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Jimi Beavis - Python Squeeze, Cobra Strike     Blues/Roots, Folk, Blues 22/08/2015
Jimi Beavis’ music is a sweaty palm on a hand raised in praise. Praise of blues and roots greats, connected to a funny bone of contemporary, emerging, work. That hand clasps a rough brandy or a bitter long black coffee while the other clasps a harmonica tight.
Stonking blues, with funk beats, Rolling Stones-inspired guitar and soul horns, ‘Python Squeeze, Cobra Strike’ is the first veer away from the historic blues Jimi Beavis has always created. Still dirty, still woeful in lyrical content – but with a dash of dark humour, and a heap of groove.

Other tracks by Jimi Beavis:  The Butcher
Requiem - False feat Jacinta Price     Hip Hop, Rap 14/08/2015
With a reputation for entertaining shows, Requiem has supported Illy, Drapht, Seth Sentry, Horrorshow, Jackie Onassis, Spit Syndicate, Chance Waters and Jimblah since leaving Melbourne for the humidity of Darwin
From Requiem’s LP ‘Louvres’ – awarded 4 stars by Hit magazine – here comes third single to radio ‘False’. Following the official album launch at Darwin Festival – supporting Jimblah - ‘False’ continues the album concept of exploring Darwin’s musical landscape, this time looking at universal themes of drinking culture.

Other tracks by Requiem:  Louvres
Frank Sultana & The Sinister Kids - Old Nasty Jim     Blues/Roots, Blues 17/06/2015
One of Australia's finest music acts. - It’s My Kind Of SceneThis is the future of blues, and it’s damn good. - Push To Fire
'Old Nasty Jim' could very well tell the story from Nick Cave's 'Where The Wild Roses Grow', except this lady's had more than enough - she's bought a hammer with her. And her lover to help with the evidence.


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Áine Tyrrell - Where Were You     Pop, Folk, Roots, Acoustic 27/05/2015
Raising $15k to record album Queen Of Swords in the Australian outback, Irish-born Áine Tyrrell won Queenscliff Music Festival’s 'Emerging Talent 2014', and has shared her amazing story ever since.
From an album that applauds the ability to trust that inner voice, listen to that little heart – the inner knowing we ignore for so many reasons – comes a song that marks a time when faith seemed impossible, the delicate and uplifting first single, ‘Where Were You.’

Lehmann B Smith - No Such Thing As A View     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Folk, Country 16/05/2015
Multi-instrumentalist Lehmann B Smith is back with his best album yet, 'Thank God For My Body', a thoughtfully orchestrated, beautifully crafted work, recorded over a weekend on a friend’s farm.
From the album "Thank God For My Body" // out 2015 on Special Award Records. "Brilliantly rewarding on each and every listen." - Beat

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Other tracks by Lehmann B Smith:  Time
Tom Lee-Richards - The Wearing Kind     Electronic, Pop, Folk, Soul 02/05/2015
Working closely with renowned producers, the multi-award-winning Pip Norman [TZU, Dan Sultan] and Matthew Neighbour [Missy Higgins, Courtney Barnett] Lee-Richards has now completed his first solo release, out late 2015.
A simple, nostalgic, song about the falling out of friends – from being connected and close, to the estrangement of moving in different directions – ‘The Wearing Kind’, with Pip’s signature sample and beat driven approach, flourished into gentle, and moving, calypso-influenced territory, never detracting from Lee-Richards unique vocal tone.

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Master Wolf - Never Question The Dopeness     Hip Hop, Rap 21/04/2015
After 15 years at the coalface of Australia’s underground hip hop community, MC Skinz – one of the most underrated MCs in the country - has seen it all.
‘Never Question The Dopeness’, while giving a 1990s nod, is firmly rooted in 2015, and our constant struggle for social progress. As the world becomes smaller and more demanding of its “leaders”, the song applauds humans’ ability to think creatively, act cooperatively and call upon inspiration beyond themselves.


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