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Soul Messin' Allstars - Soul A Go Go feat. Josh Teskey     Funk/Soul, Soul, Roots, Breaks 19/04/2019
Based in Melbourne Australia, The Soul Messin’ Allstars are a group of studio musicians and producers that eat, sleep and breath funk and soul music.
Stomping soul with all the trimmings, buttery horns, sweet honeyed vocals and good pinch of Motown!

Other tracks by Soul Messin' Allstars:  Soul A Go Go feat. Cara Robinson and The Wolfgramm Sisters
Soul Messengers - Whiplash     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul 22/09/2017
Sydney-based revivalist soul band track their influences through the great soul songwriters of the 70s. A well honed live act, Soul Messengers play dirty soul to sweet sultry ballads.
"Struggle! It fills our lives, but we learn to fight on." Whiplash is a 70s soul inspired track with a modern message. Sure life can be a struggle, but we can overcome if we persevere.


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Other tracks by Soul Messengers:  Don't Let Them Tell You  -  It's Too Late For Tears
Soul Messengers - Revolutionaries     Funk/Soul, RnB, Roots, Funk 24/05/2019
"Soul Messengers’ sound is deeply rooted in soul, R&B and funk. It’s a sound that’s simultaneously dirty and luxurious." Huffington Post
Revolutionaries is a slice of 70s message-soul, influenced by Gil Scott Heron and one of our forever faves, Curtis Mayfield.

"With constant leadership turmoil, the government’s treatment of asylum seekers and the lack of leadership on environmental issues I guess Soul Messengers are questioning what has happened to the 'Children of the Revolution'.” Rich Aljinovic, Singer/Songwriter

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SONIA - Waste My Time     Pop, RnB, Soul, Dance 06/08/2015
A prolific lyricist and storyteller beyond her years, at 18 Sonia writes, arranges and produces, whilst simultaneously knocking over mountains of Uni assignments.
RnB and mediums of slow jazz, infused with modern electronic pop tones.
A warm soulful pop track with deep piano tones soaked into electronic beats which oozes a heartfelt charm of defeated love.

Other tracks by SONIA:  Back Down To Earth
Sonia - Give It All To Me     Pop, RnB, Soul, Jazz 18/08/2016
A prolific lyricist and storyteller beyond her years, at 18 Sonia writes, arranges and produces, whilst simultaneously knocking over mountains of Uni assignments
Give It All To Me is an up-tempo song about falling quickly, hard and naively. Give it all to Me explores the ‘happy-stupid’ way we can feel and things we do for a ‘crush’.

Other tracks by Sonia:  Lucky Stars  -  Time To Run
Songbird - Street Walker     Folk, Funk, Soul 31/10/2016
Steph Jolly, Songbird, is an emerging Singer-Songwriter based in Adelaide, South Australia. Songbird creates music that is an eclectic mix of soul, folk and funk.
‘Street Walker,’ is an energetic, upbeat track, with plenty of sass and funk. Steph's honest and raw lyrics come straight from the heart and draw on past experiences and innermost thoughts and feelings. They express personal observations of a world sometimes cruel, sometimes beautiful.

Soma Sutton - Bloom     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 01/07/2017
Sydney’s own Soma Sutton is emerging from her studio hibernation, to embarrass the solo spotlight this year with debut EP set for release as 2017 beings to thaw from winter.
Bloom is a dreamy Neo-Soul offering, indicative of a well-developed artist rather than a debut offering. The minimal, electronic production coats Soma's smokey vocal creating a thick, woozy RnB atmosphere.

Solomon Harper - Since You Left Me     Soul, Rock, R&B, Indie 04/10/2019
Sydney based artist Solomon Harper grew up in the central suburbs of Auckland City. With echoes of Paolo Nutini, he delivers a soul stirring set leaving you wanting more.
It was on a solo hike from the tip of the North Island to the tip of the South Island, New Zealand, that Since You Left Me was written, in a tiny hut with a found guitar. It is a song about moving on despite wanting to change all the things in another person that you simply can't change.

Soar - Refurb     Pop, Rap, Rock, Funk 15/07/2015
Six strapping young lads, who all have slightly outdated haircuts, formed a band. The music may be described as pop rock, but make your own mind up about that.
A funky little track, with one of those feels that you can't really put words too. Unfortunately, the chorus is quite infectious.

Other tracks by Soar:  Let It Ring  -  Day Dreams
SO.Crates - Divide/ 30/70 Replay     Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul 19/09/2017
Hip hop traditionalists, producer Skomes and Californian born Australian resident MC Cazeaux O.S.L.O, AKA SO.Crates have already staked their claim as one of Melbourne's most sought after live acts.
SO.Crates have provided an early taste tester of the reissue with the newly reworked version of ‘Divide’, handled by Melbourne’s very own 30/70 Collective featuring the vocals of Allysha Joy showcasing her honest energy of love and light, that is channelled through Soul and Jazz music.

