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MTNS - Salvage     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 22/11/2013
'MTNS' Moun – tains (moun-tnz) noun, band1. A natural peak rising above and beyond the surrounding level and attaining status which, relative to adjacent peers, is impressive and notable.
Second single from Brisbane's MTNS.

The Love Junkies - Chemical Motivation     Rock, Garage 22/01/2014
Hailing from the foothills of Perth, The Love Junkies were founded by singer/songwriter Mitch McDonald and drummer Lewis Walsh, jamming out the beginnings of what would become The Love Junkies.
After a massive 2013, The Love Junkies are excited to announce the release of their new single “Chemical Motivation”. Self-produced, recorded and mixed by the band in singer Mitch McDonald’s old bedroom, the single is a taster of the band’s upcoming EP - released on limited edition vinyl very soon.

Little Earthquake - Planets     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Acoustic 14/02/2014
Little Earthquake is the brainchild of siblings Mathew and Justin Hyland, keen students of indie pop, embracing rock, electronic and acoustic instruments to bring their quirky melodies to life.
A slice of hooky electronic pop reminiscent of The Naked and Famous or MGMT, the track bends genre and melody in four minutes of fun and freedom.

Broadwing - Anodyne     Electronic, Acoustic 18/02/2014
Mixing stripped back acoustics with electronic elements, Broadwing is the work of Ben Allen.
Featuring soft and haunting vocals mixed with electronic elements over an acoustic structure, debut track "Anodyne" is a reflection of Broadwing's ability to combine multiple elements to form a song both slow-building and atmospheric.

Other tracks by Broadwing:  The Virus In
Babaganouj - Too Late For Love     Pop, Garage, Rock 26/02/2014
Rock Band, Brisbane
The new single “Too Late For Love” brings the classic brisbane pop elements of fuzzy lo-fi guitars and romantic vocal harmonies together to make this loveable non-love song. Released digitally and n 7” - “Too Late For Love” can be heard live on tour in March.

The Trouble With Templeton - Soldiers     Rock, Pop, Acoustic 27/02/2014
Brisbane Five-Piece with a gift for story-telling.
Fifth single from album "Rookie"

Other tracks by The Trouble With Templeton:  Glue  -  You Are New
Backsliders - Dark Side Of Newtown     Blues/Roots 19/03/2014
2011 ARIA Blues/Roots nominees & I-Tunes Australian Blues/Roots album of the year winners, Backsliders have been playing, touring the festival circuit and recording for over 25 years.
Opening Track from album "Dark Side"

Other tracks by Backsliders:  Phone Cap Blues  -  Kill The Emotion
The Middle Names - Remember Me At All     Rock, Pop 26/03/2014
Indie Rock band from Hobart, Tasmania.
A catchy mix of jangly guitars, boy/girl vocals, pop hooks and rock riffs, “Remember Me At All” brings their unique Tasmanian quirk to the indie genre and proves that when it comes to rock and roll, the term “pop” doesn't have to be a dirty word.

Sheppard - Geronimo     Pop 28/03/2014
Brisbane pop 6-piece Sheppard have become one of 2013s breakout radio acts with sing-a-long hit “Let Me Down Easy” igniting airwaves both at home in Australia and abroad.
New Single - "Geronimo"

Owls Of The Swamp - The Hypnotist     Folk, Acoustic, Electronic 11/04/2014
The atmospheric indie-folk project of Australian singer-songwriter, Pete Uhlenbruch.
Opening track from forthcoming album "Atlas" - out May 6.

Other tracks by Owls Of The Swamp:  Shapeshifter  -  Shelter
The Griswolds - Beware The Dog     Pop, Rock 16/05/2014
Forming in 2012, The Griswolds leapt to a roaring start after being handpicked as a triple j Unearthed feature artist, and winners of the Parklife Unearthed competition.
Frontman Chris Whitehall on the track…“This is the first song Dan and I ever wrote together. It’s about losing someone we were really close with to heavy drug use. ‘Beware the Dog’ is about that journey - the good and the bad times.”

