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SPOD - Make Things Right

SPOD - Make Things Right
SPOD has always been an artist that defies ‘easy’ categorisation. To understand the roots of the man and the myth, one must cast their minds back to 1995 - to a time in which two high school friends in Sydney were able to bond over a mutual admiration of Ween’s ‘Push Th’ Little Daisies’. With a borrowed four-track recorder, the pair looped grainy Beastie Boys beats onto a CD player, unknowingly drafting the beginnings of what would go on to become their new band, SPOD.

Evolving into a one man show, SPOD came of age within Sydney’s booming indie-electronic scene of the early 2000s. SPOD’s in your face live shows became synonymous with the musical landscape of the era, and were marked by an onslaught of a high energy, defiant ‘Up Yours’ attitude and crippling on stage honesty.

Now, SPOD is back, sitting somewhere between the cynicism of his youth and the impending doom and wisdom of old age.

About this track...

'Make Things Right' is a track about late nights, cold city streets, headlights spread through the fog, sirens splashing on the empty brick walls. Out on the streets, looking for your only son who’s old enough to make his own decisions, but young enough to not respect the consequences

Number Of People In Act Solo
State/Territory Artist Is Based In VIC
Taken From The Release Titled Make Things Right
Copyright Holder's Name Rice Is Nice
Media Servicing Date 2019-06-18
Main Genre Electronic
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
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