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The Love Junkies - I Had A Party Once     Rock, Garage, Punk 06/05/2016
Award-winning Grunge/Rock four-piece from Perth, WA.
After burning rubber across the endless US highways for the last month, The Love Junkies have returned to home soil with a new appreciation for their own beds, recurring nightmares of Walmart car parks, a story about a gun and a snake, and new single “I Had A Party Once”.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Rock Act

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Cub Sport - Come On, Mess Me Up     Pop, Chill, Electronic 26/05/2016
Australia's favourite indie pop darlings, who had success with singles "Evie", "Told You So", and "Paradise" in 2013.
Album favourite "Come On Mess Me Up" is a slow, building, pop confession.


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Other tracks by Cub Sport:  I Can't Save You  -  Only Friend
Abbe May - Are We Flirting     Electronic, Pop, Funk, Dance 01/06/2016
After two years multiple ARIA, AIR and AMP nominee and 18-time WAMi winner Abbe May, returns to life better and bolder than ever with “Are We Flirting?”
“Are We Flirting?” is a sexy little whisper in your ear before Abbe May really gives ‘it’ to you. Flirting is the promise of something more. It’s up to her whether or not she delivers that. Luckily she’s never been better or more willing to let you in.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Female Vocalist, Best EP - Doomsday Clock


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Hedge Fund - What You're Hiding     Rock, Pop, Electronic 08/06/2016
With a sound that walks a line between dreamy prog-pop and muscular post-rock grooves, the band takes cues from new-wave influences such as The Cure, Talking Heads, and New Order.
Taking its cue from previous single ‘Summer's Getting Shorter’, but leading you down a darker path on a brooding and hypnotic journey of synths and drums. From the first few seconds, the track creeps into your psyche, pulsing along, swirling with guitars, and making you dizzy as it takes hold.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

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FOAM - I Could Milk Myself     Rock, Grunge, Garage 24/06/2016
FOAM are a three-piece grunge band from Perth, WA. Their heavy live performances deliver a filthy wall of sound reminiscent of the alternative rock boom of the late 80’s/early 90’s.
"‘ICMM’ is a song about companionship, anxiety and self-reflection. I believe that the relationships you share with people are some of the most defining and important aspects of life. No matter how independent or strong a person you are, sharing your experience is surely better than an entirely masturbatory existence."

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Most Popular Music Video - Get On Board

Freewyo - Scarface     Hip Hop 06/07/2016
Freewyo is a half-Australian, half-South African rapper from the Gold Coast. He doesn't tread lightly, with his music rugged, street, and controversial.
Taken from the new album Concrete Jungle, “Scarface” is a straight talking, hard hitting track spoken in Freewyo’s trademark fast flow and cutting rhythm. “Scarface” shoots straight and narrow, telling Freewyo’s own struggles with the naysayers and doubters, and absolutely proving Freewyo’s status as a rising talent of Australia's scene.

Sticky Fingers - Our Town     Rock, Britpop 08/07/2016
Sticky Fingers are a melting pot of psych, rock, reggae, & bourbon. They’ll hypnotise you into a swaying trance, then punch you in the face for dancing like a hippy.
With layers of harmonies draped over distinctive sticky bass, a classic 'big red' guitar solo, and a chorus ready-made for a glorious festival sing along, “Our Town” shows a softer side to the forthcoming new album.

So raise your lighters in the air, this is our town.

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Hein Cooper - Overflow     Folk, Pop, Downbeat 13/07/2016
Indie/Folk singer-songwriter from Milton NSW, praised for his emotive and captivating performances.
Hein Cooper’s star continues to rise with the second single "Overflow". A fan favourite on the album and on stage, "Overflow" is not like anything you have come to know from the Milton singer-songwriter, moving away momentarily from straight-up folk to explore experimental sounds and textures.

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Miss Pompeii - Haru Haiku     Electronic, Folk 13/07/2016
Miss Pompeii is the newly christened moniker of Claire Whiting (Inland Sea, Arundel), blending a love of electro with her proven track record of folk.
“Haru Haiku” delivers a dense soundscape, one that starts sparse but builds layers of Portishead-influenced echoes – dark and brooding bass providing the cutting edge for the bleeding sarcasm of Claire’s floating vocals.


