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E.J. Worland - Do Better (Make Me Wanna Scream)     Soul, Pop, Blues 21/02/2020
Australian born, LA based artist, E.J. Worland, has just released his mesmerising sophomore single ‘Do Better (Make Me Wanna Scream) with an accompanying video.
‘Do Better (Make Me Wanna Scream)’ was inspired by people’s often warped depiction of themselves on social media. Worland says “some of us have abused this amazing tool... some portray themselves to be living these “incredible lives”, but really when you meet them they aren’t as happy as they seem”.

Sissybones - Youngbloods are Calling     Soul, Folk 21/02/2020
Sissybones are a 3-piece folk/roots collective founded by longtime Brisbane luminary Paddy (the Ferryman) Dempsey
"Youngbloods are calling is an infectious and melodic ode to all those wild-at-hearts, who flew too close to the sun - and died so young"

It was recorded at beautiful Minjerribah Nth Stradbroke Island and produced/engineered by Regurgitator's Ben Ely

QUEENCY - When Daddy Left (Live Acoustic)     Soul, Blues 19/02/2020
In his first-ever recorded single, Perth-based singer-songwriter Queency shows a softer, yet powerful, authentic side of his personality that is bound to touch your soul. The colourful artist delivers a piece that is heartfelt, raw and personal, and yet oh so relatable. A stripped-back live acoustic ballad where emotions vocals take centre stage, in the true Soul tradition.

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The Regime - Never Gonna Stop     Soul, R&B, Roots 19/02/2020
Sydney Funk Collective swiftly turning the scales back in the favour of funk.
Never Gonna Stop tells the true story of love’s foreverness.

Ed Wells - Atlas Love     Soul, R&B 14/02/2020
London based; Sydney raised singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ed Wells introduced us to his unique soul sound in early 2019, when he released his single’s “1983” & “GMT”.
Musically, the “Home” EP is a vibrant mix of modern soul and R&B. It is a collection of songs of which Ed has reflected on different aspects of modern life. “Atlas Love” is the focus single off the EP, showcasing Ed’s perfect balance of energetic soul with smooth crisp vocals.

Laura Ingram - Valentine's Day     Soul, Pop, R&B, Roots 13/02/2020
Inspired by the soul greats, Ingram embodies her powerful message of self-worth, confidence and transformation. Her dynamic performances shift between feet-shuffling feel-good pop tunes to soulful gospel-inspired ballads.
‘Valentine’s Day’ unpacks a modern love story and offers a deeper glimpse into questions of self-love, sacrifice and commitment. The song explores a sensual quality where Laura knowingly teases through her masterful vocals. Her delivery is bewitching and infectious as it is intimate, acknowledging the strength and empowerment that comes from accepting that we all ‘deserve a piece of heaven’.

Supathick - I'mThere     Soul, Pop, R&B, Pop 12/02/2020
Formed in 2018, Supathick brings a diverse range of musical influences to the table. With the members having years of experience as writers and performers.
Recorded at Jack Seah Studios (Demon Days, Noah Dillon) and mixed/mastered by Sam Ford at Tone City Recordings (Abbe May, POND), ‘I’m There’ came together naturally, with songwriter Christian finding direction in sound and a home for his burgeoning ideas with Supathick’s formation. Together, the band works effectively, pouring ideas into each session and working them through together.

The Goods - Voodoo     Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 07/02/2020
Fuelled by their mutual love of hip hop & house music and its intersection with the soul, boogie and jazz they grew up on, producers and multi instrumentalists.
Sydney's The Goods returns with a brand new single from their forthcoming album "II." "Voodoo" features the Goods unmistakable sound - a crisp drum break, deep spacey synths and vocalist Black Tree's honey dipped vocals make for a future funk classic. The new album drops on April 27th.

Isaac Thomas - Didn't Have To Know That     Soul, R&B, Dance, Roots 04/02/2020
Adelaide’s singer, songwriter Isaac Thomas creates emotive, guitar driven hard rock songs delivered with vocals likened to Jeff Buckly.
Didn't Have To Know That is a song about those harsh truths that sting initially but after time and a bit of reflection turn out to be pivotal in self improvement.

The Mamas - Dancefloor     Soul, Pop, R&B, Dance 29/01/2020
Eight-piece soul, RnB and funky fem-hop from Melbourne, led by four of the sassiest vocalists you'll ever meet.
‘Dancefloor’ is a shimmering, disco-drenched, boogie anthem; about feeling free, being yourself, and having a magical evening on the dancefloor with a special someone. Enjoy at your own risk.

