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Sahara Beck - Come On Man, You're Dead     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 16/10/2013
Beck’s quirky demeanour and ability to weave stories from different perspectives has quickly developed a devoted fan base and helped racked up some impressive live performances.
The second single from the release of the ‘You Could Be Happy’ EP which reflects her incredible growth as an artist. Mature, considered, and brimming with striking performances, the release features both singles and captures an artist on the rise, with plenty to say.

Sons Of The East - Hold On     Folk, Rock, Pop 16/10/2013
Jack Rollins, Nic Johnston, and Dan Wallage are Sons Of The East - three friedns from Syndey's northern Suburbs fromed in 2011.
First single from self titled EP

The Butterfly Effect - Eyes Down     Rock 11/10/2013
One of Australia's most loved bands, The Butterfly Effect are back with a new single, and new singer.
“Our fans have been with us from the start and they are as much a part of The Butterfly Effect as what we are... ‘Eyes Down’ has moved more towards our original sound, so we’re taking it back to our roots- small venues and indie ethos to prove ourselves again.”

Dyson, Stringer, Cloher - Crazy Horse     Folk, Blues, Pop 26/09/2013
Three of Australia’s most lauded singer-songwriters are coming together for the first time, to deliver a tour which harnesses a power greater than the sum of their critically acclaimed parts.
Mia Dyson - Crazy Horse feat Liz Stringer, Jen Cloher

Other tracks by Dyson, Stringer, Cloher:  You Change Me  -  Save Me from What I Want
Empra - Strange Condition     Rock 20/09/2013
With a Vanda & Young songwriting award nomination, shows with Fall Out Boy and a LiveNation band competition win, EMPRA are stepping up to the next level with ‘Strange Condition’
Strange Condition has already made waves, even before its release, with Empra shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition. The video for the track has been created by Oh Yeah Wow (Gotye, British India) and is an immediate head-turner.

Jordie Lane - Here She Comes     Folk, Rock 19/09/2013
One of Australia's most acclaimed troubadours, Jordie Lane has won countless awards, released multiple Ep's, and toured extensively as one of the country's finest songwriting talents for many years.
The debut single from forthcoming EP "Not Built To Last", Jordie has crafted "Here She Comes" with a section of Nashville's finest.

Lime Cordiale - Sleeping At Your Door     Pop, Rock, Folk 06/09/2013
Fronted by brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach, Lime Cordiale are uniquely Australian - featuring quirky lyrics, pop hooks, and big brass licks.
Sleeping At Your Door is the second single from Lime Cordiale's new EP "Falling Up The Stairs".

After breaking through with the first single, "Bullsh#t Aside", September sees the release of the EP and their follow up single.

Deep Sea Arcade - Black Cat     Rock 03/09/2013
Sydney’s Deep Sea Arcade’s reverberated pop recalls guitar based music from across the ages yet with a character and charm that is undeniably unique.
With their signature sound of late sixties Brit-pop, Deep Sea Arcade have produced a song filled with nostalgia. It’s toe-tapping, repetitive pop at its best and the only negative of the song is clocking in at 2:45, a perfect teaser of what is still ahead.

Hey Geronimo - Lazer Gun Show     Pop, Rock 17/08/2013
After The Dan Kelly tribute "The Dan Kelly Song" Hey Geronimo are back with a new single "Lazer Gun Show".
Serving up another festival style anthem, "Lazer Gun Show" brings out the guitars in a way the band haven't before, cementing the band's credentials as one of the most innovative and quirky purveyors of indie in Australia.

Avaberee - Running Out     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening 19/07/2013
Brisbane trio Avaberee return with a brand new single “Running Out” and are heading out on the road with Iluka to take their unique sound on an extensive tour.
New single from Brisbane trio Avaberee

MTNS - Lost Track of Time     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Chill 19/07/2013
MTNS are a brand new band from Brisbane and "Lost Track of Time" is their debut single.
Debut single from Brisbane's MTNS

Cub Scouts - Paradise     Pop, Rock 16/07/2013
Brisbane’s Cub Scouts return this week with the title track from their upcoming EP “Paradise”.
Title track from Cub Scouts new EP

The Love Junkies - Baby, Come Home     Rock, Grunge 28/06/2013
They were just a bunch of mates from Perth playing rock, having a few beers, keeping an ear to the ground for a good party and writing some great tunes.
New single from The Love Junkies "Baby, Come Home"

Sam Buckingham - Follow You     Pop, Folk 21/06/2013
Lover, traveller, teller of truths, Sam Buckingham has created a remarkable collection of sweet pop musings and troubadour tales in her latest independent offering 'I'm A Bird'.
First single from Sam Buckingham's new album "I'm A Bird"

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Other tracks by Sam Buckingham:  Hit Me With Your Heart  -  Shackles
Bears With Guns - Wandering Soldier     Rock, Folk, Pop 19/06/2013
Bears with Guns use a near encyclopedia of instruments including cajon, djembe, mandolin and ukulele, topped off with warm husky vocals and harmonies.
First single from Bears with Guns' forthcoming EP "Only the Quick and the Hungry"

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Sheppard - Let Me Down Easy     Pop, Rock 10/05/2013
Sheppard features siblings Amy, George and Emma Sheppard along with friends Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and Dean Gordon, creating a party atmosphere that is taking Australia by storm.
First single from Sheppard's debut EP.

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Hey Geronimo - The Dan Kelly Song     Pop, Rock 07/05/2013
After last year's debut EP featuring the hit "Why Don't We Do Something", Brisbane's Hey Geronimo are back with their followup "The Dan Kelly Song"
After last year's debut EP featuring the hit "Why Don't We Do Something", Brisbane's Hey Geronimo are back with their followup "The Dan Kelly Song"

Jeremy Hunter - Picking Up the Pieces     Folk, Pop, Rock 07/05/2013
Co-founder of the former Brisbane indie-orchestra Inland Sea, Jeremy Hunter is now stepping out on his own with a debut EP of acoustic folk-rock songs of a somewhat different bent.
First single from ex Inland Sea vocalist Jeremy Hunter

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Other tracks by Jeremy Hunter:  The Fire  -  Dirty River Blues
Mia Dyson - Fill Yourself     Blues/Roots, Rock, Folk 17/04/2013
Multi-ARIA Award winner Mia Dyson returns with the lead single from her August album "The Moment".
New single "Fill Yourself" from Mia Dyson's critically acclaimed album "The Moment"

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Other tracks by Mia Dyson:  Pistol  -  When The Moment Comes
7bit Hero - Come On. Stand Out.     Electronic, Dance 01/03/2013
7bit Hero was created by Hans vanVliet, a Brisbane-based musician. Emerging from the demoscene, Hans has since established himself as a synth and beat craftsman who hand-draws his own waveforms.
Come On. Stand Out. is the debut single from Brisbane's 7bit Hero.

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Other tracks by 7bit Hero:  Chip On. Chip Out. (Chiptune Remix)