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The Franky Valentyn Project - Breaking Out     Pop, Instrumental, Dance, House 25/10/2018
Franky Valentyn is a well known, respected and multi award winning Australian Composer, Musician and Artist whose songs, music and albums have been described as 'absolutely stunning masterpieces'!
'Breaking Out' is a pulsating instrumental, expressing the excitement of finally knowing that you're able to break away from one's parental hold and go out into the world to make your own life choices.
Written & performed by Franky Valentyn, it's about setting the bar of who & what you are to be part of: 'Life As We Know It".

Other tracks by The Franky Valentyn Project:  Eat The Minuet  -  The Forgotten Optimist
Ellie Miel (aka M/s EllieM) - Kiss Me     Rock, Pop, Classical, Retro 29/05/2018
Ellie Miel is an exceptional singer, whose extraordinary natural vocal strength and range has seen her performing as a solo artist, in groups and in her own Diva Tribute Show.
'Kiss Me' is an exceptional 'theatrical' inspired track, reminiscent of the great music coming recent Rock Operas.
The track was written and arranged by Franky Valentyn (The Franky Valentyn Project) for SongTraks.

The song showcases Ellie Miel's amazing talents which enabled her to nail the recording in the second take!

Other tracks by Ellie Miel (aka M/s EllieM):  Luka
The Franky Valentyn Project - Hope For Llewella Yet     Rock, Goth, Psychedelic 13/03/2018
Franky Valentyn is a well known and respected Composer/Musician and 2017s highest nominated artist at last years ACE awards. His last album release, being described as an 'absolutely stunning masterpiece'!
'Hope For Llewella Yet' tells the charming yet haunting story of Llewella, who while the world moves on around her, patiently waits on her porch for her 100th birthday and that all important telegram from the Queen.

Other tracks by The Franky Valentyn Project:  Baby Steps (Penguins)
Franky & Wendy - Running Away     Country, Folk, Pop, Easy Listening 03/03/2018
Franky & Wendy are a popular Sydney Duo featuring multitalented and award winning artist Franky Valentyn and his amazing partner Wendy Angel!
'Running Away' is a Country Folksy Pop tune about 'always trying to get somewhere but never quite making it, yet still being ok with the outcomes'.

'Running Away' is the 3rd single from popular duo Franky & Wendy, and is the 'kick off' track for their upcoming Self Titled album.

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Other tracks by Franky & Wendy:  You Make Me Whole
The Franky Valentyn Project - tHanks For The Summer     Pop, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Psychedelic 23/12/2017
The Franky Valentyn Project is the synergy output of polymath Composer, Artist and Musician Franky Valentyn! His last album 'All In A Dream' was described “an absolutely stunning masterpiece”
'tHanks for the Summer' is from the upcoming album ‘Life As We Know It’ (2018) is a nostalgic tilt at 60s Surf instrumentals recollections summer, lazy hazy beach days together with memories of holiday teen romances!

All wrapped up and served with a shadowy twist, in the mix!

Other tracks by The Franky Valentyn Project:  Waltz Of The 7 Hills  -  Welcome To The World
Franky & Wendy - Cry     Pop, Psychedelic 29/09/2017
Popular Sydney local act Franky & Wendy (aka Franky Valentyn & Wendy Angel). performing the first releases from their upcoming self titled album release. Featuring the tracks 'Cry' & Flowers.
(Delicate, dreamy Pop)
Artist: Franky & Wendy
(Franky Valentyn & Wendy Angel)
Words & Music: Franky Valentyn & Wendy Angel
All Instrumentation: Franky Valentyn
Produced by Franky Valentyn
Mixed & Mastered by Ben Craven at 'desert comb music'
Song and Audio recording © SongTraks 2017

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Other tracks by Franky & Wendy:  Flowers  -  (I Should've Been) Wise
The Franky Valentyn Project - Gothic Horror     Rock, Goth, Classical 05/06/2017
Franky Valentyn, is a multi-talented, award winning Artist & Composer, who averages over 200 shows a year and was 2017’s highest nominated Artist for recognition, at this year’s ACE awards!
Gothic Horror - Overture track to the album and something that you'd expect Andrew Lloyd Webber & Rick Wakeman to have collaborated on. Think modern Progressive Rock along the lines of Wakeman, Oldfield, Steinmann, Yes etc.

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Other tracks by The Franky Valentyn Project:  Sara  -  All In A Dream