West Thebarton Brothel Party - Dolewave     Rock, Garage 03/08/2016
7-Piece Garage Rock Hydra from Adelaide, SA
With their new single ‘Dolewave’, the band makes light of society’s tendency to apply reductive labels to emerging genres of music.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Cheap Fakes - Deep Space     Funk/Soul, Reggae 10/08/2016
Dapper-dressed six piece Cheap Fakes are a much loved band for a reason; with suave moves and catchy tunes, their brass fuelled funk has been moving crowds for seven years.
Swirling and strident, “Deep Space” rings true with a slightly deeper vibe than perhaps initially expected; while the bands’ own inspirations still bubble forth, “Deep Space” doesn’t devolve into showboating, relying on an expert groove and simmering sustain to keep your ears hooked.

Torfason - Fall     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 25/08/2016
Torfason are an electronic duo from Brisbane, Australia.
This is Torfason's debut single "Fall".

Lime Cordiale - Waking Up Easy     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 05/10/2016
Lime Cordiale are a pop / indie-rock outfit hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches.
'Waking Up Easy' is the brand new single from Sydney's Lime Cordiale. Blending elements of pop, indie and acoustic, the bands latest track is a step forward in both production and lyrical maturity.

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OKBadlands - Dust & Gold     Electronic, Pop, Folk 07/10/2016
OKBadlands are a Brisbane electronic/folk duo consisting of Sally Latter and Kate Gurren.
Produced by Max Byrne (Golden Vessel), the new single “Dust & Gold” from Brisbane duo OKBadlands is a stunning return to form, giving you another taste of their captivating and unique electro-pop.

Weathered - Stay     Folk, Chill, Acoustic, Pop 12/10/2016
Rockhampton local Upile Mkoka, aka Weathered, has managed to cloister the sound from his surroundings with a stunningly crafted populated sound with echoes of the isolated viewpoint of northern living.
A deceptively simple acoustic chill tune with time signature changes and subtle horns with Weathered's vocal floating across.

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Other tracks by Weathered:  Light
Manu Crooks - Blowin' Up     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 14/10/2016
Although based in Australia, Manu Crook$ has a definitively international hip-hop sound.
Blowin' Up is the second single from Manu Crooks, and features fellow collaborators Miracle on Guest Vocals, and Dopamine producing.

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Seavera - Parallel & Repeat     Electronic, Chill, Pop 14/10/2016
Seavera is the project of Melbourne based duo Tori Zietsch and Daniel Pinkerton.
Consisting of their own brand of lo-fi beats, sparkly layers, honeyed vocals, and heavyweight emotions, “Parallel and Repeat” was born during the golden hour of the afternoon whilst reading an essay Orwell wrote about speaking with intention.

MTNS - Insight     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Chill 21/10/2016
Three-piece electronic act MTNS return after 3 year break.
Recorded in LA mid this year, MTNS found the creativity they had been looking for. Inspired by the foreign landscape, and the ability to collaborate with a fresh ear, the hundreds of demos the band had been writing for the past few years all started to fall into place.

Abbe May - Doomsday Clock     Pop 04/11/2016
Re-emerging from a hiatus earlier this year with ‘Are We Flirting’, Abbe May’s followup ‘Doomsday Clock’ reveals another layer of her forthcoming album ‘Bitchcraft’ and a national tour this November/December.
"The ‘Doomsday Clock’ is a symbolic clock face that represents a countdown to possible global catastrophe such as that caused by nuclear war or climate change."

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Kid Zr0 - Rich Guys Party     Rock, Pop, Punk 04/11/2016
Aged between 15 and 19, Kid Zr0 were brought to the attention of the mainstream via YouTube, gathering fans around the globe including Russia, Poland and China.
“I think it represents who we are and what we stand for, so it’s the one we wanted to lead with. We’re sick of seeing bands take themselves so seriously. Screw that. Have a good time. Open the doors. Everyone’s welcome. That’s what Kid Zr0’s about.”

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