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Stuart Coupe Publicity

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Corey Legge - Last Night I Dreamt Of You     Country, Pop, Roots, Singer-Songwriter 24/03/2020
Corey Legge plays heartfelt alt-country, folk and rock, drawing influence from his upbringing amongst the fertile pastures surrounding Bega. Corey’s music is reminiscent of James Taylor, Chris Stapleton, and Passenger.
'Last Night I Dreamt of You' is the first single from Corey Legge's forthcoming 2nd solo album 'Some Days'. The track was recorded in New Zealand with award-winning producer Ben Edwards (Marlon Williams, Julia Jacklin). This memorable track is bursting at the seams with smooth ear-worm melodies and catchy guitar hooks. A groovy, sexy rock song with an epic climax.

Kevin Borich - Call a Friend     Rock, Blues, Pop 06/03/2020
Blues Rock Funk songwriter and renowned guitarist Kevin Borich with “Call a Friend” which features the effervescent vocals of Russell Morris singing tag team style with Kevin.
A message to everyone who may keep thinking, “I should call my old friend and see how he or she is doing”. But never get around to it. Let's face it, firefighters can’t text the blaze out, and we can’t text real care, so pick up the phone and Call A Friend, they may be at that point of need.

Looch Lewis - The (Not so Great) Pretender     Alternative, Roots, Rock, Country 06/03/2020
The debut release from Sydney music scene stalwart Mark “Looch” Lewis (or simply Looch to most) and long time drummer for iconic Sydney bush/punk outfit “Handsome Young Strangers”.
I love the self referential term 'Pricks Like Me' that Tex Perkins delivers in the live version of the Tex, Don and Charlie tune 'What I Done To Her'. So I have borrowed that line. It's about a misbehaving partner, reflecting on his life while settling a divorce and looking for reasons for his actions whilst heading to rock bottom.

Dave Wright & The Midnight Ramblers - Railway Song     Country, Roots, Alternative 19/02/2020
Dave Wright & The Midnight Ramblers play uptempo Australiana- folk with a bluegrass twist heavy on the harmonies with soaring fiddle and rollicking banjo.
A rollicking up tempo stomper of a tune about a man who flees from the law to hide in a railway gang building the Great Overland. Featuring an infectious fiddle and banjo lick, a rousing chorus, and soaring fiddle solo, Railway Song is widescreen Australiana.

Ruth Hazleton - The Killing Times     Folk, World, Alternative 20/11/2019
Steeped in history, folk tradition and unapologetically political, Melbourne-based singer, banjo player, guitarist and songwriter Ruth Hazleton is a prominent figure in Australia’s folk music scene.
A song acknowledging the horror of Australia’s frontier wars and the continued act of colonisation implied when we refuse to embrace ‘truth-telling’ about our colonial history. The song recognises storytelling, retelling and remembering as powerful forms of protest and healing.

Michael Waugh - They Don't Let The Girls In The Game     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 17/11/2018
Latest single from Melbourne-based Michael Waugh from his The Asphalt & The Oval album which received a 4.5 star review from The Australian and is shortlisted for many 2018 awards.
The 5th Single from ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’ celebrates Marie, the best footy player in all of grade 3. An anthem about how everybody loses when we all don’t get to play – for all of the girls (and the girly-boys) left on the boundary lines. Produced by Shane Nicholson.

Nick Craft - No Silver Lining     Folk, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Pop 17/11/2018
Perhaps best known as songwriter, musician and front man for the psychedelic rock band Sidewinder, Nick Craft recorded his debut solo album 'Minerva' with his brother and former bandmate, Martin.
No Silver Lining is the first song released from Nick Craft's Minerva, produced by his brother and former collaborator in Sidewinder, Martin Craft.
It argues for the redemptive power of optimism, even in difficult times: Where there's no silver lining, there's just a darkness at the centre of the flame…

Michael Waugh - Baling Twine     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 20/03/2018
Perceptive and insightful Melbourne-based singer and songwriter receiving extremely positive media reactions to his second album The Asphalt & The Oval, including 4.5/5 stars in The Australian.
The 3rd single from Waugh’s ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’ album celebrates dairy farmers who know how to fix anything with a soldering iron and baling twine. But also how the ‘making do’ attitude and ingenuity of the past can’t hold together life in the contemporary dairy industry.

Jen Mize/Mark Sholtez - Twilight On The Trail     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Cover Version 05/03/2018
Twilight on the Trail is a beautifully rendered collection of iconic cowboy songs from the golden era of American popular music sung by Jen Mize and Mark Sholtez.
The first song and title track from the new collaboration from Jen Mize and Mark Sholtez. Twilight on the Trail is a fine example and perfect taster of the forthcoming album from these two superb vocalists and interpreters. It's evocative, melodic and beautifully rendered.

Sam Newton - Hazel Eyes     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 21/12/2017
Hazel Eyes is the first single released from Sydney-based Sam Newton's forthcoming album Stare Into The Dark. The album is released in February 2018.
Hazel Eyes seeks to combine the raw energy of Dylan with the lyrical prowess of Van Zandt. It was written about the helplessness and desperation that we all experience when someone that we deeply care about is crying. It goes straight for the jugular and offers no apologies.

