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Source Music

Source Music

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SARAI - Touch     Pop, Dance, Electronic 20/03/2019
One of Sydney's up-and-coming dance-pop stars, SARAI's energy and vocals will have you up and dancing to the beat
“The vision of Touch is a woman dancing in the desert, pouring her soul day and night into her work, searching for success, yet she remains in surrender to the process. Her venture is a gamble, upon which she continues to stake all of her resources. The hook is a heart cry for a thirst to be quenched.” – SARAI

St Joan - Wolf Child     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 20/03/2019
Drawing influence from the story-telling of Jeff Buckley and sinister melodies of Radiohead, Sydney trio St Joan fuse psychedelia, blues, indie and folk to create vulnerable and dynamic music.
He’s a blood sucking, cold-hearted killer that’s after her taste and with a full moon out, you better heed St Joan’s warning and run while you still can. The blues rock trio narrate this chilling story of “Wolf Child” - will she escape or will she become yet another victim?

Ed Wells - 1983     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic 28/02/2019
Hailing from Sydney and currently making a name for himself in London, Ed Wells has developed his own unique blend of modern-day, classic soul.
Ed Wells’ latest release "1983" is a unique, acoustic-and-electronic fusion with elements of D’Angelo and Jordan Rakei. Wells takes on today’s technology obsessed society, begging the question “What can I do to stay just like me?”. “1983” is released across all streaming services on Friday March 1st.

M0RPHEUS - Hold (feat. Marie Dangerfield)     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz 28/02/2019
M0RPHEUS is the newest Australian neo-soul artist, debuting in 2019 with the ultra smooth single "Hold".
“Hold” is the first taste of M0RPHEUS in 2019, featuring vocals from local singer-songwriter Marie Dangerfield. Marie's crisp melodies and lyrics of adoration embellish the darker keyboard tones of M0RPHEUS, creating a sense of yearning. "Hold" will be released across all streaming services on Friday, March 8th.

Declan Kelly - Carry Me     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 12/02/2019
Declan Kelly, session musician for Bernard Fanning, is a diverse singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist writing about his strong roots and rich connection to the heart of Sydney
"Carry Me" has a cinematic tone that highlights the intimacy of this Heart song about the trials and falls of a love and essentially holding each other through it all, thick and thin.

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SARAI - STARXLOVERS     Pop, Dance, Electronic 12/02/2019
After creating a buzz in 2018, singer-songwriter and dancer SARAI is going into 2019 with more energetic music in preparation for her upcoming EP.
After bursting onto the scene with consistent releases in 2018, SARAI is keeping up the pace as we kick start 2019 with STARXLOVERS off her highly-anticipated upcoming EP. STARXLOVERS explores the question of commitment between lovers over time, SARAI's most honest and reflective work to date.

Lincoln Mackinnon - Sparks Will Fly     Rock 10/08/2018
West Australian rock guitarist Lincoln Mackinnon releases “Sparks Will Fly”, the title track and first song to be released from his forthcoming album.
Lincoln Mackinnon is an eclectic and mysterious rocker originally hailing from Melbourne. Now based in Perth after a stint in the desert regions of the NT, Lincoln’s brutally honest vocals, wild guitar riffs and steady thumping drums provide him with a beautiful layer of sound. You can feel the raw talent on this the first single from his forthcoming album.

Nic Cassey - Pretty Thin     Pop, Folk, Roots 10/08/2018
Nic Cassey is an enigma. Its hard to pin him down except when he's writing excellent folk songs. He plays all the instruments and sings and writes. Yes. Good.
Dreamy Folk Artist Nic Cassey surprises with “Pretty Thin” a captivating upbeat jam. Nic’s voice finds new depth and resonance on this driving, percussive track with a stack of brass thrown in for powerful effect.

Sarai - Do You Wanna     Pop, RnB 10/08/2018
Sarai is a motivated singer songwriter and dancer who studied at the Australian Institute of Music and is now releasing her first self-penned songs.
Fun new artist Sarai releases “Do You Wanna” a captivating pop jam. Fresh with punchy vocals and catchy hooks stuttered throughout, this energetic pop track is her second single release

Em Flach - Crushed     Hip Hop, Downbeat, Chill, Atmospheric 07/08/2018
Em Flach continues to craft beautifully crafted lofi, downtempo hip hop inspired by the vistas around his home in the Blue Mountains. This track co-produced with The Silent Titan.
Crushed is a melodic blend of riveting piano licks, down-tempo drums and piercing trumpets combine to form a lush soundscape. Lofi hip hop at its most atmospheric.

Abbe May - Design Desire     Rock, Blues 13/06/2011
Abbe May's album “Design Desire” is due for release July 7 and is already one of the most anticipated releases amongst genre-bending tastemakers.
"Design Desire" from the album of the same name by Abbe May

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Leroy Lee - Drawing Smoke     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 02/02/2010
Folk/Pop/Alternative songsmith/guitarist
Even-tempered and woody finger-picking underscores this songs with the clarity of a full band. Driving opener Drawing Smoke reflects on procrastination and missed opportunity......
(Alternative media group)

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