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Cool Out Sun - Fire For     Funk/Soul, World 31/05/2018
Cool Out Sun is made up of good friends N’fa Jones (1200 Techniques), Sensible J (REMI), Lamine Sonko (The African Intelligence) & Nui Moon (Public Opinion Afro Orchestra).
"Fire For" was written as a celebration; fire for their people and all people who get down with Cool Out Sun. Blending different language, culture rhythms and groove, the song represents the beauty and power of the diaspora, as well as celebrates being African Australian.

Francesca Gonzales - Baby Give It Up     Funk/Soul, RnB, Dance, Pop 31/05/2018
After cutting her teeth performing with the likes of Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird and Ben Wright Smith, young Melbourne powerhouse Francesca Gonzales has just released her own self-titled EP.
Francesca wrote this song after an unfortunate experience with a punter at a festival who wouldn't stop harrassing her while she was just trying to dance. She turned this into an empowering statement for men that just can't take a hint.

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Emmett Young - Fix (Me/You)     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, Atmospheric, Chill 30/05/2018
Emmett Young is a 19 year old Melbourne based singer/producer who describes his style of music as cross between multiple genres. Mainly towards the Alt/Indie and RnB side.
A song about insecurity, people judging themselves too much based on nothing.

Other tracks by Emmett Young:  Patience
Odette - Take It To The Heart     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Easy Listening 26/05/2018
Odette was born in England and raised in the winner western suburbs of Sydney, hailing from a long line of jazz pianists.
Odette: “Take It To The Heart is my revenge song. I think everyone should have one. It’s not so much revenge in the sense that you will for or enact pain on another person, more so you realize that through your own personal growth they can never hurt you again."

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Breakthrough Artist, Best Adult Contemporary Album

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Daniel March - Falling For You     Funk/Soul 18/05/2018
Artist/Singer Songwriter/Multi Instrumentalist
Soulful Summery

Other tracks by Daniel March:  Nina  -  Falling
Okenyo - Utopia     Funk/Soul, RnB 18/05/2018
OKENYO is a powerful and soulful artist based in Sydney, Australia. She writes music based on experience, and often refers to her lived experience as a queer woman of colour.
'Utopia' captures OKENYO's debut EP 'THE WAVE' perfectly. It describes 'the letting go' of a past fault, passing the lows and rising above.

Other tracks by Okenyo:  Demons  -  Come Through
The Steele Syndicate - Ours     Funk/Soul, Pop, Ska 18/05/2018
An evolution of Steele McMahon’s solo work, the Brisbane-based octet has an eclectic, genre-bending sound that re-imagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock.
"Ours" is a call for young people to turn our passionate feelings about today’s biggest challenges into positive change. This song had to have a different lyrical message; there is literally a line that says 'And this is my attempt to write about something more meaningful than my love life'.

Billy Lofton - Dreams     Funk/Soul, Soul 17/05/2018
R&B and Dance Artist. Soulful groove. A must in your collection
Soulful adult contemporary Dance

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Okenyo - 20 / 20     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 11/05/2018
OKENYO is a powerful and soulful artist based in Sydney, Australia. She writes music based on experience, and often refers to her lived experience as a queer woman of colour.
Araw and telling manifesto, laying her flaws bare - her vulnerabilities are inescapable while the viewer witnesses a powerful and relatable performance of letting someone go. We watch on as OKENYO rides the wave deep, the music her saving grace.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

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MAYA - Blackout     Funk/Soul, Soul, Pop 08/05/2018
Neo-soul vocalist Maya is back with a stellar new single Blackout, about a moment forever lost in time, out May 11. Produced by the renowned Joel Quartermain.
Blackout is ominous, and intuitive - as though Maya knows something we all don't, and she's trying to let us know. Her flawless vocals sit atop a motivated rhythm section with urgency and skill, as her lyrics persuade the listener to pay attention.

Money For Rope - Earl Grey     Funk/Soul, Garage 05/05/2018
Money For Rope are a Melbourne five-piece surf/soul/rock/garage band.
'Earl Grey' is the brand new single for Melbourne five-piece surf/soul/rock/garage band Money For Rope

Rachael Kane & Benjamin Hurt - Funky Fabulous     Funk/Soul, Pop 28/04/2018
Rachael Kane and Benjamin Hurt are a power couple in music. Combining their collective skills in songwriting and production to deliver music that is both powerful and expansive, yet intimate.
Funky Fabulous is a delicious piece of funk pop that moves and grooves you and will have everyone dancing and singing along to it. Slick and spacious in its production, it also offers the message that our Funky Fabulousness something that is inside all of us waiting to be expressed.

