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Social Family Records

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Kate Hindle - Broken Mind     Country, Alternative, Pop 17/02/2020
Kate Hindle’s warm vocal tones and raw lyrics take the listener on a journey of love, personal victory, positivity and a yet a touch of heartache.
Broken Mind is about the aftermath of losing someone and invokes that familiar sense of grief and destruction that follows the ending of a relationship. The song builds through spine-tingling vocals of Hindle, with a distinct message of strength emerging - the glimmer of hope as time passes, and the sun coming out...

Chalkie White - Wish She Was You     Country, Rock, Pop 10/02/2020
Chalkie White is a pure entertainer, touring and performing across Australia for the past 20 years, cementing himself in the Country Music scene with his latest album.
Wish She Was You is the latest single from ARIA #1 Australian Country Artist, Chalkie White, co-written with Vernon Rust and Keith Urban, and produced by multi-award-winning, Matt Fell. It tells the frank and candid story of a man who is in love with a woman who is not his wife...

NeillyRich - Stop Loving You     Country, Pop 10/02/2020
With diverse musical inspirations NeillyRich combine to form a unique flavour of Country Music grounded in tradition, but embracing a polished, modern, Nashville-styled sound.
Stop Loving You is the third extremely catchy cross-over single from NeillyRich’s forthcoming studio album. The song marks a milestone for Matt (McNeilly) and Amelia (Richards), being the first track they penned in Nashville that will be released. It was co-written with in demand writer Phil Barton on a 2019 song writing trip to “Music City”.

Gareth Leach - Down the Rabbit Hole     Country, Blues 03/02/2020
Gareth Leach is an Alt Country/Outlaw/Americana singer/songwriter based in Melbourne.
As schoolteacher and father, Leach has become increasingly concerned with the mental health of our kids. Growing up in an age where technology is so deeply integrated in to every life, the aftermath being a generation of people growing up with addictions to their devices, causing a scary rise in childhood depression and anxiety.

Gareth Leach - Old Crow Feather     Country, Blues 03/02/2020
Gareth Leach is an Alt Country/Outlaw/Americana singer/songwriter based in Melbourne.
Based on the early morning ramblings of Gareth’s then 4 year old son about wanting to “go outside and air his bones”, the lyrics deal with the metaphor of each feather of the old crow being a song waiting to be found or, at times, fought for and paid in money or even blood, figuratively speaking.

Hayley Jensen - Angel (feat. Beccy Cole)     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 03/02/2020
Hayley Jensen's musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene through Australian Idol, but ultimately returning to the genre that launched her career - country.
Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ is the song that made Hayley Jensen a household name in 2004 after performing it on Australian Idol. This commemorative version of the haunting, yet uplifting, ballad has been recorded as a duet with one of Hayley’s own musical idols, legendary Australian country music star, Beccy Cole, and produced by multi-award-winning producer, Matt Fell.

Michelle Gardiner - Live it Up     Country, Pop 13/01/2020
Michelle Gardiner is a Melbourne based singer, songwriter, wife and mother who pours her heart and soul into the songs she writes and into all of her performances.
An upbeat, modern, country-pop sound, Live it Up was inspired by a phone call from a friend complaining about their day at work, and written to serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest while we have the chance – we shouldn’t forget to balance things out and fit a bit of fun into the mix!

The Buffalo Grass Boys - Daydream     Country, Folk 09/12/2019
The Buffalo Grass Boys are a rocking bunch of guys who play Alt Country/Rockabilly/Country music and hail from Sydney, Australia.
Daydream is a song about the complications of relationships...a song about longing...wishing for something different, but not having the ability to change it. It’s about love gone wrong and how we as humans often create a reality in our head that might not be how real life is unfolding. It can all be a daydream…

Hayley Jensen - Turning Up the Dial     Country, Rock, Pop 08/11/2019
Hayley Jensen's musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene through Australian Idol, but ultimately returning to the genre that launched her career - country.
A rocky track, Turning up the Dial is a big sing with a stratospheric melody. It’s about the struggle of being a country girl with a country attitude trying to make it in the ‘big smoke’, and the battle to make a buck and land opportunities to perform and be recognised as an artist.

Renee Jonas - Blame it on the Wine     Country, Pop 04/11/2019
Growing up in the subtropical rainforest in northern NSW, no TV or radio - just natural sounds of the bush, Renee learnt to sing as a way of entertaining herself.
Blame it on the Wine is meant to be a light hearted and fun, tongue-in-cheek commentary about the flirtatious side of wine and the modern dating scene.