Sam Digiglio - Time Stood Still     Soul, Rock, Folk, Pop 27/01/2020
I am a singer song writer and play guitar and a basic piano. I have written and recorded my first single (Time Stood Still)
The song is about the shock loss of family partner and dealing with the emotional change

Karl S. Williams - Spanish Eyes     Soul, R&B, Blues 24/01/2020
Karl S. Williams' songs are a distillation of life, love and the human condition; a kind of folk, soul, blues but not as you know it.
Snappy piano soul in the vein of Ray Charles, Otis or even The Teskey Brothers - including a beautiful string arrangement by Rafael Karlen.

Other tracks by Karl S. Williams:  Keep Me On The Road  -  Never Let Me Go
Senivoda - Dropz     Soul, World, Jazz, Folk 24/01/2020
Senivoda is a band of global origins, a rich Spiritual and World Music experience filled with life. Incorporating Influences of Jazz Fusion, Soul, polish mountain folk, with trance evoking grooves.
inspired by the wonderful natural world and life itself

Other tracks by Senivoda:  Flowing within  -  Revolution Song
The Basics - Land of 1000 Dances     Soul, R&B, Indie 20/12/2019
The Basics like music a lot more than biographies, and fortunately (or not), this would appear to manifest in their writing. Music = good, bios = not very good.
First written and recorded by Chris Kenner in 1962, the song "Land of 1000 Dances" became Wilson Pickett's biggest hit in 1966.

The "na na na na na" hook happened by accident when Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia, lead singer of Cannibal and the Headhunters, forgot the lyrics.

The Basics has been performing it since 2006 and do it pretty well.

Karate Boogaloo - Doing It To Death     Soul, Instrumental, Indie 17/12/2019
Making up the rhythm section of long-time Melbourne soul favourites The Cactus Channel, Karate Boogaloo remind us of the beauty of colouring outside the lines.
Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings from KB. We landed on ‘Doing It To Death’ pretty naturally. It got thrown up with a heap of other stompers and in retrospect we chose this because it is emblematic of The JB’s beautifully considered simplicity, and James Brown at almost his most outrageous, evidenced in the key change halfway through.

Watch video

Other tracks by Karate Boogaloo:  Booger's Season
Desmond Cheese - Storm's Coming ft. Roman MC     Soul, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/12/2019
Critically acclaimed, infamously reclusive lo-fi soul/electronic duo Desmond Cheese is the "pungent product" of a decade-long collaboration, with influences from Zappa to Boards of Canada, Dilla to Debussy, Marley to Madlib.
Featuring vocals and a smooth flow from Brisbane/Meanjin local legend Roman MC and soul clarinet from Katie Jane, 'Storm's Coming' is a lilting, ambient slice of R&B/hip-hop/electronica.

Other tracks by Desmond Cheese:  I Was There ft. Ofa Fanaika
Sally Sa - Hip Hop Lover     Soul, Roots, Reggae / Dub 06/12/2019
Sally Sa, the singer/songwriter from the East Coast of Australia has followed up on her recent singles "Mama" and "Hourglass" to announce her debut album Speaking My Mind.
A brilliant example of what to expect from the album can be seen through the track "Hip Hop Lover!". "I wanted to write an ironic song about hip hop, but not a hip hop song-written purely in the influence of jazz. Even Glenn Bloomfield (who plays most instruments on the album) didn’t know what I was doing in the studio.

Shelly Brown - Follow The Blackbird     Soul, World, Folk, Easy Listening 04/12/2019
Shelly Brown Announces Her New Album “Focus”. “TENDRILS OF LOVE” - Song of the Year. “BURNIN’ FOR A LONG TIME” - Soul Category – NCEIA DOLPHIN AWARDS
The storm has passed over, it's all fallen to the ground,
there's jet's flying past your life,
and you're looking to the sky.
But don't feel cold,
and don't feel lost,
follow the blackbird of hope

Other tracks by Shelly Brown:  Burnin' For a Long Time  -  Tendrils of Love
Jacki Tut - Good For Now     Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz 29/11/2019
Jacki Tut is a South-Sudanese Australian artist from deep in Melbourne’s South-East. Moving through RnB, Soul and Hip-Hop to cultivate her sound, Jacki draws inspiration from navigating young adulthood.
Tut’s vocal style is fluid, she makes it seem so easy but the kick to her lyrical delivery at times draws a line in the sand and warning us not to fuck with her. Good For Now is compelling and Tut’s rich vocals, while easily reminiscent of the likes of Solange and NoName, are entirely her own.

Abigail Alexander - Heart and Soul     Soul, Pop, Alternative, Easy Listening 28/11/2019
I show my vulnerability through my songs, I want to let people know it’s okay not to be okay. I'm not perfect, but I got through it.
When I wrote this song I had come to accept wholeheartedly, who I am as a person. It took a lot of hard work to get to where I am today, I wanted to say to others “you are not alone”.

Other tracks by Abigail Alexander:  Just Decide  -  Eye of Insanity