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Smile - Holiday

Smile - Holiday
There's something not to trust about Smile. They're deceptive.

We're living in a post-dolewave world. The economies up, house prices are soaring, burgers are artisanal yet these guys from Melbourne don't appear to care about property investments. You'd think they'd be a cool breeze, a setting sun, but on their sophomore album, 'Rhythm Method' they're throwing pop hooks, a snare drum jab, a vocal uppercut. Take the lead single 'Boundless Plains To Share' for example. A national anthem quoting dark groove tune that appears to question our great leaders asylum policies?! WTF? One starts to wonder if these guys even voted for the Tone Dog! It's fair dinkum UN-OZtralian.

Invest in your future, invest in APP developments, invest in liquid superannuation is what these guys should be doing. Then again maybe they just have. They can't be trusted…

About this track...

Smile have been busy since their first album. Busy writing, busy playing shows, trying out new ideas. It feels really good to have the album on its way. Not too long to go now. You’re a lucky one. You get a sneaky listen before the rest of the world.

Other tracks by Smile: Boundless Plains To Share
Number Of People In Act 4 Piece
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