Shannon Noll - Long Live the Summer     Country, Rock, Pop 31/10/2019
One of Australia’s most recognisable names, Shannon Noll, has joined with independent record label, Social Family Records, to release this summer’s anthem, Long Live the Summer.
A catchy, high-energy, country rock belter, Long Live the Summer, is about getting out and about in the beautiful wide brown land that is Australia, from the red dirt to the coast, and enjoying every second of sunshine and holidays with your family and friends.

Matt Ward - Better Man     Country, Easy Listening 24/10/2019
Delivering a soulful blend Australian Country, Red Dirt and Americana music, Matt J Ward's musical journey has been anything but typical.
Better Man is the final single off Matt Ward’s highly acclaimed debut album Heartland. Recorded at Love Hz studios with multi Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell, Better Man is the true story of an Australian man who loses his farm, and in the process his family, during a bad Australian drought.

Jake Davey - On Your Mind     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 14/10/2019
Hailing from Taree in New South Wales, Jake Davey is one of Australia’s brightest, emerging talents. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter, is also an accomplished producer and videographer.
On Your Mind is the new single from Australian singer-songwriter, Jake Davey. The song echoes the vulnerability of a relationship, exploring themes of trust and acceptance and was co-written with 2019 Star Maker finalist Chelsea Berman. Mid-tempo, energy abounds in the chorus of On Your Mind, which was co-produced by Davey and talented Newcastle producer, Rhys Zacher.

Michael Carpenter - The Start of Being Alone     Country, Alternative, Pop 01/10/2019
Michael Carpenter is no stranger to making, recording and releasing records. The new single sees the well-regarded producer step out of the shadows to release his first solo alt-country single.
The Start Of Being Alone is a punchy alt country/pop track where Carpenter wears all the hats, playing all the instruments, producing and engineering at his famous Love Hz Studios complex, with thumping drums, driving guitars and Hammond organs, a classic harmonica motif and Carpenter’s yearning and insistent vocal.

Taylor Moss - Let Me Be     Country, Pop 30/09/2019
Taylor Moss has come a long way in a short time, but this exciting young artist has found her stride in the Country arena.
Let Me Be is a coming of age country pop song, through the eyes of a young woman making her own choices and living with the consequences. It chronicles Taylor’s personal account of growing into a woman and having the courage to stand up and do things the way she wants to, and was produced by multi award-winning Matt Fell.

The Buffalo Grass Boys - Exactly What I Need     Country, Folk 30/09/2019
The Buffalo Grass Boys are a rocking bunch of guys who play Alt Country/Rockabilly/Country music and hail from Sydney, Australia.
Exactly What I Need is a fast-paced alt country-rockabilly song about knuckling down and getting things done. It’s about seeing your own vulnerabilities, and if you’ve been knocked down, getting up and trying again.

Kirsty Lee Akers - Heart of Stone     Country, Rock, Pop 23/09/2019
Kirsty Lee Akers is a multi-award winning Country artist who self-produced her latest and 5th studio album, Under My Skin.
A pull no punches country rock track with attitude, Heart of Stone is the latest super catchy single from Kirsty Lee Akers, co-written with Phil Barton and Bruce Wallace.

Kristy James - Independent     Country, Pop, Rock 16/09/2019
2019 is a big year for Newcastle singer/songwriter Kristy James as she prepares to release the first single from her forthcoming record “Independent”.
A fun party song with a strong message, Independent is a story of a woman that has had the man, he didn’t treat her as the woman she is and she recognised it. Upbeat, cool, rocky and fresh!

Jetty Road - Bumps and Bruises     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 09/09/2019
Melbourne-based trio, Paula & Lee Bowman (identical twins) and Julian Sammut are Jetty Road, described as a tapestry of pop and country, with a hint of folk.
Lines, marks, scars – they all make up your history, of who you are and where you’ve been. In a world constantly seeking perfection, people seem to want to erase it all. A song about learning self-acceptance. There’s beauty in imperfection.

Andrew Swift & Gretta Ziller - Second Hand     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 26/08/2019
Andrew Swift & Gretta Ziller are two of Australia's leading alt country/Americana vocalists - they've spoken of doing a duet for a while - this is it!
Second Hand is a track about needing to buy second hand things with a little self deprecating joke about winning the lotto or finding a rich partner to take away financial stresses, we have all had the frivolous ‘one day’ laugh to ourselves! But really it’s about the upside of buying second hand things!