and tthey look until one day they realise that their lover is right under their nose. A friend they hadn't been able to see the true beauty of until a certain amount of time and learning had built up.

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Dave Orr Band - Diamonds on My Dummy     Funk/Soul, RnB, Blues 07/12/2018
Dave Orr Band has been an institution in Brisbane for a few years now - swaying audiences in bars and venues.This new track brings the R into the B.
There ain't no privacy or prying, I'm takin pictures on my phone while I'm drivin, so come a clickin on my dreams you can buy in. This new meters style groove instalment by Dave Orr Band reflects on the insta world of a rising star, perception is the key to his growing followers and like count.

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Jackie Marshall - You Can Take Me Riding     Blues/Roots, Country, Rock, Alternative Country 25/08/2018
One of Australia’s most distinctive voices – Jackie Marshall – is set to release her first album in eight years. Her third studio album Lilith Shrugs is out Sept 10
Bawdy country,gospel number ‘You Can Take Me Riding’ was written on the fly as Brisbane musician Greg Cathcart tinkered on his guitar and Marshall washed dishes. “It’s my Linda Ronstadt moment,”.. “I was riding the romanticism of the contemporary Americana lyric, playing with the idea of myself as the raucous liberated femme borne of the tragic woman archetype.

Other tracks by Jackie Marshall:  I Know You  -  Don't Wake The Baby
Front End Loader - Not Tonight     Rock, Punk, Hardcore 23/03/2018
Front End Loader formed in the early summer of 1991 in the back streets of Sydney suburb Darlington. For over 25 years they have been making hard core punk music.
Taken from the new album Neutral Evil.

Other tracks by Front End Loader:  Mr Speaker  -  You Me S**t TV
Jackie Marshall - I've Been Wrong     Country, Alternative Country, Ambience 13/10/2017
Jackie Marshall has been a constant on the Australia alt country scene for well over a decade. This is the new single from her forthcoming album Lilith Shrugs.
Reverb-soaked country-tinged upbeat track about "apologetically moving on from some gnarly life choices" featuring guitar work of Leigh Ivin (from hard touring alternative Australian Country Rock band The Re-Mains) who also produced Marshall's forthcoming album "Lilith Shrugs", for release early 2018.

Melanie Horsnell - I Learned How to Love From Love Songs     Folk, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Ambience 19/09/2017
Melanie has been described by the Sydney Morning Herald as having a voice of ‘the utmost delicateness’, and a ‘songwriting gem’ by The Australian.
A song about life and learning - : "I learned how to live from Dylan, that's why I'm so shy - and I learned how to love from love songs - but that only makes me cry.."

Áine Tyrrell - Whiskey Woman     Blues/Roots, Folk, World, Acoustic 07/08/2017
Áine Tyrrell's music is a contemporary folk collision between the Ireland of generations gone, and the hope of tomorrow. Her songs are as honest as an old friend,warm and inviting.
Whiskey Woman tips the hat to strong women who will fight for what they believe in.

Other tracks by Áine Tyrrell:  Tracks in My Heart
The Soldiers Wife - Hello My love     Folk, Atmospheric, Ambience 22/04/2017
A group of Queensland songwriters have gone on a journey to tell the stories of women whose partners have served in conflict through song - these are their stories.
We were struck how these wives are left to raise their children, and those important milestones their partners miss – the first steps, first day at school, birthdays. Most of all we are struck by how deeply these women love their partners – it is nothing short of an inspiration.

Other tracks by The Soldiers Wife:  Tunnels In The Hills  -  Daddy Oh
Joe Geia - North South East & West     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous, Ambience 17/03/2017
Geia is a renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist, didgeridoo player and influential figure in the development of contemporary Indigenous music. He writes music of bravery and beauty, telling Aboriginal life in Australia.
This is a song about home but also my concerns about the environmental destruction. Indigenous people respect the land and lived in harmony with the Earth for thousands of years. The world is learning that First Nations People are the leaders in protecting the land not destroying it.

Other tracks by Joe Geia:  Freedom West Papua  -  Funky Didj
Sarah Carroll and The Left Wing - Star Parade     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country 25/02/2017
Sarah Carroll has performed at most of Australia’s high-profile festivals over a 25 year career. She will be launching her latest album Star Parade at Port Fairy in March.
Upbeat title track from Sarah Carroll's new album Star Parade. For anyone who loves a driving tune - this is for you.

Other tracks by Sarah Carroll and The Left Wing:  Lived Your Life Twice  -  After The Ride