Slumberhaze - Run as Fast As You Can, Kids.     Funk/Soul, Rock, Electronic 13/02/2016
Slumberhaze's music combo is about beats, soul, edgy guitar and cinemascope into one gnarly melting pot
Guitars, synth, soul with a dense driving beat

Slum Sociable - Apartment     Rock 11/01/2016
Melbourne band, Slum Sociable return with the first cut from their debut EP TQ.
The second single from their debut EP ‘TQ’, ‘Apartment’ is a hip-hop heavy combination of dirty guitar licks, groove based drums, hooky vocals, moody synth stabs and features some of the band's sexiest bass lines to date, all steeped in irreverence.... according to Molerat.

Other tracks by Slum Sociable:  All Night
Slum Sociable - Anyway     Rock, Pop 20/02/2015
Having played a grand total of 2 live shows and releasing one single to critical acclaim, 2015 is going to be a huge year for the duo hailing from Mordialloc.
The first taste of what's the come from Mordialloc duo Slum Sociable, comes lo-fo track interchanging jazz, psych and dub, producing an intensely unique track. Their debut EP is due out in March, and if 'Anyway' is anything to go by, they are ones to pay attention to in 2015.

Slum Sociable - Name Call     Electronic, Jazz, Soul 03/11/2016
Slum Sociable are Edward Quinn (production/keys/guitar) and Miller Upchurch (vocals/percussion). A Melbourne-based duo steeped in groove, that glide through the intersection of soul, hip-hop and electronica.
‘Name Call’ is the first cut from the subversive duo’s awaited debut album and adds to their already impressive repertoire, which includes single ‘Anyway’, and ‘Apartment’ from debut EP, TQ. It takes a firm hold on the hips and guides left to right to left in a hypnotic sway.

Slip-On Stereo - Mercury     Pop, Reggae, Funk 03/07/2013
We play our instruments. We sip on lemonade. We smile at your smile.
‘Mercury’ is the first single of their upcoming debut album due for release later in 2013.

Slip On Stereo - Shadows     Funk/Soul, RnB 23/06/2017
Front and centre in the Australian music scene is where Slip On Stereo have found themselves over the past 5 yrs.
“Shadows” embodies the struggle of an ordinary person trying to survive with the pressures of life weighing them down. At every turn, they’re faced with another bill & another missed call from an unknown number. They’re stuck in a life where the only comfort they find is when they’re asleep.

Sleuth - Make A Meal Out Of You     Funk/Soul, Chill, Funk 20/02/2019
Sleuth pairs soaring vocals with sexy minimalist funk grooves, quirky pop and ambient electronica. Lyrics are bittersweet, with dark growling Rhodes and bass, and delicate percussion. Don’t get bitten!
Make A Meal is a sexy minimalist funk groove, with sugar-sweet immaculate vocals laid over growling bass and Rhodes, and delicate percussion. Delectable harmonies, sensual lyrics; turn the lights off and the music up, but try not to get bitten ;)

Other tracks by Sleuth:  Empty Room
Sitara - Oh Mama     Funk/Soul, Folk, Blues 01/05/2017
Sitara have a creative vision for their music beyond what can be heard, with backgrounds in dance & acting, they have wanted to incorporate other artistic elements into their work.
'Oh Mama’ delivers feelings of social discomfort and misplacement in an effort to connect a shared experience with other women through a sense of tribe and collective belonging. The first single exploits the expressive, fluid and soft nature of femininity is often denied or condoned in society.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

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Sissybones - Youngbloods are Calling     Soul, Folk 21/02/2020
Sissybones are a 3-piece folk/roots collective founded by longtime Brisbane luminary Paddy (the Ferryman) Dempsey
"Youngbloods are calling is an infectious and melodic ode to all those wild-at-hearts, who flew too close to the sun - and died so young"

It was recorded at beautiful Minjerribah Nth Stradbroke Island and produced/engineered by Regurgitator's Ben Ely

Simone Waddell - I Fell     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz 06/10/2016
Soulful, powerful, sweet or funky. The textures and variety in the voice and music of Simone are incredible. A world class singer and songwriter with heart, soul and passion.
All real instruments playing excellent groove with a funk/soul feel. Soulful female lead vocal by Simone Waddell with thick layered backing vocals and harmonies. All Australian musicians and singers. The music video was shot at VIVID in Sydney and has had thousands of views on Facebook with amazing feedback.

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Other tracks by Simone Waddell:  This Too Will Pass  -  Baby I'm Sorry