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Special Interest

Special Interest

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LALKA - SHUT UP     Electronic, Industrial, Pop 13/04/2018
Crafting atmospheres that possess "the unsettling experimentalism of Fever Ray and the catchy rap immediacy of Die Antwoord", Brisbane's LALKA is unafraid to create lavish sounds with a radical edge.
Building to absolute chaos yet showing LALKA at her most in-control yet, SHUT UP (co-produced by LALKA and Haxx of Kult Kyss) harnesses pop as a weapon of defiance. Oscillating industrial synths, menacing hip-hop-influenced beats and syncopated vocals crash into each other at increasing speeds as LALKA's frustration grows.

VAL FLYNN - Stuck On Repeat     Pop, Dance, RnB, Indigenous 13/04/2018
Butchulla artist VAL FLYNN weaves pop, dance, and RnB sensibilities together, recalling that turn-of-the-century golden age, but the emotion at the heart of his work is timeless.
Fit for a London day club, 'Stuck On Repeat' is an energetic dance number that knows the intrinsic value of pop: "[It] connects all of us. Regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or race. It’s a space where we can forget our days, blast some beats and enjoy the night," - VF

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Jamilla - Beautiful     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Chill 10/04/2018
With an intense and captivating stage presence and emotive and politically charged lyrics, Perth-based nu-soul/RnB singer/producer Jamilla expresses her appreciation for human vulnerability and invites you to experience hers.
Rendered deceptively melancholic by its delicate vocal layers, beach soundscapes and wistful guitar, 'Beautiful' is the totally self-produced slinky manifesto of that powerful outer shell worn on new romantic encounters, taken to its emotionally destructive ends on a tide of percussive clicks and quivering assuredness.


Terra Pines - Kidult     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop, Grunge 05/04/2018
Grungegaze/sludgepop trio (Kelly, Owen, Cameron) dealing in danceable noise and disassociation. Based out of Brisbane/Meanjin, Terra Pines (formerly Tall Pines) are gearing up to release their debut self-titled LP.
An ode to self-conscious post-punk of yesteryear, featuring jagged guitars, driving danceable beats and playful harmonies, highlighting the bands love of the pop craft. Bright, perky early-Cure hooks are reimagined through the bands' noise-geared internal filter, with Hanlon's meandering vocals contemplating a familiar inner disconnect through a distorted crescendo.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Tangents - Terracotta (Radio Edit)     Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, Jazz 29/03/2018
"Post-everything improv" Sydney-based quintet Tangents meld electronic production, experimental rock and free improvisation to praise from Pitchfork, FACT Magazine and more.
Terracotta embodies Tangents' inability to sit still, starting with Hollo’s pedal-mangled plucked cello, joined by a propulsive beat from Dorian. Underneath Ahmad's wobbly guitar, Lim-Klumpes drops in funky Rhodes chords, moving into full jazz-funk before it all breaks down. From beyond, Bown provides sharp edits and canny recontextualisations.


Your Girl Pho - Feelen     Electronic, RnB, Pop, Soul 16/03/2018
Hailing from Perth, Your Girl Pho's jazz-pop sensibilities are wrapped in a roomy, elasticated package. On tour this month!
Produced by Demon Days' Joshua Chan, 'Feelen' is couched in warm, swirling synths, building to an ecstatic, mentos-in-coke release of tension and a blissful reconnection of self. That 'Feelen' is being yanked - mercifully, almost violently - out of a passionless rut by an accidental encounter, or a single moment.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

Demon Days - No Winners     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz, Electronic 16/03/2018
WA neo-soul 5-piece Demon Days have supported artists like Nai Palm, Fortunes, POW! Negro, Sampology, Sex On Toast and more thanks to their stylish, vibrant tracks and vivacious live show.
'No Winners' is a "delightful jam that goes down smooth". All but bubbling over with a sense of restrained mirth that points to the frivolity of missed connections, the track is indebted the likes of Herbie Hancock, with a laidback synth line that slides in neatly behind the beat.

Tangents - Stents     Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, Jazz 08/03/2018
Sydney "post-everything improv" quintet return with a teaser EP via Temporary Residence Ltd. Tangents meld electronic production, experimental rock and free improvisation to create their unique sound.
Starting from a pulse that the group begins to hover around, there is a propulsion to 'Stents' despite the drums off kilter stutters. The story unfolds as sounds come from all angles, before the drums are overtaken by an intense electronic break and the climax collapses.

Other tracks by Tangents:  In The Beginning  -  Arteries (Extended)