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Special Interest

Special Interest

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Jamie-Lee Dimes - Release Me     Indie, Folk, Alternative 17/02/2020
Distilling complex emotions into powerful moments of effortless beauty, alt-folk artist Jamie-Lee Dimes knows where something is deeply wrong, the power to begin to make it right is within.
“I wrote ‘Release Me’ when I was living in New York and there was a lot of talk about politics and immigration. It got me going deep into my own lineage, experiences, personal blocks, and obstacles in life, which led me to find the commonalities and connection with the current state of society. The lyrics come from a very honest place that is cathartic to sing.” - JLD

Desmond Cheese - Storm's Coming ft. Roman MC     Soul, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/12/2019
Critically acclaimed, infamously reclusive lo-fi soul/electronic duo Desmond Cheese is the "pungent product" of a decade-long collaboration, with influences from Zappa to Boards of Canada, Dilla to Debussy, Marley to Madlib.
Featuring vocals and a smooth flow from Brisbane/Meanjin local legend Roman MC and soul clarinet from Katie Jane, 'Storm's Coming' is a lilting, ambient slice of R&B/hip-hop/electronica.

Other tracks by Desmond Cheese:  I Was There ft. Ofa Fanaika
Rachel Maria Cox - Prosecco     Pop, Rock, Gay Alligned 25/04/2019
Named Artist to Watch with a sound “as though... Courtney Barnett and Carly Rae Jepsen had a baby" (Pilerats), Rachel Maria Cox's impending third record is supported by the AmericanExpressMusicBackersGrant.
Premiering via triple j's Home & Hosed, Prosecco dives deeper into Rachel Maria Cox's pop sensibilities, turning the classic love-drunk pop song on its head by telling it from the point of view of them being several years sober without losing its sparkle and sense of fun.

Jamilla - Bloom     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic, Pop 17/04/2019
4-time WAM nominated alt-RnB artist/producer Jamilla shares her Nina Simone-inspired new track "Bloom" ahead of joining Tijuana Cartel on their national tour.
"Nina Simone is the whole reason ‘Bloom’ exists. She redefined my idea of what it meant to be a woman, reminding me that European beauty standards were bullshit and making me feel powerful. And one day, whilst watching an interview, she gave me a voice to speak honestly about my experiences. I felt inspired and angry and ready." - Jamilla

LÂLKA - Cursed Crown 2.0     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Gay Alligned 17/04/2019
Compared to SOPHIE, "Björk with a sledgehammer" and Charli XCX who she supported last year, LÂLKA makes fiercely idiosyncratic pop with a DIY approach, recently playing FOMO & Laneway BNE.
A dizzying sugar rush of self-affirmation, 'Cursed Crown 2.0' delights in its own candy-coated weirdness from the first intentionally misspelled: "I am a bitch: B-I-C-T-H" , clanging and soaring over PC beats. Reworked from Brisbane producer DEATH CLUB 7's original, 2.0 "is about knowing you’re the shit even when you don’t feel like it (“this is MY crown”). - LÂLKA

Demon Days - Hands-Free     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Electronic 11/04/2019
Neo-soul collective & "talk of the Perth music scene" (Cool Perth Nights). Their 2018 debut Magic Eye was crowned Best EP (2018 WAM Awards). Touring nationally.
Lyricist Bella Nicholl's second enquiry into her identity as a feminist draws from disco, blues, funk and jazz.

