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Willaris. K - Risen     Electronic 05/05/2018
The groundswell for Willaris. K is evolving. Don’t miss out on the promising artist’s dynamic live performance.
Mysterious, hypnotic rhythms frame ‘Risen’, tantalising the listener to be patient - this is only the beginning. Lavish synths are met with irrefutable rhythms, awakening a longing for a night to never end.

Willaris. K - Perpetual Love     Electronic 25/08/2018
One of Australia’s breakthrough acts of 2018, Willaris. K returns with a fan-favourite from his ‘Alchemy’ EP titled ‘Perpetual Love’ which follows on from singles, ‘Risen’ and ‘Dour Nights’.
A clear standout in his live show, the track blends the darkness and euphoric spaces that Willaris. K is becoming infamous for. His music combines ambience and melody with heaving, nocturnal beats. It’s dark and cathartic in equal measure.

Willaris. K - Natural Selection     Electronic 11/12/2018
Just when it looked like 2018 couldn’t get any bigger for Willaris. K, the 24 year old Melbourne-via-NSW-Northern-Coast producer drops a two-track single to flip this year on its head.
Both tracks carry Willaris. K’s emblematic sound, while looking to the future sonically and in name, wrapping up one of the most rapid rises to fame an Australian electronic artist has seen in recent years.

Roland Tings - Hedonist (EP Version)     Electronic 20/10/2015
Melbourne electronic pioneer Roland Tings continues to solidify himself alongside a tight community of innovative Australian producers enjoying global recognition.
Roland Tings returns with an eight-minute dancefloor bomb, the blissful yet rugged ‘Hedonist’. The song was inspired by a hallucinatory experience Roland had after running out of water on a hot summer bushwalk in Alpine Victoria while collecting natural sounds for recording.

Love Deluxe - Spice Of Life     Electronic, Funk, Experimental 13/07/2017
Love Deluxe is a feeling. It's a beautiful sunset. It's more than climate change, it is its own climate. Sun, sweat, stream and spritz.
‘Spice of Life’ is a tricky little fay, leading the listener through a smoky door into a space filled with the type of timeless sound that is created by musicians sashaying through a live disco jam.

Other tracks by Love Deluxe:  Cool Breeze Over The Mountains
Love Deluxe - Ivan's Hymn (Radio Edit)     Electronic, Dance 08/05/2018
Soothsayer and CC:DISCO! present First Light: Volume 1. The latest offering from the compilation is Love Deluxe’s cosmic exploration ‘Ivan’s Hymn’.
Sitting on the track a little while longer than not long at all, Sydney musician Love Deluxe jumped at the opportunity to put the kooky outing to wax, and has brought forth a heady 4x4 ditty which drowns the senses in his signature aesthetic - Sun, sweat, steam and spritz.

Love Deluxe - Dance of the Lizard People     Electronic, Dance 10/04/2019
Enigmatic Sydney-based Romeo Love Deluxe returns with an exploratory new single titled ‘Dance Of The Lizard People’ - out now via Soothsayer.
Flirting with a fascination of conspiracies, the glorious six minute sonnet delves into the idea of what is real and is dedicated to theorist David Icke’s claim that “shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form.”
‘DOTLP’ evolved from the purchase of a Nord synthesizer - an instrument which accounts for over six different sounds within the track.

Love Deluxe - Campri & Coke     Electronic 25/06/2019
Enigmatic Australian musician Love Deluxe has released a mouth-watering new single ‘Campari & Coke’, about which he explains “This is a song dedicated to the greatest drink to ever exist”.
Sitting comfortably at a toasty 133BPM, ‘Campari & Coke’ opens up a world of refreshingly new sounds for Love Deluxe. Bongos, live jazz-infused drums and guitars blend with otherworldly synthesizers, building and soaring until the track reaches a key moment; the delectable saxophone solo by Love Deluxe himself.

Jace XL - Really Want That     Electronic, Dance 20/12/2017
Soothsayer are beyond thrilled to share Jace XL's sweet and salty track 'Really Want That', the first taste of a partnership between CC:DISCO! and the Melbourne-based label.
Remembering the first time she heard Jace XL, CC:DISCO! explains: "He blew me away! Jace's voice is amazing and to me, a huge part of what’s going on in Australian music, so it's with open arms we welcome him to First light."

Dro Carey - Signal Mash     Electronic 12/07/2016
Dro Carey is the primary musical project and production alias of Sydney DJ and composer Eugene Ward.
‘Signal Mash’ brings a fresh brightness to a dynamic, sinister, restrained EP. ‘Signal Mash’ is a binder of sorts, bridging the sonic space between the darkness within ‘Grow Lithe’ and ‘Hidden Halls’ and the sparkling pop moments of ‘Queensberry Rules’.

