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Soul Messengers - Whiplash     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul 22/09/2017
Sydney-based revivalist soul band track their influences through the great soul songwriters of the 70s. A well honed live act, Soul Messengers play dirty soul to sweet sultry ballads.
"Struggle! It fills our lives, but we learn to fight on." Whiplash is a 70s soul inspired track with a modern message. Sure life can be a struggle, but we can overcome if we persevere.


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Other tracks by Soul Messengers:  Don't Let Them Tell You  -  It's Too Late For Tears
Spectoral - Sweet Deprivation (Martiln Remix)     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic, Atmospheric 20/09/2017
With lyrics and arrangements grounded in pop and future soul, Spectoral also draws inspiration from nostalgic, time-worn downtempo productions as much as he does from cutting-edge songwriters of today.
Melbourne's most promising producers join their talents once again to produce downtempo pop magic. Martiln takes Spectoral's seminal and very well received debut single Sweet Deprivation, into the stratosphere with this incredible remix. That synth solo... those vocals... the whole thing soars from beginning to end with slow power.

Oatis - I Want More     Pop, Soul 19/09/2017
Songwriter and soloist Oatis is a current semi finalist in the "2017 UK songwriting contest" and Last years finalist in the " Covereted International Song writing contest "The SongDoor"
"I Want More" is a sassy Pop/Soul tune with a big voice, swinging melody and cool song storytelling!

SO.Crates - Divide/ 30/70 Replay     Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul 19/09/2017
Hip hop traditionalists, producer Skomes and Californian born Australian resident MC Cazeaux O.S.L.O, AKA SO.Crates have already staked their claim as one of Melbourne's most sought after live acts.
SO.Crates have provided an early taste tester of the reissue with the newly reworked version of ‘Divide’, handled by Melbourne’s very own 30/70 Collective featuring the vocals of Allysha Joy showcasing her honest energy of love and light, that is channelled through Soul and Jazz music.

Osaka Punch - How We Operate     Rock, Funk, Metal 15/09/2017
Osaka Punch’s success is due to an approach to songwriting which fuses elements of several genres with accessible, dance-inducing grooves, all delivered by the group's infamous front man, Jack Muzak.
How We Operate is funkdafied/rad/awesome. New single from Osaka Punch. That's all you need to know.

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The Goods - Glow     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic, Psychedelic 15/09/2017
Consisting of Badmandela, Rosario and Black Tree, The Goods is fast becoming vital members of Sydney’s rising soul / electronic scene.
A deep, hypnotic groove floods the airwaves, consuming the listener in a blend of funk, RnB and soul, with their own signature stamp of spacey electronica. While the mood softens momentarily for a psych-infused bridge, it quickly picks up to an all-familiar beat – a much-welcomed return for the trio.

Rigidy Rourke and The Love Dogs - Low Pockets     Funk/Soul, Retro, Roots, Soul 14/09/2017
Rigidy Rourke and his Love Dogs have created a hard hitting funk ensemble that is purpose built to have the audience grooving from the first note to the last.
LOW POCKETS, an incredible neo-soul, funk-pop track that is everything modern soul should be. Incredible vocals, slick production and songwriting skills to take on any pop hit. RIGIDY ROURKE AND THE LOVE DOGS are taking the genre forward and dominating at the same time.

CKNU - Plus One     Reggae/Dub, RnB, Funk, Soul 14/09/2017
Sliding effortlessly across the genre map, Brisbane’s CKNU make music that when stripped back, exists to make you have a good time. This is soul with a sly grin.
‘Plus One’ is a feel good track that is all about holding onto one’s lover and that they will always be the other half. Moving away from the full-band recordings, the track is heavily electronically produced, from the grooving tropical-like drums to the big synth stabs and electronic-sitar like sounds.


Neon Tetra - Reflections     Pop, Rock, Funk, Soul 14/09/2017
A hybrid 1960s/2000s synth rock outfit, with currents of pop and funk.
Learn by simply living. We set up all these divisions between ourselves, whether based on race, belief systems, sexuality and lifestyle choices, and don’t ever actually realise that we are, more or less, one of the same.”


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Demon Days - Killer Bees     Funk/Soul 02/09/2017
Demon Days are a Jazz Funk/Neo Soul collective from WA. Led by singer/lyricist Bella Nicholl, the four-piece take hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz; squash them together and see what happens...
Slow-burning and syncopated, 'Killer Bees' swerves between movements as readily as its namesake buzzes between flowers. Bella Nicholl's vibrant, honeyed vocals deliver wisdoms such as "There's no rules in life, just don't be a d*ckhead" to soothe the existential growing pains and anxieties we all feel.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (WA Awards)

Flight Facilities - Arty Boy (Swindail Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Pop 01/09/2017
Critically acclaimed duo Flight Facilities share the full remix package for one of this year’s biggest releases “Arty Boy” with Emma Louise.
Emerging Australian producer Swindail puts his unique stamp on the song, infusing obscure soundscapes and eclectic beats. Swindail’s rework showcases his quirky and intriguing production capabilities. The young artist has been endorsed by industry heavyweights Pigeons and Planes, Billboard and BBC Radio.

