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Shows In Space

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The Baudelaires - Bomber Dan     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 16/11/2016
The Baudelaires are a Melbourne based pysch garage 4 piece.
Two singles will be released simultaneously in accordance with the release of Musk Hill: the thumping 'Bomber Dan', as well as the loaded slow-burning album closer Dweller, which will include a mind-altering film clip created by Tobias Willis.

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Other tracks by The Baudelaires:  Dweller
My Elephant Ride - Sat In Tears     Rock, Psychedelic 14/10/2016
MER are an independent Melbourne band who focus on real music and combine it with performance art. They write songs about being high, sexual identity, love and dealing with strangers.
'Sat In Tears' represents the band at their best; Layered vocals, poetic lyrics, smart songwriting, screaming guitars and above all, a completely fun delivery.

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Steve Grady - So Long     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Country 16/09/2016
Acclaimed Melbourne via Brisbane songwriter, Steve Grady returns with beautiful new album 'Something To Fall Back On', out late 2016.
'So Long' & 'What Are You Doing Tonight' are a taste of what's to come from Steve Grady's brilliant new album 'Something To Fall Back On' out late 2016

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

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Other tracks by Steve Grady:  What Are You Doing Tonight
Small Town Romance - Timber & Stone     Country, Alternative Country 10/08/2016
Fronted by Jim Arneman and Flora Smith Small Town Romance have been steadily garnering a fan base of true country music lovers everywhere they play.
The driving melancholic duet combines the flawless vocal blend of Jim and Flora. The haunting song is intimate and regretful, nostalgic and foreboding. There is an uneasiness to the track that will stay with you long after your first listen.

2017 AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'Small Town Romance'

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The Grand Magoozi - The Last Cowboy     Folk, Country 23/02/2016
A striking new voice in Australian music, Susie Scurry’s smoky vocals deliver lament and subtle wit in equal measure, pondering a modern world gone awry.
‘The Last Cowboy’ draws from formative influences such as Patsy Cline and Julie Cruise as it swings into a reminiscent and old style country groove with it’s low tremelo guitar and sweet vocal harmonies.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

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Other tracks by The Grand Magoozi:  Pinkie Blues
Joshua Seymour - Nothing To Me Now     Folk, Alternative Country, Country, Roots 10/09/2015
"Seymour from Cherrywood has stepped out on his lonesome for an album that digs deep into emotive and dark Americana." - The Music
Nothing To Me Now is a bitter sweet breakup song featuring hand claps and backing vocals.

Joshua Seymour - Two Or Few     Country, Folk, Roots, Alternative Country 08/07/2015
Having spent the last few years as co-songwriter in Melbourne based alt-country band, Cherrywood, Josh has come out swinging with a fantastic set of his own songs.
A song of youthful desperation informed by the folk and country traditions of the past, on debut single ‘Two Or Few’, Seymour has crafted a modern tune wrapped in timeless melancholy for a nostalgic future. The accompanying film clip was shot in rural Victoria and features its vast, roaming landscape.

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The Letter String Quartet feat. Laura Jean & Marita Dyson - 'My Song' feat Laura Jean & Marita Dyson     Classical, Folk, Pop, Easy Listening 27/05/2015
Presented in the ambient surrounds of The Oratory at Abbotsford Convent, The Letter String Quartet (TLSQ) bring new life to chamber music in their Sonic Series 2015.
This new version of 'My Song' features music & lyrics by Laura Jean with Arrangements by Biddy Connor. The track originally appears on Laura Jean's album 'A Fool Who'll' released on Chapter Records in 2011

Arrester - The Will Beneath The Waves     Rock, Alternative Country 20/05/2015
Led by Simon Connolly (aleks and the ramps, Potential Falcon), Arrester is an indie-rock three piece with a solid 90’s sound.
‘The Will Beneath The Waves’ with it's 90's guitar sounds, slams through the breakers like the Mary Celeste, its ghostly crew drunk on wine and singing into the wind.

Low Lux - Rivers Roll     Rock, Pop, Electronic 04/05/2015
Low Lux elevates the early sketches of ex-Bridezilla Daisy M. Tulley's folk-inspired past with a musical framework that draws upon dark pop, electronics, and the immediacy of indie rock.
On debut single ‘Rivers Roll’, Low Lux places Daisy's intimate song craft into a bed of leap-of-faith sonics that refract their musical pasts into an inspired new sound.

