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Spirit Level

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Braille Face x Happy Axe - Open Sky     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Ambience 09/08/2019
"With you - I am the open sky". Two of Spirit Level's core artists - Braille Face & Happy Axe - team up for a haunting, intoxicating duet.
"With you - I am the open sky."

Two of Spirit Level's core artists - Braille Face & Happy Axe - team up for a haunting, intoxicating duet.

Hemm - Hair     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Chill 06/02/2019
Hemm are Melbourne-based duo Juice Webster and Robert Downie. Their intimate electronic songs explore the everyday complexities of connection in life and love.
Hair picks up the thread laid by late-2018 single Skin, acting as further evidence of Hemm's quiet transformation into virtuosos of minimalist ambient pop.

It is a breathtaking lesson in minimalism, with every element tuned deliberately to the track’s purposeful narrative. “You are not who you seem to be,” intones Juice, as the track blooms into a sublime choral climax.

Hemm - Skin     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Ambience 17/11/2018
Melbourne-based duo Hemm (Juice Webster and Robert Downie) make intimate experimental pop that connects to the heart. Their songs explore the everyday complexities of connection in life and love.
Skin was written about the last moments of a relationship. When you know it’s over, but there are those last minute desperate feelings which rise to the surface. Feelings which make you want to be close to that person one more time. Feelings which make you want to go back to the beginning, just for a moment.

Hemm - Emerging With The Day     Electronic, Pop 10/08/2018
Melbourne duo Hemm were initially drawn to each other out of a mutual desire to explore new musical territory, but who soon became deeply intertwined and inseparable as musical soulmates.
Emerging With The Day is a perfect introduction to anyone new to both the sound and ethos of Hemm. Blissful layers of synths and beats cascade over each other, until Juice and Bobby’s voices cut through to ask a disarmingly simple question: “Will you remind me what it’s like to love?”

Braille Face - Fallen     Electronic, Pop 06/07/2018
Braille Face is Melbourne producer and songwriter Jordan White, who has established himself as one of the most compelling voices to emerge from Melbourne's vibrant and diverse electronic music scene.
Fallen is driven by a miltant drum beat that contrasts the swirling pads and choral style vocals, while a jazz/funk bass line holds it all together. The song's power lies in its lyrical content and phrasing, as well as it's olid groove, as it marches on while declaring 'this world has fallen...'.

Other tracks by Braille Face:  Malheureux  -  Future Moon
Braille Face - Faraway     Electronic 22/06/2018
Jordan White's Braille Face project is defined by a restless pursuit of the creative process, and is as emotionally affecting as it is sonically adventurous.
'Faraway' pivots from the heart-on-sleeve electronic balladeering of previous singles for a more upfront and danceable sound, with an insistent four-to-the-floor pulse underpinning a vague but bittersweet refrain: "I can't get that far away without you."

Other tracks by Braille Face:  Run For Your Life  -  Leave Your Heart
Happy Axe - Cheshire Heart     Electronic 06/06/2018
Happy Axe is multi-instrumentalist and musical polymath Emma Kelly, who uses violin, musical saw, vocals and digital manipulation to build new worlds out of layers of sound.
Cheshire Heart is hauntingly captivating, a hypnotic experience where deft melodies and atmospheric loops cascade and fold themselves around you. Entrancing patterns form and then dissolve. Inspired by the organic sonic landscapes of artists like Björk and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Happy Axe builds sound-worlds filled with both light and shadow.

Happy Axe - Seven Sounds     Electronic 06/06/2018
Happy Axe is multi-instrumentalist and musical polymath Emma Kelly, who uses violin, musical saw, vocals and digital manipulation to build new worlds out of layers of sound.
Seven Sounds is a s stunning and dynamic piece that blends eerie soundscapes created through Happy Axe's performance of the violin and saw, with beautifully delicate vocal melodies.

Donald Hugh - Hymn     Electronic, Ambience 26/09/2017
Donald Hugh's work is the sound of the natural world dissected and recombined. He samples and then refracts the sounds of real world environments, people, objects and natural settings.
"The sounds that made this track were captured on Rarotonga, of the Cook Islands. It’s a stunning place. The green lush forest, crystal waters, the people and the tremendous sense of community. One of the key samples in this was taken during a church service, sung by a local choir."

Other tracks by Donald Hugh:  Coast
Braille Face - Run For Your Life     Electronic, Pop 23/09/2017
Emotionally turbulent and vividly atmospheric, Braille Face is the solo project of Melbourne vocalist/producer Jordan White.
Showcasing the combination of lyrical vulnerability and sonic experimentation that has become his signature, Run For Your Life is the perfect re-introduction to Braille Face’s vibrant and emotionally resonant world.

Feels - Prior Engagement     Electronic 04/08/2017
Feels are classically trained percussionists and producers Elise Reitze and Rosie Taylor. Feels blend live percussion and virtual synths, creating infectious soundscapes through which obscure rhythms and melodic patterns emerge.
Prior Engagement showcases the dynamic and unique soundscapes of Feels with a labyrinth of percussive elements and electronic synths.

Prior Engagement is the first single from Feels' Emerald EP. It is their first release via Spirit Level, an eclectic artist-run label founded by Tim Shiel and Wally de Backer.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Braille Face - Glow     Electronic, Experimental 06/07/2016
Emotionally turbulent and vividly atmospheric, the songs of Melbourne vocalist/producer Braille Face combine moody electronics with songwriting of rare depth and vulnerability.
“Glow” sparkles with the restless energy of it's prolific creator, balancing his intimate voice with a beguiling combination of electronic sounds. It showcases Braille Face’s highly intuitive approach to his craft, and opens the window (if only just a crack) into his idiosyncratic sonic world.

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Other tracks by Braille Face:  Backwards/Medicated
Telling - New Love     Electronic, Dance, Pop 06/07/2016
Electronic and emotive pop duo Telling is singer-songwriter and soulful vocalist Ben Abraham (US label, Secretly Canadian) and innovative producer Tim Shiel (formerly Faux Pas, current Double J/triple j presenter).
“New Love” showcases Telling at their most ambitious, it’s a bold anthem about picking up the pieces after things have fallen apart. Abraham passionately calls upon a friend to pull themselves together, while Shiel’s driving production weaves together a vast array of sounds, from harp progressions to string sections.