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Moses Gunn Collective - Shalala     Rock, Psychedelic 29/07/2014
Moses Gunn Collective is a 4-piece neo-psych band hailing from Brisbane, Australia.
A “blissed-out ode to death”.

Lush melodic grooves and a flurry of sonic colour that leaves hips and ankles trembling with delight.

Mia Dyson - Idyllwild     Blues/Roots, Pop, Folk 31/07/2014
Mia Dyson is preparing for another landmark year starting with the new single “When We’re Older”
Focusing its attention prominently on the grey-area between youth and adulthood, Idyllwild follows on from Dyson’s acclaimed album “The Moment” which led to an ARIA nomination and complete reinvention of her career.

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Other tracks by Mia Dyson:  When We're Older
Jasia - Safety     Electronic, Pop 15/10/2014
Born in Jamaica, raised in the US, and living in Australia since the age of 18, Jasia (Josiah Willows) is a classically trained vocalist, violinist and guitarist
Using beat-driven electronic layering and traditional melodic instrumentation to create a contrasting yet unique interpretation of sound, Jasia gives us a new single “Safety” - a bass heavy, ambient, and alluring track which builds from simplicity into a pseudo-electric arena rock finale.


The Beautiful Girls - Dancehall Days     Blues/Roots 15/10/2014
The Beautiful Girls are one of Australia’s most recognised roots music monikers, resulting in over 250,000 albums sales and nearly a decade of touring, both here and abroad.
First single from The Beautiful Girls long-awaited new album


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The Trotskies - DYR     Rock, Punk 15/10/2014
The Trotskies are a Melbourne indie five-piece comprised of very close and equally unlikely friends.
A slow-building epic wall of sound, DYR highlights the bands influences by looking back at sounds of the past (Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins, Rowland S. Howard and The Jesus & Mary Chain), while carving their own future with a kick-driven hypnotic melody.


Lucy - Amazing Grace     Pop, Cover Version 20/10/2014
Independent singer/songwriter - living in both Australia an the UK
The lead single for Channel 9’s upcoming drama ‘Gallipoli’

“The opportunity to contribute to a piece of television that will likely embed itself as a piece of Australia’s history is something I am so grateful for,” said Mason.

Teen Sensations - Monster Beach Party     Pop, Psychedelic 28/10/2014
"The best band of 20-somethings pretending to be teenagers pretending to be The Beach Boys."
Halloween release "Monster Beach Party".

Where the party doesn't end when the sun goes down. Where vampires and zombies can dance together.


Hey Geronimo - Finale     Pop, Rock 01/11/2014
Brisbane’s Hey Geronimo have steadily developed into one of the country’s most innovative and quirky purveyors of indie music after releasing a string of singles over the last two years.
Recorded with acclaimed Australian producer Steve Schram (The Cat Empire, San Cisco, Eagle & The Worm), the new single is filled with trademark Hey Geronimo hooks, left-of-centre guitar riffs, and big harmonies. The track also features a cameo vocal performance from fellow Brisbanite, Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music).

The Basics - The Lucky Country     Rock 01/11/2014
Kris Schroeder, along with bandmates Wally De Backer (aka Gotye) and Tim Heath have rallied against the mainstream. The Lucky Country is yet another bold step in their fascinating career.
A rock’n’roll rant against the age of entitlement and the leadership gulf in the Abbott-Shorten-Palmer-Milne circus.

Other tracks by The Basics:  Streets Of This Town  -  Hang Me High
Max and The Electric - City Lover     Electronic, Pop 02/11/2014
After endless discussions betwee duo James Stefanuto and Tom O'Reilly over whether Rick James or Neil Young would be better member of The Beach Boys – M&TE was born.
A beat-driven dancefloor-filling feast with a Moloko-inspired electro battleground of Fender vs Strat, debut single 'City Lover' mixes a late Fleetwood Mac-style rhythmic verse with a driving groove-laden pop chorus.

