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Super Magic Hats - More Than Words     Electronic, Experimental, Atmospheric 24/04/2014
Super Magic Hats is Melbourne-based musician, beat-maker and producer whose work embraces melody, noise and experimentation.
'More Than Words’ is a infectiously beat-driven single that is firmly grounded in Melbourne, with Masterton having come up with the concept for the tune in typically Victorian fashion - on the 75 tram

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Sophie Koh - I Understand     Pop 17/05/2012
Sophie Koh is an acclaimed solo artist and previous Unearthed winner. She currently based in Melbourne.
Sophie Koh’s highly anticipated third album Oh My Garden represents a sea-change for the Melbourne-based songwriter. Featuring collaborations with Robin Waters and J Walker. ‘I Understand’ sees Sophie break new ground both musically and thematically.
Says Sophie, “This is perhaps one of the most
personal songs I have ever written.”

Snowy Belfast - Stones     Folk, Rock, Country, Pop 04/11/2011
Melbourne’s Snowy Belfast specialise in crafting imagined musical stories pitted with the occasional truth. Blending country, folk, rock and pop influences the band's music is both unique and evocative.
Essentially detailing the end of a relationship and the wan hope that both parties will escaped unscathed; 'Stones' creates its narrative in layers of dark, brooding melody and incisive lyrics delivered with power and tenderness by front woman Esther Holt.

Saskwatch - Your Love     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul 22/06/2012
Saskwatch are a soul band from Melbourne.
The follow-up to 2011’s acclaimed mellow soul cut ‘Don’t Wanna Try’, ‘Your Love’ is a sweet soul anthem, a sentimental celebration of new love.‘Your Love’ is also the second single to be lifted from Saskwatch’s upcoming debut long-player Leave It All Behind due out this August.

Saskwatch - Don't Wanna Try     Funk/Soul 10/11/2011
Resolute and larger than life; ‘Saskwatch’ are a nine-piece soul explosion out of Melbourne.
Following on from their March “I Thought This Was Love/Kids” 7’’ release; Saskwatch are launch their follow up 7" 'Don’t Wanna Try - a sweet slice of mellow soul, with afro-inspired horns and singer Nkechi Anele’s earnest pleas for peace.

Other tracks by Saskwatch:  Pushin' Me Away
Sans Gras - Sun Come Up     Rock, Psychedelic 24/05/2012
Sans Gras are a four-piece band from Melbourne. They create rock tinged with progressive vigour and psychedelic flourishes.
A paean to the festival of plenty, Meredith, 'Sun Come Up' captures its subject in all her glory. A song in three distinct movements, 'Sun Come Up' ramps up the viscera with mountainous harmonies, prog-tinged melody and a throbbing riff that commands attention and gains respect.

Sagamore - Good Love     Rock, Country, Blues, Alternative Country 13/11/2013
Sagamore are a collective of musicians formed around the soulful pop songwriting of Sam Cooper (formerly Sambrose Automobile). Consisting of long time friends from Victoria’s surf coast.
'Good Love' is a hooky little chilled out alt-country tune.

Prudence Rees-Lee - Paradise     Folk, Experimental, Classical, Psychedelic 18/07/2013
Prudence cut her teeth studying at the Melbourne University music department, where she was drawn to the eras of early baroque and late 20th century chamber music.
'Paradise' is a great example of Prudence Rees-Lee's ability to craft baroque-psychedelic-folk songs that ooze with otherworldliness.

'Paradise' is romantic and fantastical, an endless voyage seeking the points where music and earthly transcendence collide.

Other tracks by Prudence Rees-Lee:  Emmanuelle
President Roots - Feelin' Fooled     Country, Roots, Alternative Country 24/01/2012
President Roots are an alt-country, folk-rocking blues outfit of smile-inducing consequence.
‘Feelin’ Fooled’, the first single and title track from President Roots’ forthcoming second album of the same name, is about as near as the band gets to a pop song. Emanating warmth and homespun charm, this melody-driven beauty features open tuned guitars, banjolin, fiddle and a slinky back beat.

