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Body Corp - Negative Reaction     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 03/04/2020
Body Corp is the alter-ego of Sydney musician, DJ and Retiree band member Marco Vella.
Latest single ‘Negative Reaction’ is more tech than no, more push than pull, and more bizarre than the norm. An aural equivalent to having an existential crisis on the dancefloor to the greatest sounding kick drum you’ve heard (we’ve all been there).

Juno Mamba - Slow Light     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 24/03/2020
Melbourne artist Juno Mamba (aka Vinci Andanar) shares ‘Slow Light’, the cosmic final single from his highly anticipated debut EP Light Echoes, out now through Soothsayer.
‘Slow Light’ is a seven-minute exploration of human emotion and its relationship to time and space. Juno Mamba’s unique manipulation of tempo and melody gives a lagging effect that evokes the feeling of a bullet train gradually slowing down, before racing away again into the night.

Dro Carey - Clear To You (feat. Francesca Gonzales)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 21/03/2020
Sydney-based producer, Dro Carey reveals another stunning double A-side titled ‘Clear To You / Healer’.
‘Clear To You (feat. Francesca Gonzales)’, is an anthemic, club-leaning track with a deftly delivered topline that evokes a feeling of warmth and poignancy. The collaboration with the young Melbourne artist Francesca Gonzales began after Dro reached out to her after discovering her music on SoundCloud. The result of the union is a silky, neo soul track.

Body Corp - You Don't Know     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 14/03/2020
Sydney musician, DJ and Retiree band member, Body Corp (aka Marco Vella) has now signed with local label Soothsayer to release debut EP 'Soft Expression'.
‘You Don’t Know’ is a delicious slice of no-fi house that was inspired by the foreign and unfamiliar soundscapes of Japan, during a trip Body Corp (aka Marco Vella) took far north some time ago.

Willaris. K - DETACH     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 14/03/2020
Willaris. K has built an audience through his trademark suspense, crescendo and release. ‘DETACH’ follows on from ‘INDIFFERENT (WITH GORDI)’, that marked the first time he has incorporated vocals.
Willaris. K releases his latest single ‘DETACH’, an intricate exploration of separation in all of its forms; physical, metaphysical, emotional and intellectual. On ‘DETACH’, Willaris. K journeys through both the pain and the joy of detachment, in a fluid and euphoric instrumental dance anthem.

Willaris. K - INDIFFERENT (WITH GORDI)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 07/02/2020
Australian electronic and ambient producer Willaris. K unveils his haunting new single ‘INDIFFERENT’, his first-ever track to incorporate vocals, featuring the formidable fellow Australian talent Gordi (Sophie Payten).
‘INDIFFERENT (WITH GORDI)’ is a harrowing and dramatic track that marks a transformative sonic turn for Willaris, showcasing his intrinsic ability to harness emotion through complex musical composition. Grounded in piano movements and melodic basslines, Willaris has built a textured and emotive soundscape that perfectly complements the haunting vocals the Bon Iver and Troye Sivan collaborator is famous for.

Juno Mamba - Blossom     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 31/01/2020
2019 was a tremendous first chapter for Juno Mamba and with the release of ‘Blossom’, Juno shows no sign of slowing down in 2020.
‘Blossom’ is a club ready track that builds on the dystopian soundscapes created in ‘Flicker’, taking them one step further. On ‘Blossom’, Juno Mamba masterfully plays with tension and release, resulting in an electrical surge of a crescendo that propels the track to a new dimension with a firm focus on the club.

ALTA - Type     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 26/11/2019
ALTA reveal ‘Type’, the stunningly vulnerable track lifted off their forthcoming debut album Reasons, out Friday 22 November.
Written and recorded over 10 months in their Brunswick home studio, ALTA write with the aim of bottling up the kind of energy only a first take can provide. ‘Type’ was recorded ‘stream of consciousness style’ straight into the computer as sparse beats and synths were tweaked and layered in real time.

KUČKA - Real     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 26/11/2019
Australia-born, LA-based producer and vocalist KUČKA proudly shares visuals for new single 'Real'.
Produced by KUČKA with additional help from Chance the Rapper and Kid Cudi collaborator Nosaj Thing, 'Real' continues KUČKA’s streak of synthetic and percussion-heavy R&B, all centered around her delicate, ASMR-esque voice. The track speaks to the uncanny power of human connection, a link capable of establishing itself even through the digital maze of the internet

ALTA - Started Out     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 20/11/2019
ALTA reveal ‘Started Out’, the spicy track lifted off their forthcoming debut album Reasons - out Friday 22 November.
ALTA write with the aim of bottling up the kind of energy only a first take can provide. Written and recorded in their Brunswick home studio, ‘Started Out’ is about the dawning of adulthood when you come to realise that everyone is on their own path and not everything is about you.

