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Wesley Fuller - Melvista     Rock 22/02/2016
Wesley Fuller is a Melbourne artist with his debut EP due to be released later in 2016.
'Melvista' is a poppy throwback rock track with a great party vibe.

Covers - Strange Bird     Rock, Pop 19/11/2015
Melbourne three-piece outfit, Covers.
"Strange Bird is about our inability to be content with anything comfortable or mundane. It's a fairly personal song about being present and not trying to project my happiness on to future achievements which inevitably don't make me happy anyway."

Osaka - Vessel     Rock, Pop 22/10/2015
Osaka is a 3-piece indie-alternative band, consisting of 18 year-olds: Edvard Hakansson, Gilbert Hulme and Jack McKenzie.
“We try not to directly listen to what our influences are doing. Instead, we know what we like to hear and always aim to make the music we want to hear - to be that band that we can never find in our library.”

Howl - I'm Gone     Electronic 08/10/2015
19 year old Geelong based producer Howl has announced the release of his new track, ‘I’m Gone’.
‘I’m Gone’ is a refreshing and unique statement from a young artist already operating very much on their own terms.

Broadway Sounds - Shonky Man     Pop, African 24/08/2015
'Shonky Man' is the follow up to 'Sing It Again.
Shonky Man came out of a jam the band had lying about, which had a sort of an afro disco vibe to it. It then quickly turned into a song, which is now a little bit of a lot of different genres!

friendships - Ded Sound Konduktah     Electronic, Industrial, Dance 17/08/2015
friendships ​is N​icholas Brown​and M​isha​ G​race. ​An artistic duo brought together to create surreal psychological landscapes through song and video.
Ded Sound Konduktah drips in carnal instinct and industrial grease.

friendships - Pedal To The Metal     Electronic, Industrial, Dance 17/08/2015
friendships ​is N​icholas Brown​ and M​isha​ G​race. ​An artistic duo brought together to create surreal psychological landscapes through song and video.
Pedal To The Metal drips in carnal instinct and industrial grease.

Andrei Eremin - Anhedoniac     Electronic 20/07/2015
After years of masterful production for other artists, Eremin is releasing his second single ‘Anhedoniac’ with collaborator and one of 2015’s biggest breakout musicians, Kucka.
Eremin is releasing his second single ‘Anhedoniac’ with collaborator and one of 2015’s biggest breakout musicians, Kucka.

Voltaire Twins - Modern Gore     Pop, Electronic 14/07/2015
Voltaire Twins are back with their brand new single ‘Goodnight, Spirit’, the latest offering from their forthcoming debut album 'Milky Waves'.
'Modern Gore' is the third single taken from Voltaire Twins' debut album 'Milky Waves'.

Other tracks by Voltaire Twins:  Goodnight, Spirit  -  Long Weekend
Tiger Choir - All Time     Pop, Rock 22/06/2015
Since coming together in 2009, Tiger Choir have released a self-titled EP and their debut LP, Unicycles.
Second single ‘All Time’ presents another glimpse into a highly anticipated LP, mixed by Simon Lam (I’lls, Klo) and mastered by Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Oscar Key Sung, Hiatus Kaiyote).

Howl at the Moon - Russian Thistle     Rock, Pop 22/05/2015
After spending a good part of the previous year bunkered down in the studio, Melbourne’s Howl At The Moon have emerged with the first taste of their impending second album.
‘Russian Thistle’ sears with a brooding menace, carving a dissonance between gnarled guitar tones and the soaring vocal from front-person Katie Scott.

Tiger Choir - Shani     Rock, Pop 24/03/2015
Hobart's Tiger Choir make eclectic pop music from the cultural periphery, yet they've travelled the world enough to be wide-eyed to its possibilities.
2015 MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

First single ‘Shani’ is a great taste of what’s to come with cascading guitars, synths that curl around each other, vocals drenched with regret and lyrics that includes what may be one of the catchiest refrains of the year in “we’re getting so messed up”.

Broadway Sounds - Sing It Again     Pop, Dance, Psychedelic, African 27/02/2015
“Broadway Sounds will make you want to immediately dance with fruit. Consider yourself warned. You are going to need some bananas” - Tim Shiel, Triple J
Andrew Diamond Phillips from the band says “it was inevitable that we would release the song as every time we play it live, people lose their minds and display a fascinating and athletic mix of dancing, moshing, smurf dancing, pogoing and skanking.”

Gunslingers - I'll Always Be Waiting     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Pop 14/02/2015
Gunslingers are a Melbourne four-piece who play fuzzy garage rock. Their Debut LP Djangus is set for release in early 2015.
I’ll Always Be Waiting’ is a punky, lively offering that
puts the boys in the same stead as many of Melbourne’s most established bands. Ending with a reverb-drenched chorale of voices, it’s clear that this young band have a lot to offer the scene.

The Black Ryder - Let Me be Your Light     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk 14/02/2015
Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryder are The Black Ryder - a shoegaze outfit that have worked with some of the world's best producers
'Let Me Be Your Light is a beautifully slow burning, its grinding guitars and heavy layers of dark, feted romance akin to Spiritualized and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Gunslingers - Paradox     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 06/12/2014
Off the back of two EPs Radiation In The Sky, and My First Trip To Mexico, Melbourne’s own Gunslingers are back with a teaser of their upcoming debut album.
‘Paradox’ is the opening track from their forthcoming LP Djangus, and marks a departure from their previous and expansive releases exposing a more emotional yet fuzz-fried, energetic side.

Light Pressure - Silverland     Pop 06/12/2014
Dave Rennick is on a modern music quest. The frenetic artist and founding member of Dappled Cities has spent 2014 forming a new musical project, Light Pressure.
‘Silverland’ - a psychedelic space jam of epic proportions, and another in a long line of works showcasing Rennick’s unique songwriting and production style.

LANKS - Beach Houses     Electronic, Folk, Pop 26/11/2014
A solo-based project from the mind of Will Cuming.
Impossibly smooth blend of electronic composition and refreshing live instrumentation.

And - U Know Me     Pop 11/10/2014
And is the new project from Dappled Cities co-frontman Dave Rennick, who’s proven retro pop sensibilities come to the fore in his new, and very collaborative musical project.
‘U Know Me’ is And’s debut jam and features the always-affable Donny Benét shredding on Moog, as well as additional engineering and live drums from John Castle (The Bamboos, Vance Joy).

Brighter Later - Brace     Folk, Pop 03/10/2014
Melbourne band Brighter Later - the musical incarnation of songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Jaye Kranz and her collaborators - return with a rousing new single ‘Brace’.
Described by Chris Johnston of The Age as “an unimaginably gorgeous song full of tiny moments”.