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Daniel March - A Thought Of You     Pop, Soul, Acoustic, Roots 24/05/2019
Indy soul artist Daniel March splits his time between London & Sydney, working with Mumu Fresh (The Roots/Common), Chantae Cann (Snarky Puppy), Jordan Rakei, Tiana Major 9 and more.
‘A Thought Of You’ was inspired by the acoustic vibes of John Mayer & Eric Clapton with a tip of the hat to soul songstress Emily King. The second single from ‘Stoneflower’ is a melancholy song about a girl who runs away from love because of her walls and insecurities. all your left with is a thought of her...

The Tony Rich Project - When I'm Broken     Pop, Soul, Acoustic 20/05/2019
‘The Tony Rich Project' is best known for the single ‘Nobody Knows’. The ACT-based singer/songwriter is a major talent, having won a Grammy for his debut album ‘Words’
The first single from The Tony Rich's new album 'Encaustic'

Other tracks by The Tony Rich Project:  The Graze  -  Now You're Gone
Daniel March - Magic     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 16/11/2018
Daniel March is an exciting new face taking his place amongst the independent soul music movement with substantial airplay on UK radio like Mi Soul, Solar, Jazz FM and BBC.
‘Magic’ is a breezy, intoxicating slice of pop-soul produced by Daniel March and Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy) that will be accompanied by an animated video by Isaiah FiftyFour Design in London.

MLHLND - Twenty First Century Love     Electronic, Pop, Chill 11/05/2017
Sydney native MLHLND is set to establish himself as one of music’s most intriguing, independent pop artists, having already drawn comparisons with the likes of Prince, The Weeknd and Flume.
Following the release of critically acclaimed single ‘Non Stop’, ‘Twenty First Century Love’ is an evocative, dreamlike record that discusses romance in the current digital age.

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Eagle & The Wolf - Lost But Not Alone     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Country 10/05/2017
Sarah Humphreys & Kristen Lee Morris met and decided to make a life and music together. There’s nothing fancy or fake here, just open hearts, great songs and the truth.
‘Lost But Not Alone’ manages to be sombre, uplifting and beautiful all at the same time.
"I wrote this just after I'd lost basically everything except my guitars,” says Kris. "The one thing I had to cling onto was a special love I'd found in my Wolf.”

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Eagle & The Wolf - Hips     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Country 21/10/2016
Singer-songwriter Sarah Humphreys and country-blues musician Kris Morris met and decided to make a life and music together as Eagle And The Wolf. Together they are truly magical.
‘Hips’, the second single from Eagle & The Wolf is described by Kristen as “the sexiest hillbilly hoe down you’re ever likely to hear". The follow up to 'Mama Son & the Holy Ghost', 'Hips' could be the best fun you can have with your pants on (or off)!!

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MLHLND - Non Stop     Pop, Electronic 28/07/2016
MLHLND is set to establish himself as one of music’s most intriguing, independent pop artists, having already drawn comparisons with the likes of Troye Sivan, Flume, The Weeknd and Zayn.
‘Non Stop’, the new single from Sydney-based producer/performer MLHLND is an R&B-soaked, infectious slab of futuristic pop that immediately demands your attention.

‘Non Stop’ is the first track lifted from the forthcoming MLHLND EP
‘Twenty First Century Love Vol II’ (out 26 August 2016)

Other tracks by MLHLND:  Pure
Mark Sholtez - If I Had A Lifeboat     Pop, Acoustic, Folk 28/04/2016
APRA Award winning, ARIA nominated artist Mark Sholtez, returns with ‘The Edge Of The Known World’, an album that sets its sights rustic peak of the ’60s/70s singer-songwriter movement
A simple yet well crafted song 'If I had A Lifeboat' crosses musical borders to take in elements of 70’s pop, jazz, modern day Americana, and Laurel Canyon folk, which makes for a consistently intriguing listen.

