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Howl At The Moon - Just A Kid     Rock 08/02/2012
Howl At The Moon are a Melbourne four-piece who are about to release their debut album Squalls.
Contrasted with the bombast of first single ‘Let The Mainsheet. Down My Love’, ‘Just A Kid’ is a markedly more reflective effort. Backed with a delicate guitar line, sinuous bass and melodic percussion Katie Scott’s vocal is impassioned yet fragile. The track’s poetic lyrics are pitted with insight and empathy.

Ali E - Landless     Rock, Atmospheric 08/02/2012
Ali E is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter who is about to release her debut album, Landless.
Opening with a ringing, delayed guitar melody and Ali E's reverb drenched vocal 'Landless' paints a sepia nostalgia before changing direction, picking up pace and accelerating forward. Whilst sadness creeps at the sides, 'Landless' is imbued with a steely resolve to look up and onwards.

Kate Vigo - Not The One     Pop, Retro 05/04/2012
Kate Vigo is a singer songwriter from Melbourne whose music spans multiple styles and genres whilst keeping a strong pop sensibility.
Whilst clearly touched by the light of a 60’s torch song, Kate Vigo’s latest single ‘Not The One’ has a clear contemporary edge. Featuring the musically adventurous spirit that quickly has become Vigo’s calling card, ‘Not The One’ is a blend of sweeping
strings and a Shangri-la’s back beat.

Damn Terran - Rebels     Rock, Punk 05/04/2012
Damn Terran are a post-punk group three-piece from Melbourne.
'Rebels' is typical of the raw insouciance that has become Damn Terran's calling card. High energy, blistering and enlivening, 'Rebels' is the first new music from Damn Terran since the release of their debut EP in 2010.

The Messengers - We Can't Get Along     Pop, Rock, Retro, Garage 05/04/2012
Hailing from Melbourne, five-piece, The Messengers create garage dusted pop with a sly wink and nod to traditional blues and 60s swinging beats.
It seems wildly ironic and perhaps even a touch inappropriate that a song about wanting to do things that you know you shouldn’t is such an unashamedly addictive proposition. ‘We Can’t Get Along’, the latest single from Melbourne’s The Messengers, is a quick shot of contagious hooks and virulent tones.

Eliza Hull - Without Words     Pop, Electronic 05/04/2012
Eliza Hull is a solo artist from Melbourne creating lullaby pop sounds with an electronic edge.
‘Without Words’ is the first single from Eliza Hull’s forthcoming EP, Dawn. With a delivery that mirrors the dizzying realities of love it details, ‘Without Words’ is a formidable introduction to EP's hypnotic aura.

‘Without Words’ is stark in its candour. Blending subtle electronic stylings and heartfelt lyricism.

Sophie Koh - I Understand     Pop 17/05/2012
Sophie Koh is an acclaimed solo artist and previous Unearthed winner. She currently based in Melbourne.
Sophie Koh’s highly anticipated third album Oh My Garden represents a sea-change for the Melbourne-based songwriter. Featuring collaborations with Robin Waters and J Walker. ‘I Understand’ sees Sophie break new ground both musically and thematically.
Says Sophie, “This is perhaps one of the most
personal songs I have ever written.”

The Peep Tempel - Mister Lester Moore     Rock, Punk, Garage 17/05/2012
The Peep Tempel create frenetic rock tinged with punk. They are a three-piece from Melbourne.
Opening in a blaze of machine gun fire bass and guitar, ‘Mister Lester Moore’ tantalizingly vacillates between teeth-bared urgency to cold menace. As close to romance as The Peep Tempel get, vocalist Blake Scott croons throughout “You are beautiful my girl,” with a nuanced menace that drips with danger

Sans Gras - Sun Come Up     Rock, Psychedelic 24/05/2012
Sans Gras are a four-piece band from Melbourne. They create rock tinged with progressive vigour and psychedelic flourishes.
A paean to the festival of plenty, Meredith, 'Sun Come Up' captures its subject in all her glory. A song in three distinct movements, 'Sun Come Up' ramps up the viscera with mountainous harmonies, prog-tinged melody and a throbbing riff that commands attention and gains respect.

