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Source Music

Source Music

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Declan Kelly - Ocean's Away     Roots, Soul, Reggae / Dub 18/09/2019
Acoustically impeccable and writing each and every song from the heart, Declan Kelly is a timeless musician, not afraid to present his blood, sweat and tears to the word.
Beginning with a sombre guitar riff, Declan opens the album singing about the cold, bitter days and how we can overcome the heaviness of life. With three distinct sections tackling despondency, regaining control and looking forward with positivity, Declan uplifts us with airy vocals and dreamy piano.

Lincoln Mackinnon - Once You're Wrapped Around Me     Rock, Country 26/09/2019
Sometime assassin, sometime saint, Lincoln MacKinnon combines uplifting choruses, heart-break harmonies and a barely contained menace to produce music that is as powerful as it is memorable.
A precious ode to that special someone, “Once You’re Wrapped Around Me” is the sincerest of love songs; sweet and to the point. With gorgeous harmonies from fellow WA artist Billie Rogers, Lincoln, with his familiar twang, sings of all the loving emotions in this timeless romance. Put simply, “I’d give the skies above to be the one you love.”

St Joan - I Think (You Think)     Rock, Psych, Blues 11/10/2019
Drawing influence from the story-telling of Jeff Buckley and sinister melodies of Radiohead, Sydney trio St Joan fuse psychedelia, blues, indie and folk to create vulnerable and dynamic music.
"I Think (you think)" sings of fallen expectations within a brotherhood. This psychedelic beast, powered by its beefy bass line, is the love of a brother and the pain of letting them down. Visiting the psychedelic world of King Gizzard, this is just one faucet of rock'n'roll pouring out of St Joan and the emotional lament that is "Burning Home."

Charbel - River of Neglect     Soul, R&B, Indie 06/11/2019
An energetic MC and a modern-day crooner, Charbel is the amalgamation of soul and spirit.
“River of Neglect” is a story about the fight for true love inside a lust-filled world; a genuine connection between two human beings that cannot be built solely upon sex. Charbel's honey-like vocals sit atop Sumatra's soulful production featuring traditional Lebanese instrumentation, an ode to Charbel's rich heritage.

SARAI - Come Through     Hip Hop, R&B, Pop 26/11/2019
Fresh off of supporting Tuka (Thundamentals) on his national tour, SARAI spreads her positive message through her grind and hustle, and with her unique melodic rap.
“Come Through” is a challenge to smash down barriers and accomplish things that have never been done before. With her signature melodic rap, SARAI calls out all tiresome excuses, invoking us to give her “that woman, that man you wish you were.” It’s time to write our own narrative!

Justin Hunter - Introduced     Instrumental, Classical 29/11/2019
Justin Hunter is an accomplished pianist from the Blue Mountains who creates waves of emotion and exalts unbridled passion every time he touches the keys.
In Justin's words: “‘Introduced’ was inspired by the impulsive need to create. When recording my up-coming album, I was tinkering away at the top register of the piano, and instantly this melody was cemented within my heart. Crazy, impulsive, moody; these are the words that I think of when listening to ‘Introduced.’”

Pirra - Under the Skyline     Dance, Pop 29/11/2019
Recently signing with BLK&WHT for the UK, indie-pop outfit Pirra continue to get us off our feet with their blend of dance vibes and euphoric bliss.
“Under the Skyline” is a euphoric bliss that captures the freedom of the grand open landscapes and beautiful nature of Australia. A simple enough concept yet it’s something we constantly yearn for – the idea of completely letting go and being born anew. Pirra combines acoustic tones with electronic and dance production for this indie-pop masterpiece.

Pirra - Under the Skyline (Acoustic)     Dance, Indie, Pop 23/01/2020
Recently signing with BLK&WHT for the UK, indie-pop outfit Pirra continue to get us off our feet with their blend of dance vibes and euphoric bliss.
“Under the Skyline” is a euphoric bliss that reflects the freedom of the open landscapes and beautiful nature of Australia and the idea of completely letting go and being born anew. Keeping the signature acoustic guitar from the original version while introducing new slick chord changes, Jess’ vocals are a breath of fresh air, capturing the essence of the song.

SARAI - On My Way     Hip Hop 21/02/2020
After a big 2019 supporting Tuka (Thundamentals) on his national tour and staking her claim as the next MC to watch, SARAI is right back on her hustle in 2020.
“On My Way”, SARAI’s first self-produced track, is a wrap on her life story and the soundtrack to her relentless hustle. SARAI combines rock guitars and trap beats with a ‘Ginuwine-“Pony”-like’ bass for an all-out explosion of adrenaline. Mixing influences of Rihanna and Banks, SARAI is fighting off all challengers, creating her own destiny by creating her own sound.