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Essie Holt - Salt     Pop, Indie 03/04/2020
Essie Holt is the dynamic pop savant exploding out of Melbourne.
‘Salt’ is the lead single taken from her debut EP Silent Wars. “It’s a song about sitting in your thoughts and calling yourself out when you’re not being honest. I think when you’re being genuine you attract similar people. ’They’re on my team’ is a lyric about finding people who truly care about you and get you.” Essie shares

Ball Park Music - Spark Up!     Indie, Rock 21/03/2020
Brisbane’s melancholic pop masters Ball Park Music are made of five curious minds that thrive on musical experimentation.
I guess it’s kind of a protest song. It’s a song for those who are writhing in their skin. It’s a song for those who are dreaming of some other place. I don’t want to ruin the fun with an unnecessarily detailed explanation. I think the song speaks for itself.

Lifted from 'Mostly Sunny', out sometime in 2020.

Hockey Dad - Itch     Indie, Rock 18/02/2020
Windang duo Zach and Billy from Hockey Dad have released epic fuzzed ballad 'Itch', their second offering from their third studio album Brain Candy set for release May 29.
“Itch” is an epic fuzzed ballad, which started off as a delicate, droned out kind of feel. It grew in the studio as the band added more layers and has become a giant of a song that slowly builds to a massive finish with one of Zach Stephenson’s biggest vocals to date.

San Cisco - Reasons     Indie, Pop 18/02/2020
Fremantle three piece Jordi, Josh and Scarlett have released 'Reasons', the latest single from their Flaws EP out March 27 and will embark on an international tour supporting the EP.
‘Reasons’ is an affirmation to someone you love to share some dark sh*t and just “let it go”, but delivered in the most positive, catchy and meaningful way. With added production and mixing from Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Grizzly Bear), ‘Reasons’ is a continuation of the indie pop signature sound the band have become known for.

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Hockey Dad - I Missed Out     Indie, Rock 20/11/2019
Full of raw energy, loveable irreverence and dynamite tunes, all of which have now become synonymous with the unmistakeable, sun-drenched pop of Hockey Dad.
“I Missed Out” is the first sweet taste of the bands up and coming new material that finds them in a decidedly more reflective place. Taking snapshots of places and experiences from the last few years and filtering them through their particular process.

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San Cisco - Skin     Indie, Pop 24/10/2019
San Cisco are an indie-pop trio formed in 2009 in Fremantle, Western Australia.
“Skin is about being left by a partner that was meant to be “forever”. Being frustrated with the fact you have no control of the situation and living at the mercy of your soon to not be lover’s decisions. You still see a small glimmer of hope, but ultimately it’s over.” Jordi Davieson

Nancie Schipper - When You Get Home     Folk 24/05/2019
A recent finalist in triple j’s Unearthed High Competition, Nancie Schipper is gaining momentum for her folk-pop melodic hooks and striking songwriting.
Recorded and produced by John Castle (Vance Joy, Thelma Plum, Angie McMahon), 'When You Get Home' is the first single to follow 'Long Fall'.

On the single, Nancie says, "This song is about checking in on all your friends and not letting them deal with things alone"

Tay Oskee - Black Smoke     Folk 17/04/2019
Tay Oskee traverses a spectrum from chilled beach tunes to punchy folk, bolstered by his signature instrumentation.
Where normally Tay Oskee would untether his creativity through intricate and unpredictable arrangements, Black Smoke had stricter parameters. Stripped of all complexity and frills, its grand melodic hooks do all the talking.

Taj Ralph - Kill The Mood     Pop, Hip Hop 11/04/2019
Having freshly graduated from high school, the emerging Sydney artist can now get back to his first love – music.
'Kill The Mood' produced & co-written by Melbourne producer Lucianblomkamp and features Taj’s unique blend of jazz guitar & modern RnB - fused with a brooding baseline and Taj’s smooth vocals.

The Living End - Drop The Needle     Rock, Rockabilly 14/03/2019
The Living End are a 3 piece from Melbourne who are legends of Australian music. Chris, Andy and Scott have released 8 albums of quality Rock n Roll.
'Drop The Needle' is a fast paced rock song that has a darker undertone lyrically. It's another classic from The Living End that is already a live favourite from their new 'Wunderbar' album which was released in September 2018 and debuted Top 5 on the ARIA Chart.

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The Cat Empire - Oscar Wilde     Pop, Jazz, Folk, Funk 11/01/2019
The Cat Empire from Melbourne are one of Australia's most loved bands. Fusing pop, rock, jazz, funk, reggae and more into their music, they have a sound of their own.
If there is a song from new album 'Stolen Diamonds' (released Feb 15) that checks all the boxes on what makes for a great song by The Cat Empire, 'Oscar Wilde' is it. “On tour, I always come back to Paul Simon's Graceland as a reference for music that just floats and makes me feel good." Felix Reibl confesses.

