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Social Family Records

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Kristy James - Cinderella     Country, Rock, Pop 20/05/2018
Kristy James is an award-winning Newcastle-based singer/songwriter who started performing at age 11. Her sound is a little country, a little rock 'n' roll and a whole lot of attitude.
This beautifully crafted track tells the story of a hurtful truth, a relationship that’s not all as was promised. Reminiscent of loving times only to realise the cold, hurtful reality soaked in deceit. The Cinderella story is one well known and loved, but not one that we can all have.

Kirsty Lee Akers - Under My Skin     Country, Pop, Alternative Country 27/05/2018
Kirsty Lee Akers is a multi-award winning Country artist with her fifth album coming out in mid 2018.
Under My Skin was written in Nashville by Akers with Phil Barton and Bruce Wallace and tells the story of a relationship that starts out a little one-sided, a lust that may be love, a connection that wasn't really expected or even wanted...

Chalkie White - Gingerbread Man     Country, Easy Listening, Rock 27/06/2018
Chalkie White is a pure entertainer, touring and performing across Australia for the past 20 years, cementing himself in the Country Music scene with his latest album.
Gingerbread Man is about not staying in one place and not really seeking stability...embracing wherever your passion takes you.

Other tracks by Chalkie White:  BYO
Andrew Swift - King of the Sky     Country, Alternative Country 02/07/2018
It seems Swift’s days of drifting may be over. Buoyed by the passionate and supportive country music scene, shore won’t ever be so far away.
Starkly personal, King of the Sky, tells the tragic tale of loss. “I was very close to my uncle when I was a kid, he filled the role of my Dad once my folks split,” Swift says. “He was a pilot and passed away in a crash when I was nine. This song is written around that memory..."

Liam Kennedy-Clark - Old Family Home     Country, Easy Listening 02/07/2018
Hailing from the serene Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Liam is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as a gifted singer/songwriter.
On a run of shows last year, Kennedy-Clark set himself a challenge to write a song a day and Old Family Home was the first one to be written. It’s about an old Queenslander house on the banks of the Thompson River, which used to be home to a young family until they outgrew the home.

Gretta Ziller - Let It Go     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop, Rockabilly 08/07/2018
With diverse roots spanning blues, rock, pop, classical, jazz, folk and bluegrass, Gretta Ziller’s sound resembles that of classic Americana.
The rock stomper from Ziller's Queen of Boomtown album, Let It Go is a catchy, fast-paced track about being who you are in the moment and not holding onto your worries and puts on display, Ziller's diverse musical talents and influences.

Abbie Ferris - For A Moment     Country, Pop 15/07/2018
Abbie Ferris is an 18 year old true blue country girl who has already written with some of the finest songwriters in Australian country music.
For A Moment is the debut single from Abbie Ferris. Co-written by Ferris with her producer Michael Carpenter, and Canadian artist, Amy Nelson, the modern country track is all about the fun and freedom of being a teenager, telling the story of youthful excitement, passion and love that depends on a single moment to be or not to be.

Matt Scullion - Roadside Cross     Country, Easy Listening 22/07/2018
Matt Scullion is one of the most respected singer/songwriters to come out of Australia in recent years with a swag of hit songs and Golden Guitar to his credit.
Roadside Cross. Something we see too often. "Does X mark the spot where you drew your last breath"?

Hayley Jensen - Forever Won't Be Long Enough     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 05/08/2018
Hayley Jensen's musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene through Australian Idol, but ultimately returning to the genre that launched her career - country.
Forever Won't Be Long Enough is the quintessential love ballad written for Jensen's wedding day as a way to express her love for him. A beautiful track she hopes will resonate with other couples.

Kirsty Lee Akers - House Full of Flowers (Hannah's Song)     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 14/08/2018
Kirsty Lee Akers is a multi-award winning Country artist who self-produced her latest and 5th studio album, Under My Skin.
This song was written for and as a tribute to young Hannah Rye, who touched the hearts and lives of the people of Newcastle and surrounds prior to her passing in 2017. Written by Akers, who met Hannah a few years ago, and legendary songwriter, Jerry Salley, House Full of Flowers is a special track released in commemoration of Hannah.

Matt Ward - Annabelle     Country, Easy Listening 20/08/2018
Delivering a soulful blend Australian Country, Red Dirt and Americana music, Matt J Ward's musical journey has been anything but typical.
Crafted by award-winning producer Matt Fell, this track is the first from the upcoming album ‘Heartland’. Combining classic Australian influences with modern country feels, it is easy to draw comparison to the likes of Paul Kelly, Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell in the songs, vocals and band arrangements.

