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Miiesha - Drowning     Funk/Soul, RnB, Indigenous, Pop 13/08/2019
From the Aboriginal community of Woorabinda comes a 20 year old with a voice ready to be heard. A proud Pitjantjatjara/TSI woman, Miiesha uses her voice to educate and inspire.
Drowning is Miiesha's response to the assumption that to live in a community with limited opportunities is a choice, rather than a safe space to feel culturally at home.

The Holy Rollercoasters - Bathe In The Blood Of The Lamb     Funk/Soul, Soul, Funk, Pop 09/08/2019
Inspired by the masters of rhythm and blues, the ecstasy and tragedy of love and the beauty and gothicism of the bible. Performed by non-religious soul, blues and jazz-worshipping Brisbanites.
'Bathe' breathes heavy soul into its opening bars, with drummer Chris Evans introducing a backbeat that does not let up. It's the story of the relationship between an increasingly agnostic young man and his pious mother, in a time of war. Whilst thematically not your typical soul fare, it's packs one hell of a funky punch!

Other tracks by The Holy Rollercoasters:  Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  -  Song Of Offering
Stop That Mammoth - I'll Vibraslap ya     Funk/Soul, Funk 06/08/2019
Stop That Mammoth, a 6-piece all-female band of 16-year-old's from Castlemaine, Victoria that write fun, ska, funky songs that are good to have a dance to!
Play. This. Tune. 24hrs a day! An infectious [in a very cool kinda way!] tune from the wonderful Gals of Stop That Mammoth. Take a listen. You are going to LOVE "I'll vibraslap ya"

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Maya Rose - Time     Funk/Soul, RnB 02/08/2019
Maya Rose is a 90s R&B, Soul singer-songwriter, composer and musician from Castlemaine, Victoria.
Latest single ‘Time’ boasts the catchy lo-fi hip hop vibes that seem to be taking the world by storm offering the listener a time to reflect and ‘get in their feels’ to a period of their life that resonates within.

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No Nomad - Rollerblade     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz, Soul 02/08/2019
Unique sound rooted in jazz, neo-soul, and R&B. Coming out of Perth with infectious grooves, emotive melodies, and soulful style.
‘Rollerblade’ stitches emotive melodies with a bold attitude and infectious groove bringing together soul, jazz, and alternative influences.

Fellow Perth artist and good friend Max Black teamed up with the band on production duties.

'Rollerblade’ is the lead single from No Nomad’s upcoming debut EP ‘Kayak’, releasing on the 29th of August.

Coastal Elite - Shorebreak (From Now On)     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Easy Listening 26/07/2019
Cruising onto the airwaves is fresh collective Coastal Elite, armed with a deck crew of Sydney’s finest in shuffling boogie grooves each coming together as an amorphous marina-inspired sound system.
With breezy harmonies, steady percussion and phasing supersoul synths, the track is the epitome of Coastal Elite’s enveloping ‘Biarritz Boogie’-style grooves. The catchy gem is generated, performed and vocalised by leading yacht boogie maestros Joshua Beagley and Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive) plus guest faces, serving up a positive message of emotional rebirth with a twinge of longing and heartbreak.

Coastal Elite - Spend One Day     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Funk 26/07/2019
Cruising onto the airwaves is fresh collective Coastal Elite, armed with a deck crew of Sydney’s finest in shuffling boogie grooves each coming together as an amorphous marina-inspired sound system.
“Spend One Day” bursts with classic 80s synth hits, dizzying whammies and a choir of layered vocals driven by a bassline that bubbles with seasick funk.

Other tracks by Coastal Elite:  Once In A Lifetime feat. Laura Stitt  -  Cherish feat. Carl Fox
Jimmi Carr Band - Invisible Bone     Funk/Soul, Rock, Roots, Pop 26/07/2019
Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Jimmi Carr Band play everything from alt-country to funk/soul grooves with a gritty rock edge. New album out September.
“Invisible Bone” is a perfect example of JCB’s trademark funk/soul groove with a gritty rock edge. Catchy riffs and a Stevie Wonder-esque hook collide with dirty grooves. The song is about trying to be a better man in a changing world where men are rightly being held to account more often when they behave badly.

Other tracks by Jimmi Carr Band:  Crooked Second Story
REGI FLIH - Feeling Some Way     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 19/07/2019
REGI FLIH is an Australian singer, songwriter and producer described as a perfect mix of flawless vocals with trap, r&b and soul.
FSW is more of a ballad detailing the break up of a guy and a girl, but from the perspective of the instigator however written through the mind of the heartbroken. As I wrote the piece I wanted to break the barriers of a typical song structure, keep it open and flow like a conversation, rather than a song.

Karate Boogaloo - Bam Bam     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Instrumental, Soul 18/07/2019
Rhythm section of Melbourne favourites The Cactus Channel, ​KB remind us of the beauty of colouring outside the lines; their unconventional funk guided by a steadfast commitment to bending rules
Karate Boogaloo ​have shared their flip on the Sister Nancy classic ​“Bam Bam”​, the first track from their upcoming ​‘KB’s Mixtape No. 2’. As the most sampled reggae song of all time, “​Bam Bam” needs no introduction. ​Kanye flipped it in ​“Famous”, ​Jay-Z in ​“Bam”​ and now ​KB​ has twisted this cover in their immediately recognisable and wonky left-field style.