Money For Rope - Misery Lane     Rock, Garage 07/06/2012
Money For Rope are a Melbourne-based surf/garage influenced six-piece. They will release their debut self-titled album this year.
“Misery Lane” is the next track to roll out from Money For Rope's forthcoming self -titled debut LP. The track purveys the darker, more driven side of the band, borrowing energy from the likes of Modest Mouse and Nick Cave. “Misery Lane” sounds like a song playing with matches.

Saskwatch - Your Love     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul 22/06/2012
Saskwatch are a soul band from Melbourne.
The follow-up to 2011’s acclaimed mellow soul cut ‘Don’t Wanna Try’, ‘Your Love’ is a sweet soul anthem, a sentimental celebration of new love.‘Your Love’ is also the second single to be lifted from Saskwatch’s upcoming debut long-player Leave It All Behind due out this August.

Minibikes - Oh Japan     Pop, Folk 20/07/2012
Minibikes create glorious indie pop with more than a hint of darkness lingering below the surface.
‘Oh Japan’ is certain to warm hands and hearts on first listen. Featuring wonderful vocal harmonies, syncopated hand claps, front of mix tambourine and superb jangly guitars, in ‘Oh Japan’ Minibikes have crafted a little pop gem that sparkles with more than just a hint of a summery sheen.

Love Migrate - Making This Hard     Rock, Pop, Country 20/07/2012
Love Migrate are a six-piece from Melbourne that play dark, pop ballads.
‘Making This Hard’ is the first single lifted from the band’s album. “Making This Hard’ is a haunting country tinged song that vents frustration of a fragmented/lost/past relationship.” Says singer Eddie Alexander about the track.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Elbow     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 23/07/2012
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are a seven-piece from Melbourne
'Elbow' is lush with sublime melody, dive-bomber runs and ‘Eh, Eh, Eh’s’ at suitable intervals amid the craziness. Primal, fuzzed-out and filled with musical coming and goings, just when you think you know where ‘Elbow’ is going it pulls the flangebrake and fishtails into a discordant guitar solo.

The Demon Parade - She's Gonna Be A Star     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 30/07/2012
The Demon Parade are a four piece from Melbourne who blend rock, pop and psychedelic sounds.
Short, sweet and with hooks that kill, ’She’s Gonna Be A Star’ is the latest offering from The Demon Parade. ’She’s Gonna Be A Star’ saves the platitudes and gets to the point via an eloquent riff and singalong lyric.

Deep Street Soul - Hold On Me     Funk/Soul 10/09/2012
Melbourne’s Deep Street Soul are kings of gritty soul.
We suggest you wallow in the chunky horns, diamond hard drums and growling organ riffs and let your knees be knocked bandy by Warren Hunters thundering bass lines.

Other tracks by Deep Street Soul:  Look Out, Watch Out
Damn Terran - Pills     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 10/09/2012
Damn Terran are post-punk. You'll like them, or not at all.
Earlier this year Damn Terran released their very excellent 7" single ‘Rebels’ through new Melbourne imprint Thornbury Records. Following ‘Rebels’ is the new track ‘Pills’, which features guest vocals from Shane Parsons of DZ Deathrays. Damn Terran plan to finish recording their debut album with Ben Ely (Regurgitator) this December.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Muckraker     Rock, Pop, Garage 10/09/2012
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard are back with their much anticipated debut record, 12 Bar Bruise.
Muckraker is an absolute cracker! If you like this band at all then you're going to LOVE this newie.

The Tiger & Me - Pantomime     Pop, Folk 10/09/2012
he Tiger & Me’s ascension to prominence commenced with the release of their critically-lauded debut album 'From a Liar to a Thief' in 2010.
The first single ‘Pantomime’ is an infectious pop tune that swirls and dives on the edge of losing its mind.

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Catherine Traicos - Waking Up Your House Again     Folk, Pop 10/09/2012
Sydney based singer-songwriter Catherine Traicos offers up a beguiling blend of alt-country, blues, roots and folk, delivered by one of the most distinctive voices in the contemporary Australian landscape.
'Waking Up Your House Again' is the opening (and digital only) single taken from Catherine Traicos' third album, 'In Another Life'.

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