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Spooky Records

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Lost Talk - Chrome Alone     Rock, Pop 01/02/2018
Get the vocal stylings and presence of the Banshee's backed by Fugazi, put it in a grinder and you'll get an idea of where Lost Talk are coming from.
Chrome Alone, uptempo and delightful noise rock.

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The Braves - Side By Side     Rock 01/02/2018
A band for the outsiders, those who kick against the pricks of today's saturated society. The Braves hail from Melbourne, producing sonic observances that playback like a black magic coma.
Moody song about loneliness even when people are around

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The Braves - People     Rock, Garage, Pop 25/10/2017
Unpredictable and angular noise merchants coursing throughout the sprawl to drawl out their observances of today while escaping the confines of genre ridden bands saturating society.
People, with it swelling instruments and cutting guitars, creates a pulse eventuating into a rhythmic seizure which heaves like an ocean. The lyrics observe the chemical reactions that bring on the blood lust of those plundering nights out we share between our confidants in a crowd.

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The Braves - Nah     Rock, Garage 07/02/2017
The Braves are a stomping 3 piece that mix wall like guitar with catchy riffing that get's close to a parallel of ancient and modern exhuming of ills and evils.

The Braves - Comedown Kid     Rock, Garage 30/11/2016
The Braves are a stomping 3 piece that mix wall like guitar with catchy riffing that get's close to a parallel of ancient and modern exhuming of ills and evils.
Guitarist Kelly Watson rips the vocals on this new track from their forthcoming album "All Through Paradise".

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Sun God Replica - Blow Your Mind     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 11/10/2016
Love loud guitars and the musical aesthetics from the 60s and 70s beaten with baseball bats until they sound fresh and original? Do you? You'll love Sun God Replica
Kickarse opening track from their new album Grandular Fever.

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Harry Howard and the NDE - The Only One     Rock, Garage 13/09/2016
The Only One is the first single from the NDE‘s new LP Sleepless Girls out Oct 2016. Harry was previously in These Immortal Souls and Crime and the City Solution
Up-tempo Garage Stomper.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

The Braves - Black Mass     Rock, Garage 09/09/2016
The Braves have waved their wands and conjured up something frightfully gnarly with their new single. It's a sharp swinging blade of love and death infused with black magic.
"A parallel of ancient and modern exhuming of ills and evils through ritualistic raving and near maddening. The first time we jammed it was in the centre of the living room where all this would happen and it had this beaming energy about it.

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