Other tracks by President Roots:  Cool Change
Plastic Palace Alice - Heart Weighs A Tonne     Pop 12/10/2011
Plastic Place Alice are a Melbourne-based indie pop six-piece.
At first tilt 'Heart Weights A Tonne' appears to be a light and lively little number; Tinkles of glockenspiel peek through luscious harmonies cradled by sweeping melodies and a toe-tapping beat - but first appearances are notoriously deceiving.

Osaka - Vessel     Rock, Pop 22/10/2015
Osaka is a 3-piece indie-alternative band, consisting of 18 year-olds: Edvard Hakansson, Gilbert Hulme and Jack McKenzie.
“We try not to directly listen to what our influences are doing. Instead, we know what we like to hear and always aim to make the music we want to hear - to be that band that we can never find in our library.”

Money For Rope - Misery Lane     Rock, Garage 07/06/2012
Money For Rope are a Melbourne-based surf/garage influenced six-piece. They will release their debut self-titled album this year.
“Misery Lane” is the next track to roll out from Money For Rope's forthcoming self -titled debut LP. The track purveys the darker, more driven side of the band, borrowing energy from the likes of Modest Mouse and Nick Cave. “Misery Lane” sounds like a song playing with matches.

Money For Rope - Easy Way Out     Rock, Garage 13/10/2012
Money For Rope are a Melbourne-based surf/garage influenced six-piece. They will release their debut self-titled album this year.
"Easy Way Out" is the final taste of Money For Rope's forthcoming self titled LP. A soaring triumph of garage rock meets surf jams, it's an explosive meltdown jam.

Minibikes - Oh Japan     Pop, Folk 20/07/2012
Minibikes create glorious indie pop with more than a hint of darkness lingering below the surface.
‘Oh Japan’ is certain to warm hands and hearts on first listen. Featuring wonderful vocal harmonies, syncopated hand claps, front of mix tambourine and superb jangly guitars, in ‘Oh Japan’ Minibikes have crafted a little pop gem that sparkles with more than just a hint of a summery sheen.

Milwaukee Banks - Pluto Bounce     Hip Hop 09/10/2013
Milwaukee Banks is the coming-together of Melbourne-based producer Edo (Flight Tonight) and wordsmith Dyl Thomas (Polo Club). They produce rich down tempo hip-hop beats, intelligent production, and perfectly executed prose.
‘Rose Water’ was produced by local collective KIRA who have kept their recent successes – which include writing beats for acclaimed American musicians including Deniro Farrar - on the down low.


Major Chord - Everything Is Everything     Folk, Acoustic 23/05/2013
Major Chord, aka songwriter Dan Flynn, is no longer a musical hermit. He has invited a whole bunch of people into his world to create Major Chord’s 4th album, Transition.
Major Chord releases ‘Everything Is Everything’, the first single and title track from their forthcoming third album.

Other tracks by Major Chord:  Transition
Love Migrate - Making This Hard     Rock, Pop, Country 20/07/2012
Love Migrate are a six-piece from Melbourne that play dark, pop ballads.
‘Making This Hard’ is the first single lifted from the band’s album. “Making This Hard’ is a haunting country tinged song that vents frustration of a fragmented/lost/past relationship.” Says singer Eddie Alexander about the track.

Love Migrate - Dissolved     Rock, Folk 13/11/2013
There is something about the music of Melbourne’s Love Migrate that takes hold of you, that sweeps you up into a familiar space of contemplation and reflection.
Featuring deeply atmospheric instrumentation and front man Eddie Alexander’s honest, aching lyrics, Dissolved is a track that paints pictures of vast, open landscapes, and explores the many ways in which we confront past misdemeanors.

Light Pressure - Silverland     Pop 06/12/2014
Dave Rennick is on a modern music quest. The frenetic artist and founding member of Dappled Cities has spent 2014 forming a new musical project, Light Pressure.
‘Silverland’ - a psychedelic space jam of epic proportions, and another in a long line of works showcasing Rennick’s unique songwriting and production style.

LANKS - Beach Houses     Electronic, Folk, Pop 26/11/2014
A solo-based project from the mind of Will Cuming.
Impossibly smooth blend of electronic composition and refreshing live instrumentation.