Little Earthquake - Bright Side     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Acoustic 20/05/2014
Little Earthquake is the brainchild of siblings Mathew and Justin Hyland, keen students of indie pop, embracing rock, electronic and acoustic instruments to bring their quirky melodies to life.
With a debut single “Planets” catching the ear of triple j Unearthed, Rage and a bunch of blogs around the world earlier this year, Little Earthquake are pleased to release their debut EP Brightside, with a brand new title track single.

Scott Spark - Two Alarms     Folk, Pop, Rock 01/06/2014
Scott Spark is an award-winning Australian singer songwriter, singing about strategies for outsmarting death, love and life’s variety of screw-ups, while plinking the keys of anything that has them.
"I was completely jealous of the Boomtown Rats hit ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’. What a perfect pop song. I love how twisted and fun and slightly menacing it is, and basically wish I’d written it myself. So, I set out to correct the record. What better inspiration than workplace exasperation."

The Painted Ladies - Stranger In My Country     Rock, Blues, Australian Indigenous 04/06/2014
Luke Peacock has brought together some of thefinest talents in Australian music to form “The Painted Ladies” - recreating the important songs of Vic Simms.
“Stranger in My Country” is powerful moment on the album, featuring the talents of Luke Peacock, and vocals from Peacock, Paul Kelly, Ed Kuepper, Kahl Wallace (The Medics), Roger Knox and Bunna Lawrie (Coloured Stone) delivering Simms’ powerful lyric about living as an Aboriginal man in 1973.

Other tracks by The Painted Ladies:  Get Back Into The Shadows
Pretty City - Roll On     Rock 18/06/2014
The three piece Melbourne lads combine Smashing Pumpkins-esque fuzzed out guitars with washy, reverb drenched vocals to produce a dreamy yet powerful rock sound.
“Roll On” is an explosive riff-tastic ride that blends Brit Rock and classic 70s rock, teetering on the edge of psychedelic innovators Deep Purple and Cream. Despite its stadium sized grandeur and soaring vocals, “Roll On” never loses its grip, gently drawing you in with each head nodding groove.

Sheppard - Something's Missing     Pop 01/07/2014
Siblings Amy, George and Emma along with Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and Dean Gordon, together creating a unique mix of party atmosphere and melody that's taking the world by storm.
With the highest selling Australian single for 2014 so far and clocking up seven weeks at #1 on the Australian radio airplay charts, Sheppard have returned with a stunning single “Something’s Missing”, lifted from their debut album ‘Bombs Away’.

The Love Junkies - Television     Rock, Grunge, Blues 12/07/2014
Three-piece Perth grunge-blues band preparing to release their second album "Blowing On The Devil's Strumpet"
“Television” introduces a new phase in The Love Junkies song-writing, bringing together the explosive urgency of previous single 'Chemical Motivation' with some skilful melody – to create a rollicking anthem to sing til it hurts.

Marcia Hines - Remedy     Pop 25/07/2014
In a career spanning more than four decades, Marcia Hines as a recording artist, performer, song writer and television star, has left a unique imprint on Australian popular music.
Marcia Hines has enlisted the help of Russell Crowe, her superstar friend, to sing, star and direct her latest film clip for the new single “Remedy” from Marcia’s career-defining album “Amazing”.

Watch video

Steve Clisby - Walking These Streets     Jazz, Soul, Rock, Blues 25/07/2014
From a 50 year career in a world besotted with rock n roll to taking the leap to audition for The Voice while holding true to his musicianship.
“Walking These Streets” is a big, bold statement, coupling his unmistakable, soulful vocal with a driving beat, strings and a funky attitude.

Grand Pavilion - Weightless     Electronic, Pop 27/07/2014
Grand Pavilion is an electronic duo local to Brisbane. Band members include Tom Hunt and Stuart McNair
Weightless” is a slow building reflection of youthful innocence, and the freedom that comes with no responsibilities. Musically channelling the lightness and sound of summer, and lyrically contemplating ideas of not wanting to grow up, and not wanting to let go.