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Small Fry

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Rainbow Chan - Triune     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 07/02/2020
Vocalist, producer and multi-disciplinary artist Rainbow Chan has built a reputation as one of the most innovative musicians. Driven by a DIY spirit, Chan melds catchy melodies and off-kilter beats.
A song to celebrate Lunar New Year 2020.

100% of proceeds from Bandcamp throughout February will be donated to Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities and Wildlife Victoria.

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Yeo - Six Years     R&B, Pop 11/12/2019
Melbourne-based Asian-Australian musician and producer Yeo drops his awaited R&B-infused pop album Recovery Channel, taking his unique genre-bending sound and wry lyricism to a more personal space.
Recovery Channel's leading single Six Years is a sultry ballad about a mutual unearthing of long-buried feelings, which washes over the listener. The track will be accompanied by a visual video from Yeo’s recent tour in Ecuador.

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Yeo - By Myself feat. Charlie Lim     R&B, Pop, Indie 02/10/2019
Melbourne-based musical chameleon Yeo is known for bending genres, continually exploring the dimensions of contemporary R&B, pop and electronic music and has been praised as a multi-instrumentalist.
Written and produced by Yeo and featuring Charlie Lim, ‘By Myself’ is an R&B-tinged duet with mellow bass-driven tones and a gentle bouncing rhythm. It sets a warm scene for two characters reaching out to each other after finding themselves in a dark place.

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Yeo - Restless     Pop, RnB 22/02/2019
Melbourne-based musician Yeo is known for bending genres and exploring the dimensions of pop, R&B and electronic, he has been praised as a talented multi-instrumentalist.
Yeo kicks off 2019 with a new single 'Restless'. With a R&B infused vibe and Yeo’s distinctive vocals complimenting the beat. Written and produced by Yeo, mixed by Andrei Maberley and mastered by Adam Dempsey.

Yeo celebrates the release of 'Restless' with live shows in Sydney and Melbourne this March with special guests HVNCOQ, Rainbow Chan (DJ) and Jade Zoe.

Hollow December - Out of the Woods     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 12/12/2018
Hollow December are five mates from Hobson’s Bay. With long friendships throughout kindergarten, primary school and high school, Hollow December started writing music and performing two years ago.
On their new single ‘Out of the Woods’, Hollow December touch on the conflict that arises when caring for a loved one becomes too detrimental for yourself to continue. Written and performed by Hollow December, recorded at Hothouse Studios by Jeremy Giddings and Craig Harnatd, recorded, mixed and produced by Mike Miller and mastered by Mikey Young.

Rainbow Chan - CSR     Electronic, Pop 19/10/2018
Sydney via Hong Kong electronic-pop vocalist and producer Rainbow Chan releases her second single of the year, ‘CSR’.
With a distinct eye for global pop culture, Rainbow Chan continues to make hypnotic and intelligent electronic dance music on ‘CSR.’ Effortlessly flowing between English, Cantonese and Mandarin spoken word, ‘CSR’ slides into lo-fi club territory. Writing in her mother tongue, Chan turns the dancefloor into a polyvocal space which pushes against the Western gaze.

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Yeo - The Comments     Pop, Electronic 26/09/2018
Melbourne-based musician and producer Yeo is known for bending genres, continually exploring the dimensions of electronica, pop and R&B, and has been praised as a multi-instrumentalist.
‘The Comments’ is an R&B slow jam about the futility sometimes found in online discussion. Stuck in denial, people often use the shield of the Internet to avoid the consequences of their words.

Rainbow Chan - Promises     Pop, Electronic 05/07/2018
Sydney via Hong Kong electronic-pop vocalist and producer Rainbow Chan returns with her first single of 2018 ‘Promises’.
‘Promises’ is a tightly produced pop song about love and mobility in the global age. Full of possibility, the allure of a foreign city is like a heady, romantic crush. Written, performed and produced by Rainbow Chan and mixed and mastered by Brendan Zacharias.

Aeora - I.G.I.     Pop, Electronic 22/06/2018
Singer, songwriter and producer Aeora releases her sophomore EP Let Loose.
"I.G.I. perfectly embraces everything I’ve been feeling and thinking and focuses on that one moment of pure happiness when you let go. That moment when you realise everything is stupid and you can enjoy yourself - just like that" - Aeora

Other tracks by Aeora:  Let Loose
Kult Kyss - Chi Cup     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 01/06/2018
Kult Kyss, comprised of creatives Haxx and Rromarin, the hybrid art-music project enjoyed a prosperous debut year. The Melbourne electronic duo return with luminous new offering ‘Chi Cup’.
In the wake of their summer rework of Planet Funk’s ‘Chase The Sun’, Melbourne electronic duo Kult Kyss return with luminous new offering.