The April Family - One Trick Pony     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 27/08/2018
The April Family have been quietly working away, building a name and a steady body of work since forming in 2015, their sound a fusion of classic country and rock.
One Trick Pony features the soulfully twangy vocals of inimitable lead vocalist Kylie Whitney, the blistering lead guitar work of Casey Atkins and the insistent grooves and gritty production of Michael Carpenter, and was written by Whitney and Carpenter. The pointed lyrics support the narrative in the vocal, punctuated by production that seethes while building through to an explosive bridge.

Katie Jayne - No Shadow     Pop, Country, Dance 03/09/2018
Launching off the success of her debut single “Sunlit Avenue” Katie Jayne is back with her secondrelease “No Shadow”.
“No shadow”, is an empowering girl anthem that sets the scene of an age-old tale with words everyone can relate to on a wild, no rules apply, night out with the girls. An infectious tune, it brings to life the realistic escapades of misguided flirtations with a comedic take on dating in the modern world.

Liam Kennedy-Clark - Tails You Say The Same     Country, Easy Listening 24/09/2018
Hailing from the serene Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Liam is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as a gifted singer/songwriter.
Tails You Say The Same was written after Kennedy-Clark overheard a conversation one short, an older bloke said something he'd never forget and LKC immediately knew he had to turn it into a song. “I’m gonna flip this coin. If it lands heads, you tell your wife you love her, if it lands tails, you do the same”.

Steve Balbi - Modern Love     Rock, Pop 02/10/2018
The music of singer, composer, performer and producer Steve Balbi mines a kaleidoscope of life at the margins, transcending rock and pop as he coalesces sentimentality and soul.
Composer and producer, Steve Balbi mines a kaleidoscope of life at the margins. In Modern Love, Balbi casts an eye over modernity, reflecting upon love in a world dictated by technology and technocracy. Transcending rock and pop as it coalesces sentimentality and soul, Modern Love fuels an irreverent riff that carves a dirty rotten groove through verse, melody, madness.

Jasmine Atkins - Get Gone     Country, Rock, Pop 15/10/2018
Jasmine Atkins is a vibrant new personality on the Australian Country Music landscape. This performer is quickly winning over audiences with her infectious personality and distinctive vocal delivery.
Get Gone, co-written by Atkins with GG winner, Kirsty Lee Akers, features the strong, raw vocals of Atkins and distinctive production stylings of Michael Carpenter. It's the first single to be released since Atkins’ debut EP and single in June 2017, and demonstrates her evolution as an artist, showing how much she has grown in the past 18 months.

Kirsty Lee Akers - Blue Christmas     Country, Cover Version, Pop, Blues 15/10/2018
Kirsty Lee Akers vocal delivery is often described by those who hear her sing as sitting somewhere between Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn...
With Christmas being Kirsty Lee Akers' favourite time of year, she couldn't resist doing a cover of Christmas classic, Blue Christmas, made famous by Elvis Presley in the 60s. Merry Christmas 2018 everyone!

Kirsty Lee Akers - I Never Want Christmas To End     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Rock 15/10/2018
Kirsty Lee Akers vocal delivery is often described by those who hear her sing as sitting somewhere between Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn...
A favourite time of year for Country singer, Kirsty Lee Akers, she decided it was time to pen a new Christmas song, so getting together with fellow Golden Guitar winner, Matt Scullion, they penned I Never Want Christmas To End. Merry Christmas 2018!

Benny Allen - Day One Of Missing You     Country, Easy Listening 29/10/2018
Based in the mountains of Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, Benny Allen is a seasoned performer, recently discovering his real music.
Co-written with the legendary country music songwriter Allan Caswell, and produced by the award winning Matt Fell, at Love Hz Studios, Sydney, "Day One of Missing You" is about an unexpected break-up – day one of the long road trying to get over the person who has left, holding on to the hope that they’ll return.

Andrew Swift - Fire & Ice (featuring Catherine Britt)     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 13/11/2018
Andrew Swift is one of the fastest up and rising Americana/Alt Country artists in Australia, with the horizon continuing to broaden for this powerhouse vocalist and songwriter.
Fire & Ice is a very cool, catchy, alt country duet track featuring one of Australia's biggest names in the genre, Catherine Britt.