Other tracks by Dro Carey:  Queensberry Rules (Feat. KUCKA)  -  Grow Lithe
Dro Carey - Glow Now     Electronic 08/05/2018
Enigmatic Sydney producer Dro Carey has delivered a captivating new jewel in the form of ‘Glow Now’, the first single to be released since his acclaimed Dark Zoo EP (2016).
‘Glow Now’ sees Dro Carey further expand his stylistic wings, pulling delicate pop aspects onto a musical bed that is a perfect concoction of gleaming sparkle and grit. Traversing new sonic territories, ‘Glow Now’ is an upbeat yet reflective track with heavy UK Garage-influences.

Dro Carey - Elevate (Feat. Cadell & Chocolate)     Electronic, Rap 07/10/2016
Dro Carey is Sydney-based producer and DJ Eugene Ward.
An unexpected but highly welcome offering, ‘Elevate’ speeds by awfully quickly, begging for an immediate reload. The track cements Dro's status as a restless and fascinating producer whose next move - as always - remains impossible to pigeonhole.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Dro Carey - Atmosphere (feat. Kwame, Renz & Raj Mahal)     Pop, Rap, Electronic 28/06/2018
Landing somewhere in between dance, grime and electronica, the Sydney-based producer creates soundscapes that are not only intelligent but uniquely nomadic
‘Atmosphere’ sees Dro switch gears from the warm dance pop of the previous record to revisit a far grimier mood. Paging a searing trio of rap talents from Australia, the US and the UK, Dro is joined by rising hip-hop star Kwame, London MC Renz (of Mob Set), and Boston via Sydney’s Raj Mahal.

ALTA - Sentiment     Pop, Dance, Experimental 21/10/2017
Australian duo ALTA are known for being unpredictable in genre, living at the intersection of dance, experimental and pop genres.
Sentiment is an intricate dance track, gentle yet unapologetic. ALTA are a staple of the underground Melbourne music scene.

ALTA - Push     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 17/09/2019
Australian duo ALTA's (Hannah Lesser and Julius Dowson) forthcoming debut album Reasons is scheduled for release on Friday 22 November through Soothsayer.
‘Push’ is an energetic and relatable track about the effects of reading the wrong signals. It explores the constantly shifting power dynamics of modern dating, posing the question - do emotional games serve to entice, or undermine you?

ALTA - Now You Want Me     Pop, Dance 27/04/2018
The two-piece, producer Julius Dowson and vocalist Hannah Lesser, are impossible to pigeonhole, saturating their consciousness with every genre, before shutting everything else out to dive into their own writing.
The track features direct yet emotional dance floor moments in the key of love, a 4/4 infusion of the duo’s signature take-it-or-leave-it attitude and driving house rhythms. Hannah Lesser’s rapid fire lyricism and silky vocal takes intertwine with glossy synths and punchy percussion, lending to their slick but carefree sound.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

ALTA - Mess     Electronic 06/02/2017
Melbourne two-piece, made up of producer Julius Dowson and vocalist Hannah Lesser.
‘Mess’ is a track about making bad decisions and owning them. It’s about slipping into the pull of something that’s toxic, knowing it’s not good for you, and having the strength to get yourself out.

Other tracks by ALTA:  Unbelievable  -  Plans
ALTA - Fix It     Pop, Dance, Experimental 16/06/2017
ALTA create music that lives at the intersection of dance, experimental and pop; creating tracks that are exciting, unpredictable and engaging.
Fix It begins with commanding bass, building to Lesser’s sensually sweet vocal slotting into the heaving drum beats, before quickly taking their place at the forefront of the musical bed.

ALTA - Figured Out     Pop, Dance 17/08/2018
ALTA are Melbourne's finest purveyors of emotive club anthems.
ALTA circle back with another poignant, beautiful and candid jam in 'Figured Out' Fragile vocals play front and centre as the band twist and pull at the heart strings with the thunderous backdrop of a skewed house instrumental.

ALTA - Back On It     Electronic, Dance 02/07/2019
Electronic purveyors of emotional club anthems ALTA return with brooding new single ‘Back On It’. A song about recognition and taking accountability for your behaviour.
Layered with lush elements of tranquil piano, flowing tempo and softened with calming synths call focus to Hannah’s sweet and cooling vocals. Peaceful and honest in its own right ‘Back On It’ offers a unique, polished layer of the sleek perception of ALTA.