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Wesley Fuller - Melvista     Rock 22/02/2016
Wesley Fuller is a Melbourne artist with his debut EP due to be released later in 2016.
'Melvista' is a poppy throwback rock track with a great party vibe.

Voltaire Twins - Modern Gore     Pop, Electronic 14/07/2015
Voltaire Twins are back with their brand new single ‘Goodnight, Spirit’, the latest offering from their forthcoming debut album 'Milky Waves'.
'Modern Gore' is the third single taken from Voltaire Twins' debut album 'Milky Waves'.

Other tracks by Voltaire Twins:  Goodnight, Spirit  -  Long Weekend
Twin Beasts - Wasting Time     Rock, Country 08/07/2014
In May, 2013, the band, then known as The Toot Toot Toots, began recording their much anticipated sophomore album, Badlove.
Love, loss and sexual frustration, Badlove.

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Twin Beasts - Sweet Marie     Rock, Alternative Country 18/02/2014
Inspired by artists diverse as Beck, Bob Dylan, and ELO, Twin Beasts have been compared with the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Ennio Morricone.
‘Sweet Marie’ is not quite a love song, this is a story about an infatuated peeping tom. Equal parts endearing and (comically) disturbing, it’s a track that churns along with the kind of brashness that makes Beck and Black Francis (Pixies) so hellishly good.

Twin Beasts - Badlove     Blues/Roots, Rock 29/08/2013
Inspired by artists diverse as Beck, Dylan, and ELO, Twin Beasts (formerly Toot Toot Toots) have made a name for themselves with their energetic live shows and boisterous, romping music.
Badlove is a step in a different direction. Marking a clear departure from their earlier narrative- and concept-driven work, Badloves explores the themes of love, lust and infatuation.

Tiger Choir - Shani     Rock, Pop 24/03/2015
Hobart's Tiger Choir make eclectic pop music from the cultural periphery, yet they've travelled the world enough to be wide-eyed to its possibilities.
2015 MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

First single ‘Shani’ is a great taste of what’s to come with cascading guitars, synths that curl around each other, vocals drenched with regret and lyrics that includes what may be one of the catchiest refrains of the year in “we’re getting so messed up”.

Tiger Choir - All Time     Pop, Rock 22/06/2015
Since coming together in 2009, Tiger Choir have released a self-titled EP and their debut LP, Unicycles.
Second single ‘All Time’ presents another glimpse into a highly anticipated LP, mixed by Simon Lam (I’lls, Klo) and mastered by Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Oscar Key Sung, Hiatus Kaiyote).

The Tiger & Me - Pantomime     Pop, Folk 10/09/2012
he Tiger & Me’s ascension to prominence commenced with the release of their critically-lauded debut album 'From a Liar to a Thief' in 2010.
The first single ‘Pantomime’ is an infectious pop tune that swirls and dives on the edge of losing its mind.

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The Peep Tempel - Mister Lester Moore     Rock, Punk, Garage 17/05/2012
The Peep Tempel create frenetic rock tinged with punk. They are a three-piece from Melbourne.
Opening in a blaze of machine gun fire bass and guitar, ‘Mister Lester Moore’ tantalizingly vacillates between teeth-bared urgency to cold menace. As close to romance as The Peep Tempel get, vocalist Blake Scott croons throughout “You are beautiful my girl,” with a nuanced menace that drips with danger

The Peep Tempel - Howlin' Belle     Rock, Garage, Blues 08/12/2011
Melbourne trio The Peep Tempel make dirty rock with side glances at garage and blues that luridly catalogue the vagaries of daily urban life.
‘Howlin’ Belle’ is the second single to be taken from The Peep Tempel’s debut self-titled album due in February 2012 through Wing Sing Records.

A suitable rejoinder to the groundswell of interest piqued from first offering ‘Collusion’, ‘Howlin’ Belle’ is another heart-starting jab of rock via garage, punk and blues.

The Peep Tempel - Collusion     Rock, Garage, Punk, Pop 17/11/2011
Neon Garage Punk Step
The energy in this song, punctuated with a killer chorus and effortless rhythm section makes it impossible not to bob your head.

Disco punk, dance punk, punk, rock n' roll, garage... whatever you wanna call it, this rules. (Zan Rowe Triple J - Catch of the Day)

Other tracks by The Peep Tempel:  Mission Floyd
The Messengers - We Can't Get Along     Pop, Rock, Retro, Garage 05/04/2012
Hailing from Melbourne, five-piece, The Messengers create garage dusted pop with a sly wink and nod to traditional blues and 60s swinging beats.
It seems wildly ironic and perhaps even a touch inappropriate that a song about wanting to do things that you know you shouldn’t is such an unashamedly addictive proposition. ‘We Can’t Get Along’, the latest single from Melbourne’s The Messengers, is a quick shot of contagious hooks and virulent tones.

The Frowning Clouds - All Night Long     Rock, Garage 12/10/2011
Geelong locals, The Frowning Clouds, have been turning heads since the release of their debut album 'Listen Closlier'. All sixties sass and swinging beats, the attention is well justified.
The first sample from the five-piece's upcoming album, the follow up to last year's Listen Closlier, 'All Night Long', is a sound indication of just where The Frowning Clouds are circa 2011, which is squarely around 1965.

The Demon Parade - She's Gonna Be A Star     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 30/07/2012
The Demon Parade are a four piece from Melbourne who blend rock, pop and psychedelic sounds.
Short, sweet and with hooks that kill, ’She’s Gonna Be A Star’ is the latest offering from The Demon Parade. ’She’s Gonna Be A Star’ saves the platitudes and gets to the point via an eloquent riff and singalong lyric.

The Demon Parade - All The Cool Kids     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 10/11/2011
Melbourne's The Demon Parade offer a narcotic blend of rock infused with psychedelic influences.
Melbourne's The Demon Parade are gearing up to release their latest incandescent offering at the altar of iridescent rock hooks and shimmering melodies. 'All The Cool Kids' is set to soundtrack the summer like a rock & roll heatwave sinking its rays into the skin.

The Black Ryder - Let Me be Your Light     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk 14/02/2015
Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryder are The Black Ryder - a shoegaze outfit that have worked with some of the world's best producers
'Let Me Be Your Light is a beautifully slow burning, its grinding guitars and heavy layers of dark, feted romance akin to Spiritualized and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

The Aves - Grow Up     Rock, Punk, Pop 03/11/2011
The Aves are an Adelaide-based indie/garage/new wave band.
'Grow Up' details the travails of a life lived in suburban no man's land over an insistent beat and an addictive riff. With indie rock sensibility at its heart, 'Grow Up' hints at garage and classic influences lurking just beneath the surface.

Texture Like Sun - Bottle     Folk 12/10/2011
Texture Like Sun is a Melbourne-based folk artist.
'Bottle' is an elegant meditation on the games we play with ourselves through the course of addiction. With each line comes another layer of sound until the song reaches its crescendo – like the arguments it replicates, the concluding blow is both stunning and revelatory.

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Tantrums - Ships     Electronic, Experimental 07/12/2012
Tantrums are a Melbourne-based live electronics outfit with a penchant for exploring the connection between organic and manipulated sound.
A subtle experimental electronica sound, to form a cohesive yet technical sound collaboratively between the 5 piece.

Sweet Jean - Tomorrow Morning     Pop, Folk 09/05/2013
Sweet Jean is Sime Nugent and Alice Keath. Their music is lush, melodic, honest, and full of charm.
Sweet Jean “can break your heart one minute and mend it the next. The duo has a natural ability to transport their audience to the heart of their songs.”