Other tracks by Flight Facilities:  Arty Boy EJ Mix Main Remix  -  Arty Boy (Jarreau Vandal Remix)
The Soul Movers - Fool I Am     Funk/Soul, Pop, Britpop 01/09/2017
The Soul Movers are made up of front-woman Lizzie Mack, guitarist Murray Cook (The Wiggles), keyboardist Pip Hoyle (Radio Birdman), bass player Andy Newman and drummer Darren Ryan.
Lead single Fool I Am, is a classic 60’s-inspired pop tune about the lure of passionate love with a reflective bridge and upbeat resolution.

The band’s sound encapsulates the essence of retro soul, filtered through a contemporary lens.

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Five Coffees - The Heist     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz 30/08/2017
A collection of jazz and hip-hop musicians since 2009.
The Heist is the first single from Five Coffees debut album 'A Little Revolting.' Produced by Drew Bisset and mastered by Don Bartley (INXS, Crowded House). For more information visit

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Other tracks by Five Coffees:  Trip To Mars  -  A Little Revolting
Jordan Rakei - Snitch (Acoustic) (3RRR Stylin' Session)     Funk/Soul, Roots, Pop, Folk 30/08/2017
Jordan is a 25 year-old multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer with links to Remi, Disclosure, Ta-Ku, FKJ and Tom Misch. His new album Wallflower will come out on Ninja Tune.
The album version of Snitch framed Jordan's voice with sweet rhodes, live hip hop drums and a verse from Remi. This version recorded in Melbourne's 3RRR strips it all back, with just Jordan on guitar and voice.

The full 33-track Stylin' 800 compilation is a free download at

Levingstone - Ritual     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz, Soul 30/08/2017
Eclectic five-piece Levingstone make indie soul music - rich with narrative, and bathed in lush harmony and deep groove.
Described by the band as a "song about death you could dance to", 'Ritual' is the lead single from Levingstone's EP "Overland". The song features a golden horn section that colours the tight, pulsing rhythm framing the playful vocals, and showcases the band's penchant for rich imagery in their lyrics.


Noah Slee - Radar     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, RnB 30/08/2017
Noah Slee, the Tongan born, New Zealand raised, Berlin-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been sending music critics gaga the past few months with his constant slew of incredible releases.
Likened by tastemakers to such luminaries as Anderson Paak, Kaytranada, Andre 3000 and Chance The Rapper, Noah describes his aspirational conception of house inspired, dance anthem "Radar" as seminal, "Radar is paying homage to all the dope musicians paving away at their creations."

Other tracks by Noah Slee:  Lips  -  Reality
Baldwins - Apollo Earth     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 18/08/2017
Baldwins is an eight-piece progressive-soul band from Sydney, Australia.Combining elements of soul, jazz, and rock, they have developed a distinctivesound with lush jazz-tinged harmony and dense polyrhythmic writing.
A unique track detailing the dread of return of astro travellers to our planet Earth. The title Apollo Earth describes the opinion that our Earth is merely a spaceship to get us to our next destination.


Other tracks by Baldwins:  Milk Beach  -  Haze
Ashleigh Watson - Little Love     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Pop 16/08/2017
Ashleigh Watson is an independent retro soul singer/songwriter based in Melbourne Australia.
Recorded in LA in 2016 with multi-platinum producer Warren Huart.

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Brother Brad - Digital Revolution     Funk/Soul, Pop 10/08/2017
Having built up their live original set on a background of RnB, Jazz and Pop, Brother Brad have become an explosion of soulful bliss spreading throughout the city they love.
Sliding through your speakers with a slick lick of bass, Digital Revolution becomes a gathering of chirpy guitars, strutting drums, synth organ and glorious outbursts of brass. The band tapped into their penchant for pop and roots for the track.

The New Buzz - Valley of Silence (feat. Karl S. Williams)     Funk/Soul, Soul, Blues, Alternative Country 09/08/2017
The New Buzz are West End's hottest deep soul, feel good, party band! A fresh collective bringing the grit of the streets to their heavy soul and raw funk stylings.
Brisbane's downhome funk and soul collective return with a soulful slow jam featuring the alt. country styling’s of crooner Karl S. Williams. Valley Of Silence is equal parts heartbreak and elation, with the band laying down a deep, sombre groove for Karl to tell his tale of weariness by.

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Other tracks by The New Buzz:  Brisket Bits