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Kram - Love Is Now     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Soundtrack (Film Related) 03/03/2015
Kram is the drummer/singer of Australian, ARIA award winning band Spiderbait.
The title track of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Australian drama, Love Is Now by Kram

Waxhead - Walking On Air     Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic 11/02/2015
Byron Bay’s Psychedelic Stoner Grunge quartet, Waxhead have laid down their debut EP, Home in the rainbow region to 2” tape. Due April.
In anticipation of the Home EP release this April, the band are sharing their new single ‘Walking on Air’. Featuring guest Hammond organ by Ian Peres of Wolfmother, ‘Walking on Air’ explores themes of paranoia and miscommunication and sounds like a sweet summer nightmare.

Spirit Valley - Moonrocks     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues 09/02/2015
A mix of dark psych rock and blues, the duo embrace the darkest depths of the conscience and balance it with an upbeat thrill of sarcastic positivity.
A hazy blend of fuzz heavy guitar and tribal dance-floor drums, ‘Moonrocks’ is a trippy walk across modern psychedelia and the first taste from the debut album. To celebrate, the guys will head out for an East Coast Tour through March before relocating to Europe.


House Of Light - Room Of Lights     Rock, Psychedelic 15/11/2014
Melbourne based House of Light was formed in Berlin by Justin de Vries. With Valentina Veil on synth/2nd vox the sound is new wavy and psychedelic with electro touch
new wavy and psychedelic with electro touch

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Munro Melano - Further For Her     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Rock 15/11/2014
Munro Melano’s Blue Veins EP is layered his his signature mix of acoustic instruments and synthesizers.
"While recording, our studio had a blackout. We packed up and had to move to another studio across town to set up the entire session again.

For a song about being totally committed to another person there was something fitting in how hard it was to get this one recorded."


JL Raymond - Carpet Snakes     Electronic 11/10/2014
Forthcoming five-track EP Carpet Snakes is the first journey into the charming and hypnotic world of Melbourne electronic artist, JL Raymond.
If JL Raymond’s debut Carpet Snakes is about anything, it's human frailty. The sound is inherent of the humanness of its creator. It's pure, joyful, dreamy, honest, never over-complicated and untainted by ‘the business’ of the modern electronic music genre.

Dear Plastic - Epic Delay     Rock, Pop, Electronic 25/09/2014
Dear Plastic have been incubating in the far reaches of the pop spectrum since 2012. The ambitious Melbourne band swings in mood between dystopia and euphoria.
'Epic Delay' combines cerebral pop and the theatrical stylings of vocalist Scarlette Baccini, that swings in mood between dystopia and euphoria.

Dan Kelly - Melbourne vs Sydney     Pop, Folk 14/08/2014
Dan Kelly is in the process of completing his fourth album, due early in the new year. The first tune to be released as a taster is ‘Melbourne vs Sydney’.
‘Melbourne vs Sydney’, featuring his stellar Dream Band (Indra Adams, Dave Williams, Joe Cope, Madeleine and Memphis Kelly) a strangely anthemic meditation on the never ending culture wars between those two cities. Dan taking on the role of a neutral mystic, absolving sins while happily goading the musical combatants on.

Munro Melano - My Hometown     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 16/07/2014
Munro Melano originally wrote 'My Hometown' for nu-grass band Mustered Courage and has now revisited the tune with his own signature mix of acoustic instruments and synthesizers.
Melano originally wrote 'My Hometown' for nu-grass band Mustered Courage and has now revisited the tune with his own signature mix of acoustic instruments and synthesizers.

The fantastic video, made from old tour footage from the 60's, is a love letter to Australian musicians on the road, past and present.

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The Dead Heir - Cooked     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 07/07/2014
Six-piece outfit The Dead Heir have thrown themselves headfirst into the live music scene of inner northern Melbourne, refining their sound to a psychedelic garage groove.
New single ‘Cooked’, recorded by Joey from King Gizzard, is layered with jangly guitars, subtle organ lines and a rolling rhythm section. It draws its brooding pop flavour from a string of sordid affairs with late 60’s tunes and the neo-psychedelica of the 90’s alternative scene.