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Shepparton Airplane - Fear     Rock, Punk, Alternative 13/03/2020
Shepparton Airplane are a four-piece potent punk rock act from Melbourne, featuring members of dormant cult heroes The Peep Tempel and Graveyard Train. Sharks is their third album.
Ricocheting between warped instrumentals, off-kilter wig-outs and rushes of punk-rock all underpinned by the distinct Peep Tempel rhythm section, 'Fear' is a pulsing introduction to what can be heard on Sharks. Combining a driving bass groove with dual-vocal shouts and punchy guitars, 'Fear' is an observation of some of history's most infamous cult leaders and the blind devotion of their disciples.

Beach Panic! - Lover Boy     Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie 14/02/2020
Melbourne’s BEACH PANIC! are loud, confident, full of charm and artistic flare, and they’re back with a brand-new grooving tune 'Lover Boy'.
Melbourne’s surf-soaked power-pop outfit BEACH PANIC! earnestly deliver their latest infectious summer anthem, ‘Lover Boy’.

‘Lover Boy’ is an unadulterated genre mashup that launches with ‘50s inspired doo-wop vocal stylings and explodes into a punk-rock wave rider, replete with Supergrass-esque harmonies and a splash of punchy post-hardcore guitars thanks to the band’s Belle Haven origins.

Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks - Shiny Car     Pop, Indie 07/02/2020
Electro pop, disco and psych pop, all bottled into a retro time capsule. Please meet the idiosyncratic outfit, Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks
‘Shiny Car’ is an irresistible slice of slinky, twinkling pop and cool, velvety vocals bottled into a retro time capsule. While the bouncy track appears cheery on the surface, the lyrical content represents a feeling of helplessness, feeling out of control of your destiny, like a strapped-in passenger headed in the entirely wrong direction.

Thomy Sloane and Lucy Waldron - Colour, Landscape and Light     Alternative, Instrumental, Experimental 17/01/2020
Thomy Sloane and Lucy Waldron are the chilling duo made up of Melbourne-based musician and frontman of rock outfit Batpiss and the celebrated cellist who make beguiling, melancholic soundscapes.
A departure from the unruly sounds of Batpiss, Thomy and Lucy’s music is a beguiling dip into a melancholic and haunting soundscape, featuring hypnotising, and at times alarming, cello coupled with feedback-laden guitar noise.

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Castilles - Lost in the City     Rock, Indie 18/11/2019
Melbourne-based trio Castilles is the latest musical endeavour from brothers Josh and Sam Dawes (Flyying Colours) and Jules Valentine. Their music twists through modern rock’n’roll, blues, Britpop and indie-rock.
The centrepiece of 'Intercontinental' sits ‘Lost In The City’, a glistening indie-rock homage to the band’s home of Collingwood, part tongue-in-cheek and part admiration, yet fully imbued in a contagious rock’n’roll groove. The single is the pulsating opener of the EP, duly tipping a hat to the masters of the rock genre, yet harnessing a sound that’s distinctly Castilles.

The Meanies - Lyin'     Rock, Punk, Alternative 08/11/2019
30 years strong, The Meanies are renowned as one of Australia's most influential punk bands.
The Meanies Lyin' live at The Hifi Bar 2014

Other tracks by The Meanies:  You're Pathetic  -  Inside
Edapollo - Make A Move     Electronic, House, Downbeat, Atmospheric 21/08/2019
Edapollo is Melbourne based electronic producer, Ed Bidgood. His music varies from atmospheric downtempo to more intricate beat-driven house, focusing on organic elements and a human feel in his production.
After a steady run of double single releases over the last few months, Australian based producer edapollo now delivers 'Make a Move' taken from his long-awaited debut album, ‘Endless Cascades’ which is out on Aug 29th. The track is a building atmospheric journey, starting off slowly then evolving into a lush dance floored inspired house track.

Private Function - Shut Up     Rock, Garage, Punk 16/08/2019
Melbourne punk misfits Private Function have generated a fierce national following at a dizzying speed thanks in equal parts to their schoolboy charm and commercial contempt.
A snarling punk number taken from Melbourne punk misfits Private Function's debut LP, St Anger.

Other tracks by Private Function:  Process of Elimination  -  Thick of it All
Even - Mark The Days     Rock, Pop 15/08/2019
Australia's seminal indie-pop-rock outfit Even are one of the country's most adored indie bands to have emerged from the '90s. In 2019, Even are celebrating their 25th anniversary.
Recorded in Brisbane with prolific producer/engineer Jeff Lovejoy, 'Mark The Days' is yet another instalment in Even's illustrious and enduring career to date. According to singer-songwriter/guitarist Ashley Naylor, the single symbolises the need to cherish life events as they unfold, while appreciating the special people we meet and moments we experience along the way.

Private Function - King of the Mountain     Rock, Punk, Pop, Cover Version 23/07/2019
Melbourne's premier punk rock misfits
A blistering punk rock cover of Midnight Oil's hit, King of the Mountain, which may just be better than the original. You decide.

Private Function - Talking To Myself     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 23/07/2019
Melbourne's premier punk rock misfits
A live step staple with an equally intense video to match