Taj Ralph - All I Do     Pop, Hip Hop 08/12/2018
Taj Ralph has spent most of 2018 with his head buried in textbooks. Having graduated from high school, the emerging artist can now get back to his first love, music.
Taj shares his brand new single ‘All I Do’. The track sees him team up with long time collaborator Taras Hrubyj-Piper and producer Nic Martin. Showcasing a unique blend of jazz guitar and modern RnB, fused with slick production and Taj’s dreamy vocals – the song is a breezy summer anthem in the making.

Drapht - 24hrs of Sunlight     Hip Hop 30/11/2018
Australian hip-hop pioneer Drapht has a special treat for his fans today. The multi platinum, ARIA award winning Perth artist has just dropped Part 2 of his sprawling Arabella Street.
The concept for '24hrs of Sunlight' has travelled through many different production styles and life forms over the last 7 years. The idea originally came from a David Attenborough documentary about the midnight sun in the arctic - where vulnerable animals would be on constant high alert without a place to hide.

Oh Pep! - Hurt Nobody     Pop 19/10/2018
Melbourne duo Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs explore the melody-rich expanse between indie pop and alt-folk in their upcoming second album, while coming of age and seeing the world.
"Hurt Nobody" is an atmospheric anthem that builds slowly, with stormy beats slowly gathering around harmonised, breathy vocals until it comes to a cacophonous end. Composed in the midst of a "bomb cyclone" storm, Olivia explains “There was this underlying eeriness that day. The energy was apocalyptic, because we were snowed in."

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San Cisco - When I Dream     Pop, Rock 12/09/2018
Fremantle 4-piece San Cisco have started work on their fourth album, to be released in 2019. The first taste is ‘When I Dream’, an acoustic led power pop gem.
Fremantle 4-piece San Cisco have started work on their fourth full length album, to be released in 2019. The first taste is ‘When I Dream’, an acoustic led power pop gem.

Oh Pep! - What's The Deal With David     Pop 21/08/2018
Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs (Oh Pep!) formed in music secondary school in Melbourne and are part of the new indie-folk wave spearheaded by acts like AngieMcMahon & Julia Jacklin.
"What's The Deal With David" thoughtfully explores the melody-rich expanse between indie pop and alt-folk, while dipping into themes of growing older, and seeing the world.

The Cat Empire - Ready Now     Pop, Jazz, Roots, World 03/07/2018
The Cat Empire are a six piece (plus friends!) from Melbourne. Jazz, Pop, Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop, you name it, it's all in there and Australia loves them for it.
Felix Riebl describes, “Ready Now began as an accidental one hand arpeggio on a keyboard with an obnoxious synth horn sound on. It turned into a hard-hitting and fairly epic sounding fanfare that sounds like a dark marching band in flight. Lyrically it’s full of frustration and conflict, but the music gives it an edge of joy.”

The Dead Love - Wake Up     Rock, Grunge 22/06/2018
Hailing from Sydney, self-professed "sh**ty grunge" larrikins The Dead Love are set to release their new single 'Wake Up,' ahead of a east coast national tour.
Wake Up is a heartfelt and thought-provoking rock song with a powerful message."It's a reminder that violence towards women is still very much present among us and happening closer than you think. It’s a story of an ugly breakup turning physical, and touches on how some friends stayed silent, even while others spoke up.”- Stevie Knight, Frontman

The Living End - Don't Lose It     Rock 22/06/2018
One of Australia's most loved bands The Living End are back with their new single 'Don't Lose It', a testament to their quintessential sound of killer riffs, hooks and choruses.
‘Don’t Lose It’ is a clarion call to the breadth of fire and intensity still stirring strongly within Chris, Scott and Andy. The track itself is quintessential Living End - packed with killer riffs, hooks and choruses. It is the first release to emerge from an inspired writing and recording session done in Berlin earlier this year.

The Dead Love - Ordinary     Metal/Punk, Grunge 02/03/2018
Sydney based Grunge band The Dead Love. Have shared stages locally and abroad with the likes of Gang Of Youths, Dune Rats, Aerosmith (usa), Smith Street Band, etc.
The Dead Love bring driving grunge with a taste of punk to their new track 'Ordinary'. A great party track with a catchy, sing-along chorus, 'Ordinary' is a confirmed live banger. Leading the band into a possible album release in the coming year, 'Ordinary' is sure to be a hit.

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