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Social Family Records

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Private Life - Mine     Electronic, Pop 04/05/2013
The fusion of Jamie’s love of sound and Renee’s lyrics and emotive melodies is so magnetic and enticing that it draws a line straight from your heart to your feet.
Mine is the first single off Private Life's debut self titled EP. It tells the story which many can relate to; being stuck in an unclaimed, not clarified, romantic situation, where the one you want seems just out of reach. Its exciting but it’s a bit of a mind mess.

Because They Can - Pretty Boy Floyd     Pop, Rock 09/08/2013
Their catchy guitar-driven songs have caught the teenage wave and now they’re set to take the music scene by surprise.
‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ is about the complexity of human nature. The song is symbolic of the internal conflict we have with our past self and our present self; although we may be burdened by the regret of past actions, we need to accept and embrace our past.

Jude Perl - Girls and Boys     Pop 21/08/2013
A blend of catchy pop and funk-driven soul.
Girls and Boys is a fun and catchy song!

“Hard to fault something as bouncy and grinning as this”
– Triple J

“This could be the finest finding this year so far...Smart music, certain, a real rarity, adorable”
– Click and Listen

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Laura Hill - Blue Skies     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 09/09/2013
With a natural beauty as divine as the Adelaide coast she calls home, music lovers have awoken to this Australian songbird’s undeniable talent as a melodic songwriter and performer.
Well-crafted and thoughtful, ‘Blue Skies’ highlights Laura’s gift as a songwriter while embracing and building on her already solid signature sound.

We Are The Brave - Sparrow     Electronic, Pop 09/09/2013
Described as “a Bruce Springsteen rendezvous with Bat for Lashes”, the combination of a Sydney singer-songwriter and underground hip hop producer forms the basis of this emerging synth-pop act.
Sparrow features the pair’s distinctive, swirly, ‘80s-feel production, with layers of analog synths adding to the drama of Chalker’s moody vocals, and accompanying Thelma and Louise-type imagery.

Steve Balbi - I Found You     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 18/02/2014
Steve Balbi, former bass guitarist for Noiseworks, has lived a remarkable life. A tale of incredible highs, rare lows, reinvention, surviving, thriving. All themes that are evident throughout his music.
I Found You, was the first song Steve wrote clean in 20 years.

“Looking back it's a story of losing yourself to find yourself however, finding yourself is not a given in this process, I was one of the lucky ones to be found and for that I am grateful.”

The Dead Daisies - Face I Love     Rock 17/07/2014
The Dead Daisies - a powerful musical collective with a rotating line-up of some the best Rock musicians alive, fronted by Jon Stevens, influenced by late ‘70s/early ‘80s hard rock.
With the power of Jon Stevens voice, joined by some of the worlds best rock musicians, Face I Love is a rocking track to get your head (and body) moving. It's dedicated to music fans all around the world - and especially to The Dead Daisies fans!

Damien Leith - You and I     Pop, Easy Listening 24/07/2014
Damien Leith is a multi-talented artist that has made his mark in Australia as a singer, songwriter, producer, author, playwright and TV host personality.
You and I is a melodic, deep, and stirring song, which will move listeners as they’re taken on a journey of re-ignition and re-discovery, not just through the lyrics, but through the emotive voice of Australia’s own Irish songsmith. In one word - beautiful!

Jason Owen - Damn Right     Country, Pop 11/08/2014
Jason Owen, probably best known for X-Factor 2012, has gone independent and released his first single, Damn Right - a country rock track that will have you singing along.
Damn Right is a rocking country track that will have you dancing and singing along. It's about heading out on a Friday night and letting your hair down. Jason's strong vocals immediately lift you and you find yourself taken right where he wants you to be.

Amber Lawrence - Superhero     Country, Alternative Country, Pop 18/08/2014
Amber Lawrence is back with a catchy new single, Superhero from her much-anticipated upcoming album, Superheroes.
Superhero is a special song to Amber, connecting on her personal at various times in our lives, we need to call on our own strength, and be our own Superhero - to stand up for ourselves and be proud of our greatest achievements.

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The Dead Daisies - Angel In Your Eyes     Rock, Metal 25/10/2014
The Dead Daisies - a powerful musical collective with a rotating line-up of some the best Rock musicians alive, fronted by Jon Stevens, influenced by late ‘70s/early ‘80s hard rock.
"Angel In Your Eyes", is an epic, guitar-fuelled song, accompanied by Stevens powerful vocals, with drums and keys also hitting the mark. This is hard rock at its finest!