Passerine - Lost In Each Other     Electronic, Dance, Pop 22/01/2016
‘Lost In Each Other’, the second single from Passerine’s forthcoming, sophomore EP ‘The Morning After/The Night Before’ sees the Melbourne trio make a brief return to the soulful, electronic sounds of their past.
Vocalist Phoebe Dubar's sultry voice oozes over gently caressed piano and strings, that draw you into a slow floaty, mellow world. Seconds later cheeky sample drops the curtain and, now that the game is up, the real beat kicks in and before you know it you’re headed for the dancefloor

Jen Mize - Ghost Town     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 10/07/2015
Jen Mize is an Americana singer-songwriter who embodies what it is to be a storyteller. 'Ghost Town' is the first postcard from her winding journey.
Ghost town:
'Ghost Town' is an eerily beautiful song about the timeless nature of desperation. Set in the "American Old West' the clip for Jen's new tune 'Ghost Town' was shot in the breathtakingly epic setting of a deserted mining camp in Bodie, California by Mize and her husband.

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James Fox Higgins featuring Lionel Cole - That Lady     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul 28/05/2015
James Fox Higgins is soulful singer-songwriter whose music has been been described as an "antipodean Mayer Hawthorne” with reviews comparing his recent output to Michael Jackson's classic 'Off The Wall'. 
Taking you back to a time when R&B was King 'That Lady' is an 80s infused collaboration between soulmen Higgins & Cole. Contagious and completely irresistible ‘That Lady’ is a tale of two men, both far from home, in love with and addicted to the same crazy but beautiful city.

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James Fox Higgins - Sun & Sea     Funk/Soul, Soul 18/10/2014
James Fox Higgins has been described as an "antipodean Mayer Hawthorne" while Disco genius and Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers calls "funky and tight on all levels".
‘Sun & Sea’ describes the love affair between the sun and the ocean who work together to "flood and dry and heal the land"
Drawing inspiration from Rotary Connection's classic ‘I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun’, Higgins has re-ignited the song with his own melody and lyrics.

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Beaten Bodies - Monkey Grip     Funk/Soul, Soul, RnB 04/06/2014
Neo soul collective Beaten Bodies occupy a space somewhere between the dank hip hop beats of The Robert Glasper Experiment and the neo soul grooves of Erykah Badu.
'Monkey Grip', a painful, hauntingly soulful love song with a twist is the latest offering from Sydney/Wollongong 7 piece neo soul collective Beaten Bodies. The more we struggle to pull away, the closer we become ...


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Other tracks by Beaten Bodies:  Shoot My Birds  -  Crowns
James Fox Higgins - Stand Up     Funk/Soul, Soul, RnB, Pop 04/10/2013
Soulful, funky and fresh perfectly describes James Fox Higgins whose forthcoming album is bound to place him on the radar of fans of Mayer Hawthorne, Allen Stone and Jamie Lidell.
‘Stand Up’ harks back to a time when artists wore their hearts on their sleeves and their songs opened up the listener’s conscience... free your mind and your feet will follow, if you will. It's a call to action to stand up and offer support to our fellow man.

Other tracks by James Fox Higgins:  1975 (I Wish I Was There)
Miss Renee Simone - You Are beautiful     Funk/Soul, Soul, Roots, RnB 23/09/2013
Born of Jamaican heritage in the UK, Byron songstress Miss Renee Simone is an organic mix of soul, jazz & roots music.
“You are beautiful, don't act small don't play it down, if you've got love then spread it around" sounds the infectious chorus. A tribute to mothers 'You Are Beautiful’ speaks of the work mothers do to raise the vibration of the planet one well-loved child at a time.

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Confection - Save Your Precious Time     Funk/Soul, Dance, Pop, RnB 25/08/2011
Confection – Sydney based duo Juanita Tippins and Josh Beagley – draw on a lifetime of influences to create a whole new bag of natural born sticky sweet funk.
Save Your Precious Time’s infectious mid-tempo groove recalls the glory days of Prelude disco, with it’s soulful, organic, fluid instrumentation and gospel-tinged vocals that reach down your throat and grab your soul in a powerful vice-like grip.

Kirsty Akers & Bob Evans - In Spite Of Ourselves     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Australian Indigenous 08/07/2011
Hailed as a remarkable talent by many singer-songwriter Kirsty Akers is fearless and brutally honest with a penchant for taking her songs to places others fear to tread.
Singer-songwriter Kirsty Akers returns to the airwaves with her new single ‘In Spite Of Ourselves' that sees the diminutive rootsy performer with the distinctive vocal style join forces with ARIA award winner Kevin Mitchell otherwise known as Bob Evans (Jebediah, Basement Birds), on a risqué John Prine penned classic.

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Other tracks by Kirsty Akers & Bob Evans:  Sweet Ol Jackson