Danny McCrum - Hustle Bustle     Funk/Soul, Rock 16/07/2019
Danny McCrum is a professional musician and songwriter
Hustle Bustle is an upbeat, funky, feel-good track with strong melodies and lots of groove.

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Kumar Shome & The Punkawallahs, Setwun (remixer) - Shromer - Setwun Remix     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Soul 12/07/2019
Setwun is Josh Panakera Molony, a Sydney based Producer, performer and multi-instrumentalist. Kumar is a Melbourne based guitarist and composer, his solo project The Punkawallahs exploring jazz, funk and world.
Setwun completely flips Kumar’s 2nd single Shromer from a psych rock ballad to a sexy R&B slow jam. Adding lush vocals and a new soul beat we’ve got the perfect d floor slow jam.

Daisy West - Can't Stop Thinking About You     Funk/Soul, RnB, Rock, Soul 11/07/2019
Daisy West's music lifts and elevates you to a new planetary alignment. Their debut album "Bellis Perinnes", captures the powerful energy and passion of this timeless soul rock band.
This is a song about desire and obsession.

The vocals are sexy and driven. The lyrics repeated like a crazy thought you can't get out of your head.

The groove hits hard and the sentiment will be heard by anyone who has ever loved with all their soul.

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Other tracks by Daisy West:  Dance  -  Forgive Me
Alice Skye - Speak Your Language     Funk/Soul, Soul 09/07/2019
22 year old Alice Skye is a singer-songwriter, Wergaia woman and universal little sister. Now living in Melbourne, home to Alice Skye is country Victoria.
(Original performed by Leah Flanaghan)

"First Nations people are so multi-faceted and diverse but sometimes I feel this outside pressure to fit an archetype and tackle huge political topics via song - but it is just as powerful for us to be singing whatever it is that we are feeling, and existing as who we are." - Alice Skye

Busby Marou - Lonesome But Free     Funk/Soul, Soul 09/07/2019
Australian duo originally from Rockhampton, Queensland. The duo are characterised by their melodic guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics. The band primarily consists of Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou.
(Original performed by Troy Cassar-Daly)

"Both Troy and Paul Kelly have been instrumental in our career and brilliant role models not only to inspiring artists like us, but to an entire country. Having had the privilege of singing this song alongside Troy we instantly fell in love with it"

The Teskey Brothers - So Caught Up     Funk/Soul, RnB 09/07/2019
New single ‘So Caught Up’ is the centrepiece of The Teskey Brothers’ forthcoming album Run Home Slow, and perhaps the most prominent departure from the band’s sound to date!
When the four-piece first started jamming on ‘So Caught Up’ they were a bit disarmed by the poppy new territory they found themselves in. “I guess we were a bit worried about it being too much of a pop song and wanted to make sure that it didn’t sound like a huge departure from our previous stuff,” Liam says.

Mwansa - Wildest Dreams     Funk/Soul, Soul, Atmospheric, Pop 08/07/2019
Mwansa is a Perth-based songwriter, producer and entrepreneur who has teamed up with South African SInger and Designer Lauren Joy for this uplifting single Wildest Dreams.
Wildest Dreams has delicate touches of gospel ambience and acoustic flourishes that are a stirring testament to being true to oneself and listening intently to that which moves in you. Lauren-Joy’s evocative depiction of a grand love a life-affirming lift to Mwansa’s masterly production, meticulous in providing a cohesive arrangement. Wildest Dreams is devoted to the spirit of song.

Boomskully - Ted (feat. Miranda Daughtry)     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz 06/07/2019
Born in 2018, Boomskully are Adelaide based neo soul outfit featuring the talents of Jason McMahon (saxes/production), Alex Wignall (keys/synth), Alexander Flood (drums) and Lauren Henderson (vocals).
The final track of the E.P, Ted was written with the poet, Ted Hughes in mind. The most upbeat and energised track on the E.P, this is where Jason McMahon's producing prowess truly shines.

Other tracks by Boomskully:  Q&A (feat. Nelson Dialect, Ben Harrison & Django Rowe)  -  Society Rules (Sugar Daddy)
Shirley Lynn - It's Ok to Not Be Ok     Funk/Soul, Soul, Ambience, Easy Listening 04/07/2019
Shirley Lynn has recently released her new single, "It's Ok to Not Be Ok", written with Alan Roy Scott and recorded at The Song Store in Melbourne.
“It’s OK to Not Be Ok” is adult contemporary in style played on keyboards and acoustic guitar with selective mood enhancing strings.

Mental health is as important as emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. This is a song for healing - beginning from the place within.

Dominique - If You Like That     Funk/Soul, Experimental, Electronic 03/07/2019
Dominique is a new artist from Sydney. Her music is driven by the desire to connect with others based on universal cognitive and emotional experiences.
If You Like That describes the unconscious process of sabotaging friendships and relationships, and the depressive aftermath that follows.