Christine Anu - Island Christmas     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Easy Listening, Pop 03/11/2014
Christine Anu has enjoyed an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the entertainment industry, as a singer/songwriter, television personality, children’s entertainer, actor, theatrical performer, and dancer.
The title track from Christine Anu's new Christmas album, Island Christmas, is set to resonate with a nation that celebrates a distinct Christmas compared to the rest of the world – in the sunshine, enjoying the exuberant and festive summer holiday spirit. Sun, family, and fun.

Amber Lawrence - The Lifesaver     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Easy Listening 01/12/2014
Amber Lawrence is proud to release her 2015 Golden Guitar nominated song, The Lifesaver, (nominated for Heritage Song of the Year), a beautiful ballad about her late father.
When Amber wrote “The Lifesaver”, she wrote it with the love of her late father, a well known South Maroubra Beach surf lifesaver, in her mind and heart. It's a beautiful ballad about a man, a husband, a larrikin - her dad.

Amber Lawrence - I Will Love You     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 23/02/2015
2015 Golden Guitar winner for Female Artist of the Year, Amber Lawrence, has released "I Will Love You", the 3rd single lifted from her award-winning album, "Superheroes".
Amber describes 'I Will Love You' as ''a super happy love song'' and one she simply had to record after first hearing its demo. It was penned by #1 US Country hitmakers and Australian natives, Phil Barton and Kylie Sackley with Lori McKenna.

Dallas Frasca - Success Is The Best Revenge     Rock, Pop, Roots, Funk 23/03/2015
Swagger, rock and power, two guitars, a beast behind the kit, and a mighty presence at the mic. Dallas Frasca is all of those things, and more.
A strong, powerful track, Success Is The Best Revenge is about moving forward. “The hardest thing sometimes to do is walk away,” says Dallas. “It's about rising in moments when other people surrounding you are trying to drag you down or not doing the right thing by you.”

Christine Anu - Kulba Yaday     Indigenous, World, Jazz, Live Performance 01/06/2015
Christine Anu is one of Australia’s most successful Indigenous performers. Her illustrious career spans two decades including music, theatre, dance, film and television.
A song of lament, "Kulba Yaday" speaks of the sadness of Indigenous people losing their culture and the stories passed on from generation to generation. "I’m really hoping that it’s the go-to song for Australia when it comes to Indigenous Australians and our connection to our culture," says Christine.

Jason Owen - I Won't Back Down     Country, Rock, Cover Version 03/08/2015
Many Australians will remember Jason Owen from the 2012 season of The X-Factor, but most will remember him for his exceptional voice that has a unique and recognisable timbre.
A cover of the Tom Petty classic, ‘I Won’t Back Down’, the track conveys the real life struggle and battles we’re often faced with, as experienced by Jason himself.

The song had a huge impact on Jason growing up, having to overcome obstacles, to strive & push ahead.

Other tracks by Jason Owen:  Tears On Fire
Suze DeMarchi - The Letter (feat Tex Perkins)     Blues/Roots, Country, Rock, Cover Version 24/08/2015
Front-lady for the Baby Animals, Suze DeMarchi has enjoyed unrivalled international success, but the lure of her homeland ultimately proved too strong. She's back with a solo album called "Home".
The Letter by Suze DeMarchi feat. Tex Perkins (originally penned by the late Wayne Carson Thompson and performed by The Box Tops) is the second single lifted from Suze DeMarchi's solo album, Home, which was released on Friday, 24 July, via Social Family Records.

Other tracks by Suze DeMarchi:  Our House (feat Russell Morris)
The Superjesus - St Peters Lane     Rock 02/11/2015
The Superjesus...a rock n roll tour de force, fronted by one of the most charismatic front women of our time, Sarah McLeod.
Instantly memorable and instantly recognisable as The Superjesus, this guitar-laden track draws from Sarah McLeod’s real-life experience living on the edge of St Peters Lane, which is a popular hang-out for transvestite prostitutes.

Other tracks by The Superjesus:  The Setting Sun
The Party Pirates - Christmas Rock     Rock, Pop 03/12/2015
Ahoy there! The Party Pirates are a much-loved kids entertainment act consisting of Captain Blue, Captain Red, Captain Black and Pirate Pinky!
Christmas Rock is a rocking Christmas song to get the whole family singing & dancing and into the fun of the holiday season.