"Society makes men feel uncomfortable/embarrassed to talk about their experiences - which is just contributing to the systematic problem of toxic masculinity. This song is for all the ‘Andy’s that have felt too diminished to come forward with their trauma." - Nicholls

Tiana Khasi - Georgia's Track     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz 05/04/2019
With a celestial yet commanding voice that's been streamed > 3mil times, Tiana Khasi's debut EP, ‘MEGHALAYA’ (prod Sampology) is out 29 Mar (Soul Has No Tempo).
"One of the worst offences you can commit against yourself is second guessing your intuition. The focus of Georgia's Track was to use hindsight to regain my power. It was important for the story to progress from that place of feeling betrayed and angry. We're all about growth over here!" - Tiana Khasi

Laneous - Hold My Hand     Jazz, Soul 14/03/2019
Lachlan Mitchell aka. Laneous emerged as the leading member of Kafka, an ‘exceptional funk group, delivering an original style of soul, Afro Cuban jazz and heavy funk’ [Courier Mail].
"The song is about someone who doesn't treat with love when you might not be at your best (drunk). Ironically, I wrote the song in a particularly drunk moment, drawing from exotica as a reference. I wanted a bass line that recalled a spooky Martin Denny, influences that inspired the album I can't wait for everyone to hear."
- Laneous

Tiana Khasi - They Call Me     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Electronic 14/03/2019
With a celestial yet commanding voice that's been streamed > 3mil times, Tiana Khasi's debut EP, ‘MEGHALAYA’ (prod Sampology) is out 29 Mar (Soul Has No Tempo).
"'[I wrote this] to challenge the problematic depictions of women in history and literature, [as] a tribute to the fierce women whose rebellion, fire and strength inspires me, especially my Tinā ole Tinā (Nana). [This is] an anthem for all women to abandon shame, reclaim and redefine the names they've been given; and be the authors of their own story"

Catalano - Others     Pop 22/02/2019
Catalano - Izzy Mellor (Shifting Sands, Jeremy Neale, Love Signs) & Ruby McGregor (Babaganouj, Lexicon, Go Violets) - are best friends who make quintessential Brisbane indie pop.
Premiering via CONTROL Zine, Others (produced by Cub Sport's Zoe Davis) is a late night D&M of an introduction to the duo that blossoms slowly and purposefully. Accompanied by iridescent, wistful visuals by Somersault Visuals, 'Others' treads the fine line between intimacy and loneliness in the earliest hours of the morning, finding that they're often the same thing.

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Demon Days - Daria's Smile     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Jazz 15/02/2019
Neo-soul collective & "the talk of the Perth music scene" (Cool Perth Nights). Their 2018 debut Magic Eye was crowned Best EP at the 2018 WAM Awards.
Premiering via Frankie Magazine, Daria's Smile is a "melodic flex" (Red Bull) from the band. Penned on tour by Bella Nicholls after re-reading Naomi Wolf's ‘The Beauty Myth’ (1990), punchy lyrics explore how beauty is used against women: there's no mistaking this track's bite amongst the glossy synths, syncopated bass and dynamic drums.

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Keeskea - Forfeit     Folk, Atmospheric, Electronic 17/11/2018
Keeskea is the “lofty and delicate, yet fiercely present and potent” project of Brisbane solo artist Vanessa Marousopoulos who's shared stages with Stella Donnelly, Jen Cloher, Jen Buxton, and more.
A vulnerable reflection of a dark emotional state, 'Forfeit's tremendous, roaring sparsity is offset by Marousopoulos's heavenly vocal waft.

"I often thought about changing the lyrics. I feared it might be too heavy.
But if I [did], I might have cheated myself & anyone else who has been in that headspace. I don’t think it should be censored."
- Keeskea

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King IV - Basic     Pop, Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 31/10/2018
King IV makes hard-hitting industrial pop, described by media as "Australia's Grimes," "a razor-sharp pop hero" and "my go to.... whenever I wanna feel like a boss-ass b*tch".
Hatched in an APRA AMCOS SongHubs session between King IV, LUCIANBLOMKAMP & Josh Simons, Basic is a break-neck 2min19sec of ice cold attitude, showcasing a new masterful restraint from the artist without losing any of her trademark punch. Percussive layers whip around ferociously in the mix over booming 808 kick bass, held firmly down by King IV's imperious vocals.

