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Abbe May - T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (Trouble)     Electronic, Ambience, Pop, Psychedelic 01/03/2013
After experimenting for a solid year with a mellotron and drum machine, ‘T.R.O.U.B.L.E’ was combined with a throbbing electro pulse, reverb-drenched vocals, and haunting background falsetto.
After experimenting for a solid year with a mellotron and drum machine, ‘T.R.O.U.B.L.E’ was combined with a throbbing electro pulse, reverb-drenched vocals, and haunting background falsetto. The result is a lurching, Frankenstein-monster-esque beat layered with the slinky and sex-sodden drip feed of Abbe May’s voice.

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Cub Scouts - Pool!     Rock, Pop 01/03/2013
Brisbane’s started 2012 with their catchy ditty “Evie” taking over the airwaves and bookending the year with “Told You So” becoming a breakout hit on US college radio.
New single from Brisbane's Cub Scouts

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The Blackwater Fever - Won't Cry Over You     Rock, Blues 01/03/2013
The Blackwater Fever is a Brisbane blues/rock/swamp band with a new album "The Depths"
Won't Cry Over You is from the Blackwater Fever's new album "The Depths" out March 22

Other tracks by The Blackwater Fever:  Don't F**k With Joe
The Trouble With Templeton - Like a Kid     Rock 01/03/2013
"Like A Kid" is 2nd single from their forthcoming album, due for release in Australia in June 2013.
New single from Brisbane's The Trouble With Templeton

Pete Murray - Blue Sky Blue (ft. Fantine)     Blues/Roots, Folk, Pop 18/01/2013
Ten years ago Pete Murray burst onto the scene with a soulful, heartfelt acoustic offering called “Feeler” which captured the mood of an Australian generation.
The first single from Pete Murray's new album "Blue Sky Blue: The Byron Sessions"

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Other tracks by Pete Murray:  Hurricane Coming ft. Ash Grunwald  -  Free ft. Busby Marou
Hey Geronimo - Dreamboat Jack     Rock, Pop 08/12/2012
Brisbane locals Hey Geronimo are celebrating summer with the release of a brand new single “Dreamboat Jack”. Video features a 007-esque chase to rival anything in Skyfall.
The new single from Hey Geronimo. Featuring a 007-esque chase to rival anything in Skyfall, the track has consistently been lauded by critics as a high point of the band’s debut self-titled EP.

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The Griswolds - The Courtship of Summer Preasley     Rock, Pop 03/12/2012
The Griswolds have kicked off a busy summer schedule, announcing a new single “The Courtship of Summer Preasley” and round of shows and festivals.
The Griswold's new single, lifted from their hit EP "Heart of a Lion"

Other tracks by The Griswolds:  Heart of a Lion
Abbe May - Karmageddon     Pop, Electronic, Rock 14/11/2012
An Australian Music Prize finalist for Design Desire, Abbe May has taken a sharp new turn away from her heavy guitar riffage and into the world of weirdo pop
A sneak preview of what's to come on Abbe May's upcoming 2013 album.

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Cub Scouts - Told You So     Rock, Pop 19/10/2012
Cub Scouts celebrate their first EP and a fantastic clip for single “Told You So” with cameos from 90s icons like Bubble-O Bill, Ninja Turtles, Rubix Cubes and Hubba Bubba.
The new single from Cub Scouts "Told You So" as seen on YouTube, heard on Triple J and soon to be bouncing around in your head.

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The Faults - Patients     Rock, Garage 19/10/2012
After the warm reception of their first self-titled 4-track, the Faults are back with their sophomore EP “Patients”, produced by Sydney musical troubadour Darren Cross (Betty Airs, the E.L.F).
Title track from Sydney garage rock band The Faults new EP.

Other tracks by The Faults:  Piece of Mind  -  Leather Jacket
Barry Morgan - Big Bossa     Electronic, Gay Alligned, Retro, Instrumental 01/06/2012
Barry Morgan takes his fans on a journey of musical comedy featuring his beloved organ and has dazzled audiences around Australia both live and on his many TV appearances.
The first single from Barry Morgan's "The Touch of You"

Other tracks by Barry Morgan:  Let's Go, Let's Swing (The One Finger Method)  -  Fanfare
Mia Dyson - Tell Me     Blues/Roots, Rock, Roots 30/04/2012
Mia Dyson returns from the US with a wealth of experience stories of life on the road and a taste of her forthcoming album.
Tell Me is a preview track from Mia Dyson's forthcoming album, released in August 2012.

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Cub Scouts - Do You Hear?     Rock 13/03/2012
Brisbane buzz-band Cub Scouts unleash their new single, “Do You Hear,” before a 17-date national tour. The new track follows on the back of their first single, the contagious “Evie,”
“Do You Hear” will definitely prick the ears and pique the interest of music lovers and partygoers across the country- it’s an accomplished track, showing the band’s trademark youthful vibe maturing into a unique and exciting imprint.

Bucko & Champs - Completely Useless Gifts     Country, Folk 09/12/2011
Pairing up in 1996 for the album “Aussie Christmas”, Colin “Bucko” Buchanan and Greg “Champs” Champion have sold over 100,000 copies of this Christmas classic, re-released in 2011.
A brand new track from the new "Bumper Bonus Edition" of Bucko and Champs' Aussie Christmas

Dragon - 21 (Heart of Gold)     Rock 12/10/2011
-New EP at media, iTunes & in stores now Marc Hunter biography launched in November Touring October / November - 40th anniversary celebrations planned for 2012 -Available for interviews now!
First single "21 (Heart of Gold) from rock legends Dragon's new EP "Chase the Sun"

Other tracks by Dragon:  Chase the Sun  -  Words
Tom Piper ft Chrome & Stylah - Ooh Now!     Electronic, Dance, Dub, House 12/10/2011
Ooh Now! teams Australia and the UKs best with the perfect mix of dubstep and electro house to cross the genres over from dance floor to airwaves this summer
New single from Tom Piper ft. Chrome & Stylah Ooh Now!

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The Paper Scissors - Lung Sum     Rock 07/06/2011
Discovered by underground radio including FBI and Triple J, The Paper Scissors launch their new album "In Loving Memory" in June
Lung Sum, the first single from "In Loving Memory"

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Other tracks by The Paper Scissors:  Taller Than You Then  -  Over There
Adventure Land - Hold My Hand     Pop, Rock 26/11/2010
Adventure Land formed early 2010. They're committed to bringing hearts to life with a Pop/Rock style, captivating melodies and lyrics that make you want to stand and follow your dreams.
This upbeat, catchy tune will have you singing away! It's all about falling in love, with it's music video featuring on RAGE.

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Other tracks by Adventure Land:  The Eastern Sky