The Griswolds - 16 Years     Pop 20/11/2014
Sydney-Based indie-pop outfit.
"This song is basically about the massive life changes we've been going through since we started playing music "16 years" ago. For me it's about the transition into band life and about never being comfortable in one place and sacrificing everything for the band."

Dr G Yunupingu and Delta Goodrem - Silent Night     Indigenous, Pop, Cover Version 13/12/2014
After making history together in 2013 with the highest charting Indigenous language single of all time, top five hit “Bayini”, Dr G Yunupingu and Delta Goodrem have developed an astounding friendship.
“Christmas is such a special time for me and to share time in the studio with Dr G Yunupingu always means our musical spirit and kinship takes over. I hope everyone enjoys Silent Night as much as we did recording it". - Delta Goodrem

Lime Cordiale - Hanging Upside Down     Pop, Rock, Folk 21/01/2015
Fronted by brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach, Lime Cordiale are uniquely Australian 5 piece - featuring quirky lyrics, pop hooks, and big brass licks.
‘Hanging Upside Down’ is the first single to be taken from recently completed studio sessions with Sydney-based producer Jean Paul-Fung (Jinja Safari, Art Vs. Science, Glass Towers) and will be released in early 2015.

Babaganouj - Can't Stop     Pop, Rock 04/02/2015
Brisbane-based indie pop quartet.Taken from their forthcoming EP, “Can't Stop” has all the 'Nouj classics: boy-girl harmonies, lush melodies, and glorious guitar solos aplenty.
Recorded with Magoo in his Applewood Studios, “Can't Stop” has all the 'Nouj classics: boy-girl harmonies, lush melodies, and glorious guitar solos aplenty – mashed together with a beautiful 90's pre-grunge urgency to work its way into your ears til you're in a foot-tapping, head-bopping state of bliss.


Little Earthquake - I Am Alive     Pop, Rock, Acoustic 04/02/2015
Little Earthquake is the brainchild of siblings Mathew and Justin Hyland. Hailing from Sydney, the duo are keen students of indie pop with the inclination to cross genres within songs.
"I Am Alive" was inspired by the realisation that life is full of simple beauty but that you have to be prepared to take responsibility for your choices to appreciate it when it’s on offer.


Eurogliders - Heaven (Must Be There)     Pop, Rock, Acoustic 11/02/2015
The award winning, chart-topping successful musical and romantic relationship of Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch throughout the 80's.
An acoustic re-recorded and re-worked version of the classic "Heaven (Must Be There)".


Tired Lion - I Don't Think You Like Me     Rock, Garage, Grunge 24/02/2015
Hailing from Perth, Tired Lion are an energetic and melodic fresh take on 90's nostalgia that will ring both loudly and true to the ears.
“We're all about raw honesty in the music we make, a direct view into the looking glass that is collectively our lives - be it happy, sad or confusing. We're passionate about keeping the guitars loud and trying to evoke some feeling for the listener with dynamics & melody.”

Morning Harvey - Smith Street Swap Meet     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 25/03/2015
Morning Harvey is the psychedelic drenched pop brainchild of lead singer and songwriter Spencer White, featuring his brother Jack White, Lewis Stephenson, Jim Griffin, and Steve Kempnich.
The introductory lead-in single off their upcoming Magoo-produced five track EP (due in May), Smith Street Swap Meet is an undeniable track oozing with shining choruses, sunshine psychedelia, melodic hooks, and spiralling psych-pop guitar lines.

We All Want To - Road To Ruin     Pop, Rock 14/04/2015
A genuine indie super-group without ego or pretense – making sublimely intelligent music for the sheer joy of it, and putting their own spin on classically-melodic power-pop
“It’s about the heart-stopping power of those half-imagined recollections you have of teenage summers,” said Tim Steward.

“It’s escapism, built around a rose-coloured glasses version of a past that may not even have happened."


Patrick James - California Song     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 01/05/2015
Patrick James is a singer-songwriter based in Sydney, NSW.
An honest and true songsmith with an innate flair for soft acoustics, stirring harmonies and a heavy-hearted lyric, Patrick James is a songwriter in purest form – once again showcased with new single “California Song”.