Blending ethereal, incanting vocals with chiming percussion and vivid production, ‘Chi Cup’ melds future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners into a rich and dynamic soundscape.

Nussy - Tremble     Electronic, Pop 27/04/2018
Melbourne synth-pop artist NUSSY returns with new single and shows in Toronto for Canadian Music Week this May with homeland shows in Adelaide and Melbourne.
‘Tremble’ is a shimmering and bouncy pop ode to the club dance-floor, about “having an instant attraction, a connection with someone - that moment when your eyes meet across the dance floor, you're covered in sweat, probably a bit intoxicated and you think “I am going home with you tonight"”

Flower Drums - Night Swims     Electronic, Pop, Chill 05/02/2018
Melbourne via Perth duo Flower Drums share their debut album this February 12 including latest single Night Swims.
Self-produced by Aden Senycia and Leigh Craft, mixed by Aden Senycia and mastered by Joe Carra, ‘Night Swims’ is about the impending anxiety and loss of comfort following their recent relocation and the daunting reality of “settling down”. Lifted from their debut album Sunshine Terror Babies out February 12.

Aeora - Need You     Electronic, Pop 18/11/2017
Aeora has been building a reputation in the realm of experimental electronic pop through previous releases 'Boss-y' and 'Fenceline' and in her latest single 'Need You'.
Co-written with LANKS and produced by Haxx, 'Need You' is a song about "reflecting on a relationship – the doubts, the love and the pain. It’s about reflecting upon my own idea of being independent and still needing someone else, and telling myself that it’s okay" – Aeora

Kult Kyss - I Am One     Electronic, Experimental 11/11/2017
Melbourne electronic duo Kult Kyss are back with potent new offering 'I Am One'. The hybrid art-music project are comprised of collaborators Haxx and Rromarin.
Fusing dark, primal vocals with organic percussion and vivid production, ‘I Am One’ melds future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners into a rich and dynamic soundscape.

Yeo - Chasing Shadows (feat. Fractures)     Electronic, Pop 28/07/2017
Following a breakthrough year, Yeo locked himself away in his studio shed, preparing hisnext full-length album Desire Path. In anticipation and excitement, Yeo is drip-feeding singles from the album.
The new single Amy is about "intimacy issues long thought dead revived by an incredible one night stand".

Mixed by Andrei Maberley
Mastered by Adam Dempsey
Artwork by Ruwan De Silva

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Instrumentalist of the Year (National Awards)

Aeora - Fenceline     Electronic, Pop 08/07/2017
In her exploration of different beats and manipulating vocal tracks, Melbourne’s Lisa Spencer aka Aeora releases new single ‘Fenceline’.
For Lisa: “’Fenceline’ was created when I was thinking about a past relationship I had and how during parts of this relationship, I felt weak like I had lost myself. When it ended, I found myself trying to regain strength and fight for my identity"

Saatsuma - Stay     Electronic, Soul, Pop 24/06/2017
Melbourne electronic duo Saatsuma reveal Stay, the second single off their upcoming debut album.
Written and produced by Memphis Kelly and Cesar Rodrigues, Stay explores the irrationality of desire and the process of losing yourself in a fight to obtain the unattainable. The track is mixed by Dream Kit (Declan Kelly) and mastered by Lachlan Carrick.

Ani Lou - Ascend     Pop, Atmospheric 06/06/2017
Tasmanian singer-songwriter Ani Lou, heartfelt and honest with minimalistic Scandinavian influence.
Written and composed by Ani Lou through a particularly difficult patch during the artist’s ongoing struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Eralda translates this often debilitating and isolating experience into something unimposing and melancholic. Ascend is the leading single off the EP Eralda.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (TAS Awards)

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Other tracks by Ani Lou:  Too Late  -  Keeper
Yeo - Amy     Electronic, Pop 30/05/2017
Yeo readies his upcoming album Desire Path to be released August 18.With anticipation and excitement, Yeo is drip-feeding singles from the album every fortnight.
The new single Amy is about "intimacy issues long thought dead revived by an incredible one night stand".

Mixed by Andrei Maberley
Mastered by Adam Dempsey
Artwork by Ruwan De Silva


Other tracks by Yeo:  Never Wanted That (feat. Asta)
Aeora - Boss-y     Electronic, Pop 07/03/2017
With raw emotion and commanding vocals, Lisa Spencer aka Aeora draws together experiences as a teenager, focus on country singing techniques, the admiration of strong female vocalists and bedroom production.
In Aeora's own words ‘Boss-y’ is about “being a woman, being insecure about certain things I do and feeling a bit shut down by people. That's how it began. And this idea of being confident coming across as 'bossy' because I'm a woman"