Dro Carey - Act Like You're Home (feat. Beni Moun & Julietta)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House 13/11/2019
Dro Carey returns with the house drenched release ‘Act Like You’re Home (feat. Beni Moun & Julietta)’, his first taste of new music since 2018.
Act Like You’re Home’ is a euphoric track with a driving bass line that reflects the mood like city lights in a car window. Carey initially contacted Florida-based Moun for his vocal and songwriting chops but wound up trusting Moun’s talent so much that he gave him access to the stems to restructure and evolve the song as a co-producer.

Willaris. K - 5 O'CLOCK     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/10/2019
This latest singles from Melbourne based producer, Willaris. K, is the first new music since his last double release ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Cobaki Sky (Prequel)’ at the end of 2018.
Lead single ’5 O’CLOCK’ contrasts celestial climaxes driven by an insistent Prophet ‘08 synth against poignant, empty sonic spaces that inspires a vast, ominous awe. His first new music of 2019 reflects the euphoria and freedom he found in the wake of his breakout 2018, which saw the release of his debut EP Alchemy and a run of sold-out shows.

Juno Mamba - Flicker     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 27/09/2019
Juno Mamba creates dystopian soundscapes that pull the listener in with each listen. Influenced by similar artists Bonobo, Four Tet, and Floating Points, each composition sparks a journey within itself.
‘Flicker’ is the debut single from Melbourne solo electronic producer, Juno Mamba (aka Vinci Andanar). ‘Flicker’ is an intricate and cerebral track that was born from a trip to Japan where Vinci found himself immensely moved by the designs of local architect and ‘King of Concrete’, Tadao Ando.

KUČKA - Drowning     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/09/2019
LA-based, Australian producer and vocalist KUČKA returns with her first single in three years, ‘Drowning’. Inspired by a recent move to LA, she reflects on the melancholy of leaving home.
’Drowning’ written and produced by KUČKA with additional production by Flume, stands as one of Lowther’s most claustrophobic pieces to date, with her voice almost overwhelmed by glowing synths and shuffling percussion. Keeping the lyrics personal and literal, the open emotionality of her songwriting is contrasted with the simple but hyper-digital production within which they are embedded.

ALTA - Push     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 17/09/2019
Australian duo ALTA's (Hannah Lesser and Julius Dowson) forthcoming debut album Reasons is scheduled for release on Friday 22 November through Soothsayer.
‘Push’ is an energetic and relatable track about the effects of reading the wrong signals. It explores the constantly shifting power dynamics of modern dating, posing the question - do emotional games serve to entice, or undermine you?

ALTA - Back On It     Electronic, Dance 02/07/2019
Electronic purveyors of emotional club anthems ALTA return with brooding new single ‘Back On It’. A song about recognition and taking accountability for your behaviour.
Layered with lush elements of tranquil piano, flowing tempo and softened with calming synths call focus to Hannah’s sweet and cooling vocals. Peaceful and honest in its own right ‘Back On It’ offers a unique, polished layer of the sleek perception of ALTA.

Love Deluxe - Campri & Coke     Electronic 25/06/2019
Enigmatic Australian musician Love Deluxe has released a mouth-watering new single ‘Campari & Coke’, about which he explains “This is a song dedicated to the greatest drink to ever exist”.
Sitting comfortably at a toasty 133BPM, ‘Campari & Coke’ opens up a world of refreshingly new sounds for Love Deluxe. Bongos, live jazz-infused drums and guitars blend with otherworldly synthesizers, building and soaring until the track reaches a key moment; the delectable saxophone solo by Love Deluxe himself.

Love Deluxe - Dance of the Lizard People     Electronic, Dance 10/04/2019
Enigmatic Sydney-based Romeo Love Deluxe returns with an exploratory new single titled ‘Dance Of The Lizard People’ - out now via Soothsayer.
Flirting with a fascination of conspiracies, the glorious six minute sonnet delves into the idea of what is real and is dedicated to theorist David Icke’s claim that “shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form.”
‘DOTLP’ evolved from the purchase of a Nord synthesizer - an instrument which accounts for over six different sounds within the track.

Willaris. K - Natural Selection     Electronic 11/12/2018
Just when it looked like 2018 couldn’t get any bigger for Willaris. K, the 24 year old Melbourne-via-NSW-Northern-Coast producer drops a two-track single to flip this year on its head.
Both tracks carry Willaris. K’s emblematic sound, while looking to the future sonically and in name, wrapping up one of the most rapid rises to fame an Australian electronic artist has seen in recent years.

Willaris. K - Perpetual Love     Electronic 25/08/2018
One of Australia’s breakthrough acts of 2018, Willaris. K returns with a fan-favourite from his ‘Alchemy’ EP titled ‘Perpetual Love’ which follows on from singles, ‘Risen’ and ‘Dour Nights’.
A clear standout in his live show, the track blends the darkness and euphoric spaces that Willaris. K is becoming infamous for. His music combines ambience and melody with heaving, nocturnal beats. It’s dark and cathartic in equal measure.