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Other tracks by Rachael Kane & Benjamin Hurt:  Beyond Words  -  The Love That We Are
The Seven Ups - The Learned Goat     Funk/Soul, World, Rock, Psychedelic 27/04/2018
Deep 7-piece groove from Melbourne, with hints of psych and fuzzrock.
Afrobeat influenced deep groove with a sneaky fuzz-rock moment.

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Other tracks by The Seven Ups:  Stampede  -  The Mountain Pass
Paris Plan - Modern     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 20/04/2018
Paris Plan is a new alt-soul/RnB collective based in Melbourne. Their sound is hard to characterise: two parts rock intensity, three scoops of hip-hop mentality, and heavily laced with soul.
'Modern' speaks to the dating trends of our time, and the casual nature of many contemporary relationships. The lyrics allude to the ego games we play: "It's just this modern style, far from the realms of someone else. It's what we're waiting for - unless of course, we needed more!"

Raani Shah - Waitin'     Funk/Soul, RnB 20/04/2018
Raani Shah is a Sydney based Soul/RnB singer-songwriter who re-imagines classic soul music through the prism of hip-hop and electronica.
‘Waitin’’ is about being sure of love, yet also learning about what feels like the herculean sized of effort it takes to maintain it if it is to stay true.

Leisure Centre - Don't Let Go (with Bec Rigby)     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 19/04/2018
Previously The Do Yo Thangs, R&B slow-jammers Leisure Centre are soon to present their debut album, Mind Full, an exceptional addition to the Neo/Digi/Future Soul renaissance happening in their hometown.
Leisure Centre (FKA The Do Yo Thangs) have paired-up with The Harpoons’ singer Bec Rigby on their single ‘Don’t Let Go’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Mind Full’. 'Don’t Let Go’ is a minimal and bass heavy track featuring Drummer/singer/producer Hugh Rabinovici’s emotive lead singing and Bec’s playful, hooky vocals.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

Horatio Luna - Work It Out     Funk/Soul, House, Electronic, Instrumental 12/04/2018
One of 30/70s Founding Fathers, Melbourne bassist, composer and producer Horatio Luna. The left-leaning jazz musician known for boldly experimental compositions moves towards a soulful house sound on Cultural Warriors.
Each track has Horatio Luna’s signature organic, lo-fi, loose sound characteristic to a warm personality; chopped and stretched into four grimy, soulful house jams.

Dubarray - Catching My Breath     Funk/Soul, House, World, Electronic 10/04/2018
Dubarray combine a fusion of world music that infuses trip-hop, drum & bass, house, reggae, funk, dancehall and tribal grooves layered on a bed of electronic ambience and organic undertones.
Catching My Breath opens with a light and spacious electronic soundscape that is accompanied by a beautiful lead female vocal. Dubarray fuse elements of house, funk and electronic music to form this catchy and uplifting single that takes you on a colourful aural journey. Taken from forthcoming album 'Inner Sanctum'.

Jamilla - Beautiful     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Chill 10/04/2018
With an intense and captivating stage presence and emotive and politically charged lyrics, Perth-based nu-soul/RnB singer/producer Jamilla expresses her appreciation for human vulnerability and invites you to experience hers.
Rendered deceptively melancholic by its delicate vocal layers, beach soundscapes and wistful guitar, 'Beautiful' is the totally self-produced slinky manifesto of that powerful outer shell worn on new romantic encounters, taken to its emotionally destructive ends on a tide of percussive clicks and quivering assuredness.


Papaya Tree - Radar     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Roots, Rock 10/04/2018
After releasing their standout debut track ‘Bamboo Schooner’, Sydney-based indie sextet Papaya Tree have just unveiled the stunning follow up new single ‘Radar’.
Recorded and produced by Phan Sjarif (Middle Kids, The Jezabels) at Parliament Studios, Annandale, ‘Radar’ is an eclectic and sophisticated slice of up-beat funk-infused indie-rock, that melds intriguing pop-sensibilities with elements of jazz, reggae and soul.