LÂLKA - CTRL ALTer ego     Electronic, Pop 26/10/2018
Compared to Charli XCX, "the love child of Yolandi Visser and SOPHIE" and "Björk with a sledgehammer", LÂLKA makes fiercely idiosyncratic pop with a fearless DIY approach.
Premiering with triple j Homed & Hosed, LÂLKA's "big, bright pop blast" is co-produced by LÂLKA herself with Paces & Haxx (Kult Kyss). Her shiniest release yet, 'CTRL ALTer ego' is a self-aware wink at modern escapism tinged with lollipop sweetness but, as triple j's Declan Byrne put it, "maybe the lollipop doesn't taste quite how you think it will."

Rachel Maria Cox - Time     Pop, Gay Alligned, Rock 26/10/2018
Recently nominated by AWMA for the Diversity In Music award, non-binary singer songwriter/"professional feelings haver" Rachel Maria Cox & their band, based in Newcastle, make "sad pop for the masses".
Produced by Skyepaint, 'Time' is driven by a "think, indie-leading instrumental" (Pilerats) that allows Cox's crystalline vocals to take centre stage as they communicate a story that's “intimate, anecdotal and cuttingly relatable" (Howl & Echoes), and an anti-diet culture message that's sorely needed for anyone who has "lost too many years that I am never getting back".

Your Girl Pho - I Can't Take It     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Electronic 10/08/2018
Phoebe Gunson aka Perth's beloved magnetic persona Your Girl Pho sets the mood with warm, technicolour jazz-pop. Her "soulful vocals" (NYLON) punctuate RnB, neo-soul and electro-pop with fizzing, elasticated energy.
Pho's "soulful vocals" (NYLON) morph into full-tilt snarl, ripping through "p-funk bass sizzle, Sade synth pads and a g-funk e.p. groove" (FBi Radio) with reckless abandon. A self-asserting release inspired by pent-up frustrations at not being taken seriously - even at her own gigs - 'I Can't Take It' is what you wish you said each time someone underestimated you.

Demon Days - Disco Baby     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz, Electronic 06/07/2018
"Talk of the Perth music scene" Demon Days' forthcoming EP is produced by Grammy-nominated engineer Nick Herrera, injecting their peppy neo-soul with galactic, fizzing energy ahead of national tour.
"A free flowing wonderland adventure. Close your eyes so you can leave all your worries behind and bliss out with Demon Days." - Declan Byrne, triple j Home & Hosed

Pulling bright, shiny elements from 90s pop, 80s synth tones & 70s disco, 'Disco Baby' nearly fizzes over with mentos-in-coke energy, propelled by punchy phrases and adorned with wonky flair.

Aeora - Party All Night     Pop, Electronic 01/06/2018
Melbourne-based artist Aeora makes evocative pop music that combines the raw emotion of her country singer/songwriter background with pillowy, powerful production. Her latest EP will be released in July 2018.
Driven by a pulsing, understated beat and delivered with barely-restrained emotion, Party All Night is a low-key pop gem caught between compassion, frustration, and a desire to do just that.

Telete - Like Honey     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Folk 01/06/2018
"We use synths and strings and bad keyboard-generated percussion to make slightly wonky pop music. Maybe if dream pop and chamber pop had a very ugly baby?"
Telete's heartrending version of a lullaby, plush with warm, thick synths and triple-tracked strings: "There’s a strange comfort in saying an uncomfortable truth out loud: you take something you’ve internalised, a feeling that you carry in your stomach, chest and heart, and you push it all the way back out."

Jacob Diamond - Mary & Augustine     Folk 23/05/2018
Award-winning alt-folk oddity Jacob Diamond's debut album Goodbye Gondwana is RTRFM's Local Feature Record ahead of its release on Friday 25 May and a national tour.
Markedly more syncopated than much of Diamond's work thanks to a meticulously synchronised hammering of pots, pans and mic stands by his entire band, the dynamic tune races to keep up with itself before heaving a sigh of relief, laying life's baggage to rest to enjoy love.