Blood Blossoms - Yacht     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Alternative Country 21/12/2017
Multi-genre hopping Sydney based artist known as Blood Blossoms. New album - The Auburn Girl - is more op/orchestral orientated.
Inspiration for this song came from a film clip idea. We imagined being in traditional 18th century garb on one of those cardboard cut out ships that rock side to side. We wrote the song for the clip. Now the song exists, but the clip is yet to be made…

Fallon Cush - Archilles Heel     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop, Psychedelic 20/12/2017
New single from the album Morning which has been featured in many Best Of 2017 album lists. Fallon Cush are a Sydney-based alt pop/Americana band.
Aching psychedelic pop/rock from Sydney's Fallon Cush. A bitter-sweet melody, billowing guitars and an all round soulful performance combine to make Achilles Heel a majestic highlight of the band's latest album, Morning.

Michael Waugh - Little C Word     Country, Folk, Roots, Acoustic 20/12/2017
Little 'C' Word is the powerful and intense first single from the forthcoming album The Asphalt & The Oval from Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Michael Waugh
First single from Golden Guitar Award nominee Waugh’s second album, ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’, produced by ARIA award winner, Shane Nicholson. Michael’s story-song celebrates Australians calling a spade a bloody shovel – a tribute to his brother and how sometimes there’s only one word to describe how you’re feeling.

Other tracks by Michael Waugh:  Footy Trip
The Woodland Hunters - Let's Fall Apart     Rock, Alternative Country, Roots, Psychedelic 23/11/2017
Melbourne-based psychedelic alt country/America. Their new album is entitled Let's Fall Apart and has been featured prominently on ABC radio, 3RRR, 3PBS, 2SER and many other community radio stations.
The title track of Woodland Hunters’ debut album, and a song lead singer Andrew describes as ‘a love song and dedication to dysfunctional couples everywhere’. Good mate Rebecca Barnard guested on vocals, and despite suffering a head cold on the day of recording still sang the hell out of it.

The Woodland Hunters - Meteor To My Heart     Country, Alternative Country, Psychedelic, Rock 15/09/2017
Melbourne-based alt-country, psychedelic-tinged four-piece band. Let's Fall Apart is their debut album, produced by Shane O'Mara. Nine original songs that critic Bernard Zuel suggests are more Rolling Stones than Beatles.
A slice of jangle pop with nods to the The Byrds and Big Star. Singer Andrew Tanner says the track is ‘either about the first flush of new love – or the stoic acceptance that happiness is an often random event beyond our control. I can’t work out which one’.

Steve Wernick Band - War For Peace     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Folk, Rock 13/06/2017
Talented Sydney-based singer songwriter with a pithy, politicised edge to many of his songs. Will appeal to fans of Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg, Paul Kelly and Joe Strummer.
Wernick and Knudsen conjure up a blistering anthemic “Call-to-Arms” with this one. Reflecting on a dystopia fuelled nightmare of chaos, fake news and alternative facts. Wernick spits out the relentlessly bleak lyrics matched with haunting intensity by a swaggering beat and guitar/violin crescendo echoing the glory days of The Clash.

Fallon Cush - Long Shot     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop, Psychedelic 10/06/2017
New song from the forthcoming fourth album from the enigmatically named Fallon Cush which is the vehicle for songwriter Steve Smith who is based in Sydney.
Fallon Cush come rumbling back in 2017 with Long Shot, an energetic slice of classic rock with a bit of twang and southern soul thrown in for good measure. It’s the first single from their forthcoming album due for release later this year.

Tim Hulsman - Lap Dog     Blues/Roots, Rock, Roots, Country 18/02/2017
Folk blues influenced songwriting with rock’n’roll attitude. Tim Hulsman is a superb performer of intense, heartfelt songs and passionate playing from an emerging talent on the Australian roots/blues/folk/country music landscape.
An infectiously, captivating song from Tim Hulsman's forthcoming new album Get Loved! This song is a live favourite and a superb example of Hulsman's mastery of folk blues influenced songwriting with a rock'n'roll attitude. Will appeal to fans of Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Lang and Paul Kelly.

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Liam Gerner - Your Property     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 29/11/2016
Liam Gerner is a Melbourne-based purveyor of music from the heart and soul. As Ryan Bingham says: “As a songwriter and performer Liam is a force to be reckoned with.”
‘Your Property’ came in an inspired thrash around on my loud guitar in a Melbourne shed, my blood boiled by Midnight Oil music, my mind reeling around the ideas in writings on Australia since white fellas arrived by folk like Don Watson, Neil Murray, and Banjo Patterson.

Forever Since Breakfast - Damp Places     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Alternative Country 18/11/2016
Forever Since Breakfast began in 2011. Five albums down the track they have become the go to seasoned purveyors of psych pop jangle ramshackle dream rock.
Damp Places was written next to a lake near Bargo. One half of a lifelong couple is addressing the other who has just had a near death experience. She is trying to persuade him not to go. It's from the album Dangerous Levels of That's Fine.

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